Other Company in Providence, Rhode Island - They sent the wrong paper

I ordered wallpaper online and they sent me the wrong paper. I received absolutely no satisfaction from their customer service.

I ordered vinal protected and I received solid vinal. The descriptions on the page I ordered from are different. I ordered a thinner stripe than I received. All the pictures on the order page look different , but they all have the same #.

How is the customer supposed to know what they are going to get? The prices are also different. The one I received was cheaper than the one I ordered. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

I certainly will never order from them again. The only thing they did right was to send it on time.

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Other Company in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi - need your help

I bought a 2nd heater from my neighbor. He had pur.

a 2nd. and was living in an rv and did not need 2 . Every timeI turn it on and have a lite on the lite flikers when the heater comes on. should I be concerned.

about that .

my phone # 775 727 9495 or e mail is reddog4477@live.com. I have a eden pure I have used about 4 years No complaints I do not have a complaint I would like to know if I should be concered about the lites flikering when the goes off and on Thank you

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Other Company in Greenville, South Carolina - I need to borrow money

My name is Malakia M. Sullivan.

I had borrowed a loan of $350.00 in they stated , that I have a balance of $455.00 .

How , did that occur cause . I was talking to one of the agents said somethin, $ 90.00 or somethin like that. They were trying to get over on me, so What should I do. I have like about eights months to pay this off and somethin like that. If you have any questions or conerns , please don't hesisate to call or you can email me at you're earliest convience at this time.

Thank you have a bless day.

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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - Lied cheated stole not willing to help

we fell behind in payments in 09 due to economy falling apart and illness yes after hard time we got back on our feet. Wife now disable due to illness and now drawing income and my income has dramatically increased capital one is still unwilling to help. They them selves said I could be approved for a loan modification which after i tried they refused me then from one of there departments called and agreed to refinance then never heard again so I filed chapter 13 and now they want our home now don't know what to do any ideas

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Most horrible Airline

I've given this Airline multiple tries to see if things would go any better. But they never do.

Flights ALWAYS leave late lately by 4-6 hours. On 12/20/12 my flight was delayed 8 hours from Kansas city I stood in line for an hour and a half to get a new connecting flight because your representative kept leaving not wanting to do his job. He was rude and didn't answer any of our questions. My flight today on 12/27/12 left Albany,NY late with no Valid reason.

And now I have been sitting in the Chicago Airport watching my flight get delayed every hour for the last four hours. I've already boarded a plane that was said to be ours and then De boarded because we now have to wait for a different Aircraft at a different gate. Weather issues I understand but this is unacceptable. They are not even sure that a crew will be making it to the said Aircraft we are currently waiting for.

NEVER will I ever book another flight with you.

I've never experienced one good thing. And being military I've had even worse troubles when flying in Uniform.


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Miami, Florida, United States #586898

It would be nice if we knew what airline you are complaining about. You never said. Because of that your post is useless!!!!!!!!!!!!

San Pierre, Indiana
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You are taking money out of my account

I have never used this site before and I have no idea how you got my details but i want you to cancel my account please as im paying almost 3 pound a month and getting nothing in return so would be grateful if you would cancel this as i dont want it and have never used it and surely this is fraud or illegal i would have thought, I will be trying to phone your customer service department tomorrow and see if i have any luck with them as this cant be allowed to happen and i can do without paying for a service that i dont use and never asked for.


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It would be helpful if you identified what website you are dealing with. At least say who is taking your money out.

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Other Company in Vancouver, British Columbia - Shortage of drivers left passagers stranded for hrs

they say it was the weather when i call them which is lies because i was on that bus and the roads were fine what it boils down too is shortage of drivers and how do i know this is that anouther bus driver told me you bus line should be shut down in Canada and remain in the usa we canadians are tired of ur lies and bs GRAY HOUND DOGS STAY HOME AND *** ON UR OWN PEOPLE we canadians will have our;re own bus line soon this way we don t have to put up with ur lies.

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Other Company in Long Beach, California - Continues to call me cell phone

360-529-6956 is number they publish, they call at least once a week, I have tried to opt out of there service, I have tried to ask to be removed but as soon as you do not answer every question with a yes they hang up.

I have business phone that is used for emergency tech support and would like to know who the company is actually so I can send them a bill for services rendered, 2 hour minimum at 300$ per hour.

Of course they will not share any information with me for me to do that. I am tempted to get them to come to my home but that would not be these crooks that will be local vendor that has no knowledge he is working with crooks but that will be my next avenue if writing complaints does not work.

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Other Company in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania - Total Frustration & Aggravation

We were able to move into our house nine months after signing the contract. The whole experience was painful. Between not obtaining the building permit, to not making the model modifications, actually putting in the footers for the wrong house, they were only the beginning. Once under construction, the kitchen was layed wrong, wrong appliances ordered, wrong spindles for staircase and the list can go on.

Best advice, get your own attorney for closing and have a 3rd party inspection done before closing. Better yet have an attorney read the contract before signing it. I wish we did.

Diane Holl

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Other Company in Ephrata, Washington - They never call back or answer phones

I inherited the time share as a result of a failed relationship. My former partner died.

The office never filed their notice of debt with the estate. I've tried on more than 10 occasions to reach "Debbie" by mail/phone only to never get a return call. It is unknown who their board of directors are but if she was my employee I'd fire her.

Still don't know what to do about the 2 years past dues, no one ever responds. I would not recommend this outfit to anyone - poor business managers/people YUCK< YUCK< YUCK Marie

Ephrata, Washington
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