Other Company in Kennebunk, Maine - VIP 21 Old Post Road, Arunndel, ME

After receiving a price for a new battery over the phone, I set out to have the work done. I requested to pay up front for the battery and installation only to find out this was not allowed.????????

It took forever for the mechanic to get the job done, as he was also using his cell phone. I asked at the front desk what the holdup was and they responded that he was off his cell phone.

During the install they stated that I needed a new battery terminal for 4.99, I said fine.

Now after watching the manager gripe about where the finished cars were being parked, he moaned and groaned about this forever but never to the mechanics, he had someone else do that. It's a case of the crew running the ship.

They finally finished and presented me with a bill for 143.39. Now remember the battery cost was 83.99 + 13.50 for the install and 4.99 for the terminal that equals 102.48.

The final bill was 143.39. No matter where you look they have a price guarantee, they will beat anyone. "ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE". They charged 21.25 to install the 4.99 terminal, they charged 10.00 for shop supplies. The very bottom line is they aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare scam artist.

I will follow this up on face book and a call to Ken who I"m told is the real manager. I will also check on the illegal advertisment.

Kennebunk, Maine
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Other Company in Williamstown, Kentucky - Tracefone, worst service

My phone keep has this "no service" even I sit right by cell phone tower. I frustrate enough and finally made a call to tracefone.

I first got a hold of their tech service and she tested and said the phone works. I told her it is works right now but will loose signal after I move or go somewhere. I mentioned I did research and someone suggested it is the SIM card problem (roaming from one cell provider to another). She transfered me to another department.

A lady answered the phone and did exactly same test again, even I told her the tech just did. She then said there is nothing right now. She said I should call her while "no service". How can I call her with a "no service" phone???

I asked this question back and she said "go find a phone to call". OK, does cellphone suppose be used while NO OTHER PHONE around? Why I bother use a cellphone while I have other phone available? Totally nonsense.

Plus this lady is not pleasant and no sympathy at all. Very not happy.

Williamstown, Kentucky
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Other Company in Livingston, Texas - Not pissed happy

I don't have a complaint at all! Iwant to compliment the young man (Ricky), at your Huntsville, Texas location !

He wemt out of his way to make sure I was satisfied with my trip there! I drive a 2012 Dodge Caravan, and the sensors in my tiresa were showing low tire falsely. This young man reset the sensors 5 times with no solution, I left your store frustrated! This young man had the initative to call a regional expert on my problem!

He(Ricky) called me and asked me to return one more time he wanted to try one more thing, it worked this time, I'm happy, and will continue to do business with this location because of Rickys beyond the call of duty efforts >He shoud be commended by your managers for a outstanding job hes doing! Thanks again Luke M.

wood Jr. Pointblank, Texas.

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Other Company in Salt Lake City, Utah - The lie to you!!!!

They tell you have $20.00 off your order to find out that goes towards the flowers on sale!! Then they don't let you see what everything is going to be tell after you pay for it.

Then when you try to get your money back they won't and don't care what you say!!!! Never buy flowers from them!!!

They will not return your calls, they say it is your fault, they can't give you money back because they already delivered the flowers!!! They are just people who want to take your money and charge you an arm and a leg for them!!!!

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Other Company in East Elmhurst, New York - TOO RUDE BEHAVIOUR

Last week I visited your pharmacy in woodside for buying my regular blood pressure medicine (Benicar 20/12.5) They told me the prescription is over and I cannot get it, so I got a prescription from my relative Doctor and got it. Today I went to my regular doctor for check up and my blood pressure medicine was very high 150/105. so he increased the medicine to 40/12.5.

I have a traveling job and am schedule to leave the country on sundae y morning and so I approached your pharmacy and I was told that I cannot get this medicine as I already got it, and before they give me they need to talk to the doctor, Unfortunately the doctor's office was closed and its a weekend, so they said they cannot do anything except to leave a message to the doctors office.

I repeatedly told that am leaving the country and they gave deaf ear, added to this one more medicine they don't have and they told me to go and buy in another pharmacy in Jackson heights.

I would like to place in record that if something happens to my health because of high blood pressure I would sue your pharmacy in woodside as they did not help me in solving the issue and they were too rude, which has no business ethics..

