Other Company in Winter Garden, Florida - Rip off! Total scam, took my money and ran!

Received this warranty as part of my foreclosure purchase. Filed a claim regarding my A/C because they said it was covered. Paid the $100 deductible, the guy came out and said he could get the unit running, but it would constantly need to be serviced....home warranty decided it was not covered.

Filed a claim regarding my pool pump which they said was covered.....they "misplaced" the order and never came out...nothing on file.

Filed a claim stating up front that my duct work was leaking....asked if it was covered even though it was between the floors of the first and second floor...they said yes it will be covered. Paid the $100....2 months later still didn't hear anything from the company regarding it. Finally I called to check on it, and they said it was not covered because it was between the first and second floor...are you kidding???? I specifically asked that question before filing the claim!

Do not do business with this company! Total scam!

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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Lied and try to cove it up

went to store#215 for an genator set on sale had none bought an air comprussure ticket 252038 reg 2 she told me after 12 tomorrow a truck was comeing in am come after 12 went on 31 at 12 pm out thanks for the LIE thay on the floor at 9am went to ***. manager said sorry thats not gone to make it better theres none to be had now its gone on 4 days with out power no name on ticket #252038 reg 2 usr sc i dont know what to tell you to make it better other than calling me

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Harressed and threatened

first off i dont even have rented anything from them and they are calling and threatening me just cause someone used my number is this how you do your bussiness i would never use you its the store in fairlesshills pa , that store needs to get new people the manger matt is the worse and should be fired just to let you know i am filing harresement charges against them, they at like trash didnt no wonder no one wants to go there the store should be closed why we will see a change when they tal to my lawyer

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Other Company in Singapore, Singapore - UVChost sucks

My VPS server was deleted sudenly by them, I could not logon to my server and all my applications were gone. When confronted them, they claim they did not delete my server. I show them the stsem logon log, which indicated a possible server re-initialisation, they refused to admit. When I ask for full refund, they keep sending emails to ask why and finally refuse to refund and said I have lapse the 7 days full refund. I pointed out to them that in their web site, it stated 30 days not 7 days. They just refuse to refund me.

I regretted I should have done more research before using them, google "uvchost complaints" and you will see for yourself. This is my complaint against them, I'm just a consumer not their competitor trying to malign them.

Keep away from them.

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They are Thieves!

Update by user Nov 01, 2012

The Wen hair care & Endless Youth - by Chaz Dean - THIEVES!

Original review posted by user Nov 01, 2012

I get their oh so wonderful hair system and life saving vitiamins - and returned back their second shipments.

I received the credit to my bank account back in August!

This is October and they have withdrawn money again from bank account! I had cancelled everything, returned everything and they have the audacity to take money from me again.

This product is ***, also. Doesn't even clean your hair - leaves it oily and yuck looking and they try and talk you into another aroma as if that would make a difference.

The vitamins they push aren't any different than one can buy for much less at any drug store!

Now they take more of my money for product I don't even have!

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Other Company in Davenport, Iowa - Your tv service

15-20 of us people that frequent your store in davenport,iowa on locust street want to know why all the tv's are put on read out and not on sound. we have heard that these orders were a driect order from headquarters.

we would like to hear the news and not read it because it runs way faster then we can read it. we spend alot of time and money in this place of yours. we would appreciate the sound be put back on these tv's. please give us an answer.

thank you and the answer will decide if we continue to eat at your place of business. thank you.hbag

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Judge Randa Trapp

Attorney Joseph Barr of San Diego was involved in a case where Judge Randa Trapp is being appealed. See http://randatrapp.blogspot.com/2012/10/judge-randa is a great to know about San Diego Superior Court Judge Randa Trapp.

To keep it simple, Judge Trapp rose from the ranks of nothing and is now a nothing judge. Not to be mean, but she has the highest reversal rate in San Diego, been shifted in a few years from family court, to criminal court, and sits hearing civil cases. Not a single good review of Judge Trapp exists.

She fails to articulate any legal reasoning in complex cases, forces parties to appeal, and shows obvious bias before the jury by shaking hands with witnesses for one side, but being harsh on the plaintiff's counsel. Judge Randa Trapp is a danger to the community where you stand a better chance getting justice on a coin toss than with a total *** the Court of Appeals has repeatedly been forced to reverse her more than half the time.

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Judge Randa Trapp has been on the bench in San Diego for only a few years, yet has been rated as the worst judge on the bench. One attorney calls her "the most papered judge in San Diego" ("papered" being requested to not hear a case).

The judicial profile of Judge Trapp finds she has the highest reversal rating of civil court judges in downtown. http://randatrapp.blogspot.com/ is a great blog demonstrating Judge Trapp's bio before.

Form 700 also demonstrates she is one of the poorest judges on the bench which is likely why she is known to have illegally obtained funds to become a judge, http://www.utsandiego.com/weblogs/minute-orders-courts/2010/may/21/judges-randa-trapp-writes-big-campaign-checks-to-c/ Attorney Joseph Barr is not a supporter of Judge Trapp as he has complained about her repeatedly.


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Other Company in Wakefield, England - Burnt children food was serve in airlines

me and my fmaily was traveling from khi to manchester and in the ailines my kids been served children meal and when we open meal its was burnt and we have show to air hoestess and they told us that's all we have got at the moment well i was so surpries with there response i tht this matter i should have take to higher authorities i ahve took pics but nowi couldn't find any related source coz there is no email orpostal address where we can send a complain

kindly guide me ..

looking forwrad t hear from you guys

Wakefield, England
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Other Company in Santee, California - No cooperation in closing/lowering dept

Told to bad just pay up. Talked to someone who wouldn't repeat his name or transfer me to a supervisor.

Trying to get payments lowered due to personal pay cuts. Wanted to get interest rate lowered or suspended to make payments lower and pay down principal. I haven't used the card in a long time and have cut it up. High oil prices making heating oil go up.

Its either pay for oil or pay on credit card. Won't let family freeze.

Was told nothing could be done and I had better pay up or pay consequences. Sending this out for response before contacting state/federal agencies.

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