Other Company in Epping, North Dakota - SG Carriers - Auto transport nightmare

Based on an initial e-mail and quote, I agreed to the pick-up and transport of a vehicle from my location to another state. I made the deposit in good faith.

They did not pick-up as stated... they did not follow-up, I followed up and finally we had to drive the vehicle 80 miles for the person to "pick it up".

Upon delivery, this person demanded additional funds beyond the original accepted e-mail quote of $835(less $170 broker fee)... $405 more dollars or he would deliver the auto to an impound lot... we had to pay... (Supposedly others agreed to this - but I was the signor and received no communication)

So not only did we have issues with the pick-up date, and then then pick-up location, but the extreme issue of delivery and threatened "impound" of the vehicle with associated further expenses.

Follow-up with the Transport broker - SG Carriers involved being yelled at that "ignorance is not an excuse", that the 5 page contract allowed for the above situations(?!) and additional fees(?!?)...

Why did I not receive an updated e-mail regarding any of the above?

Why do I need to be yelled at when I was not the one who failed to fulfill the contract (less fine-print) and clearly stated fee in the email

If you change the price on someone, and an agreement exists at another price, regardless of fine-print contracts, there should be some form of confirmation of the new conditions and prices.. ie - we didn't pick-up the day(s) promised, we now need you to drive it 80 miles to us, and we want more money...

I would never recommend this business...

They were a low quote and ended by being the highest expense with what seems to be the most difficulties.

Epping, North Dakota
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Other Company in Carrollton, Texas - Wen billing system

I ordered 1 basic kit for 29.95 online when I checked my back account it was debited twice then I checked my email account and there was to separate email confirmations . The first time I called them I was told this was normal that it would fall off my account when the order was shipped, this was just a pending hold until it clears...WHAT!

I've never seen a pending hold for the same amount as the purchase. Then on the second call I was told that they could not see or do anything to my account for 72 hours and that I should call back then and cancel. How the *** can you have a system that will ship out orders but you have no way record of it for 72 hours. And who's going to pay to have the extra product shipped back and now that I see all these emails about hair falling out I'm not using this *** on my hair.

I usually check online reviews before I purchase items but this time I didn't and look what happened.

I'm so upset and so worried about my account information. There should be a law against treating people like and from all the review I just read there's many people upset over this Wen product.

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Other Company in San Diego, California - The battle for the buck is disrespectful

Opening on Thanksgiving Day, like many others, is disrespectful to employees and to this important American holiday. It is time to call sacred for some occasions.

I'd like to see more shoppers stay home on the holiday and refuse to support those companies that force low wage earners to spend yet one more day away from family.

There is no reason that all of us cannot shop a day before or a day after. Creating a situation where people camp for a savings is just a stunt to raise free advertising. When will the public get smart?

(yes some never will but I do have hope for many others), Just a thought. Shoppers have the power.

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They just don't understand

I'm going to try my hardest not to get upset on here. I'm going to be very nice about the whole thing.

This company wouldn't even care if you were in heaven. They would even come after you for the money. In heaven you don't have any money up there. I had plain that when I got the money from the check N go, to pay them back.

I was with a ex-boyfriend that said, "lets get the money, and I will help you pay them back." If they want the money so bad, Why wouldn't they go after him? I have his last name. His name use to be John Coleman, and now it's John Reppert. If companies want to live in the past.

Then here, go after him. He's in Pheonix, AZ or look him up on Facebook. He is on there. I will be glad, and will right, now.

I will go to work, even though' in the past two years.........I have seen heaven, and companies like you, make people like me. WISH they were there, but you would still come after them for money up there. It's not my fault that for over these times, Social Security wouldn't give me my money. To this day, I'm still fighting for my money from them.

I will go to Work, as long as; Your company is going to take full responsiablity for if something happens to me. I can't lift up anything that is heavy. IF I DO, YOUR COMPANY WILL TAKE FULL RESPNOSIABLITY FOR IT. I've had surgery in the last 3 years, and might have to go for more.

I HAVE SEEN HEAVEN TWICE. I have health problems and when I agreed with the ex-boyfriend about it. I didn't know that I had the health problems, or at least I put them off.

