Wren is not a winner

I purchased Wren last month and I was not pleased with the results. It did not do what it promised.

I did not notice a difference after my first washing (like promised) or after my 20th washing. I was talking with a friend and told her about my dissapointment with Wren, she recommended "Simply U" (Sulfate & Paraben Free) shampoo and conditioner (in my case, for color treated hair). I tried it and liked the results much better than what Wren did or should I say didn't do to my hair. I noticed a difference using "Simply U" by the second washing.

I would recommend trying "Simply U". You can find it at Walmart at a more reasonable price.


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Hi dear,

I am alittle confused, are You talking about WEN by Chaz Dean? Or is there another system like it called Wren?

I use Wen and I LOVE IT!!

It has actually helped my hair totally transform into healthy beautiful locks and its growing fast again!! I purchase the WEN from QVC and they have excellent customer service.

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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - Pissed!!

I thought femails werr.supposed to be free? I've made (2) accounts niw and both times it has randomly changed itself from femail to make trying to charge me money!!

I've out alot of work into both profiles and and met alot of new ppl!! its really *** me off i cant use my profile. i will not make a new one again. its to much work!!

fix this please!! my account name is TheBicuriouseOne please and thank you. i am so mad about this. i cant read my messages, comment on anything, all i can do is post statuses and accept friends request.

i dont know how it changed itself from femail to mail but its a bunch of ***. thiis has happind twice now.

its rediculouse.. !!!

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I do not know what the problem is but you need to get this network on line. There are a lot of PAC 12 fans all over the country.

U of A, ASU etc have fans all over. You really need to get with the program. I have been a customer for many years as well as other members of my familty who graduated from some of the universities that are in the PAC 12.

Thank you for listening to me complain, but if these teams have a great season and we are not able to watch maybe we will have to change providers. Have a great day and do something for the customer.



So if your teams suck, you'll stay with what you got? :zzz

Who are you complaining about? Your post makes no sense. Oh well it is the Pac 10 and so who cares!

Quantico Station, Virginia
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Other Company in Norfolk, Virginia - Incomplete order

my cooktops arrived without the bonus items; 3 1/2 quart stainless steel pot with lid - steamer basket - 9 inch omlet pan - 10 1/2 sauce pan - & - 9 piece fondu kit. my name is Lilton Abdullah 757-484-9304 or 757-513-0195.

my order # 98246A - customer no. 111016. We need to have these bonus items, Reply Soon, Thank You, Lilton Abdullah - My order reference no. is 844783633 - invoice date,8-21-2012,My NuWave Precision Induction cook top.

We have had a terrible time trying to connect with customer service/billing/sales dept.

to correct this order. Please Reply Soon.

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Other Company in Charleston, West Virginia - I am TICKED off!!!

Hi, My name is KIMBERLY Humphrey and I don't have ANYTHING good to say about Kia. First off, I had my fuel filter and charcoal canister replaced.

I have a Kia Sorento. Then my car started having problems. I cannot go anywhere on the highway because after about 15 minutes, my car automatically slows down. And YES, I reported this to Kia.

I was even TOWED back to Goose Creek at a tune of $160! I was told my car is alright. The Kia in Goose Creek even went so far to tell me that they couldn't help me that I will have to take it back to the Kia that worked on it. That Kia is in Columbia, 1 1/2 hours from me.

I am having issues with my car and Kia did it and now Eric Dambaugh wants to call me BRUCE in an email he sent me in my yahoo account! I have held my tongue about Kia long enough.

Thanks to you calling me BRUCE, I am now putting in a complaint. Thanks Kia for the crappy service from Kia Goose Creek!!!

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Other Company in Beirut, Beyrouth - Sold me defected jeans&offered alteration.I don t think that I pay lots of money for altered

Provide as much information as possible, you will not be able to edit your review but you will be allowed to add on to it if you create an account during the submission process.To whom it may concern:

Please note that I m writing to raise my issue to the highest level possible even if it has to be Mr. Armani himself.

