Don't do it. I did it last year and it is a scam.

I purchased 2 rt tickets to Mexico. Their cheap ticket was more than Delta by the time they add a charge for everything, down to seat selection and $35 for your carry on. In addition, they advised me that I would be contacted to see if I wanted to renew. Another lie.

I saw it posted as a future payment by my bank and went to their web site and followed the steps to cancel the day before it was to be renewed. There is no way to determine if it went through and no way to sent a note to customer svc. I chd it the next morning to confirm and then reentered it just make sure. Then the next day did the same.

Now they say too bad we did not process it till the day it was due so no refund. Now we canceled it in the early hours of the day it was due, took your money then canceled your membership and no refunds. So i paid $59.95 for 4 hours of their $9. fare club.

This is a scam.

You will be on hold forever and then try to deal with someone who barely speaks English. Run away, use another airline,

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