Unprofessional departure from company

Dennis Dombroski worked for our company in March of 2011 after brief stints at Tri State of Branford, and FJB Associates. He was terrific through that December selling about $700,000 in 9 months.(Not GREAT but very good) January 2013 thru June 2013, when he left, he produced about $150,000 while we were still paying him a $500/month car allowance, $500+in gas reimbursement (That what we thought were beefed up as he refused to hand in a mileage log) and $500/month in health insurance.

In March of '13 we began trying to retrain him to help him get back on track. He was not receptive at all blaming lead quality. (Typical) He then took issue that he lost a sale because our gutter installer told his elderly female customer that what Dennis sold her wasn't the right product resulting in us refunding her deposit. He has criticized us for mis communication with his customers on this site but failed to include the fact that those were problems we faced because he frequently sold his customers items that we as a company do not offer.

This forced us to scramble to fill the order to maintain customer satisfaction without any assistance from him. This includes the Fire Marshal from Plainville who Dennis sold products we do not offer forcing us out of our rhythm. The issue that he explains in that same complaint charging that we stiffed him a $3800 comm is outrageous! He again sold a brand of window that we do not offer that cannot be custom sized, forcing a lot of extra labor, costing more money to install.

I personally called him from Home Depot where the customer told us she wanted her Andersen windows ordered from and told Dennis that he would need to charge the homeowner more for us to continue unless he wanted to absorb it out of his commission. He chose the latter and conveniently forgot to mention that while he was seeking to extort this extra commission from our company. Even the labor board who he involved didn't side with him. Late Spring we felt that his desire was to be fired so he could collect.

When brought my suspicions to his attention he said "You are lucky you wear glasses." When I asked why he said "because I won't hit a guy with glasses." Then walked out the door. We are deeply disappointed in Dennis Dombroski because we gave him a $1,000 Xmas bonus after only 8 months, attended his wedding and gave $500 after being with us only 6 months, plus continued to support him by paying out expensive befits that were not earned the last 6 months while we attempted to help him through his 6 month slump. Now he is back at TRI STATE of Branford. (Who he badmouthed while in our employ as he is doing now about us in their employ) We too can publish all of their prices as we have their list as given to us by their ex employees, as well as video testimonials of some of the clients opinions of working with their company but WE WILL TAKE THE HIGH ROAD UNLESS DENNIS FORCES OUR HAND.

Tri Stae is a great company and like most of us in this business are far from perfect but like us, they are one of the good guys who work very hard every day improving their company. There is plenty of business out there so we wish Dennis and the good fellas at TRI STATE good luck this year.


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This guy is lying through his teeth contact me personally for all this company information pricelists customer complaints how he rather shove the product up the customers *** instead of installing a properly. I have that video recorded so anyone can hear it and see it

As far as selling a product they do not offer carefree offers all makes and brands at first as a ploy in order sell they're energywise window which is just a private labelled Alside ultra max

John Anglis has change the company name three times the location three times in less than five years what is he running from maybe his customers?

Upon reading this comment I am filing a complaint with the state attorneys office and my own attorney for slander as I have all paperwork from when working with that slime who rips off customers

And as a correction I have been honored in many industry magazines for my customer honesty and record sales of 2.1million in year his whole company has never done that themselves

As far as his comment for selling things not offered all extra work was written on addendum's and John is the owner of the company who has ultimate discretion on what can be done and what can't as a contract on or do you have up to 30 days to decide if you still wish to do the work he decided to do the work and with this poor knowledge of construction problems persisted us the fire marshal a plane go as code violations and improper installation techniques were used as John almost got sued Feel free to contact me personally 2035065093 the truth on this fake slime company owner who does not appreciate any customers or loyalty and harasses customers constantly

  • Dennis Dombroski
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I (Travis J. GIbson) was walking through Mikes Liquor and Beer Barn and seen a pretty young lady that caught my attention....

Update by user Jan 28, 2014

I been hearing that he was racist and that he was trying to get the young lady to turn against me like I was the imprioper person in the situation. I also believes he comes to his business intoxicated while he is at his business, because he has some type of power in Tallahassee. But something must be done or this situation will clearly explain the statue in the city of Tallahassee, Fl.

