Failed delivery

For the second time in my life I was able to purchase a bland new livingroom outfit.When we finally made a selection the sales person told us the delivery was $89.00 however the Ottoman was going to take a couple of days.However they never contacted us on the arrival. When I contacted them they said the delivery could be made when they have an available driver,which exceeded the promise time.

Going to file small claimss on monday.

Or I could go and pick up my merchandise at there warehouse,after I had already paid an $89.00 delivery fee for what! And I will never purchase from them again, and recomend everybody to shop else where.

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Your an unreasonable *** and the court would just laugh at you ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :eek :eek :eek :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz


Good heavens! The delivery was delayed because the ottoman had to be ordered from someplace else.

I just can't see getting upset over something like that, especially when the delay was caused having to special order one of the pieces.

Stores do have delivery schedules that they have to follow. Did you ask them to schedule a new delivery time or did you just fly off the handle and decide to sue them.

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Farmington, Michigan
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Other Company in Albany, New York - St, Johnsville NY

Went o The St. Johnsville office to pay my bill, when I got there I had to wait for Shellie to get off her cell phone to pay my bill. I stood there 10 minutes, ( no joke, it was 10 minutes). When she did finally get off her cell phone she made me wait another 5 minutes while she told the other woman that she was going to be manager of the place and the guys that worked there where going to do what they were told or she would fire them all!

Mind you , I'm standing there listening to this, and she doesn't seem to care one bit about who is standing there.

I can tell you this, I've dealt with this woman on the phone, and she is mean and nasty, she doesn't care about customer service, and if she was manager, I know I would no longer be a customer, because the service would go down hill.

Amerigas needs to really start cleaning house and start putting employees in that want to work and listen to the customers, and not treat their customers like dirt!!!

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Albany, New York
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They sell your email address after closing membership

Some friends & I had several different accounts with *** Matches. Now, approximately 18 - 24 months since all of us closed our memberships, we are getting spammed.

We can PROVE they are doing this because each of us had UNIQUE EMAIL ADDRESSES that we ONLY USED FOR *** MATCHES

It started about a month ago and now, sure enough, one after another, after another ... ALL OF OUR EMAIL ADDRESSES HAVE BEEN


Here is an example of the Xpersonals:

XPersonals is the top rated, fastest growing adult personals community on the planet.



TO COSTA RICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is in association with your membership to our community.

If you wish to be removed from the network

write to: PO Box 178, Jaco 4023, Costa Rica

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Los Angeles, California
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Other Company in Hawthorne, California - Doctors footlabs still hasn't refunded $ promised in July 2012

As a previous satisfied cutomer, I was eager for a new pair of orthotics from doctors footlabs. B/c it had been 3 years, Ron advised that they re-cover the old ones that I liked and also fit me for a new pair, so I paid $179 in February, 2012.

In June (?) we spoke by phone and Ron offered to send me a refund if the 3rd pair didn't work, which they didn't. Despite Ron's vow that HE would make them, it was as if the insoles that I sent were ignored and someone else made me a size 9, which was much too large.

Finally, after repeated emails, Ron emailed me on July 15: "Please send back and I wlil authorize a refund." I returned the latest pair and the old ones to recover on August 15.

After repeated phone calls and emails since that time I've not heard from him or received a refund.

Another customer (Joye) experienced the same thing, as recorded on this website.

Ron promised a refund of the $179 AND my $15 shipping costs. What do I need to do to receive the $, my insoles, AND the old recovered orthotics that I liked?

Thank you for your assistance,

Carolyn Dolen

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Hawthorne, California
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Waitress should be let go!

This is our 2nd time husband and I have been. We enjoy the food but both times we have gotten MILA as out waitress.

She either needs to be let go or start at the geginning to learn how to serve people. Both times she took our orders ad we don't mind waiting on food, however, to wait 20 minutes for your drink is ridiculous. We were going to have a surprise anninversary party or about 25-30 of our friends next week but I think we will go to another place. I.H.BCH.

, FL.

#7695 store.


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Second time my husband and I have been. Where?

. What are you trying to say?. You don't name the location and tell us who you are complaing about. Your report stinks!!!!!!!!!

:? :? :? :?

:? :?

Melbourne, Florida
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Other Company in Riverhead, New York - Travelers insurance sucks ***

My girlfriend lost everything in the storm. She has been making her regular payments and they send some *** over to say she will not be covered at all, not a dime.

they are a bunch of heartless thieving bastards. she did not have the flood insurance under her personal property renters insurance but Sandy ripped part of her roof off which contributed to the flood damage. this son of a *** entered her home without her permission and against police orders the day before not to do so.

I may have her go and press charges for breaking and entereing. Joey Mendez Weehawken N.J

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Riverhead, New York
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Other Company in Flower Mound, Texas - Absolutely miserable customer service

The short version: My tankless water heater busted. They sent a clown who was too fat to get into the attic.

They sent a company who didn't work on tankless. They sent a different clown who needed me to google instructions on how to fix it. After 2 weeks of intermittent hot water (you can imagine the cold showers and dirty dishes) I gave up and called a real plumber to come fix it. Although they couldn't find a contractor in my area who worked on these appliances, I was able to find one who did quality work and get him to fix the problem within 24 hours.

Paying them is a total waste of money. They missed the contracted service level 4 different times on this issue. It required multiple calls to them, each requiring I retell the story multiple times after waiting through an endless call queueing menu. Oh, and don't use the auto callback feature - they NEVER call back.

They suck.

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Flower Mound, Texas
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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Optical, customer service

On 10/11/12 I ordered glasses from the Flagstaff, Az Optical, the order was for bifocals, no line and transition lenses, upon arriving at home I noticed that the employee did not check bifocals instead checked single lenses. I then called told them that it should be bifocals which the prescription from the

doctor stated.

Rhodie then called the lab to change order, said it would be longer to arrive and

she would call me. No Call! We had to call. On 11/06/12, we got the glasses, no transition lenses.

How many times does it take to get it right? This is not good service, now we are waiting once again for the right glasses. Do we wait another 4 weeks and then maybe they will be right or will they be wrong again?

I am totaly disgusted with your JC Penney optical department. Mahlon Hellyer

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Phoenix, Arizona
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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Lifetime lied to me when I signed up; false advertising

When I signed up in Warrenville IL I was told every layout was the same and the same/similar machines could be located in the same general area of each gym. They showed me the free weight area and gave me no indication they were going to radically change it a year later.

They recently removed at least 10 separate weight lifting machines, including squat racks, overhead cables, lat machines, dip machines and others. Those machines and equipment they didn't discard they crammed into a tight area. They did all this so they could create a large open space for the personal trainers to train old ladies with rubber bands and kettle bells.

If they didn't lie to us and tell us the gym layout was set by corporate - if they told us they were moving all the equipment out to make it a soccer-mom gym - I wouldn't have signed up in the first place. Liars.

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Chicago, Illinois
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Other Company in Peachtree City, Georgia - Im very pissed

the manager of the marrero store on barataria has a real problem when it come to dealing with the public. i have been a customer of aarons for a long time he call me from all kind of numbers he leave smart massages on my phone that not perfessional at all he needs a reality check when it come to customers this will be the last time i deal with aarons this is not the first time i had a complaint nothing has been done about it please contact me if there is any questions 5042364863 thank you. please call

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Peachtree City, Georgia
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