I have finaly bet the oppisite of the money calendar and I am making big bucks

The money calendar only proven track record is far less than 50%. Bet against them and you should make a profit.

The sales team have made many bad recommendations. The money calendar is great to bet against thus making the cost ok. I watched the initial sales pitch and cannot find out from them how to buy options with out using my own money. The entire program is a scam.

DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY EVER. Look at customer reviews from other sources which are primarily negative. The webnar was slick and not factual.

Why doesn't somebody take action against them ? I suggest you file a formal complaint in an attempt to force them to clean up the act.

Reason of review
Not as described
Preferred solution
make them clean it up or shut down.
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Bunion correctirs

I ordered both the night time and daytime brace on March 12 th.. March 12 th my card was charged.

14.95 and 24.95. Called and got a redirect because nothing came . I emailed SOM and they said it’s on the way. One week later I saw that the items were delivered.

Nope! Only the night time item arrived from China in a little 4c4 plastic package. Yet the 24.95 item says in transit for the last 4 weeks. Delayed it said before.

Not able to contact by phone. Redirects you to info@SOM. Com. Called USPS.

50 minutes wait time. It’s March 23. Still no order. So I contested the 24.95 as I still have not received the second package.

Too bad we cant charge interest on the charged amount.

Horrible customer service and 5 emails resolved no more than it’s on its way. Never ever use this bogus fly by night company.

Reason of review
Order processing issue
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Other Company - Watch out

This is a mom and pop company they come off as Christians. They are some of the biggest crooks.

Do not ever leave them in your house alone. They will put a piece of junk in your house. They will recommend a refurbished unit but what you will actually get is pieces and parts that will be over 20 to 30 years old. Nothing but garbage.

Also a liar at heart.

Stay clear of this company. Can’t be trusted to be in your home.

Reason of review
Bad quality
Review #1239104 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1239104.

I am still finding suspicious behavior from this company

Update by user May 23, 2018

Globeinsta phoned me explaining t was imposters not them that did those things to me. They claimed they did not phone me on good friday yet I had supposedly work done and charged 1100 hundred dollars one month prior to my first fix of 6 months guarantee.

on that day. Its like when they get caught no it was somebody else. Even after promising a refund nothing happening. I brought this to the better bussiness burure and they still have not heard a word from them.

They have changed their contact numbers and called pretending nothing wrong claim they have nothing to hide. All this hassle just to get my kaspersky antivirus working again. No they are the imposters claiming they work for kaspersky yet kaspersky never heard of them.They use hard sell tactics scare tactics that your computer has thousands of viruses their goal is always try and get a grand from you if they can. for future services but on their website they say they never do that.

Very dishonest bussiness sloppy work and total disreguard for care of your computer. Practically everything that comes out of their mouth are lies and trickery.

Original review posted by user Apr 23, 2018

After going to their official website there is things that dont jive. Such as they never charge for services until you rec.

not true they charge me for future services. yes tried to contact them on their support email about the issue waiting for reply. Noticed my google account profile photo on the google sign in to their maps. When i clicked on it brought me right to my google account.

I went straight to my account changed my photo and settings but did not change my password yet as it was change not long ago. Then returning to their website they had my updated photo.

This is like they must have my password went back and changed my password All of a sudden the pic is gone and just the google sign into maps. not knowing how to do a screen shot i printed out the before and after site viewings and scanned them.

Reason of review
Basically messing with my computer
Preferred solution
Full refund
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This incident happened around 10 pm at the platform apartments around 10pm. I Walked out my apartment to smoke outside.

I totally forgot all about my card to get back in the building. I seen the security guy walking up and I asked if he could let me in. He lets me in. Knowing I needed my card to get on the elevator and the stairs I just sat at the lobby until my girlfriend comes home after a day out.

The security then comes around saying I thought you stay here. I said I do but I don’t have my card. If he didn’t trust me he should have never let me in. Then he told me to get out.

No I’m not getting out my own place then threatens to call he cops. Sure.

