Other Company in San Diego, California - Company Charged me $500 I then fount out it was a free service

As I recall,

I was told by a mentoring company that it would cost me $500 to get a drop shipper to put products on my site.

While I waited for the drop shipper to contact me...which he never did, I Googled drop shippers and found that all of them will put up as much merchandise as you want on your site without a penny charge.

I finally got my $500 back.

I would advise all to stay away from any company that you have to put up money usually between $1000 + with a no refund policy.

That goes for any company that offers help or mentoring you in starting up a new biz or helping you

on the site you have. So far those that I dealt with which I felt screwed were situated in Utah, Nebraska or Arizona and surrounding states.

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Other Company in Richmond, Virginia - Poor planning on your part

just received my Sunday paper and tacked to the outside was a small coupon stating "Grand Opening Sale" Plus take an extra 15% off everything. Valid in store and at Kohls.com Wednesday, September 26-Wednesday October 3, 2012.

This is September 30th!!!! Inside was the newest Kohl's catalogue.

Prices good from Sept. 26- October 3rd or October 6th. Doesn't give one much time now does it?

Glad I don't shop there very often. I'd be real upset. But because I don't. I usually give the coupons to my kids, but that doesn't give them much time as they don't live with me.

Very poor planning. Maybe you need some changes in that department.

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Other Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - I paid for the phone, so where is it?

I ordered a phone for my little brothers birthday and paid to have it shipped by priority mail so I could have it in time for his birthday party. I received an email from Mobile karma telling me my package had been sent along with a tracking number to keep up with its progress.

The tracking number I was issued was invalid and when I put it into USPS.com nothing could be pulled up. So I called the post office and was told to contact the person that was suppose to be sending my package because they had no information on it. I contact Mobile Karma on the day I should have received the phone and was assured I would get my package, to just give it one more day. Well 3 days have past along with my brothers party, which I had no gift for, and I still have not gotten the phone or received any answers as to where it might be.

My advise to you would be to save your self the headache and shop somewhere else. This is one place I will NEVER shop at again!

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Other Company in Detroit, Michigan - Missing one set of cookware got 2 cooktop pne set of cookware

I order 2 cooktops buy one get one free for the price of shipping and handling I paid $239.84 and got 2 cooktops and only one set of cookware.please I Only want what I paid For order no 99309A/ 111260A

Richard E Talley

20225 Syracuse St.

Detroit Mi 48234

313 891 6960


was order on or about Sept.23rd Paid for via Visa credit card I have called over 29 times with no answer. I have also Fax And TXT with no answer one set was for A wedding gift and the other for me

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Sold me a Lemon/don't recommand this dealership

Bought a car...was the WORST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!!!:/ Car needed work done, had to go to dealership 5 times...then they HAD to fix the problems.....etc...BUT I WILL NEVER RECOMMAND NO ONE THERE. Service people couldn't figure out what was wrong with my car....they sold me a LEMON...very upset..upset..upset...DON't GO THERE...........Don't GO THERE....RESEARCH BEFORE GOING.

DON"T GO>>>REPEAT..REPEAT..REPEAT..DON"T WAIST YOUR TIME GOING THERE. My sales person did not want to get involved...told me I only sell car's that's it.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - They advertise buy 2 get 1 free, but doesn't work

I was trying to order 3 dvds with 1 free per their advertisement. You have to pay for all 3 at the time of ordering however.

I have tried several times to get an answer from this company, but they will not respond to my inquiries about this. I don't want to pay full fee for all three dvds, but they will not supply any other way of paying without paying the full amount. The company also says you can email them, but I have never heard back on my inquiries by doing so.

This is also irritating that i have to be redundant to get 100 words in! Craig Larkey

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Other Company in Camden, New Jersey - Http://www.thedogpress.com/Columns/Ron-Williams-Convicted-1210.asp

http://www.thedogpress.com/Columns/Ron-Williams-Convicted-1210.asp - please see article on ron williams before taking your dog here - you may change your mind - convicted and continues to lie about it - he told everyone at the dog shows that the charges were dropped and this shows the very opposite - this is only to warn potential new victims of ron williams - i gave him my dog and my money too - my dog was injured and will never be the same - not to mention he wasn't trained -my dog was peeing all over the house after i got him back -

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Other Company in Greensboro, North Carolina - Regular coffee shipment was very late!

My regular coffee shipment was very late, and when I emailed Gevalia about it I noticed they sent me an email saying the shipment was on it's way. Then I received another email yesterday thanking me for returning an order. I did not return anything and am still wondering what happened. When I sent the email I got a message on my computer that it did not go through, then all of a sudden my order was cancelled.

Please straighten this out.


Carol Rorrer

415 Ewell Street

Eden, NC 27288

My new email address is: cprorrer@gmail.com

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Other Company in Vancouver, British Columbia - Lost a day of work waiting

I run a company. I took today off (and as a result, so did the people who work for me) because I got a delivery notice yesterday saying that we had missed the delivery at my home.

This was an important delivery and we told UPS that we needed the delivery by 5 pm, they agreed to make that happen. The package did not arrive. I called them back and was told that that the package would definitely be delivered by 7 pm (only 2 hours late).

It is now after 8 pm and the package has not been delivered yet. I just spent an hour on the phone with them, they said it was because it is Friday "and it is very busy". I suggested that maybe a company of that size should be able to anticipate that Friday might be busy and put a few extra drivers on. I have lost a lot of money today because I had to sit at home and wait for the phantom delivery driver. UPS says they will not pay me back even though it was their screw up that caused this. Although they did offer to give me some free deliveries. I enquired why I would ever want to use them considering the level of service I was receiving. This was met with a stony silence.

Now I am told that the driver will be her between 9pm and 10 pm. But definitely not more then 5 hours late. I wish I believed them.

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What the *** do you want

I tryed to use your web site to find a store neer me. It took for ever to get any thing done and this login setup is retarded it took me 12 trys to get in.

When I got there the flashlight battery cost 21:00 I don't think the flashlite cost that much. Your web site sucks big time. Well now I find out I have to type at least 100 words what kind of drugs are you taking.

If you keep this up I expect to see your company go out of business soon. The only reason I went this time is I didn't find the batterys any where else.


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What the **** are you talking about and what the **** do you want us to do about it?!?!

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