Original review posted by user Jan 25, 2014

As I walked towards her, I began to sense a vibe from Mike, keep in my that I heard he was racist, he asked me do I know her and I said no. He told me to leave.

I honestly told him its a free country and I have the right to freedom of speech especially when I was being a gentlemen and never gave him any troubles.

I also told him he will not receive anymore business from me, and he told me to get the *** on and leave just like that. His business do not have no trespassing sign, and I was only walking through going to catch the city bus to visit my newborn daughter.




You start out saying that you were walking towards an attractive lady, and then towards the end you change it to that you were walking through to catch a city bus. Which was it.

You exasperated the situation by mouthing off to the owner/manager.

You know good and well your intention was to pester the good looking lady, whether or not you were on your way to visit your alleged newborn daughter. Sounds fishy to me.


Thats the same reason he did it because I was minding my business walking towards the bus stop and I seen an attractive young lady and to keep in your head I didn't mouth off at the owner. Let the professional do their job because you got the situation all messed up..goodbye and God bless you.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #778023
So, you were cutting through his business to catch a bus? If so, you are not a customer - you are a loiterer.

Walk around the block you lazy piece of ***.

His business is not there for your convenience to use as a shortcut. :(
@Mr. Ree

You are so right, but I do not loiter. You and this owner clearly shows the racism and hatred in America.

Also its no freedom for a black man in Tallahassee anyway...but I will have mines.

But if it was you on the otherhand it would have been a problem. Please stay off my page and God bless you.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Your business SUCKS

I was told you sell the bulls eye pee pads. I ordered those and had to cancel my order 10 min later and 7 days later they charged me and told me they are going to be delivered and nothing I could do about it .

*** I recorded the conversations I had with the *** employees plus your policy is you cant charge anyone until 24 to 48 hr after they order and I canceled 10 min and you charged me plus told me that they already left the ware house. I just recieved email the 22nd saying they are on there way but not for another 7 days. I canceled in time , they didnt leave the warehouse for 7 days after I canceled so you could of stopped that . Are you guys nuts?

Now you know why I taped the conversations I had. If you still take my money those conversations will be heard. I dont want any of your products.

Strange how you have a pissed off comment site . Im not just pissed I'll turn your *** in

Review #400080 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer400080.

CAUTION! Michael Stokes is NOT a man of his word!

My partner and I have signed contracts with Mr Stokes with specific terms for an "investment" offered by one of Mr Stokes' companies. Without going into specifics, I will say that Mr.

Stokes has FAILED to live up to his end of the agreement and now he and his partners ignore calls/texts. We were told, both in writing and verbally that he would personally guarantee the return of our principle.

Email requests have been answered with excuses and requests for more time...for over a year. I think it's time that someone contacted the authorities to put a stop to his nonsense.




I have been dealing with mike stokes for 5 years now. Mike continues to tell me he going to pay me back.

Now Micheal stokes has disconnected his number as of a month ago.

If anyone knows his where a outs contact me. I'm turning him in to FBI


I will gladly tell the FBI what I know.

Check Facebook for "Avita Natural Artesian Alkaline water"

He has some involvement with that


Send me a PM through the link on this post with your contact info and I will gladly share the information that I have to help you get your money.

Review #400073 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Got scammed on instagram

A girl named Kyra from MI said if I send her some money she would she said would send me more money for instance 200 she would turn it to 2900 in thirty minutes she called n texts my husband all day until he uploaded the money after that she blocked me on instagram on stood answering my calls so don't fall victim lk me learn from my mistakes and don't trust the gt big money in thrity forty minute scamms they make you feel like they are trying to help you they are I reported her to the bbb and I google search her name so I am planning on prosecute this person responsible so that they get what they deserve for doing what they are doing she is so young so its so sad that she may go to prison for this kind of offense


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so dumb :roll
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Peter R. Mairs Wilmington NC Sex Offender

A Wilmington, NC man who told police that he was a seafood salesman was charged Wednesday with raping two girls from the ages of 6 and 7 into their teens.

Peter R. Mairs, 51, was charged in New Hanover County District Court with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to the complaint:

Pete Mairs of NC knew the sisters well and began abusing them when they were 6 and about 7. The girls, now in their teens, came forward about the abuse when a family member discovered a note one of the girls had written about the abuse.