Not only that; it doesn't help when at the times, Doctors that thought that nothing was wrong with you. If you call me one more time, I will call whoever I need to report your company.




Seems like she isn't all there. Maybe too many drugs?


Shut up and pay YOUR BILLS INSTEAD OF CRYING DEADBEAT LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Albany, New York - Old Navy (poor quality)

Over the years (I have 4 children ranging from 16 to 2 yrs old) of purchasing new,used or being handed down clothes, one thing I have noticed is that Old Navy clothes consistantly loose the elasticity of there clothes. Every single pair of pants, shorts with a elastic band I have had to replace(thank god I can sew)even the elastic in my daughters bathing suit did not last the summer.

It is just a consumer alert for someone buying second hand, the clothes look great and hold up in other ways but if the elastic rots, they are useless.

My guess, it is done purposly so that the clothes can not be handed down and you must purchase new. Buyer beware.

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Somebody please help me find the office of these *** artists

can anyone tell me where these crooks home office is as I want to pay them a personal visit. They are the biggest crooks of all time.

They have lied to me about their cooktops. They do not even work with any of my 14 post and pans. They have no customer service and charged me $69.00 for a 10 pound bos that measured 14X18. This *** they sent me doesn't work yet they have hit my credit crd and still continue to hit my credit card.

I will personally call on them I believe they are in

Chicago. I want their address as I want to teacxh them a lesson.


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It would help if gave information on who you are looking for. Since you didot you can get no help. ;)

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Big rip off scammers

I am so sad to admit that I fell for this ponzi scheme. I ordered the 2 cooktops that were supposed to cost $99.00 they billed me 169 plus are now billing me $33.00 per month.

Neither of the 2 cooktops work with any of my 14 pans. I want to find out from anybody that has also been scammed where their offices are as I want to pay them a personal visit. When I get done with them they won't have a business left as I will personally kill everybody employee in this business. There I said it.

Don't think I won't. Jim Wilson

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Vulgar language

I was in the La Plata, MD store November 18, 2012 between 630-715pm. My boyfriend went to use the bathroom by the layaway, and i stood waiting.

It was slow, but there were numerous people walking to the bathrooms, and shopping nearby. These 2 young African American teenagers were talking about personal things, but the language coming out of the there mouths made me so angry. Within 5 minutes, I am sure that I heard the "N-WORD" at least 10 times.

There were young kids who were around as well!! I find it rediculous that these kids were able to talk this way, WHEN OTHER WALMART EMPLOYEES ARE WALKING BY AS WELL!!


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Really it wasn't any of your business. You could have moved away from the area. Also why should WalMart employees interfere and maybe cause a ruckus, that would get out of control.

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Keslowki cursing an drinking

Keslowski cursing every other word an drinking like a slob, with all of these ch get in trouble an not himildren watching, nascar has always kept the language curbed. Earnhart jr was fined an points taken away for saying (***) an keslowski just cursing up a storm.

I know he was thrilled to win, but what about nascar standards, or is that going out the window in a row boat.

My grandchildren watch this always an I have always been able to relax an know that nascar doesn't allow that smute then they all say gma hes cussing, why did Earnhardt jr get in trouble an he doesn't. I hope nascar does repramand keslowski publicly so my gkids know nascar doesn't approve.

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Other Company in Lincoln, Nebraska - Extremely Rude CSR

I was on a business account with my ex. Being on good terms he never cut me off.

Now I don't use the card often, since there is no Sam's close to me, so when I went through the checkout I found out that not only the card was expired, but my ex had also had me taken off his account. No big deal, I was planning to get my own anyway. Now years ago when our card had expired the CSR just overrode it and let us through. This time, I was hoping the same would happen.

I had only 1 item, it was $6. Not only was she nasty, she told me in the most snotty tone ever "you need a new card" and practically threw the card back at me. I looked at the item on the belt, I said I don't need this, or your snotty attitude and walked out. Why should I pay $40 to be treated that way?

I didn't know the card was up. Pittsburgh Mills, Tarentum, Pa

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