I have bought 2 pairs of jeans one straight cut, the other is a pencil cut, from your outlet in Beirut ( down town).


When I went home and as I was happily Checking my new jeans, I noticed that 

My legs below the knee looks weird ... 

Looking carefully I found that the jeans legs has curves which I have never seen in my life in any pair of jeans ...

Thought to check the  pencil cut pair to make sure it' s defect free, I found that the way it was stitched shows a very bad finishing marks..

Here when my greatest disappointment  arised .. I asked my self did i just happily, paid $ 360 to buy the Worst pairs of jeans I ever had in my life ???

We all know that a pair of jeans can cost $10 and sometimes $5 when it s a matter of covering up.....

But when going to buy a jeans from a company like ARMANI ... The needs, and the expectations  must  be different ... 

Here when we talk about a quality of fabric, accessories, finishing, and not just good , but excellent product ...!

I rushed to the outlet expecting that they ll apologize for the inconvenience... My second shock was that they didn't ......!

Not just that, they also refused to exchange the worst pairs of jeans I ever bought in my life....

My husband went to the office of luxury goods to complaint, and after one week of waiting, 

The answer was sorry the only help we can offer is To have them ultered.

I need someone to answer my questions please:

Why on earth do I need to pay $ 360 to end up having an   altered jeans .

Why on earth do I deserve to wear jeans that remind me  of how bad this product is, and how much I'm unhappy and disappointed????

If you think I did a mistake choosing to buy an Armani product please confirm..

If  your company consider what happened to me is unaccepted  by Mr.  Armani..... Kindly contact me on Nevien.eldibawi@gmail.com

Looking forward to your feedback at the soonest possible.


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Listed transaction help

I was really pleased. I had what the IRS seems to call a listed transaction.

That's a transaction that the IRS finds to be abusive. But I was sold the vehicle without actually understanding this (horrible broker and not so knowledgeable accountant ...that will be another post) So I took a chance and actually contacted someone who seems to be all over the internet and he helped me when no one seemed to be able to help me.

I got away without the heavy fine that I thought I would have to pay. Saved me thousands and thousands....His name is Lance Wallach and I totally recommend him.


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Plainview, New York, United States #614113

Be careful of abusive 419(e) welfare benefit plans


Life insurance agents and companies have always tried to find ways of making costs paid by business owners tax deductible.

The situation became ridiculous a few years ago with outrageous claims about how Sections 419A(f)(5) and (6) of the Internal Revenue Code exempted employers from any tax-deduction limitations. Finally, the Internal Revenue Service put a stop to such egregious misrepresentations in 2002 by issuing regulations and naming such plans as "potentially abusive tax shelters" (or "listed transactions") that needed to be registered and disclosed to the IRS.

And what happened to the providers that were peddling Sections 419A(f)(5) and (6) life insurance plans a few years ago? We recently found the answer: Most of them found a new life as promoters of so-called "419(e)" welfare benefit plans.

IRC Section 419(e) provides a definition of the term "welfare benefit fund" and provides that it includes a trust or "organization described in paragraph 7, 9, 17 or 20 of Section 501(c)" or any taxable trust that provides welfare benefits. Reference to IRC Section 419(e) is, therefore, unnecessary.

So, what are 419(e) plans?

We recently reviewed several so-called Section 419(e) plans. Many of them are nothing more than recycled Section 419A(f)(5) and (6) plans. Now, many of the same promoters simply claim that a life insurance policy is a welfare benefit plan and therefore tax-deductible because it uses a single-employer trust, rather than a "10-or-more-employer plan." Many plans incorrectly purport to be exempt from ERISA, from Code Sections 414, 105, 505, 79, 4975, etc.


Vendors commonly claim that contributions to their plan are tax-deductible because they fall within the limitations imposed under IRC Section 419; however, Sec. 419 is simply a limitation on tax deductions. The deductions themselves must be claimed under enabling sections of the IRC. Many fail to do so. Others claim that the deductions are ordinary and necessary business expenses under Sec. 162, citing Regs. Sec. 1.162-10 in error: There is no mention in that section of life insurance or a death benefit as a welfare benefit.