Peter Mairs of Wilmington touched the girls inappropriately, kissed them and raped them, the charges said. The abuse occurred at his homes in Wilmington and Carolina Beach NC.

One of the girls told police that Mairs told her the devil was inside her and that he could remove the demons, the complaint said.

When police interviewed Pete Mairs in August he told them that he was a pastor. Peter Mairs denied the allegations.

"He then terminated the interview and stated, 'And I'm gone,' " the complaint said. "He stated, 'Get your warrants, do what you gotta do, no DNA, none of that.' He then left the interview stating, 'You weren't there, nobody was there!' "

Check out the boyfriends youtube site. Drug dealer man. http://youtu.be/Dgw9Shi3eKE

Sam Mairs wilmington nc and Pete Mairs Wilmington NC

Oasis Salon and Spa Services, LLC Maryellen Tiedemann Kenton Wilmington NC



Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1316923

Mairsbwas a friend in college & married my room mate. He may have portrayed a few ozzy behaviors, but these are NOT actions this guy (even at his lowest) even fathom doing such.

This is outright slander & defamation of character. My son's an excellent attorney.

Mays Landing, New Jersey, United States #915406

I was a child of sexual abuse.All 4 of us were as children at the hands of my father. Causing my oldest sister to leave because she only saw 2 ways out.

Walking out on us or suicide ? I recently found her; AFTER 35 yrs of searching , wondering, waiting if it was something I did.I was the last one to see her the night she left!!! She was 13 and I was 5 I HOPE THE *** IS CONVICTED ,& GET THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE .

These children will be in need of yrs of counselling services. God bless them & plz don't give up on your self.


This guy sounds like a true pimp, if this man was so bad he was still better than yall because you guys are pissed off. This is a win for him i dont even know the weird lookin alleged chomo. peace.


Invincible Roofing Marshfield Mass, Rever Roofing Systems Marshfield Mass, Advanced Metal Roofing Wilmington NC. Paul Revere Welsh.

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States #787925

Jimmy Smith A.K.A. James Patrick Kenton is my ex-husband.

He created this and many other bogus blogs to try and defame my boyfriend Pete Mairs because he is angry and jealous. Pete Mairs has never been arrested or charged with any of these allegations and that can be discovered easily by checking with public records.

Mr. Kenton is a sociopath and is lashing out at me through attacks on the people that I love.

He is angry because he lost in court and is ordered by the court to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet when he visits with his children. He is a severe alcoholic and his children haven't seen him in over a year because he refused to quit drinking or to agree to the terms of visitation. He also has attacked my Brother Michael Tiedemann writing similar lies about him. Also he has created similar false stories about me and said that I am a *** and was arrested for such.

I have no criminal record in this county or any other county or state.

There are also multiple false allegations about my attorney James Lea of Wilmington NC.

Please report this and any other similar blogs to try and help us get it removed from the internet.

Thank you,

Maryellen Kenton

@Maryellen Kenton

What a whiny loser Maryellen Kenton is.


Barbary Fish Co. LLC Wilmington NC 910-367-0930

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Other Company - Total waste of my time!

About Prof Boran Beric, I am a female in my teens and I took this class at Kinsgboro CC and Prof Boran Beric was a complete PERV!!! Takin his class is like a total waste of your tuition money.

He kept starin' at ma bra size, and then in the summer he tried like to come close to me to see my mini-skirt, like sick! Like up close n personell. OK so I do dress hot, but not for that bald PERV. Boran Beric, you a perv dude. You need help.

And the class was so like horrible boring n he can't teach.




ridiculous "I mean I dress i hot"

Then youre going to complain about the attention you recieve whether its from someone you want attention from or not. If you dressed like a normal woman, you wouldnt have to worry about where he's staring.

If i dress like a cop and someone comes screaming for help is it my fault they assumed i was a cop?


GURL I totally like agree!! He IS a perv!

He kept askin me to go to his office in the evenin and I was like why?

and he was like, I want to discuss your paper. Uhm, Sure.


My thought is that she is either bragging about her assets or making this up. Any girl that right out says she dresses hot in order to get attention, but not from somebody that she doesn't like the appearance of has a problem.

