Other Company in Conroe, Texas - Do not buy ...... no support

if they cant fix the problem they end the chat support .... no phone support ....foreign chat people who do not think like americans .... then they hit the eject button....... start the chat over then they end it again anbd will not refund money after 30 days...stay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away from wothless productstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away from wothless productstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away from wothless productstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away fromstay away from wothless product

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Laptop keyboard problem

Serial number-LXQSSO21671243B75D1601.

I would like to register a complaint the attitude of staff at Comet, Pricencess way,BB12 0EQ, Burnley.lancs.

We bought a HP laptop in late November, 2011, from Comet at Cheetham Hill Fort, Manchester, and it has recently developed a keyboard fault (the keys type a different symbol than on the key). The machine is still under warranty from manufacturer.We had not installed any new software since it was bought. When we presented it at the store in in Burnley, we were told, rather abruptly and rudely, "that it was a software issue and Duty Managers' exact words were, "IT WAS NOT HIS PROBLEM OR COMETS';THIS CONVERSATION IS OVER! THERE IS THE DOOR! THE lady ASSISTANT added." We bought the laptop with both hardware and software installed already:there is polite way of dealing with customers. Both of them wouldn't listen to our concerns and did not want to know and told us to contact Packard bell as it wasn't their problem.We were digusted by their customer service attitude and we can assure you that we will NEVER buy anything from Comet ever again, and will ensure our horrible experience is logged on Business customer Forum and other relevant customer service reviews websites. Thank you


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Since most laptops have small keyboards they use function keys to switch the keys and the keys start typing symbols that do not fit in the small keyboard. Are you sure do do no have one of those pressed?

I have been a programmer for many years and even wrote drivers for awhile. I have never seen a hardware problem causing this. A keyboard will either stop reporting the key or fail altogether if it is a hardware problem.

The only way a keyboard will enter the wrong keys is if a function button was pressed, some program remmapped your keys (doubtful, but some malmare might try), or you are using a wrong driver.

Fist make sure you do not have a function key pressed. At the top of your keys there is a small letter on some. If it is a function key it is inputting those symbols. If that doesn't work but in safe mode and see if it is still bad there. If it is fine than you have a driver problem.

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All lender posts on this site are fraud posts.They are extremely fake.Some may contact you through your email already disclosed on this site in fake pretense of given out debt help,grants,checks,etc,& require you to pay some token. I lost over $2k dollars with one on that site right here in the US an EUROPE and since then I learnt my lessons...if I where you I would get my post deleted from that site immediately,because any chance and opportunity given to these guys,they would hold onto it,and suck off your hand earned money..Such token fees may not be illegal, dealing with a local lender,one on one from your locality.but those contacting you through this site,are SCAMS.

Only loosing hope at all,I was referred by a cousin to a Christan Loan Officer,that ONLY charged me 5% interest plus a token back end procedural requirements to get my business loan $20000 approved and transferred to me..for more tips of detecting scam lender & how I finally got my debt freedom through a liable source,email me via. " kenshawwjeanne@gmail.com "

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Other Company in North Las Vegas, Nevada - I should have read the fine print!!!!!!!!

I took a trip to Toronto , Canada and used my vanilla visa card to handle the charges for the plane ride to there , everything went thru without a hitch , until i was half way there in a plane and trying to buy a beer and a sandwich and it , the visa card ,was denied ! That was officially the first of many more to come in the next two weeks. It was turned down and denied everywhere I went in Toronto . I should have read the fine print , my fault , maybe because I cant see the small tiny print that takes a magnifying glass to be almost legible to a humans eye! I also thought this card was a loadable visa card which I realized to late, again my bad! A note to all .. as in any contract that you get into that involves money of any kind, READ ALL the small fine tiny print ! If you don't know all the rules and terms to the contract and agree to them in full , then the only one to blame is your own *** if things don't work out , it was all there in the SMALL print , to which I didn't read entirely, so , I learned something about using a prepaid visa card for the first time and going out of the USA . The Canadians WILL take our

ugly paper money at just about every place to think of , BUT , they most definitely will NOT take the Vanilla VISA card anywhere once you cross the border into Ontario Can.