Some plans claim to impute income for current protection under the PS 58 rules. However, PS 58 treatment is available only to qualified retirement plans and split-dollar plans. (None of the 419(e) plans claim to comply with the split-dollar regulations.)

Recently, many accountants have been calling us for help. The IRS is sending audit letters to participants in some of the 419 plans. It has identified many of the 419 promoters, and demanded a listing of the names of companies in the plans.

Here's the problem that most promoters ignore: On April 10, 2007, the IRS issued final regulations under Sec. 409A of the IRC that made it crystal-clear that most of the so-called "419(e)" plans are in violation of the law and subject to hefty penalties, because they provide deferred compensation without complying with Sec. 409A.


Section 409A does not apply to welfare benefits. In fact, several forms of welfare

Be careful of abusive 419(e) welfare benefit plans

(continued from page 1)

By Lance Wallach and Ronald H. Snyder

benefits are specifically excluded under Sec. 409A. However, such excluded arrangements do not permit transfer of property to the participant except for death, disability and payments made upon retirement in accordance with the Section 409A rules.

Most of the existing Sec. 419(e) and 419A(f)(6) welfare benefit plans do not comply with the Sec. 409A rules relative to transfers of insurance policies or cash payments other than upon death.

What does this mean for advisors? Under Circular 230 standards, a CPA or attorney who advises their client about participating in a non-compliant welfare benefit plan may be liable for fines and other sanctions. We expect that opinion letters relative to such plans have either been withdrawn or will be shortly. We admonish professionals carefully to review all communications with clients relative to such plans. The IRS has recently been successful in imposing huge fines on several law firms for blessing questionable transactions.


Time is of the essence in making and implementing a decision as to what to do. We

have only seen one or two plans that may be in compliance. We therefore recommend that employers waste no time in contacting a tax professional to review their welfare benefit plan participation to verify compliance with the new law and regulations. Do not take the promoter's word that his plan is in compliance; odds are it is not.


Lance Wallach, CLU, ChFC, speaks and writes extensively about financial planning, retirement plans and tax reduction strategies, and is the author of Bisk Education's CPAs' Guide to Life Insurance. Reach him at www.vebaplan.com or (516) 938-5007. Ronald H. Snyder, JD, EA, is an ERISA attorney and enrolled actuary specializing in employee benefit plans.

Information contained in this article is not intended as legal, accounting, financial or any other type of advice for any specific individual or entity. You should contact an appropriate professional for appropriate guidance with respect to tax matters.

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Other Company in Mars, Pennsylvania - Working for penn hills post office pa.

this office is the most dissfunctional office going. the seem to think that carriers are the reason the post office is in trouble and treat us like dirt and never let up.

let's see the fat f!!! supervisors deliver the mail for 6 day's a week and 1.5hrs overtime every day. it's an awful work environment. our govt.

sucks they seem to think the that over work the employees and they will save money. not..

you can't take a day off for a sick day, vacation day, without filing a grievence to get paid for being sick. WTF

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Other Company in Thornhill, Ontario - Return

I went to return a centre piece after a week which I paid in cash for it and in my surprise the person behind the cash told me she does not have enough cash to give my refund of $ 27 and she will use my debit to refund to my account or she would give me a cheque for it. I did not agree to it and I asked to speak with the store manager.

She told me she is the manager. I told her let's make it clear my understanding is that you have started your cash with no available cash? I asked her if I purchase something worth of $10 and pay with $50 bill you have no change for me? You will refund it to my bank account?

She had no answer.

I insisted on getting my refund as cash and I spend 25 minutes of my time until I got it. She kept repeating that this is the company policy.

