Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Total Scam

Oh, wow. What I nightmare it has been dealing with the endless screwups from the people.

First off, there is no way this is a real company with a real office. Everything seems to be virtual. Then you get the glasses where you *THINK* you are getting a great price. Until you try them on and the lenses are made TOTALLY wrong (I have been wearing glasses for 40 years and I have never seen anything close to how messed up these lenses were -- it was off the scale bad).

So then you think, no problem -- they will fix them. That's where the "fun" really starts. Be ready for dozens of emails and IM chats with their bureaucratic and completely unhelpful staff. You will get different information for every single person you try to reach (and since it's all virtual, you can't actually talk to the same person twice, let alone talk to them on the phone).

I won't even go into the endless twists and turns the sad story took when I tried to get them replaced -- you could even make something up that crazy.

I doubt I will ever get a usable pair of glasses out of this and the time and frustration I have wasted cannot be measured. Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT do business with these crooks.

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Other Company in Houston, Texas - Ysalami

I want to say thanks. I went to a seminar today on 12/7/2012.

In Houston. They sure made it sound sweet. But something in my gut said something was wrong. I found dozens of the same disturbing complaints on several sights.

Wow that was close. It's sad because there were military vets at the seminar that are about to sign up. I hope they research more. The recruiter asked me when I was ready to start there were classes starting this Monday.

We will call him the car salesmen. Nice man and only doing his job but some realy should investigate this bait and switch. I already have a class b cdl and now I will further my knowledge and add my hazmat and then find my own job.

My gut was right. Something just didn't seem right.

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Other Company in Eden Prairie, Minnesota - No responses and no delivery

I emailed the company regarding status of order; first was told that they were closed for Thanksgiving holiday. No response on when to expect delivery.

I emailed again, asked when to expect delivery -- thought 2 weeks sufficient. No response though a charge was pushed through. I checked online for a phone number -- number is no longer in service. My issue is the same apparently as others.

If I don't have delivery by Monday I will contact bank and file a complaint with PA attorney general's office. I wish I had seen these comments before I ordered; I would have found another source.

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Other Company in Syracuse, New York - Button missing on shirt 1255z

Rec'd shirt 1255Z with button missing on cuff. I am a long time customer acct #0311 364 996.

Gene Stiver. I sewed a button on as no reason to reject for this. Quality control should check items

more closely before shipping. Customers should not have to repair clothing they order. This was a light blue flannel shirt size xl color o5. Thank you for y9our attention in this pgnkmatter, I will continue to order from youHABAND, hopin that more attention is paid in the quality control before shipping .

again I wish to thank you for your kind attentive manner.

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Other Company in New York, New York - Vizio is the worst TV I have ever had

December 7, 2012

I bought 47" LCD about 2 years ago (model#VT470M), serial #LZmevak3004220 in Cosco.

2 days ago I was watching X-FACTOR in the evening, suddenly the tv just went black and without picture,

but only sound; then it was dead completely.

I tried to turned on and off but it was useless, nothing pop up, except "Vizio" name tag lights up, nothing else.

I notices there were so many similar complaints, why Vizio never improves their service???

Why Cosco share the partnership with VIZIO?? to rip off consumer???

I tried to call but only got recording. HELP!

HOw to celebrate Holidays without TV????

I feel *** to had bought this TV and I never will buy this brand any more.



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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Band together for action

We as consumers should form a patition to submit to BBB and Fair trade Commission. They get away with cheating and in some cases stealing customers money/ title and let's not dismiss the harassment that starts even before the payment is late because we have not stood against them.

Write a letter ,call the news over and over for change!!! Yes, this is a subprime lender but that don't make us subprime humans because our creadit is less than perfect....... Hit them in there pocket tell everyone not to do business with this shady company.

I will look into how to get a list of names started. In the meantime I pray that people are not hurt financially by this company.

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Other Company in Manhattan, New York - Collector Harassment

I asked them not to call my place of employment. A few months went by with no calls then this Manny guy started calling me.

He would call my cell then the work phone leaving messages. When I spoke with him I asked him not to call my place of employment he states it has to be in writing. I advised him for POE is does not a verbal would be fine he argues me down to say no I will call where and who I want and I need to have it in writing. Well I advised my BK attorney of the issue and I am correct POE verbals are ok.

Then once I asked him not to call they have to wait 10 days. This did not happen. When I was on the phone with Manny he says oh you work for Chase Bank your customer service sucks.

OK I work for the Bank what does that have to do with my personal account. Manny also stated I was committing Fraud because my references dont know when in fact 3 of my references had informed me he called them stating he was from the Fraud and Collections Dept.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - No other race in price comparison commercial, but Black


I am very concerned that since WM is constantly advertising their price comparison commercials; all of the WOMEN used in the comparisons are BLACK (Cyreeta, Heather, Joyce, etc.). Do White, Asian, Indian and Hispanic women not compare prices; and, do MEN not shop at WM? I find this a bit offensive as a Black Woman!

It appears that WM is saying that only Black people shop at their facilities and need price comparisons. I have seen several commercials and none of them have any other race portrayed and none have men in them either. Why is this? I plan on asking this question on Facebook to see what the response will be if I don't hear from you all within 7 days.

I would think that ONE customer's concern would be enough; but, WM is so big that maybe a lone customer is not enough to respond to. We will see. My Name is Debra Baynes-2361 Favor Rd. SW, Marietta GA 30060 and my email is dbaynes2011@hotmail.com.


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They submitted fraudelent transactions on my credit card and thought that I will not pick it up.

They start with small amounts and if nothing happens they proceed with bigger transactions until they have a lot of your money. You then battle to trace the culprits. Be warned!!!!

Unfortunately, I also did not get a proper support from my bank when I reported the fraud to them initially. You are on your own.

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Who the F owns this totally unprofessional company?

Their customer service is the WORST! I have been shipped the wrong product three times.

And, three times my credit card has been charged - even AFTER they told me NOT to ship back the original shipments! I was just on hold with them for a FOURTH time for over 20 minutes only to be hung up on after I began to explain my problem to yet ANOTHER loosely-titled Customer Service Representative.

I am reporting this fraudulent company to ANY and ALL agencies available. My advice to you - save yourself the aggravation, and your time and money, and buy elsewhere!


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Who the F are you talking about?!?

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