Other Company in San Diego, California - Was very worried, but it finally came on the 24th

Like a few other people I was worried that I wasn't going to receive my gift in time for Christmas, and was about to pick up a gift card to give instead. Luckily I decided to wait for the mail-lady and I finally found the elusive gift from my name necklace.

It was annoying to wait for it this long, but the piece is really well made and it is worth the 40 dollars that was paid for it. It also came with a cute little desk stand, and a letter that they were sorry that it took a little longer to get here.

I received the item so in the end it was worth the wait. Gift will be loved by the recipient!

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Spelling of name of recipient on order #3050588178

The order was to be sent to Teresa Cooki Turner at 2056 S Rifle St Aurora, Co. 80013.

When I received confirmation order I noticed that Teresa had been spelled, "Theresa." I called immediately and changed the spelling of her name. I pray that you changed it to the correct spelling, Teresa, because I do not want to get yelled at. I was never sent a confirmation of the change, please look into this for me before it goes to Colorado.

I'm not pissed, I just didn't know where to send my inquiry and decided to post my inquiry in this section. Thanks, Rae Tafoya

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Other Company - Dealer alleges the taking of titles by DSC, (Converting California titles to Indiana, Arkansa and ot

California auto dealer file the largest complaint against DSC "EVERY" in California....

Dealer alleges the taking of titles by DSC, (Converting California titles to Indiana, Arkansas and other states, after the dealer paid DSC in full for each vehicle.

Get the Grissom report today the only place to get the facts, you don't stand A CHANCE against DSC, without this report!!!

The Grissom report contains new information about Mannheim Auto Auction and "what they be doing", and "who they been doing it to",


Grissom has gone under cover in fear for his life!!!!

If you want to find out how to void DSC contract,

Call the man that stop DSC, from making unlicensed loans in the State of California.

Pass it on to your dealer friends it may "already" be to late. one California dealer lost over $900,000.00 and still counting.....


818 749-3288 24 HOURS A DAY


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Other Company in Rensselaer, New York - Screwed up order

i ordered one bulldozer and was charged for (22) TOYS. what was going to cost me $59 ended up costing $1500.

what a scam. some how the order got messed up. i have documents showing i entered the correct quantity but the transfer of the quantities was (5) BACKHOES AND (17) bulldozers. is this a method of scamming your customers.

I must have sent several e-mails trying to rectify the situation but no reply.

I tried phoning the customer servive number at least a dozen times but never got through. If nothing happens in the next two days(after xmas) I must take legal action

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Chinees Online Thieves

It is very simple,

I purchased a watch on line from one of these websites that is being

operated from China.

They shipped the wrong Item / Color

I sent them pictures and offered to deduct 15% in additional .

They refused to refund ,exchange or replace even at my cost.

Be very careful where the items r comming from cause u cant do anything

since they r out of U.S.

Disregard the Credit card claim due to the fact that the THIEVES will refuse ur shipment

and until u dont return the item , ur credit card company cant do anything.


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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #585853

Don't order anything directly from China. Its just going to be a ripoff knockoff piece of ***.

Trust me.

I lived in Shanghai for 6 months. I know how it goes.

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Other Company in Broomfield, Colorado - Most inefficient service I hope they get privatized

They told me that priority mail will be delivered in 2 -3 days. That is a lie.

If you call them their answer is it can take upto 5 days. They should say that when people are trying to mail something so that they can decide if they want to choose another service. No one can help you other than to say the same information that is posted on the web site through package tracking. I hope the package is not stolen.

This was a christmas gift and it looks like it will not be there before Christmas. Oh wel!!!

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Can sellers bid against bidders to increse bid?

everytime i bid in this item the screen immediately flashes that i've been outbid and wants me to bid a few dollars more. I'm thinking it's the item owner bidding himself to get what he wants.

Not legit in my book. It was an hd direct TV receiver.

