Other Company - There is no service in this store in Enid, Ok.

People stand in line because there is only one checker working. I am not able to stand in line to

be check out. I am just sitting my Groc. down & walk out. I ask a young man working on the floor

why they cannot have checkers instead of these lines with as many as 10 people waiting to be checked.

He said because it was POOR management. I certainly agree with him. I could complain on & on until I

have used 100 words but I don't have time to do that either. I guess it does not concern you because I

have sent emails before & for awhile there were 2 checkers but now it is back to one checker. Guess I

am finished in this store.

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Other Company in Asheville, North Carolina - COULD HAVE HAD BETTER CS

Don't bother with this co. Customer service is the worst I have ever seen.

I worked in customer service for 15 years for a leading tax office. I purchased the home phone and cell phone for my parents. I have been trying for 4 hours to get the phone activated. the home phone service is another story, I was informed it would take 3 days.

If I would have known this service would have been this much trouble I would have paid the difference for their home phone and cell phone.

THINK TWICE!!! I have been holding for 47 minutes, one this attempt !!!!

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Other Company in Tucson, Arizona - I help you as you Ask

I filled out a survey and now 3 days later i locked to that loud lady if i would take the survey again.

You made me watch cnn and that was my only thing to get in. but the next time you tell me only takes a few minutes I wll have little faith. by the way its been 3 days. I want my news back soon. I use the information in my job soon we had great lost over 2 year


Rickey Triplett


blindmeaz@hotmail.com yes i am blind my doctor made me this way. I am realtor in Arizona Phx I know nobody bail us out and ask youself this Question?? will you buy a house from a blind!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Clark, New Jersey - Light up pillows (2)did not work

my granddaughter asked for the lightup pillow for christmas. she was very happy when she received it.we put the batteries in , it worked for a little while.

we thought it was the batteries so we replaced them with new batteries. it did not work. we did not want my granddaughter to be disappointed so we bought her another pillow. that one did not work at all.

we returned them to the store and received a refund. i am very pissed off . my granddaughter is very unhappy the pillows did not work. i am very unhappy with your product and would not recommend it to my very worst enemy.

what are you going to do to make restitution to my granddaughter. please e mail me at cabany8@aol.com. looking forward to hearing from you. rita cabany 733-4th st secaucus,n.j.

07094. phone#201-864-9318

Clark, New Jersey
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Other Company in Sierra Vista, Arizona - Fualty Scooter/ Bad Customer Service

I attempted to hook up the battery on a new scooter after charging and the unit tried to turn over with the second connection.The tech dept. decided the problem was most likely a bad starter relay.They ordered the new part and instructed me that I would need to install it.

I installed the part correctly although wasn't happy that I needed to. It started right up and I was able to ride it 4-5 times when it died while I was riding it.The teck dept. instructed to try to start it with gas cap off as it may be a vapor lock isssue.This did not work.Next I was instructed to spray starter fluid which made the unit turn over 1-2 seconds then die again.Next, they suggested I disconnect the carborator and send it in. I decided I would not go part for part with a brand new scooter.I spoke the sales supervisor whose name I will omit to protect myself.After a heated conversation she hung up stating she would only communicate by email from then on.She continues to insist scooter depot is not responsible for the cost of labor to have it fixed when it is brand new still under warranty.She has stated they will only pay for parts as is the company policy.Now, there is obviously another issue maybe related to gas and the carborator.She has even suggested that by installing the starter relay I may have damaged something else.

I now am simply trying to find out if they will at least send parts if needed to a local shop so I do not need to pay to have it moved.I lost 4-5 months of riding time not to mention gas which I could have saved and still I have a brand new scooter that does not work..I have filed with the BBB and am considering a lawyer. I received the worst customer service ever in my life. BEWARE- SCOOTERS ARE *** AND OF COURSE STRAIGHT FROM CHINA WHICH THEIR WEBSITE DOES NOT MENTION. The tech dept tried to be helpful and was courtious.

The supervisor in the sales dept. is arrogant.as can be and will even alter your own statments in attempt to create an different story which may save scooter depot/ sunny sports a few dollars.

They do not care about the consumer and scooters are poorly made and assembled. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Madisonville, Kentucky - My bag of chips was way skimpy

I went and bought 3 bags of chips. 1 was bbq 1 was salt n vinagar, and the other was plain.