Basically any girl that says they dress hot, is bragging about their assets and want it to be known so that they attract attention, be it good or bad. It could also be that she is either imagining the attention from the professor or misinterpreting it.


It should not matter how she dresses.That is like saying someone got raped because she wore a short skirt.You need to report him.He should not be teaching.And to the bitter truth-It is not 1950 anymore women have rights and hers were clearly violated.You need to get out of the house and see how the world has changed.

Hooker, Oklahoma, United States #785112
@hear me roar

You need to get back in the kitchen, shut up and make me a sammich. And don't dress like a slu*t like all the other bi*tches in your family.

Hooker, Oklahoma, United States #776080

Dress like a ***, be treated like a ***. Also, please tell me you're not an English major.

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  • Boran Beric
  • Prof Boran Beric
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I got a loan 225k from a company called gunbil gunding the owner cemal gunbil is a real character and the othe brokers that work with him wow beware these guys are scary like out of a movie... Well i needed the money so these guys came out did a stress test on my buisness turns out i qualify for 125k...

Mr Gunbil Says BUMP IT UP TO 200K I TOLD HIM I COULD NOT PAY... Well I ended up paying the loan with 18%...

nEVER AGAIN THESE GUYS GOT THE DOUGH BUT MEAN BUISNESS....If you need the money thses guys are there but make sure you pay also cemal gunbil hes trhe closer im not pissed but that Ryan the owner he is a force to be nervous about... The have the monwy and muscle....


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I got ripped off too.

Reason of review
Problems with payment
Review #399174 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer399174.


Melissa Earnest is a total scam, she is trying to scam and make money off from innocent people anyway she can. First with Caselyn's Creations, making bows, stole my money and others.

She also tried to get involved in the Casey Anthony case thinking she was going to hit it big by writting to Casey Anthony now she is on youtube and facebook getting "gifts" from people and sucking them in. She is shameful. Do not deal with this woman at all. She is also selling "IT Works" skinny wraps, which everyone that does research will see they are also a big scam, sucking people in.

SHAME ON YOU MELISSA.....and you will notice she continues to use the term "God Bless" another way to scam people.

She is trying to get famous and will stop at nothing, give it up hillbilly, you can keep the fires burning all day and keep your hubby shady, but one video isnt going to cover up all your scamming ways. So before you go talking about the poor girl "on the street corner" that cant pay her bills, you better look in the mirror.





https://www.instagram.com/p/Blt2bHfhzwP/ She did not like people being honest about her photo, so she requested the "almost 30, 000 followers" on FaceBook to bully those she said was bullying her. I think 5 or so out of the 30,000 saw the need to defend her. Scroll down to the photo that looks like a blowup doll ready for oral sex.


She's so fake. I have a mutual friend, she has said on several occasions that Melissa needs to be put in a corner & touch her nose!

Said she's overly nosey. And she pretends to be concerned when in fact she's pure nosey. Oh and I'm sure this isn't a big surprise, but the video that made her FB famous, you know, the one where a lady "messaged" her husband? It was actually Melissa.

Just to get attention. I agree with so many others, she's an attention wh#re and she tries too hard to be funny.

She thinks she cute. If she were half as cute and funny as SHE thinks she is, she might be doing something.


I was told by a personal friend of hers that she made up the whole thing just to make the video and she makes up a lot more things. The drinking urine was probably true though, she's freaky enough to do something like that.


Definitely a scammer. She charges for samples of her younique.

A sample, enough for one application is $10 that's insane. She's pathetic. Have you noticed anyone who sells younique does their makeup on lives. Not her.

She's too busy praising Trump and posting her husband and children's hideous homeade haircuts. While she goes to the salon to get hers done. She definitely creates drama for nothing than attention. I agree she's a big attention wh0re.

Who TF called Nabisco to complain about oreos not being ""fun shapes"? Melissa does. Cause she has too much time on her hands, you'd think with an austisic kid and the other two, just, uhhh (my leg is peach not white) I mean, why is that even funny to her? She would have zero time for any dumb *** Lol!

She's not allowed in my home on any device that's my hubby's rule.

He even said that put on accent is too much. And her voice makes his ears bleed and he'd love to buy her hubby a beer and pray for him!!