Call the police. You’re wasting your time.I understand he’s doing his job but to get disrespectful is another thing.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
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I think u need to take your head out of your *** k

us are calling things on other players on other teams tonight just pissed me off so much when the 5 game of the playoff this years was just *** and I think kids can call nhl games better then what us guys got I think this is bull and I think us need to understand the real undersanding game of hockey is instead of making bad and mean men also u are creating people like myself to do something if something is not fixed I'm going to the nhl board to take this the right way grow up and play real hockey not your games love andy fransky thanks from Ontario. I'm at 1 613 394 3072 call or quit

Review #1238467 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Resolved: A thief, A cheat, A con artist in Staten Island, New York

Update by user Jul 19, 2018

I fired him and hired another company!

Update by user Jul 19, 2018

Eddie Nieves finally came to install new timer 6 months later. He programmed it wrong and it would not turn on.

He did not stay long enough to check sprinkle valve hitting my electrical box on my house. He said he had other customers. I called him to tell him about the water hitting my electrical box. He did not show up but texted an apology.

He did not show up on any following days.

Instead he cursed me once again for calling him repeatedly about the electrical issue. I had to hire another company to rectify the programming issue and the sprinkler valve.

Original review posted by user Apr 20, 2018

Eddie Nieves cannot be trusted to complete a job. He installs a non-working timer, and tells me he will be back in 2 weeks to switch it out.

I paid him for the job because I knew him before when he worked for Waterlume Sprinklers. Well 2 weeks turned into 5 1/2 months with calls and texts out to him. He ignores you for days. He makes appointments and never calls to cancel.

He just does not show up. He curses you when you call him. He is an outright liar. Nothing he says or does can be trusted.

Most importantly, HE DOES NOT HAVE A LICENSE!

He makes you wait when he gets mad. He has very bad business practices. He told me he would send me a check for $250.00 and it never arrives. When I texted him that he was a thief of my time and my money, he finally calls me ready for a fight.

I hung up on him twice and he texts , "Now you can *** wait. That's all I have been doing with this dysfunctional person who thinks he is a businessman. Don't do business with him unless you want this kind of treatment.

It is not worth it to know him! Beware of his FB page!




Eddie finally came around and made good on all work previously paid for.


Sounds like a disturbed individual ; tell us again why you hired him having known him ?


He was not like this when working for original owner where I met him.

Reason of review
Bad quality
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Harassing calls and then they hang up on you

TIA called at 8:10 a.m. EST

I answered because I thought it was my husband calling to check on me. I had just had surgery the day before. When Tia asked if this was a good time I said

"No I would reach out to them" and before I could even finish my sentence she said

"NO YOU WON'T, STOP BEING RUDE LADY." and hung up on me!

I wanted to contact management but it appears that with whatever this organization is, calls aren't recorded for customer service training.

I don't even know how I got on this list, but the calls are non-stop. I was only on line looking for health insurance. Sorry I ever did that.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
Review #1237304 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1237304.


I hired Edgar Moreno Cisneros to do levelin & my floorin. It took him & several of his workers 5 wks they come only a few hours aday then becomes a skeleton crew of 2 if lucky people to show up.

Once paid they disappear never to come back to finish the work, his wife Paula gets involves & lies to the customers sayin they will return w no intention of returnin, caused over $40k damage to my property. Hirin them was a nightmare! Mr Cisneros will tell you no money down also a lie after startin the work will demand half sayin he needs to pay his workers which are workin at someone else property not yours then threatens to walks off after his workers started & have torn down what we hire them for leavin the customer property torn apart.

DO NOT HIRE THEM!!! Now suing them for extensive property damages

Reason of review
Bad quality
Review #1237217 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer1237217.

Moldy green bread... who is the supplier??? what are they doing????

I Purchased bread and buns yesterday in Redondo Beach California. I cooked dinner tonight and put a lovely hamburger on a bun...

My husband said "why is the bun edge green???" ...moldy green today.... who is their supplier and what are they doing to prevent this???? Awful!!! I do not want a refund, I want to know who their supplier is and what they are doing in the future to prevent this!!!

Of all places, you would think a drug store would look at their perishable products before they sold them. I declined a refund... why should someone else have to be surprised when their lovely dinner is interrupted when their husband asks "what is this green on the bun???" This should not happen! Why is a "pharmacy" selling moldy bread????

Are we supposed to open the packages and examine the bread???? Yucky!

Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
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