Other Company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu - Marketing Calls Can Be Put To End Finally With Legal Steps

Often during your office hours, you start receiving calls that not only get on your nerves it made you feel like throw your phones along. Some just call to offer you with services that are utterly useless. You may be wondering that in spite of TPS registration how you are getting so many marketing calls.

Well, the answer may be given by lead generation business- where a company sells a list of potential customers to different product selling business. These companies are predetermined to sell you their products.

However opting for TPS also cannot find you a remedy. You are still getting marketing calls from different callers. However, this no fault of the TPS providers, rather the lead generation companies intentionally include the list of people who have already registered for TPS. This is a source of earning big bucks for them.

The practice is unethical and needs legal proceedings against it. The lead generation companies generally adapt these steps to stay ahead of competition. They need to be stopped at any cost just to safeguard the consumer rights. To give them befitting punishment DMA do play a major role.

DMA was recently successful in putting an end to such an illegal lead generation company, who was known for their unique services in UK. The company is none other than Phruit, and it is obviously one the prominent names in the business.

It was a reputed member of DMA, but as soon the association came to know that Phruit was following the method of "˜sugging', it was banned for the whole year. DMA also declared that Phruit could get back its earlier reputation if they can prove that they are not guilty.Phruit was uprooted due to a single complaint from the consumer at TPS. It is hard to believe, but after that, hundreds of web complaints and comments against Phruit and the companies that were using Phruit's dat. followed it. Because of this investigation, it was found that Phruit was guilt under three clause, these includes:

1. 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing2. 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers3. 3.18 on "sugging" or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research

Just look at the power of a single complaint that too in the proper legal way Phruit was made to realize that they are guilty of a particular offence and they are going to deserve right punishment for it.

If anyone of you want to raise your voice in order to safeguard consumer rights can note down the address of Phruit:Phruit Limited

The BarnHuddlestone's WharfNewarkNottinghamshireNg24 4ulThey can also be reached through phone at- 0844 41 42 741

You can also mail directly to their Director's desk. Their director Phil Light though denied all the major allegations which was brought against his company, but if they deny to acknowledge you, then you can surely move to DMA or ICO for getting the right solution.

Shaun Aster is a prolific writer who generally writes on issues related to consumer rights and their violation. She raises her voice against unethical lead generation companies, unveils their tactics and makes consumers aware, like the way she expressed her views on Phruit.

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Other Company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu - No more junk calls from unethical lead generation companies

Just think how agents from unknown numbers dial up suddenly and starts offering you with services that you do not need. The calls are just out of the blue and it do make people keep wondering as to how this agents are getting hold of their numbers. Don't you think so?

No doubt, what this article will tell you will make your jaw drop as this is simply breaching of your trust and that too playing fool with the information that you do not like to share with everyone.

Many lead generation companies are in the charge to generate quality customer surveys and that too they are from most genuine authorities but to make more money this agencies are using unethical practices like selling of survey leads to product companies.

These processes of leaking out information to companies in guise of surveys are known as "˜sugging'. Phruit Limited is one such industry leaders that have adapted this unethical means to trap their customers.

They have used underhand ploys to get your details and passed them onto businesses starting from mobile phones to will writing. Phruit is also blamed for passing on the details of those customers also who have registered themselves on Telephone Preference Services (TPS) to opt out of marketing calls.

It has used a sneaky trick to play fool over you and that is just carried on without your concern and hidden from your views.

With a single consumer complaint and more than hundred web complaints following it helped DMA to suspend Phruit form its membership for a period of one year. You know that becoming a member of DMA is a clear indicator of a company operating to maintain their standards, standing for professionalism and trustworthiness. Phruit has broken their Code of Practice and so DMA cannot forgive it as all the allegations where proved against them.

However, director of Phruit, Phil Lightfoot denies all the acquisition and said that they had no obligation from DMA. Three codes under which DMA has cancelled its membership are:a. 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansingb. 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliersc. 3.18 on "sugging" or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research

DMA says that Code of Practice is the cornerstone for their effort to build and maintain political, commercial and consumer faith in conducting direct marketing. Therefore any company that fails to operate within their standards brings both DMA and their industry under disrepute. So phruit was suspended to safeguard their repute.

If you have received marketing calls from Phruit and their partner companies then do feel like complaining about them at this following address:

Phruit LimitedThe Barn Huddlestone's Wharf Newark Nottinghamshire Ng24 4ulThey can also be reached through phone at- 0844 41 42 741

On the other hand, you can directly mail at the director's desk. If Phruit does not respond to such complain and fails to take action within 10 days, then you can move ahead and lodge complaints at the TPS or DMA associations.

Shaun Aster love to portray his views against unethical business issues against various companies whether reputed or not reputed. He fights for preserving consumer rights and tries to make you aware of companies like Phruit and other lead generation companies indulged in malpractices.

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Other Company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu - Just a single complaint and you can put an end to unethical lead generation companies

"˜Consumer rights' quite a frequently used term and wherever you will look you will often find people talking about them. People are constantly deceived by businesses now days, whether it is a lead generation company or a consumer goods company, the business owner often takes help of immoral practices to get more revenue.

Now if you take a close look at the lead generation firms that opt for number of unethical practices. Like TPS complaints, lot of consumer register themselves to TPS complaints to opt out of business calls, then it is necessary that businesses might respect this ethics and do not breach their customers privacy.

However, some companies are really making this ethics lose their authority as for example Phruit, a reputed lead generation company in UK include the contact details of consumers in these data and was found to sell consumer database to other businesses. These businesses carry out marketing calls, invade privacy of consumers, and irritate you with unnecessary calls at improper time.