"Melissa Earnest Follow · January 12 · Edited · This new hair is a representation of my commitment to my my family. It is a representation of my commitment to my team.

It is a representation of my commitment to my company-Younique. THISISTHEYEAR Let’s GO!" Let's hope she doesn't shave her naughty bits and claim those as a commitment to family.


She is a total scam

@1 anonymouS

I happen to live in the same area as her and I am here to tell you that she is a FAKE!!!! Nothing she portrays on Facebook is real .

She photoshops all of her photos and she comes from nothing !!! She is the laughing joke of this town and the school system


Seems she has a new partner.

Diana Trice Kane

Now I have empathy, a lot actually, but something is fishy about this friend.

Like Melissa, she seems to thrive on drama. Research of her name shows the baby drama she is in the midst of and a few links to fund raiser sites for various reasons, all to benefit her.

Last year it was to sponsor her sons for citizenship: https://www.youcaring.com/dianatrice-688768

there is also one for some pearl crap:

https://www.gofundme.com/project-mermaid-treasure Although this adoption has fallen through, they have yet to remove request for donations or even gifts Her husband is asking for money: https://www.youcaring.com/dianatrice-939280 https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/giftregistry/view_registry_guest.jsp?eventType=Baby®istryId=544939119 I am a very generous woman, what I am pointing out is to be careful who you give to.

Be generous, but give instead to other charities near home or even your friends. I am repeating myself, "Something is fishy" when you have so many request for money or gifts.


Diana is my best friend and I can say she is no scam. She got scammed with an adoption and tore her life apart after that we started our pearl business and it's booming so please know your facts before you start bashing someone.

We have deactivate the gofund me page but someone created a new one in her name. You don't know the story about her sons and the very traumatic life they had to live so please know your facts before you judge someone you know nothing about.


Pearl business looks like a fail to me.


First off I would be very careful about who talk about! Diana is my best friend and you have no idea of the pain and heartache her and her family has gone through.

Second please know your facts BEFORE making posts because you look really stupid with *** you don't know. Our pearl business is doing very well thank you.

I would suggest that you keep her kids out of this unless you wan to start trouble they are innocent and none of your business. The adoption was a very traumatic thing that happen and I will not go into detail about it.Stop being so quick to judge and looking for someone to bash


OW! Someone got their feelings hurt.


Jessica Spurlock, why do you feel the need to post twice with the same train of thought? The OP was not bashing anyone, it appears to be observations which you disagree with, so relax and show off your pearl necklace.

Hughes Springs, Texas, United States #1274519

You need help! Melissa is a sweet and honest person!


Bull! Look up Caselyn's bows, and what others say!

Georgetown, Kentucky, United States #1257039

Melissa Earnest. Wonder How She's Scamming For Christmas This Year.

Georgetown, Kentucky, United States #1257033

For The People That Stand Up For Melissa Earnest You're As Scamming As She Is. we Have A Right to Our Opinions & If Ya Don't Like It Don't Read Articles That Say She's A Scammer. Have A Great Day!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa and I live in the same town, Melissa is a very good friend of mine, I know her, You don't, The fact is you're just jealous of Melissa, she's a very talented, caring and loving woman, She is a wonderful mother, wife and you need to keep you're mouth shut. You don't know the facts .

like I said You ARE JUST JEALOUS OF HER, because she is a very beautiful woman.

She 's going places in her life. You know what, You make me SICK,


I Agree. First She Told Me Her Kids Went To School & Then She Said They Were Home Schooled To Try To Get Me To Buy Stuff From Her & When I Didn't Buy Something From Her ( Skinny Wraps ) She Unfriended Me.

Her & The Woman She Was In Cahoots With On Facebook that Scammed People to Get Presents For Her Kids For Christmas Are No Longer Friends & She Is a Gossiping Rude Nitpicker Trying To Get Rich Quick Oh & Famous. Sad Woman & Mother Using God To Get Things From People Thinking She's Got Fans & Your Not Supposed To Want People to Worship You But She Clearly Does


She is a very God fearing woman. You need to go to church and worship, if you were a Christian you wouldn't be talking about her and other people,


very true!!

Enterprise, Alabama, United States #1056896

This woman is a complete scam!!!!! She is all about YOU helping her but when you ask her for help or exposure she will find a reason to turn you down.

