Other Company in New York, New York - Repair Appointment never showed up

Slomin it sucks when it come to costumer satisfaction

they are very quick to take your order but when it comes to repair a malfunction equipment they make you wait for ever

camera never works it looks good on the ad advertising don't ever want to deal with them once my contractor is over.

they are bunch on no goods SOB.

I kept on call and each time I get different story, poor schedule system I have faulty window connection and they can fixed mean while I am not able to set the alarm.

waste all afternoon and lost half day of pay due to they lack of professionalism to keep a good working schedule.

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Other Company in Jackson, Mississippi - TIRED OF NO SERVICE AND LIES

AT&T really need to change the lie they are advertising as to them being the "World Leader" in the cellphone industry. I have been a customer of them in one capacity or another for over 18 years and most recently I have had enough of the ongoing issues I am experiencing with my cellular service.

Their service absolutely sucks. I have an ongoing issue with drop calls, no service which continues to interfer with my work. I work as an Mobile Assessor and my telephone is a very important part of my profession. I am so tired of being out on a call at 2 and 3 a.m traveling with NO SERVICE across my Iphone..

Not only is this occuring while I travel.. it is the same DEAD issue within my home--i can walk down my driveway.. and maybe on a good day go to the masterbedroom and hold my lips and hands just right and be able to get a call out, but WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS TYPE OF SERVICE FROM A WORLD LEADER? I have been hearing for I know about 7 years..

"we are working on a tower in your location soon"..to this day NOTHING.. But, what really *** me off is whenever I complain, I am told oh..we can give u better service if u purchase a systm for $200 that would make your home like a tower???!!!! ARE U FREAKING SERIOUS??? Will this help my traveling dropped calls..

and further more.. you would think that if this is available and you have a customer complaining and complaining you would try to accommodate in some way. I PAY A T $ T good money on a monthly basis with 3 data using phone lines, not to mention my husband also using them.. (more money) THEY STILL COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMRS..I M REALLY TIRED AND WANT SOME TYPE OF RESOLITIN OR OUT..

Verizon and C-spire service is A plus in this area.. SO DONT TELL ME THEY CANT DO BETTER.

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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Pissed off

After working with a person for 20mins I was put on hold and the phone hung up. When I tried calling back kept being put on hold and phone hangs up again and you can hear the people in the back ground laughing.

This place is so unprofessional its sad. Hate I even have to deal with this *** company.

They really need to get their *** together and stop hiring people who dont *** care. If you have to deal with these idiots please take a deep breath because you will be dealing with a bunch of *** *** people.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - There customer service sucks and never buy a car for m sarah at carmaxx on balboa

i got a 2011 impala form the store on Balboa and have had to take it back twice in less then 60 days . i am so darn upset.

i could have just keep rolling my 2001 dodge durango....

if i wanted to keep going to the shop. when i was purchasing the car my sales rep had the best customer service ever .

then when the car breaks down and i call her she to tel her whats going on she hangs up the phone in my face . and then text me and says whats up i am with a customer but when she was working with me she stayed on her *** phone..

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Other Company in New Castle, Indiana - No such thing as small government in America

From front to back and all in between you will find good servants of We the People, but our country is ran by the elite by controlling managers, whom are many self serving "what are called people" that are not for helping "we the people". Try to access any freedom you thought you had outside of breathing, eating, sleeping, etc...and watch our so called government arise to the occasion to put you back in your place of slavery.

Trust you are being a good slave today. http://www.thenameisslladd.blogspot.com

What is true freedom anyway? Was America every truly free?

Example: For 95% of the people in the US of A which is incorporated and no longer a constitutional republic, when you think you own your home, you do not, even after said payoff. Question for you...what is a tenant?

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I am the catalog shopper of the universe. I buy ALL my clothes on line.

This company REFUSED to honor my last order due to my "rate of return".!! Excuse me?!?!?! When you order on line, you can't try the items on until you receive them - all manufacturers sizes run differently. ALL other clothiers I shop with have a guaranteed satisfaction - evidently not these Proper people!

PLUS, I have always paid for my own return postage to them. 99% of the time, they deduct a postage fee when crediting my return. It takes letters, calls, and threats to get my postage fees reimbursed.

I think it is a secondary profit center for them!


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Sorry, I can't muster much sympathy. If it were my company I too would be annoyed with customers ordering lots of clothes and constantly returning them. Perhaps you should stop buying all your clothes online.