I don't mind other bidders bidding against me but not the guy whose selling the item. If they are not happy with the bid they should list item 'as buy it now' and put the price they want.

pls reply , oterwise I may as well just look for buy it now items


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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #585812

If you're talking about Ebay, then you clearly don't know what you're talking about! Obviously other bidders have put in a higher minimum bid, so that is why it immediately says you've been outbid.

Bishop, California
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Other Company in Pico Rivera, California - LISTEN TO ME WHEN I'M SPEAKING, SLOW DOWN

i was at chipotle. normal night.

ordering my burrito. when the guy placed the new tortilla on the foil, it was crumpled. he left it. the next food server had to straighten it.

you guys aren't *** speed racers, slow down a bit. and when the person asked me, "Mild, Medium, or Hot?" i said the tomatoes and hot. HE GAVE ME THE UGLY *** DISGUSTING LOOKING PIECE OF *** GREEN LOOKING ONE. and i had to remind him to put hot.

like listen to what im saying. don't go just throwing all your products into my burrito im spending good money on.

i want my $7 burrito. not a *** piece of *** not worth 2 cents

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Other Company in Johnstown, Ohio - Some Life Information





Thanks for another e-mail. As I keep saying I don't have enough money to pay. I'm still paying on medical bills. My home number is at the bottom.

Call me and I'll talk to you !. I SWEAR I AM NOT TELLING YOU A LIE!!

I would actually like to buy a home!! My last home I had to leave because my ex-husband told my neighbor he was going to kill his wife and two girls. So I had to leave November 2007. I went to a women’s shelter and I divorced him. I divorced in 2009 and he was to take my name off home. I wish him well. I love my two girls and I'm glad their o.k. now!!!! HAVE A GREAT LIFE!!!!

THANK YOU FOR THE INFORMATION!! I've been feeling awful. I wonder why I'm alive and family members die. Since I was 9 years old someone dies every year. I'm 35 years old. I feel life is stranger since my accident. I know I'm weird. Below is some of my life story and address/phone numbers. HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS AND LIFE!!!!

Some of My Life Story-Lori L. Starkey (2012-35 years old)

It's below and I also typed in color and underlined the weird thing of me being around a lot of death in my family and my life stuff done to me (health). My Dad says it is because God trusts me. I believe in God but, I don't want this to happen anymore!!

Every year someone dies in my family since I was 6 years old.

I’m 35 years old now and I still don’t know why-08-01-2011 last year on way to work a guy hit my vehicle 60 mph and knocked me from my vehicle driver’s seat through the passenger window onto the road. I was on life support 2 weeks and in hospital for 10 ½ weeks.

It just makes me think a lot, “Why did I live?”

I've had a wrist surgery in 1999 when I was 22 years old and had a hole through wrist. Then on August 23 2007 I was 30 years old and had left arm elbow surgery because I had high cholesterol. My cholesterol was 190 and high so the doctor decided to put me on Lipitor and it ruined my left arm nerves and I had to have surgery. If I keep my weight at 115 my cholesterol is under a 100 where it should be. If I'm over that it is 190 which way too high.

I've had a lot of migraines and had a stroke at 21 years old. So I take prenatal vitamins that keep me from having migraines. I should have known that when I was pregnant with my two girls I didn't have headaches or migraines.

My friend from school-Brad Casto killed himself over a girl on-12-26-2004. He was 30 years old.

Then at age 28 years old when I got off work I found September 16th, 2005 my two year older brother "Michael Joe Starkey" in my garage and he killed himself with a gun from my house over his women leaving for a guy with his four kids. It was very sucky!!!!

I've also been for my five year oldest brother, "Brian Wayne Starkey" when his 3 month old didn't breath and I tried CPR and it didn't work. Also, his wife had a miscarriage once with four kids. Now they only have three boys and one girl. They would have had nine kids.

When I was 10 years old my grandpa Glendle Roby passed away.

