Other Company in Kailua Kona, Hawaii - Harrasement phone calls

Requested hardship package due to being injured in accident in 2007.. had 3 surgerys and just had back surgery 3 mos.

ago...hardhip was denied...askcfor refinance..denied and now I am 2 mos behind. I called the bank due to overwhelming phone calls from 3 different phone numbers. I reported that I am going to try and catch payments up in the month of Nov/Dec. I receve SSI once a month and in rehab phys therapy and can not work right now.

The bank rep got very intimidating. harsh and incosiderate....threaten repossession calls now are overwhelming and annoying after I reported tocthem...I can not pay rent this month by Nov 5 and will have to pay $50 a day...I have no money in bank until then and no one to borrow from.

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Kailua Kona, Hawaii
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--- Simply put I ordered the product and recieved the order after about 3 weeks. I did not experience any major problems in ordering.

However I used the product as directed and it simply does not work. Its an oily and very smelly substance. Though not a bad odor, it is strong. I applied it as per instruction and nothing happened.

There was not shrinkage or drying out that was noticeable at all.

--- I gave the second bottle to a friend and they used it and also had negative results. It simply does not do anything but smell strongly and give an oily feeling to the area used. I should have known better but I was taken in by the idea that they had something simple and safe would work on a skin tag I had on my neck.

--- Advice: Save your money.

In the future I will ask my doctor for his advice first and maybe save some money. I would give the same advice to others.

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The TV add sold me They show someone applying the stuff but What They Don't Advertise is that it takes THREE APPLICATIONS A DAY!!FOR UP TO THREE MONTHS!!!Just another deceptive ad....

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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Other Company in San Diego, California - Horrible company and service

Horrible. Wish I'd read the reviews.

Paid extra for early morning delivery. At noon, no delivery, so I call. After being on hold a long time, somebody finally picks up, poitely asks me to hold again. After another long time, I'm told they'll call me back.

They don't. At 3pm, still no delivery, I call again. After much more long holding, told the flowers are definitely en route, and I will be refunded the money I paid for early morning delivery. At 5pm still no delivery, I call, after another long hold I'm told the delivery cannot be completed.

I am fed up at this point and ask for a refund. After another long hold, I'm told I'll receive one.

Never received refund, never received flowers. A horrible company, avoid at all costs.

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San Diego, California
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Other Company in Jacksonville, Florida - Did not bid on anything return funds

I was just registering not buying return my money ASAP on 11/3/2012 at 9:51 I was simply finishing your request for my mailing address registering was not even complete so I thought you took 79 dollars and I don't know why please return funds to my account. I am a new customer how is it possible for you to take money from account when I was just registering why would you put items to buy iin this area. If this is a honest business you would put my money back as fast as you took it

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Jacksonville, Florida
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Other Company in Woking, England - Cancellation of excursion last minute

My group of five were unlucky enough to have a flight home to the Uk yet we had to be off the ship at 8am. We were relieved when the ship advised of an excursion to Montserrat on our departure date 25/10/2012 although we thought the price for a our hour excursion pricey $179 we all booked as it included delivery of our luggage to the airport.

Sorted we thought at least we wouldn't be wandering the streets all day. At about 3pm on the 24/10/2012 we were advised the excursion had been cancelled as not enough people were booked. We visited both guest services and shore excursion desks several times hoping they would advise some alternative, We asked re left luggage facilities either at the port or the airport and were given no help they were unable to advise if there was any facility at either apart, from their ship to airport facility at a cost of $30 each. We decided to take a cab to the airport to hopefully use their left luggage facility.

We arrived at terminal one where our flight was leaving from and was told there that they did not have left luggage facilities we would have to take our cases to terminal 2 a good 50km away. Carnivals help desk should have been able to advise us on this but were too interested in getting us to go with their transport. This made our day even longer and cost of going back and forward between terminals was considerable. The toll on 5 pensioners health and wellbeing was even worse.

Too much SELL SELL SELL on spa facilities and excursions, even your entertainment director Jaime was mis selling trips to Messini saying it was in the industrial district when in fact it was only a short stroll from the port to the town centre. The 15% on each drink was also a disgrace even on a bottle of water.

Whilst the cruise overall was satisfactory I will not be recommending this cruise. I look forward to hearing from you on this matter

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Woking, England
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Other Company in Wilmore, Kentucky - Will not ship or refund for over 6 months

i ordered some v neck undershirts in m,arch or april . received the wrong size .

returned them to haband . they never responded. i finally got hold of someone . they knew nothing ,finally they claimed to receive them( after 6 months) the very next day !@!!

been over a month & still nothing . how damneid hard is it to cut a refund ????

it don"t take that damned long to spend your money !!!!!!!!

i think thjere is no acceptable reason for this malarky . with todays electronics , why the delay .

some one needs to check this out as some one is asleep atthe wheel !!

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Wilmore, Kentucky
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Other Company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 5 Ways to Put an End To Unethical Practices By The Lead Generation Companies

You are heading towards an important meeting and suddenly you get a call from a company trying to sell you things you absolutely don't require – sounds familiar? These days a lot of companies are conducting marketing and sales campaigns over the phone. Which leaves one wondering, how do these companies get your number? It's through several lead generation companies who sell them your data. And where do the lead generation companies get your data from? Well, the chances are that you gave it to them. Remember the last research call you attended? It might be a mock research call set up to get your data.

Unbelievable? There's more such unethical practices that the lead generation companies carry out in order to get more leads and revenue. Although these lead generation companies often follow a code of ethical practices formed by Direct Marketing Association (DMA), it is often found that even the biggest of lead generation companies voyage into the foray of unethical practices every now and then.