She is only out for herself. And she claims she's not racist yet in her videos she will change her voice to sound "ghetto" to be funny. Makes me feel like she's making fun of a certain race!!!! I've purchased from her once but NEVER WILL again!

All she wants is hand outs. And omg yes she says she hates when people say omg yet I've seen her post it over and over. She is so far from a Christian she will be very surprised come judgment day.

Melissa, "honey" do yourself and your family a favor....get the h*ll off of the Internet....pay more attention to your kids....get off your lazy *** and get a real job....and for the sake of your kids dignity when they get older get them a real hair cut and fix their hair before posting their pictures all over your page! May God help you see you are being fake and help you change.


She offered to advertise my work on her fb page, so you are wrong there!


Sure are.....she helped my son meet his hero. I didn't ask her..She saw my post and didn't promise anything but said she will try and she did. FAKE isn't the word for her...it's the word for you idiots on here talking about her.


Yasss!! Lord those kids hair!!

Bless their hearts. Smdh!


She's currently scamming on the search on 2 Oklahoma boys and this was all just found. Such a sad soul!!!!


Really y'all are really dumb. Melissa is a sweet woman that has a son with special needs and all y'all want to do is bash her.

If you don't like her then stay off her *** it's that simple. Get a life and move on.


Why because her FB page days so? Don't you know anyone can anyone on FB. Get a clue.


Trust me ... she is a horrible person !! She preaches all that stuff from the Bible and does NOT even attend church !!!

@1 anonymouS

Oh yes She does attend church, You need to get a life and a career, if you did, then you wouldn't be talking about Melissa, I know her personally, She is all that She says that she is, GET A LIFE!!!!!

@1 anonymouS

Robin, no she doesn't attend church


A photo op does not mean she attends services


The whole damn bunch of them are special needs. Her husband may have a little sense but I doubt it after being with her.

The majority of this town thinks she's obnoxious. Just like her acting like her daughter's teacher and hrself were close by texting her asking who was handing out Valentine's because her daughter had a crush and wanted to make sure theteacher handed hers out, the teacher texted back "ok" . That's it. Just ok.

Melissa posted it to fb like it was something spectacular. Shes over dramatic like her lipstick. And she's down right annoying!


Gadsden, Alabama, United States #951791

You need too shut up about Melissa. She is a good woman and she is a very sweet person, Shame on you for talking bad about her. Stop hating!!

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #961809

Shut up yourself.


Where is Melissa Earnest now. I don't see her video's anymore. Has she reached her water loo?

Just wondering...

@Betty Boop

No, she's still around, look for her on Facebook. She's selling younique.

Makeup. She's had several deaths in the family & has needed "help"


Why do you all want make up lies on someone like this . Is it because she is getting someone in life legal .

You all act like children , You know she done good until she started invited new friends in her life after her video and sharing with everyone about her life . If she had something to hide do u think she let people know so much about her . Please be a adult and stop this , How would u feel if someone attacked u like this ? What if all this everyone is doing pushed her over the edge ?

It would be on each of you that are beening a bully . Just attend to your own family , If she was doing all of this don't u think her business would be shut down . I am sure that would make you happy to seem some fail .

Another thing if she did have issues I would attack her would love her and try to help her . There is just to much hate in this world .

@motherof 3

LOL Melissa I'm sure this is you defending your pathetic self! And if it's not you need to do your research!

She has scammed thousands of $$ out of hundreds of people. Like last Christmas when she set up a "toy drive" had hundreds of people donating money but yet nobody that signed up for the toy drive got anything? Then suddenly her kids went from having nothing for Christmas bc they couldn't afford it(always have to sign up for hand outs) to all of them having brand new iPads which I'm sure you know brand new costs $500-$600 A PIECE! Right after that she went from living in a small trailer to a really nice house with brand new furniture...Oh yeah she's such a good person isn't she....let's not leave out the part where she will do anything to get her 15 minutes of fame!

She's a wanna celebrity she has tried numerous ways over the past couple of years. She even tried to get involved with the Casey Anthony case putting the police on a wild goose chase don't believe it? You can find the actual police interviews the court had typed up & signed by both the detective & Melissa online! They caught her in several lies & called her out on them...