My number is 347 225 6803 and I would appreciate if you could help get my medicine.

Dorairaj Ebenezer

East Elmhurst, New York
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Other Company in Pleasant View, Tennessee - They screwed up my billing

I have paid my telephone bill for more than 60 years. I switched to U-verse and the meatheads in your billing section have screwed up my account.

I want to see the billing for each month of 2012 or talk to a non-*** who can correct your problems. My phone numbers are 270-683-0562 and 270-683-0562.

I have tried for 3 hours to access my bills and you have messed up the user name s and passwords so that it is impossible. I have called three time and I am not satisfied since none of your idiots can access my entire account.

Pleasant View, Tennessee
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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - Won't honnor shipping coupons

I received a "free shipping" coupon from this company. When I called and placed an order, I was told that I would have to go through an manager to get approval to use the discount.

When I cancelled my order, I was told that there is NO verification to cancel the order. I guess they prefer to do business as "trust me" approach. I will never use this company again, nor my friends. Customer service was Not helpful or informative.

Just a voice attached to a robot.

They take your credit card information before taking your order... that should be the first sign of a only for profit company.

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Other Company in Baden, Pennsylvania - Fraudulent inspection

when i sent my complaint to u on Oct.15 2012 they have yet to resolve this issue and it is now Nova.16 the owner has yet to talk to me i have filed with the BBB and all they got was a letter from the inspection dept supervisor telling them they will not settle with me the attorney generals office said it is fraud but i would be better taking them to court as they cannot make them give me my money back. i have no faith in our system and yet the owner Mr Kelly still advertises on public television free tires for life he will not talk to me and i don't feel that his inspection supervisor should be the one answering this claim unless he does not want the owner what went on.

i am a 75 year old woman on a fixed income which was taken advantage of and no one wants to help me i am very frustrated over this as it put me in a financial bind that should not have been done i hate dishonest people that can get away with what crimes they commit.is this even going to help when he can still advertise? can anyone help me?

moviestar 37
Baden, Pennsylvania
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Phishing and Scam alert

I received a call on my cell phone from Credit Services . They said my account was alright ; but they wanted to give me a lower interest rate because I use my card enough .

This person had a Hispanic accent . He then asked which card do I use more then $3000. on . I laughed and hung up .

I checked the number on Google and it came with numerous Phishing attempts from San Jose California . I notified all my credit card companies so they would have the information . Never give information over the phone .

I go online to a secure area for my card company with a password . I hope I helped someone .


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Lynn, Massachusetts, United States #582832

Well as an update, I never heard from them again . Sometimes I get Spam in email; but my virus programs catch it .

It was unusual to get it on my cell phone .

I just passed it on as one should . thank you all

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Other Company in Winston Salem, North Carolina - Failed to repair as stated

I have a problem with my e-mail. The program all of a sudden refused my password. I found 24/7 techies online and contacted them. They said they could fix my problem and get me in my account.

The cost was $149.95 for one year and I was told they would take care of any problem with my pc.

They ended up createing a new account and importing the e-mails from the old one. I told them that it seemed to have worked. I contacted them back a short time later because I was still getting tons of mail delivery failures. They had said that they thought my e-mail had been hacked. This time the rep said that I would have to contact outlook express about this problem. I wondered why so I ask at a local computer store. They gave me the number of a programer and after looking he said he could fix everything including the original problem. It appears that they didn't fix the original problem, but just went around it. They offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. My transaction date was 10/16/12 which posted on 10/18/12. I am not satisfied and will have to pay again to have these problems properly fixed.

I requested a full refund on 11/7/12, well within my 30 day warranty!! Guess what? I got an e-mail on 11/12 saying that they regret accepting my request for a refund. They apoligize for not being able to resole to my satisfaction!! So much for their 30 day warranty!!!!!! This e-mail came from some Senior Tech Specialist named Shukri. I called the # 1(866)461-6093 and was told that they fixed the problem and I agreeded it was fixed. They did not comment on the other issues and said they would get back with me. I don't reccomend that you use them, they don't do as they say!! Go to someone local so you can talk about the situations that may arise!! This 24/7 techies is more like 24/7 CROOKS and there are much better ways to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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