Take the example of Phruit Limited, a lead generation company which used to be the most prominent lead generation companies in the United Kingdom. In an investigation by DMC (Direct Marketing Commission), triggered with a single complaint, it was found that the company breached the following DMA codes:-

1. 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing

2. 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers

3. 3.18 on "sugging" or carrying out sales and marketing under the guise of research

As a result of this investigation Direct Marketing Association suspended Phruit Limited from its membership for one year. DMC too suggested the same.

What can you do to stop them? Just remember, only you have the capacity to change the entire scenario. However, in order to do that you will need to take some necessary actions. Want to know all about them? Read on:-

1. Gather knowledge- if you have signed up for TPS to opt out of marketing calls already; but are still getting calls, do a thorough research about the number calling you.

2. Make your intentions clear- while receiving the call, tell the telemarketer that you do not wish to share the contact information or any other personal information to any third party.

3. Say no to "sugging" – if you see that a caller is luring you in to buying something in a research call, end the call immediately.

4. Report against them - you know the phone number, right? Do some research and find out the company that is making your life tougher. And now it is time to make their lives miserable. Report against such unethical practice to the authorities like DMA or Data Watchdog or mail them directly. If you are getting calls from Phruit, here is their contact details –

Phruit Limited

The Barn

Huddlestone's Wharf



Ng24 4ul

Phone: - 0844 41 42 741]

08455 199131

Write to Phil Lightfoot, the director of the company.

5. Tell everyone– use social media to spread awareness about such incident and divulge the number on social networking sites. Go to different online forums and meet people who too have been a victim of such practice and raise your voice against these practices.

By following these simple steps you can stop or at least try to prevent such unethical practices from taking place.

Shaun Aster loves to voice his opinions against any unethical practices taking places around him. He is keenly interested in consumers' right and tries to aware people about the unethical practices by reputed companies such as Phruit Limited.

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Other Company in San Francisco, California - Robocalls can't be stopped

There seems to no way to stop robocalls, and there has even been a bit of press about that lately.

Everyone claims there is no way to stop them, but it is quite apparent if the various regulatory agencies could cooperate with the phone companies, they could easily be stopped.

I am not suggesting that the calls be entirely prohibited, but that there be actual enforcement that action would be taken if a company did not

a. disclose their name and phone number when asked.

b. stop calling anyone who requested it.

c. not call people on the do-not-call list.

There are also many other regulations about robocalls, but no one is following them, and no one is enforcing them, either.

What I can't understand is there is a lot of talk about many things in life that are either hardly annoying or that nothing can be done about, but no one like robocalls, and yet no one will even work on a solution, even though most of the companies doing robocalls are scams, or related to scams, because no legitimate company would hang up when simply asked what is their company name or phone number, but if you press a number during a robocall, to speak to an agent, the agent will answer yet immediately hang up if asked any specific question about their company.

This is the sad part of our society today, and has been discussed previously: things that hurt or impact a large part of our society, but which cause relatively small pain or inconvenience to each person, are never addressed, in most cases, because there is no large lobby to actually try to stop or prevent the problem. Problems that cause a large pain to a small number of people are much more likely to be addressed, since the individuals are more motivated to act if they are profoundly affected.

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San Francisco, California
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Other Company in Lake Providence, Louisiana - Took my money

Well I signed up for this sit and it was suppose to be a free trial for a one dollar and charged me 40$ now I have wait tell I get paid and I'm going to miss the dead line to sign up for my contest it only cost 12$ and I could sign up, if u could help with that it would be great thanks .I learned my lesson with that site won't never happen again , so hope u could understand with this minor problem.and I will pay back 100# granted and thanks again and bye .

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Lake Providence, Louisiana
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Other Company in Saint Joseph, Missouri - Wtf society! wake up!!

I have no idea when every person in the world decided they r the only person in the world but *** Gina walk the *** Quit texting while walking and driving I can't even be sad anymore when ppl crash and die while texting...get off the phone or get off the road bcuz there r other ppl who don't want u swerving at them bcuz autocorrect won't let u type lol, ur ***, quit it! Also its not my job to watch where u r walking so if I happen to b holding a spear and u happen to not b intelligent enough to get it through ur thick skull that THERE ARE OTHER PPL AROUND THAT U MIGHT RUN IN TO and u get speared and u die...eh...(idea!!) U were really dumb anyway so way to go me, and my spear!

Next, old ladies, do not continue to talk on ur cell phone while ur insides explode in a public restroom. #1 its rude to the OTHER PPL n the crapper #2 (hahaha) the person on the phone can hear everything even if they don't say anything and that has got to b the stuff public shooters r made of u know, so don't poo and chat cuz its super gross.

Alright fellas, when u go into a business and the ppl who work there r friendly and say hello and help u, that is not an invitation to drunk call them at their work and ask them on dates. That is called how we don't get fired cuz when we r at work we kinda have to do our jobs. If that job is sales or customer service then employees r pretty much required to smile and say hello, they r not hitting on u, I promise, so guys quit being *** ok cuz its just annoying now. OH, and don't ever touch the employees that r helping you bcuz they may have decided to not take their meds for a couple days and the voices may b wondering how severe of a crime they could actually get away with...just an fyi...for u *** dudes.

Case in point, this is not a video game or a reality show this is the regular old world full of folks who truly dont give a *** about anything u have to say bcuz u r just an average person no different from anybody else except for how *** u r... So again...WAKE UP DUMMY! Live life and b a better person than u were yesterday for the sake of us all, please.

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Saint Joseph, Missouri
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