SHES A FRAUD! There is a special place in *** for people like her.

@motherof 3

I know her REAL WELL. She has no business, she runs it from her home.

If u can call it a business. She is not what she makes out to be.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #932121
@motherof 3

A friend gave me a link to this today and I felt a genuine need to respond. We send each other a "Train Wreck of the Day" pick a subject, do some research, then ask each other how we would change the situation.

We rarely respond to other people's posts. We just kind of keep it between ourselves.

I have read some of Melissa's posts on Facebook, Twitter, bits and pieces of her involvement in the Casey Anthony trial and a few sites that "pick her apart". I don't know how my friend found and settled on Melissa Earnest for our discussion today, but boy is this woman a mess. I chose your post because you defend this attention ***, yet you do so in a way that I find amusing.

Let's start with this then move on:

"Is it because she is getting someone in life legal."

I have no clue as to what you mean by this statement.

Please clarify.

"You all act like children , You know she done good until she started invited new friends in her life after her video and sharing with everyone about her life ." Done good? Started invited? You make my eyes burn and my head spin with your errors in sentence structure. Again, I do not have a clue what you are trying to express here.

"If she had something to hide do u think she let people know so much about her . Please be a adult and stop this , How would u feel if someone attacked u like this ? What if all this everyone is doing pushed her over the edge ? It would be on each of you that are beening a bully ." U?

Please use the word "you" You use it in the sentences that proceed and follow these lines of gobbledygook. A adult? Beening? *sigh* "I am sure that would make you happy to seem some fail ." Seem?

I finally get it, you are texting from a phone and ignore auto correct. Let me go back to the beginning of your post and use my *** Tracy decoder ring to decipher this mess. "Another thing if she did have issues I would attack her would love her and try to help her ." Even you want to attack her. This comes to mind: "I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and pat him and pet him and rub him and caress him and..." "There is just to much hate in this world ." I finally agree on one thing you say.

I'm not going to even attempt to go into the punctuation on the body text. Melissa Earnest makes herself a target by not only putting herself "out there", but also by making herself "important" in her own mind and then tries to convince the public of this importance. Step away from her hillbilly world and you would see nothing she does matters in the scheme of things. She only invests in projects that benefit her.

These projects are ones where she takes photos, makes videos or has to telecast to the world that she is a good person. I do good things, I do not need validation from the world concerning my generosity. She is an attention ***. Those that follow her need to get a life of their own.

Please try to understand your fixation with her and find what is lacking in your sad live. Melissa Earnest is at best, a nutjob. Thankfully, my "Train Wreck of the Day" is over. I need to speak to my friend and ask her why the f**k she picked this one.

I bet she is laughing her *** off at this moment, having me waste my time with this one. I am gonna get you, and your little dog too Kim.


If she bothers everyone SO much why continue to talk about her? Why on earth would you bother talking about her or her family?

Using the term "God Bless" to scam people? What on earth is wrong with everyone?

Who here has ANY right to judge anyone?


I'll say this to you just like the other person that commented 1 day after you did ;)

LOL Melissa I'm sure this is you defending your pathetic self! And if it's not you need to do your research!

She has scammed thousands of $$ out of hundreds of people. Like last Christmas when she set up a "toy drive" had hundreds of people donating money but yet nobody that signed up for the toy drive got anything? Then suddenly her kids went from having nothing for Christmas bc they couldn't afford it(always have to sign up for hand outs) to all of them having brand new iPads which I'm sure you know brand new costs $500-$600 A PIECE! Right after that she went from living in a small trailer to a really nice house with brand new furniture...Oh yeah she's such a good person isn't she....let's not leave out the part where she will do anything to get her 15 minutes of fame!

She's a wanna celebrity she has tried numerous ways over the past couple of years. She even tried to get involved with the Casey Anthony case putting the police on a wild goose chase don't believe it? You can find the actual police interviews the court had typed up & signed by both the detective & Melissa online! They caught her in several lies & called her out on them...

SHES A FRAUD! There is a special place in **** for people like her.