My Uncle Jerry Rice passed away 1992

My Aunt Hazel Roby passed away

My Uncle Lester Roby passed away

My Grandpa Clifton Starkey passed away

My Uncle Harold Roby passed away

Also, my mom's sister from Massa chutes "Joanne Launier" came to Ohio to see us and road on a miracle round holding my youngest (Brittany) and fell off and died.

Also, my mom's fiancé was having trouble breathing across street from my home and I went to help. He still passed away and we them try a needle and CPR.

My cousin’s kid-Karen Smith was pregnant and a guy shot her and killed the baby. She was in hospital awhile.

My cousin-Vicky Smith (Karen’s mom) died at age 32 with cancer and left 4 kids behind.

Vicky’s child-Thomas Allen Smith passed away 20 and was in wheel cheer since age 6 years old.

Uncle Tom Smith (Vicky’s dad) died near my birthday 2010.

Also, my mom's x-boyfriend died last year 2011 and I was there when people took him off life support and my youngest girl and I sung "City Of Gold” gospel to him. It was still pretty ***!

I had my oldest girl when I was 15 years old and I did graduate from home through ICS-International Correspondence Schools. Also, I did 1 year in Smithville Ohio College as a “Medical Office Specialist”. But, I ended up at Time Warner Cable in Lodi, Ohio for 1 year and 6 months. They were moving to far away so I applied for Westfield Insurance in Westfield Center, OH for job and I’ve been with them 14 years. I was with my husband for 17 years and he worked but, never wanted girls. So in 2007 I had to move near family and divorce him because he told neighbors he was going to kill our two girls and me. So I'm divorced now and with someone new. He's (Chad C. Casto) my age and his birthday is three days after mine at 01/13/1977. I received a divorce decree I signed and he did too in 2009. It said that American homes he had to take my name off and I was not responsible for home and couldn’t go there. I found out this year 2012- he didn’t take my name off and I faxed the divorce decree from the year 2009 and he was to call Bank of America and they said he had to call. But, my court said not to call him because he could hurt me or our two girls.

The “Ohio State Highway Patrol took pictures where accident, 08-01-11 happened. Incident # 85-1050-85. I had an accident on August 1, 2011. I was on my way to work on Canaan Center Road and a guy hit my truck going 60 mph on Rittman Road and ruined my truck. I was on life support for 2 weeks and in hospital for 10 ½ weeks in Akron, Ohio. I was off work for 7 months and I went back to work March 7, 2012 for the first month and April I worked-M-Wed.-Fri. at 4 hours a day and off two days on FMLA. May, June and July I work M-W-F for 8 hours and off two days on FMLA and then go back to 40 hours a week in November. I’m 35 years old now.

I had an appointment, Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 9:45am and was also put to sleep in Canton, OH to check my throat where life support was. I was choking and having trouble eating. When I woke up the doctor said, "your throat was very tight and I fixed a little of it-your very lucky you could breathe with your throat so tight." Last appointment was on, Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 9:45am to make throat thinner and scar tissue smaller while put to sleep again!! The doctor said, I am done and he opened my throat very round”.

November 2012 my Aunt Martha has been in hospital awhile. She has cancer and 11-23-12- I was told her lungs is about to collapse and only one lung is getting air. I love her and she told my mom, “Lori’s my daughter”. November 26, 2012 I received a call from my mom and Aunt Martha Rice passed away. I don’t know why I lived from accident and my family doesn't make it with things? I know we all eventually die. But, I must be weak!!


Lori L. Starkey

P.O. Box 31

Fredericksburg, OH 44627

Home Address:

4360 Evans Road

Fredericksburg, OH 44627



Johnstown, Ohio
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Other Company in Yonkers, New York - Never recieved merchandise

After my email was bombarded by ads for nomoreracks i desided to try it. what happened was I placed and order Dec.

3 and here it is Dec. 23 and I have not recieved any items. so i start to file a complaint with the companies customer service only thru e mail because they would have to pay many operaters to answer complaint calls.

so now they said i would recieve a refund but nobody got in touch with me to even by e mail that they are prossing refund. Now what do I go to bank and file complaint?

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