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Other Company in Liverpool, New York - Not pleased w/ results of carpet cleaning.

In the past I have always w/ Stanley Steemer - always resurrected our carpet. I don't feel that they became as clean as they usually are after cleaning?

After the cleaning the carpets are usually quite wet & took day or two to dry. This time carpets not very wet at all? Dried by evening. Guys only took about 40 min?

Not sue if that's par. Had about 20 steps done; small living room & dining room; 1 hallway & 1 stair landing. The traffic areas don't appear much better? I had 1 bad spot which they said they tried to get out w/ 2 different methods but not able to?

You can't really tell when guys are here (very nice) if carpets are acceptable - can't tell til dry. Last time I had them done, I waited quite long time to also report certain areas not good - they did come back & were better but tried to tell me some spots were "burns from the vacuum cleaner"??

I don't know but think I might have to look for another carpet cleaning service next time. Sorry.

Mel Spina
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Visiting Angels of York PA is run by a *** bag Liar!

Sue Heinle who runs Visiting Angels in Hanover and York PA is such a conniving and underhanded liar! Several years ago my family used visiting angels to work with my mother who was under the care of hospice. Sue took it upon herself to fire our hospice agency, without our permission, and brought in Aseracare Hospice from York. She had no right to do this!!!

Sue brought Aseracare in under our noses and at the time we could do nothing about it because we did not want to upset mother.

Well now I know why Sue did this. She works for Asaracare! Isn't this a conflict of interest?

She is in the Sunday Aug 5th York Sunday News accepting a check for Asaracare. The photo and article lists Susan Heinle as a board member?!?!?!?!? I am pissed again at this woman!

I have heard many bad things about York Visiting Angels… this is just the rotten icing on top of a sour cake!





Susan Heinle is the most honest, ethical person I know. She runs an agency that is the best in South Central PA and only hires qualified caregivers with no criminal background.

So many agencies hire caregivers that should not be working in this industry including several in York and Gettysburg. So why would you use an agency in York when you're from Gettysburg and there are plenty of agencies there? Sounds like you have something against Ms. Heinle who is recognized as a leader in this community.

Visiting Angels of York and Hanover is an outstanding business providing quality care to its clients and dedicated to helping the older adults in the community.


Susan's Angel's in Reading, PA Be Careful and Read this Carefully!

The place is a horror awful service how pay. Horrible boss Olga she does not care about her employees does not even pay for milage gas for employees she is robbing them does not have any benefits for employees, is robbing patients of their hours and she does not even pay the minimal salary.

Anyone that is planning to seek for care for the elder stay away from this place. She lacks professionalism, she gives hours to the employees and then gives them to someone else.

The majority of the employees that work here do not do their jobs. She does not care only here to collect money from the government she is also cheating patients of their hours and charging for services that she does not provide.She needs to be investigated by the government more likely needs to go to jail once all of this is discover.



Anyone who know this woman knows what kind of a person she is... I'll leave it at that. She is the worst!

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Other Company in Chantilly, Virginia - Item backordered now for 4 weeks immediately billed card advertised in stock

Price was 5.00 better than e-bay price so I ordered.I could have gotten e-bay item in 4 days.The item ordered from Cops Plus was not listed as backordered.The e-mail stating backordered until Aug.13 sent 3 days after my card was billed.I have since called and spoke to customer service asking to cancel the order.I was told they would check the order and get back with me.The next day I was sent an e-mail that now it would be the end of the month before item would ship.I replied I wanted a refund and cancel the order they have not responded.I feel I was ripped off and definetly mislead.These type companies should face prosecution for bad business practices.They obviously don't care about customer service or any repeat orders from customers.I can only conclude they are in it for the rip off.A refund should have been offered if they couldn't do no better than what they have done.I am not confident on getting item anytime soon or if at all.Lesson learned read these type reviews before ordering from a new internet store.

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Other Company in Toledo, Ohio - Hurrycane is a piece of ***,misrepresented

first i went to their lousey website which causes two orders to be generated when you only do one, make sure to check your confirming emails to nip it in the bud as soon as you can. the handle on the cane is so pain inflicting, no comfort and when you need to put pressure on it, wow it hurts the palm of your hand all the way into your spine!!

does not stand like the commercial.

not very good on slopes like they lead you to think. very unhsppy with the product,feel ripped off!!!!save your money for something more worthwhile.

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