Ordered a door. Promised 3 weeks--took 6...not to mentiong *** poor customer service

Ordered a mahogany front double door on 16 Sep. They promised 3 week delivery.

Just got it the last week of October. I tried to communicate with them, but they weren't interested. I also paid extra for the door to be prehung. It came in peices.

I looked up the definition of prehung and apparently ETO Doors are the only folks on the planet that consider prehung to mean put together and then taken apart for shipment.

I don't really mind it so much except for 1) I wasn't told it would not be in one "PREHUNG" piece, and 2) I was charged extra for it. Wouldn't recommend doing business with these people.


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ETO Doors

Dear Anonymous,

ETO regrets your dissatisfaction. All of our paperwork clearly indicates that pre-hung double doors are "knocked down" to prevent damage during the shipping process. We are sorry this notice was overlooked. As you were informed, getting the doors back in the frame takes minutes. We cannot reimburse for completed services. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything else I can assist with. Oren (tel. 213-622-2003 / Email: sales@etodoors.com)

Oren Cohen

ETO Doors Corp.

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Other Company in Daytona Beach, Florida - Want more money

Been a member 3-4 years always payed my bill every month $37.40 ! Hurt myself in a accident in July was coming back this Nov.

and they tell me I have to pay last month and this month I,m not joining again, I should not have to pay to join again since i still have a card......What crooks. Riverside snap fitness(Oviedo, Fla.), you want members but don't want to help. Heck Planet Fitness,starting to look good and snap fitness tells me , you have to pay last month and this month also well guess what snap fitness it still cheaper than you, better equip.

also and now they are open 24-7. Well it sure looks like snap fitness don't need customers, we're not important.

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Just My Size and Fruit of the Loom ladies' underwear

These are all cotton briefs that DO NOT hold up at all. The panties part starts tearing from the

elastic waist band part. Also, over time, the fabric becomes weak - ones fingers can easily cause

a tear when putting them on. These are washed without bleach, but the fabric just doesn't hold

up. The same goes for Fruit of the Loom all cotton ladies' panties. Their nylon ones are good. I would

recommend that both companies take more care in the quality of the items they manufacture. These

panties are a real disappointment and I won't be buying either again.




Dear Crochet,

We, too, are disappointed that you had a less than perfect experience with Fruit of the Loom cotton briefs. Please contact our Consumer Affairs Department (8 AM - 5 PM Central M-F) toll free at 855-253-4534, for further assistance.

Thank you,

Fruit of the Loom


I have used Just My Size panties for several years. I normally have between 12-15 pairs that I rotate as I launder them.

I have never had that experience with any of them.

The ones that I currently have are at least two years old. I do have five pairs from a completely different company that cost almost twice as much and from the first time they were laundered I started having the problems you describe.

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Other Company in Topeka, Kansas - Liars

Purchase a bedroom furniture October 18th and was told we would have it in 2 to 3 weeks at 2 and a half weeks I called to verify that would be in the following week I was told on Monday then I called on Sunday to verify again and was told it's backordered and told the associate I wanted our money back or the furniture on the sofa or he got the manager who sold it to us and basically he called my husband and I a liar he had told ys two months. We wouldn't have bought the furniture if we had to wait 2 months then we went to the store to get our cash money back he told me and my husbands that it was back ordered and that's what he told us we purchased the bedroom furniture which she did not because we would not wait 2 months with the cash money to pay for it now at this point we have called the regional manager we will not pay restocking fee no checks that we have to pay to cash out otherwise we are planning on talking to an attorney they have insulted us they have no integrity or accountability if that's what they want for a manager don't never get our business ever again

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Other Company in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Commercial with wife and son in bed

This is the damnest thing a man brushing his teeth while his wife complains about her security, if you dont cancell this *** fools commerical and the one about the son in bed . This *** non sense is so insensitive to any one with common sense.

If you do not cancell these *** commericials I will cancell my direct tv. who ever thought of these commericals is a *** fool and need to be fired.

How can this dumb *** commerical help you to make sells, you forget that some of your customers have common sense and are appalled with your stupidity, if you cannot come up with better commericals ,you need to hire some new thinkers.

