Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Is this a scam or what????

I do not nor have I ever had a loan with this company yet this company is sending me threatening letters of collection. WTF???

How do you get away with this? I have no problems with making my payment I even went so far as to contact my car payment company who also state there are no issues and that they have NOT sold my loan. GET OUT OF MY FACE AND OFF OF MY CASE. It is ridiculous to accuse someone in this economy of struggling but to wrongfully accuse someone is just plain evil.

This is totally un called for an unacceptable.

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - What they don't advertise!

You cannot get in touch with anyone at the number they give to contact the company. I am trying to return the product and cannot get in touch with anyone; they ask you to leave messages so they can get bacck to you in 24 hours.

I'm still waiting! My blood pressure has gone sky high.

Had I read the complaints about this product I would not have purchased not (1) but (2). They sure make sure they get their money up front; but getting it back is something else they play these games to frustrate the *** out of you.

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Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - Misty @lencrafters in carolina pl mall, nc

I wanted to buy a pair of designer frames I saw on line, and she said that they didnt have them in stock. And that i should check at southpark mall.

She was very short with me when the store wasnt even busy. I purchase two pair of designer frames this year,so i spend money. She came across as bigget. Turn and walk away and smile and treated the white customers with so much kindness.

I could have judge her looking frumpy in her thrift shop clothes looking as if shes attending a yard sale. sign ,G Pineville NC

Grant Timmons
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Other Company in Boise, Idaho - Customer care is waste of time

I wanted to cancel my money transfer transaction because of mistake is done by "RITE AID" Boise cashier and when I came to know western union change on my bank of America debit card twice I have to stay on the phone for more than 6 hours on sunday and customer care representative keep on transferring my call to one department to another and made me full. I talk to 1 representative for 4 time in 6 hours still I didn't get my refund back so I have waited for 6 hours because of cashier's mistake and I didn't get correct response from Western Union.

DON'T TRUST FOR GOD SAKE TO WESTERN UNION! Trash customer service. I hope this helps you friends don't do mistake what I did please.

Last note don't get in to their sugar coated language.

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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - Very Pleased with an Employee!

To Whom it May Concerned:

I moved to North Seattle from Colorado and needed some items from Rite Aid, I was helped by Sherrie Ben-Ayad, Assistant Manager. She was wonderful and professional. I have become a regular customer because of Sherrie. I have seen her with many kinds of customers and she is so respectful and warm with each and every one of them. Some of these customers are very mean and disrespectable towards other customers but she always stays calm and respectful to all. Thought you should know about this lady and give her credit.

Thank you,

Cathie C. Fenter

13000 Linden Ave N. 404

Seattle, WA 98133

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Other Company in Orange Park, Florida - Told lies

Told wrong information when signing back up for direct said I would get NFL ticket for free and I didn't get it for free know they want me to pay for it that's not right direct need better people signing customers up if they don't know what they r talking about ask someone just don't guess that really makes me mad to be told one thing and find out diferently when my contract is up I will be going back to dish and i will never leave them again thanks for listening maybe this will help someone else

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Other Company in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa - Venkat Vempati Fraud

Venkat Vempati has been accused of being involved in embezzlement of funds from the trust of his now demised father. The trust, found by his father in 2007 is primarily concerned with providing free education, meals and clothes to meritorious underprivileged children. His actions however have not only brought shame to his family but also the legacy left by his deceased father.

Venkat Vempati very cleverly channelized the trust's funds into a dummy corporation which he heads by way of floatation of tender and then used his influence in the Trust's board to select the tender floated by his company. It was then just a matter of providing substandard goods and materials to the trust and putting the lives of all the children in grave danger.

The fraud was only discovered last month during the course of an internal audit and the investigation is now being headed by a seven member committee under the Ministry of Culture. As many as five dummy corporations have been unearthed so far which all point in the direction of Venkat Vempati. They range from clothing mills to hospitality services to consumer durable goods.

Scams and fraud have been a subject of common affair in India and the initial surprise that one finds himself on hearing of a new scam has long foregone. One can only hope that a thorough inspection is carried out into all the dealings of Venkat Vempati for the last 5 years and that perpetuators and defaulters be brought to justice. Stringent action is the need of the hour and the Ministry should make an example out of this.

Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
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Incorrect name

Wrong information on me and my mom We both do not have a middle initial so take out the M. It does not belong there.

Please check your records. I have nothing more to say. Every time I try to change it, it comes ack the same way. Why do I have to type 100 words that's crazy, I thought the more shorter the complaint is the better for you to correct it.

It isn't going through unless there are 100 words, this makes no sense. You ought to change that system to.

It is totally ridiculous. Right




This article achieved exactly what I wnaetd it to achieve.


Who is this person talking to? I guess that company will magically know. How do some people function in the real world?


What makes you think this website "corrects" your complaint?

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Other Company - Calling me endlessly about the same thing

I am a Foschini account holder,I'm very disappointed at the way foschini agents call me about payments. I made an EFT payment last month but this month they tell me it didn't reflect on their side (I have proof of payment).

I haven't had time 2make a payment this month I told them I would go next week,but everyday I find myself being badgered with phone calls tellin me I havnt paid...l have decided 2close my account as of today coz u people r f*cked insensitive n don't listen.

Go learn sone customer service skills. Nxa

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Was told could shop if I was done by 10

I rode my bike to the local "neighborhood market" to do some quick shopping as I knew they were closing at ten. I work in the restaurant industry and know how frustrating it can be to have customers come in right before close. But I knew exactly what I wanted, where it was and would be out of there in a minute. As I pulled up I was "greeted" by John.

John: We are closing.

Me: What time is it?

John: 9:52

Me: Can I still shop here?

John: If you are done in eight minutes.



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And your point?

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