This unethical practice is generally called "˜sugging', people call you up in the guise of survey, extracts information from you, and forward them to marketing companies who in turn give you the ring back calls. This way they play with the faith of consumers and this immoral nature directly breaks the DMA code of practice.

Similarly, Phruit is found guilty of breaching trust of their customers and hence it has to face dire consequences from DMS. It was suspended itself from its membership from the association for a period of one year. DMA dictated that their membership would be reviewed if they could prove that they are not guilty.

DMA had carried out a number of investigation against Phruit and after that they had came across number of web complaints they also got a direct consumer complaint at the TPS office which further affirmed that Phruit has undertaken illegal practices to generate more revenue.

After the investigation DM brought three legal charges against Phruit, they are as follows:

A. provisions 21.18 and 21.80 about TPS compliance and data cleansing B. provision 3.11 that holds Phruit responsible for compliance by its suppliers C. provision 3.18 on "sugging"

However, Phruit director, Phil Lightfoot has denied all the acquisition and said that his company has not indulged in any kind of malpractices. Consumer's faith is the pillar that provides strength to direct marketing industry and breaching the same becomes lethal.

Phruit eventually earned a bad name in the industry and as it is expected, DMA continues to take step against it just to stop their illegal methods. Therefore, you need to update yourself with detailed knowledge about companies like Phruit to keep yourself one-step ahead of their treachery.

If you think that Phruit has broken your trust, then do contact them at:

Phruit LimitedThe Barn Huddlestone'sWharf NewarkNottinghamshireNg24 4ulPhone: - 0844 41 42 741

However, it is a good practice to stay on guard against such unethical companies and if you get calls from them or feel that, they are leaking out your information to other companies then feel free to seek legal help against them.

Shaun Aster is the author of this article is well known for his action and the way he fights for protection of consumer rights. To keep consumers protected from treachery of companies like Phruit he loves to raise his voice.

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Other Company in Allen, Texas - Show times

Need to keep tv shows on schedule.. I hate sports and want my programs to come on when they are supposed to.

If the score is such that one team cannot possibly win in the last two minutes of play or so., let the following show go on as it is supposed to. If does not make sence to watch this. Worst of all, is when the last program show of the night is cut short because of this. You need to show consideration for the non sport fans.

If I want a product I will buy one, you do not need to tell me what I need. I am to old for that.

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Other Company in Panama, Panama - Lostof my bagages

There s a problem that when i was coming from pakistan i booked two peices one was a carton tag no ek231711 which i have received here in panama but the other was a suit case of my personal goods tag no ek231710 which is lost by the air line. i have only one suit that i wore. my journy detail is,

PNR NO 3544Q9


karachi to dubai ek605 emirates departed at 0540 h 16 nov

dubai to sao paulo ek261 emirates departed at 1015 h

sao paulo to panama cm758 coba air departed at 0250 h


hotel(country inn)tel no 5072114500,mob 50769249221

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Surgery oct.25 2012,still no check

had surgery oct 25, 2012, all paper work done, in review- check#blah blah balh sent out on the 12 of nov. and when i call they say it should be there, as of saturday the 17 of nov.

no check. after 11 years of paying aflac this is how i got treated. i understand the 12 was a holiday, i asked if the check was coming from the philippines, cause that could be monthes to receive-her reply was no mame (georgia). *** i could of drove there and back in a day.my daughter sent her xmas cards out -one to family in georgia tuesday and they already received the card.

what's up with that.

thank god our company cancled aflac and got a new one that starts in january.they SUCK!!!!!!! shame on aflac


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Hi Anonymous , I'm AflacPhyllis, an Aflac worldwide headquarters employee here to help. I'm so sorry that you are having an unpleasant Aflac experience.

Please email your contact information including your profile name to us at aflacservice@aflac.com so we can assist you immediately.

Thank you,


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Other Company in Fayetteville, Arkansas - Current sale of foils

no where on the sign dos it say you can not have color used in the foils....but the rude *** manager at the springdale ar, only allows lightning power to be used. foils include color and many times more than one color....low lites, etc.

your signs should be more specific and you manager nicer.she comlpline it would cost morefor products and she didn't want to budget it, also ask for just ons foil in my bangs and she said it wiuld cost 24.95...i've had individual foils done at other smartstyles for 6.oo each, then i over heard her tell another stylist that they were not to waste time and product on one foil.

the way i see it she is loosing money for the company. probably loosing people to be cause of her rude, i'm better than you attitude

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Other Company in Brainerd, Minnesota - Cheap,clean and affordable!

Yes they are a little behind but they apologized for being late plus they call us and let us know what's going on.It was alright because I am a stay home mom so they are covered for bein behind the window scheduled to us.

They're behind because people are running for them for their good business,because they are affordable,very clean,no residue left behind which I am vrry happy with that,no sticky feeling.They take their time to make sure everything was being cleaned. Satisfied!Highly recommend for your money and the cleanliness they provide.Thank you guys!

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Other Company in Rochester, Minnesota - Change my bank account

I just would like to inform you that I have closed my old bank account. You can't withdraw my payment from that one anymore.

How can I give my new bank account? Please let me know as soon as you can. So please email me any information that I should fill in with my new bank account and fax it to you at your convenion time. I can see that you will withdraw my payment within 13 days from now.

I feel afraid that it might be late, and I don't like the late fee at all.

Please let me know. Thank you.

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Other Company in San Diego, California - Did not subscribe to this mag.

I continue to receive your magazine and I just received a book which I did not order. I noticed that I am being charged for these Items. I respecfully submit to you to cease sending me anything and I trust that you will take care of any transactions that might have taken place . I did enjoy reading the sample sent to me but I am receiving treatmentss at the VA hospital here in SanDiego for my cancer and I am awaiting my time to return to the east coast for further treatment. Thank you.RespectfullyRichard A Parrspiderparr42@yahoo.com

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