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Other Company in Kailua Kona, Hawaii - Harrasement phone calls

Requested hardship package due to being injured in accident in 2007.. had 3 surgerys and just had back surgery 3 mos.

ago...hardhip was denied...askcfor refinance..denied and now I am 2 mos behind. I called the bank due to overwhelming phone calls from 3 different phone numbers. I reported that I am going to try and catch payments up in the month of Nov/Dec. I receve SSI once a month and in rehab phys therapy and can not work right now.

The bank rep got very intimidating. harsh and incosiderate....threaten repossession calls now are overwhelming and annoying after I reported tocthem...I can not pay rent this month by Nov 5 and will have to pay $50 a day...I have no money in bank until then and no one to borrow from.

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Tag Away Issues/Review

--- Simply put I ordered the product and recieved the order after about 3 weeks. I did not experience any major problems in ordering.

However I used the product as directed and it simply does not work. Its an oily and very smelly substance. Though not a bad odor, it is strong. I applied it as per instruction and nothing happened.

There was not shrinkage or drying out that was noticeable at all.

--- I gave the second bottle to a friend and they used it and also had negative results. It simply does not do anything but smell strongly and give an oily feeling to the area used. I should have known better but I was taken in by the idea that they had something simple and safe would work on a skin tag I had on my neck.

--- Advice: Save your money.

In the future I will ask my doctor for his advice first and maybe save some money. I would give the same advice to others.


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The TV add sold me They show someone applying the stuff but What They Don't Advertise is that it takes THREE APPLICATIONS A DAY!!FOR UP TO THREE MONTHS!!!Just another deceptive ad....

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Other Company in San Diego, California - Horrible company and service

Horrible. Wish I'd read the reviews.

Paid extra for early morning delivery. At noon, no delivery, so I call. After being on hold a long time, somebody finally picks up, poitely asks me to hold again. After another long time, I'm told they'll call me back.

They don't. At 3pm, still no delivery, I call again. After much more long holding, told the flowers are definitely en route, and I will be refunded the money I paid for early morning delivery. At 5pm still no delivery, I call, after another long hold I'm told the delivery cannot be completed.

I am fed up at this point and ask for a refund. After another long hold, I'm told I'll receive one.

Never received refund, never received flowers. A horrible company, avoid at all costs.

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Other Company in Jacksonville, Florida - Did not bid on anything return funds

I was just registering not buying return my money ASAP on 11/3/2012 at 9:51 I was simply finishing your request for my mailing address registering was not even complete so I thought you took 79 dollars and I don't know why please return funds to my account. I am a new customer how is it possible for you to take money from account when I was just registering why would you put items to buy iin this area. If this is a honest business you would put my money back as fast as you took it

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Other Company in Woking, England - Cancellation of excursion last minute

My group of five were unlucky enough to have a flight home to the Uk yet we had to be off the ship at 8am. We were relieved when the ship advised of an excursion to Montserrat on our departure date 25/10/2012 although we thought the price for a our hour excursion pricey $179 we all booked as it included delivery of our luggage to the airport.

Sorted we thought at least we wouldn't be wandering the streets all day. At about 3pm on the 24/10/2012 we were advised the excursion had been cancelled as not enough people were booked. We visited both guest services and shore excursion desks several times hoping they would advise some alternative, We asked re left luggage facilities either at the port or the airport and were given no help they were unable to advise if there was any facility at either apart, from their ship to airport facility at a cost of $30 each. We decided to take a cab to the airport to hopefully use their left luggage facility.

We arrived at terminal one where our flight was leaving from and was told there that they did not have left luggage facilities we would have to take our cases to terminal 2 a good 50km away. Carnivals help desk should have been able to advise us on this but were too interested in getting us to go with their transport. This made our day even longer and cost of going back and forward between terminals was considerable. The toll on 5 pensioners health and wellbeing was even worse.

Too much SELL SELL SELL on spa facilities and excursions, even your entertainment director Jaime was mis selling trips to Messini saying it was in the industrial district when in fact it was only a short stroll from the port to the town centre. The 15% on each drink was also a disgrace even on a bottle of water.

Whilst the cruise overall was satisfactory I will not be recommending this cruise. I look forward to hearing from you on this matter

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