Other Company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - FCheater shop, Butterfly, General Bazar, secunderabad

A shop with cheaters and liers. Their prices are more high than the next Shop.

The quality of items are very poor.And they sale with sweet face, and when in next day you show their poor item and want exchange, their owner turned into vamp...Bhagwan bachaye is ladki se..........Always shop from lakhme in general Bazar and from other shop.

But if you' go to Butterfly (,a red colour signboard )then that vamp lady is there to loot you... din dahade dakaiti........

If mistakenly you visit "Butterfly" with red signboard,then careful of your bags.One of my packet with costly lace kept by their sales girl.To protect thier sales girl, that vamp owner lying also.

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Basically stole my money- promised money happiness-i was rare-lies!

i was told that she (maria) had never saw cards like mine and that she was so excited about what was going to happen to me (with her help/guidance). kept lowering the price for my reading.

when i did fall for what she promised-she then said i would be needing a 7 card reading-which was time consuming for her,etc. and to send more money. after she realized i wasn't going to send her money, she then started sending me newspaper articles of her near death-tryin to sell me a "unique" stone, jewelry,etc. when i asked her for my money back...she just started sending more items to help me/protect me.

from who? her? i was promised 100% satisfaction or money back. well...i want my money back!

she is a thief and the only one getting rich is her- by all the many suckers like me who want to believe in what she claims she'll do for us!

thank-you for your time and have a nice day. any questions-just ask.


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Fortune tellers don't know a blasted thing about your future. They are all scammers. Consider the money you gave to her as an expensive lesson on trusting people like that.

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Other Company in Springfield, Missouri - Where are my bid money's

I had $200 to 300 in bid money and it is not there any more. Sent one email and no response.

I want it back or available to use. Some one needs to talk to me. Why is it so hard to talk to anyone to resolve an issue???? Why can't you make it possible to call or talk to someone about issues.

I does not seem too much to ask.

I would even be ok to email the problem in. If there is a way to do it - you have done a good job of making it easy to find.

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Other Company in Sarepta, Louisiana - Why do the guys not *** their food on comm

why do the guys on the commercial not take a *** of the burger or whatever . kind of a *** commercial.do they not like the food,or are paid enough that they donot have to eat it.the chicken sandwich has no ***,only a *** would not see that.....as i said,it only proves that they donot like what they are eating.i donot see them drinkingor eating but bragging about how the food tastes.how can you tell the food is good when the two idiots on the commercial dont eat the products. so what are you going to do.

Sarepta, Louisiana
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Sooooooo disappointed

We planned to spend a vacation there as a family and we invited friends to come over because they are also interested to buy a share. We are paying for presidential suite.

We made confirmations days before we got there just to make sure that we will be having a good accommodation. The day we got there, they were sending us to a cabin which made us sooooooo disappointed..they told us we got there late that's why they can't give us a presidential suite. Nobody informed us that we have to get there early. We have been to other resort places and we even got to those places late but they always give us what we are paying for.

Our guests are so disappointed with the place, especially with the jacuzzi in the cabin because it is moldy. Everybody expected for a presidential suite, a more spacious and accomodating room.

But they ended giving us a small cabin. Some of our invited guests slept in the living room and felt the need to stay for shorter days because of the space we got in the cabin..


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Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #582886

A name would have been helpfull, we are not mind readers,

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Other Company in Shepherdstown, West Virginia - I'm pissed @ no more than these complaints

Two complaints since 2010? Come on people, there's got to be more disgruntled people than that.

I'm pissed that I haven't been able to return to Vancouver to hear the great Whiskey Bar panel discussions.

I'm pissed that I can't read all of the great writing that is generated by these world class writers. I'm pissed that for over six months that Agora has offered people the option to skipover the long videos and jump straight to the bottom to see the ultimate offer. To be totally truthful, I'm pissed that we don't have the option to deselect Bernanke from The Federal Researve and replace him with Dr. Paul.

A real doctor and not a pseudo economist. Don't blame Agora for the rising entitlement lumpkin. Stand up and be a self-managed human being.

You have nobody to blame but yourself unless you are part of the 50% "entitled" US non-taxpayers. (And then it's merely a wet-dream.)

Doug G.

Shepherdstown, West Virginia
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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - THEY JUST TOOK A MONEY &HIDE ..THIS IS SCAMS..

this is a real scams company...never answer after they received my money for order ...don"t try this site for order your id..

And they have some underground sites' review this website really good, which was why i chose in-ids.com to buy. But NO!!!!!!!!! they are all Scams!!!!!!!!!!!!no matter how true it seems like. don't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!

Once u mail them payment, It never contact you back. they have automatically respond in email as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't trust In-ids.com

I am really angry about all these scams!!!!!

Don't believe some reviews either. somebody might write that deliberately.

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Other Company in Louisville, Kentucky - Sorry I ever placed an order with this company!!

I had placed and order and received it in due time. Was disappointed with the products, but I thought

live and learn. THEN..... I got the phone call offering me a "passport to health". I immediately told the pushy girl that I did not want or need anymore ins. She kept saying over and over that this was not

an ins. that my credit card would be billed and I could cancel if I did not like it and that I would receive

coupons to use. I said NO, and that I did not want my credit card billed for anything without my ok and that I did not want the ins. She kept saying it is not ins. look it over and you can cancel at any time. I said no over and over and finally I said send me the information but do not bill my credit card.

She said okay and then hung up. I received the information today and was furious and you guessed it,

they are going to bill my credit card. I called the number to immediately cancel and the service dept was open and taking calls, but you guessed it again, the cancellation dept was closed. Never again will I order from this company and tell everyone I know about their practices. My lawyer will be contacting them regarding the charge to my card. Yes I AM DEFINITELY PISSED!!!!

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Other Company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - VERY BAD

They overcharged and overdrafted my account. First time they supposedly had a "glitch" in the system thats why my card was charged twice.

Later they said they credited my account with money but my bank rejected them. I called my bank they said they don't know anything about that. Second time when i was trying to exchange the merchandise (this item i got much later bc they didn't have it in stock so they separated my oder) they charged my card again for something i've already paid. Its pending right now hopefully i will get my money back but i highly doubt it.

Customer service was reluctant and confusing in dealing with the problem. Waste of time and hundreds of dollars.

Low quality products. Please BE AWARE!!!

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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - Potato salad is comparible to spackle and plumbers putty

totally inedible and bland so pasty u could use yybelieve that adagelyy ita trowel to dispense it on a plate.salad should be at least loose enough to dispense it from a spoon instead it sticks to it like glue. Very unhealthy choice which i will not purchase again.another 50 words which i cant express to satisfy ur web site is impossible to complete i believe the previous statements suffice to let u know ur deli department at sunset lake in holly springs needs to stop dispensing this atrocious product. As they say let the consumer beware i certainly that

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