My bag of bbq chips hardly had any chips in it and the ones it had in it were way to salty to eat. I just wanted to let you know the im not pleased and would like it if you would take that into consideration. Thanks and also i buy chips all the time, and ive never had a bag so crappy.

Hopefully, somthing about this can be done. I would hope you guys that run the company would do somthing for your costumers.

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They will keep you waiting, waiting, and waiting!

I recommend do not ever use them!! (unless u got a lot of time to waste).

i waited for 35mins in the cold at San Jose airport on 12/28, and waited for another 15mins after calling customer service TWICE. If u call, they will lie to u that they arranged emergency shuttle/cab to pick up as soon as possible, that is not true. The car that finally pick me up is that pre-arranged shuttle that did not show up on time (I checked the Van number).

After I ask around for other passengers' arrival time, I know right away that the driver keep me waiting for 50 mins on propose, Super Shuttle lie to me about waiting time on propose as well. While I was waiting for Super Shuttle, there were many shuttles from other companies passing by, I could have be warm and get home much faster even I book those shared ride at airport.......


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it doesn't include the company name! I am talking about Super Shuttle!

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Other Company in Forest Hills, New York - No reliable company big delays in urgent shipping lot of lies

worst company ever! slow shipping and plenty complications to place an order NO RELIABLE company!

I bought two Lulu Guinness clutches which I need for new year party on x-mas eve very soon i realize it will be better place a two days shipping delivery ( their regular delivery time is 3-7 days) i called the sale rep i was told it was not way to change the shipping speed after the order was place..really i said even if place the order only a few hours ago and is still in the warehouse? only way she said canceling the order and placing a new one.. which i did despite it sound like a complicated old system to do things..i send the new order within minutes right in the phone with her, to find out one of the clutches were sold out..what! but you told if was still in stock!

I asked for a manager, just to hear it was nothing she could do..but put me in the waiting list..but the good new is that the red clutch could be sent in two days, fine that's the one i really need for the new year event. Did I mentioned that my account was charge twice? because the first order they told me to cancel cause they could not do a minimal change and for the second order..the first one droped three days later but mean while hold the money. HSN assured me the clutch will be here by Dec 28..i was waiting for it all day..around 6 pm i tracked to find out it will be here January second!

i was livid...not way! i called ups..hsn handle them the item just the night before ( Thursday) knowing ups does not work on the weekend..knowing Friday it will be count as the first day. they sent it on a two days economy ground shipping!!! meanwhile my clutch was setting there for four days!

can you believe that company?! ''economical ground shipping" after they waste for days knowing very well i needed before new year or by new year. Not respect or appreciation whatsoever for the their clients..i spent thousands of dollar in this this company and that's how they treat me?? they can keep their bags and their business i don't want nothing to with this company..

i asked a manager -Stephanie- if she can send me another one overnight then i will return the extra when i arrive..she said there's not way she can do that..'sorry miss'. I am done with HSN for life.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Public Storage--Read the contract

After suffering through a high pressure salesman, two storage rooms were reserved over the phone, and a visit to the site made that day. Much was explained about the security of the site and an agreement to sign the rental contract the following day was made.

The next day, I arrived with a cargo van full of items, and was shown the prepared contract. UNBELIEVABLE! Three items in particular were of concern: 1)They can release your personal information for marketing to their benefit. 2)They can check your credit, bank accounts, current debts, etc.

3)They are not responsible for anything they "represent" and are not responsible for LITERALLY anything they do or anything that happens to your belongings, even if it is their fault. They claim people read the contract, but I think if people knew what they were signing, they would not rent there. I have paid for one month's rent plus 4 days. I intend to move out asap, within the 30 days.

They say they will refund the 4 extra days, but I think it is a loss.

Remember, they not responsible for their representations-- by contract. DON'T use this company!

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Company did not delivery to correct address

I ordered a birthday dipped fruit via phone. Recipient did not receive, tracking via ups had wrong address.

Customer or Recipient never received phone call to resolve address. EA said they had the address I gave them, INCORRECT and when I called UPS, they confirmed EA had given them even a different address! EA Customer service is lousy, rude and not helpful at all.

Shipping out a new order a week late for a birthday due to EA incompetence is unacceptable. I will NEVER order from this company again and will make sure non on my relatives or friends do either!


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I had went to a mobile sales shop in Tambaram,Chennai,india.i took yxtel phone for RS.1700 on 2012 ,I think it may be on month of november.the shop sales man said "he won,t give bill."this is all because of worst Chennai corporation officers.will CBI of take severe action on them.thank you

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