Other Company in East Walpole, Massachusetts - Mad at a massage program

I am uncorftamble with a male massage student . He made super uncorftamble because he has a crush on me or something .

I met him about 2 months a go. I know he in trainning but he was kinda bad and sexual . When he did my chair massage at first he made noises , touch my sides , tried to massage my *** from behind, my shirt slip up a couple of times , he took a peak at my butt. Then he told me I was a great client and so for .

Then he would not stop bothering me for another massage he said he can't wait to see in a thong . He took 25 mins for a 5 minute demo . I told two trusted adults they said he was probably I expirence he need to start some where.

It getting to the point I don't want to go back to that clinic because of Him . He was the wrost massage I ever got .

East Walpole, Massachusetts
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Other Company in Matane, Quebec - Tried to envoke all inclusive at extra cost

I have been with interval for 20 years. No complaints except that some of the resort now have all inclusive with ourtagous prices and I do mean outragous. My wife and I do not drink and love to take excursions away from the resort. that means that we pay for alcohol and meals that we do not use. that is a total rip off and should be addressed by Interval!!!

If these new rules are acceptable the resort should be eliminated from the system!!!!!!! on the positive side we have had many great vacations over the years. My daughter and son in law just recently had a great trip to las vegas. Please let me know that you will consider our input to the all inclusive policy.


Niels and Sharon Jorgensen Spruce Grove Alberta

Matane, Quebec
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Other Company in Everett, Washington - No Way Out

I had the system installed. The installation was not smooth and easy.

Installer did not really know what he was doing. Took about six phone calls to get the job done.

The sales pitch is high pressure. But yeah, I fell for it and didn't do enough research.

Sales rep either didn't have accurate information or didn't know the answer. Anyway he gave me some answer which I later found out was not true.

After thinking about it I decided I wanted to cancel. Well you can't.

There is no 30 day out.

Once you sign you are in it for the three years. Buyer be ware!!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Vancouver, British Columbia - The hurry cane free shipping

On TV they advertise free shipping but when I filled out my address it came up only USA , Can. $35 I think they should let you know that Canadians would like to order this also, but a charge of $35 is rediculous.

I was going to order this for my husband as a gift. If they don't want us as customers then supply a Canadian address as most other sites do.

After all it is only a cane and would be export free for taxes so where does this over priced charge come from. I feel this is false advertising

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - LIEDTO: SCAMMED; CHEATED, Ripped OFF

They stole our deposit of $4,500 and put account into collection. My wife and I were told when we signed on that we had 15 days to change our minds.

When we went back and turned in our membership kit. we were told to wait in another room for a representative who would be with us in a few minutes. A couple hours later we were told they would not honor our request to cancel and we would have to come up with the balance or they would take legqal action against us. Later we went to them (at their invitation) because they said they would sell the timeshare for us.

When we got there it was another presentation to try to scam more money from us. No effort was ever made to sell or to assist us in selling the timeshare. when we refused, they placed our account in collection and listed it as a foreclosure. We never received one days use, nor any other benefit from what this experience has cost us.

My wife died and my credit is ruined.

I am 77. Just another senior who they scammed.l

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Other Company in Marysville, Washington - Change of heart

Ordered flowers four months ago from Flower Delievery Express. Totallly satisfied.

They even told us we had a $31.18 credit coming back to us. Yesterday they informed me I had only till today to claim that credit. Went online, went through the hoops but couldn't get the credit to applied to the order. Called Customer Service and she had the same problem.

She suggested I go ahead and make the order and take it up with Cust. Ser. today. Excuse me, I don't think so!!

Tried it again an again today with same results. After reading some of the others who had problems, let's forget the credit and write it off as a lost cause.

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Other Company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Trying to keep our money as long as possible

As my father passed away and my mother has dementia, I was left with power of attorney over their Edward Jones accounts. Its been two months since his death and my mother's declining mental state leaves us needing to put her in a nursing home.

Edward Jones has lied to us about checks in the mail for two weeks now, and still no check. The money is needed to pay mom's bills and to pay the nursing home for a reserved spot before we can put her in. She now needs 24 hr. care, and we are still taking care of her and waiting for the money.

I've been calling the local office almost every day and I had to call the National Office to get to the truth-that the check was just mailed yesterday. Hope this is true this time!

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DO NOT RENT FROM sol and sheila kafka

Sol and Sheila Kafka are well known in the Landlord & Tenant Board of Ontario. Sol is a very shifty person who would Nickle and Dime a human to death IF he could get away with it!

Sheila is mentally unstable and THREATEN'S her PAYING TENANTS for Speaking Up about their rights.

Sheila Kafka's favourite Threat is as follows "You Better Stop Causing Us Problems and Costing Us Money or We'll PUT YOU OUT IN THE STREETS...Back where you came from!" "You're No Good and You Better Watch Your Step."

They (Sol and Sheila) have Muscled, Been Fined by the Board of Ontario Landlords and Tenants for "Illegally Entering Tenants Units" and for "Interferring with the Reasonable Enjoyment of the Apartment. They have made a living Threatening, Illegally Throwing People out on the streets, especially those who don't know their Rights in Ontario, Canada.


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Burgessville, Ontario, Canada #1187879

Sol & Sheila Kafka ares unbalanced creepy peoples. I have paid rent with them for some two years for a store I have on first floor.

For two years, I get floods on my Dollar Store, I lose much merchandize and lose much money. I get sick, my children, my customer, still they no have Landlord Board to close them down. Still they have other businesses run there.

Why this can happen, and there are long list of peoples waiting for lawsuites to come. Someone please help.

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Other Company in New York, New York - Extremely rude customer service

I tried to get off their mailing list because I was getting emails and phone calls for every event in NY. I replied to the email to get off the list and Felicia Murdock replied that she would take me off the list. I replied asking also to get off the phone list as well, since I had just gotten a voicemail about it, and this was the reply I received:

"You Just Told Me To Take You Off The List . That Will Be Done. HAVE A NICE DAY"

Extremely rude and unprofessional, I definitely wouldn't consider going to CraveTickets/Joonbug events ever again.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Did not recieve order

I placed order on November 23rd. for a Christmas present for my wife.

The cataalog showed it was in stock. An email was sent to me from Northstyle that it was shipping on December 14th. I called customer service, today December 21st to determine when the package would arrive and was told by customer service that it should arrive day after Christmas! The customer service person tried to blame it on the post office, unbelievable!

He said it is not unusual that items take over two weeks to ship via the post office. I would never order from this company or any of it's affiliates again.

Consumer beware.

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