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Billing is overstated-they won't adjust

Saturday mornings in front of the TV, regularly I see Zumba commercials. I didn't CALL, I went to zumbaOFFER.com, followed a series of prompts ordering about $235.00 of items. You don't get to see your 'cart' till the end, and do not get the option to edit cart. That is okay. I wanted the extra music cds and weight shakers. That said, the ad was for 4 "NO SLASHED to 3 easy payments of $19.95" with upgraded shipping. I received the package-I am not complaining about the program-I'm enjoying it! I am complaining that the part of the order advertised for 3 payments of $19.95 (about $60.) was $89.85 on the bill.

I called. The operator said I was mistaken and the payments were 3 @ $29.95. Since the commercial was not playing in front of me-I second guessed myself and let it go. Now I see the commercial again and it is $19.95 not 29.95.

From what should have been about $60. to now nearly $90. and basically being called a liar-well my exhilarating zumba experience is diminished. What is 'a mere $30.00' for so much fun? MISREPRESENTATION AND FRAUD!!!!




I was considering ordering, but wanted to read some reviews first. This is the phone # for them 8666495817.

The Zumba Fitness locations are Accredited by BBB. The Zumba Customer Service is NOT. Weird ah.

I got this info from BBB website. I hope this helps.


After watching the commerical, I just ordered online and my 1 total payment was $59.85 plus tax came to a total of $75.80. I checked quite a few NO'S to get to the last page to view and print my bill... waiting to see what the package consist of


Beware "zumbaOFFER.com" is a distributor website and has many built-in add-ons. You have to read it VERY carefully.

But no matter what you do, the least amount you can make it through the website order process is $90.

Immediately CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD CO and have the charges reversed - if this happens for this website or any other. Be sure to call within 48 hours and check your CC bill closely; I had one company bill me again, without my consent, for a restocking fee for something that never shipped.


what is the customer service number?!??!?!?! I accidentally order it twice, they never gave me the chance to edit my order, and i also never even received the order!!!They took over $200 dollars from me!!!

I'm beyond livid. I don't know who to call.


I seen the commerical on TV called and ordered and my bill was $89.??. When I called on Monday morning they said they shipped out my product and I could send it back and they will adjust to my account. I am not happy at all with them and I will not order again.


It looks like this is a third party distributor using zumbaoffer.com. while the actual zumba website is just zumba.com and you can order there for the 60 bucks.

Buy it on Amazon and bypass the annoying add-ons and over charging issues....and it's free shipping! :)

I just ordered online and my total bill is $75.80 to be paid in 3 payments. Now, in order to get to the last page I had to check quite a few nos.

I think that's where all the trouble comes in. If you add about all these specials, its going to come to a few hundred dollars.

My advice? Just Say NO.


I was ready to order Zumba with above offer but now I'm scared. Even with the s&h it comes to $75.80 which is a far cry from $90. Has anyone checked the BBB?


I ordered over the phone. Not until the end of endless add ons ...

did it finally tell how much. Ouch! What was $60 ish is now $160 ish.

What the ***! the shaker this were supposed to be included I thought.

As stated in the commercial. So what am I getting for the extra $100, guess I have to wait and see.


Friends, call your credit card company to dispute the charge amount over $60.


Thank you for sharing. I'm looking at their commercial with the offer of 3 payments 0f 19.95 for the package deal.

Thank you for saving me from disappointment and a headache. I was just about to order.

Scam!!! God bless!


I had the same experience.Is Saturday morning and I was watching the Zumba commercial. I had seen it before and it sounded like a good deal, so I went on line(zumberOFFER.com) to order it.

It said 3 payments of 19.95. I read the order carefully and did the math in my head to make sure that I understood exactly what the payment was. My order too, went straight to payment without the ability to edit or delete as they usually do.

My order also showed up as $90 as opposed to $60. When I called the order line to have the order corrected, all I got was an automated phone response and no person to talk to to correct the order.


I checked out the Zumba offer and it is 3 payments @ $19.95 plus s&h of $15.95 and some states also have to pay tax so that might be why your bill was almost $90.00. The infomercial say free upgrade shipping not to be confused with free shipping. Thought this might make you feel a little better about your purchase.

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