LIVE and Learn People


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Other Company in Birmingham, Alabama - My pillow is lousy

With such hype, I thought I would purchase. Immediately and just after a few minutes of use, i had neck pain from a flat pillow.

It was like laying flat on the mattress. Also, they claim it is cool. Mine is like an oven. Guy at show told us to use the BACK of our fingers to feel the pillow, NOT the tips.

Of course, he didn't want us to feel the lumps I felt immediately after lying down on it. Now after 5 nights, I am suffering with neck and shoulder pain. NO MORE.

I regret ever seeing tihs garbage. It's going back if I can figure out a way to ship it.

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Other Company in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina - The WORST as far as claims!!!!

Their insured hit my daughters car and then tried to blame it on her. He then confessed to the police that it was his fault.

The adjustor came and looked at the car and wants to "repair" the bumper instead of replacing it, and put in a "recycled" headlight! I don't think so!! It wasn't recycled when it was put in! We have been waiting on someone from the Charleston SC office to get off their butt and do something, since 09/14/12.

I guess they think we're just going to go away!

Sorry, Its not going to happen! Worst customer service ever!!

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Worst mattress ever!!! Bed of Misery!

Since we purchased this mattress...Ive had night sweats like crazy! Not to mention yeast and bacterial infections!

I have been on numerous rounds of anti biotics due to this! I sweat ALL night long! No sound sleep and have had increade anxiety! Im a small person and the only way to sleep comfortably is on my back!

Then I have back and neck pain.

My husbands allergies have increased and his back hurts constantly! I sleep with fans on me and a towel on my forehead to collect the sweat!Mainn concern is the chronic yeast and bacteria infections that are due to the wetness in my body.


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kim burnett
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Paid $1500.00 down nothing to show for it

I wanted low monthly payment, didn't get it. after buying the car I asked what happen to my 1500.00 hundred dollar, the manager said don't worry about that you got a good deal , i still high monthly payment , later when I asked more question I was yelled by another manager, I asked to speak to a manager and my head was down i was very upset he later walk in and said to me look at me, still looking down he yelled at me if you don't look at me I can't help you' than he say to the saleman that was helping me to get her out of here.


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Your writings made no sense at all. Try to write it over again and explain what happened.

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keys would not fit into the2005 Pilot ignition

In November 2011, we was stranded out of state on a Sunday because neither of our ignition keys would go into the 2005 Honda Pilot ignition. The car was towed to my dealer and it was a battle to get the problem resolved.

Corporate not only did not want to pay for the repair, they insisted the Pilot had been broken into. Honda finally did authorize the dealer to re key the ignition at no cost to us.

Honda's solution was to re-key the ignition only. We have a key to open the doors and another to start the car.

Now, because the remotes on both keys gave out long ago, we have to insert the keys into the doors. The door locks are becoming resistant to the keys. We are forced to walk around to the passenger side, hoping that lock will accept the door key. if not we have to walk to the tailgate and unlock the car from there.

Honda assured us this would not happen when they refused to re key the doors and give us two new remotes. it has happened and some dark night I will be stranded with out access to my car.


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Many people have two keys due to a lock breaking. No big deal!

Why are you making a muntain out of a molehill.

Get a life and stop ***! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry
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Other Company in Collinsville, Illinois - Unfinished item #NB188

The reversible cardigan I ordered looked great in the catalog and I thought it would be great for a cruise since I would need to pack fewer clothes. But it was completely unfinished on the cuffs, hem and ruffle down the front.

It looks really cheap. I was concerned that after it was laundered the edges would curl up because the material is so flimsy.

This was my first time ordering from NorthStyle so I am now hesitant to order anything else.

I also ordered a pair of shoes but they are too big because half sizes are not available. How disappointing!

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