This woman seems to have some serious mental issues.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #872352

I have looked at the posts she places on her facebook page and it's all about: how important she is, her children always say the darndest things (really.........like they are that clever all the time), she needs money to buy things for her family, too many women show their body parts off (but look at the trashy way she puts on her makeup), and DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA. Personally, I think she has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder

Deer Park, Texas, United States #790085
I knew something was fishy with her. I used to like her but got tired of her poor me people picking on me and ***.

She is a total phoney. :roll

Melissa Earnest is a scam artist. She collected money for a toy drive and used it on her own children for Christmas.

One minute she cannot afford anything and the next she is buying all of her children brand new iPads. She sells ItWorks and even creates fake buyers just to reach diamond level. She has already been reported to ItWorks for doing so. Also she was involved with Misty Collin, Casey Anthony and supported both murderers.

Look it up, she wrote a letter to Casey Anthony herself supporting her. Not to mention the million other scams she has created on GoFundMe website!

Do not send this woman money or buy her products. She is a scam and will milk you for all your worth!

Orange Park, Florida, United States #782296

Here is the link people need to SEE.. http://www.justice4caylee.org/t5743-the-importance-of-melissa-earnests-interviews-by-valhall

She still emails calls people behind others backs and try's to get everybody to PAY HER WAY!!

This is CRAZY!!!!!! Just plum "Sam Hill CRAZY"

Somebody has got to get info out to the PUBLIC about this girl! I would be scared if she was "following" me or if she was a "friend" of mine!

This girl is capable of ANYTHING!! She tried to SELL a STORY to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER reguarding Casey A. Please google it!! This girl is a *** ARTIST AND A GOOD ONE!

She tries to get a FREE RIDE! Who wants her autograph?? Like really? And she tries to SELL them!!

She is delusional and maybe not all there but people need to do research on her and be warned!! BTW God Bless you ME!! I am proud I blocked YOU even though you told everybody you blocked ME!! :grin :grin :grin I hope people see what she is before its too late!!

She is always filled with DRAMA!!! She can't have a normal day because she loves DRAMA SO MUch!!

I feel terrible sorry for her kids!! Her eyes are always looking down on a computer and not at her CHILDREN!!!
Tallahassee, Florida, United States #778422

Yes, THANK YOU! I am SO glad that I am not the only person that sees all this!

This woman will stop at nothing to get her 10 minutes of fame! She always says "I'm not doing it for the attention," but seriously the same week that her one video went viral she was trying to sell AUTOGRAPHED hats and shirts and pictures! She always says that she is hardly ever on Facebook, yet she literally posts something every. five.

minutes. Who the heck is taking care of her kids?! She goes on and on about how poor they are and how they "can't afford that fancy stuff" but then she hosts this "toy drive" and next thing you know her kids are getting brand new iPads and all sorts of stuff for Christmas. She kept saying the was going to post all of the pics of over 100 families that were helped for Christmas, yet she never did..

Hmmm, wonder where all that money went?! Also, she says they can barely afford their trailer, yet they're moving into a new house COMPLETE with new furniture for every single room! She keeps scamming people out of free stuff, saying that she'll do a "product review"... Ha!

The whole Casey Anthony thing is just crazy. All of these white trash hillbilly housewives seems to worship her.. Hopefully they'll figure it out soon enough!

The worst part of all this is that this delusional woman actually seems to think she is somebody special.. Jeez.


You took every single word right out my mouth!

She is ridiculous, and she's letting the fame get to her *** head.

She's trash, and always will be trash. She can't stand it when people have more money than her or have nicer things than she does. I've come to realize this about her.

And she calls herself a Christian? She's the most unchristian woman I've ever met in my life!

Lithonia, Georgia, United States #898937

Lol she cracks me up how she thinks she is "famous" goes on and on about how she is "not famous" Her fake modesty is hella obvious. And don't even get me started on all of her hypocritical and judgemental rants!

Acting holier than thou, and ending all her catty remarks with "God Bless! " it is honestly cringe worthy. I see her block and jump down anybody's throat if they even disagree with her. She tries waay too hard to be funny too..

and it's to the point where I am beginning to feel sorry for her desperation. She is pro curvy women and that is perfectly fine but, she does so in a way that she body shames thin women.. going on and on about size 2's. It's obvious she wants to be thin!

Here is a tip. Stop eating all that processed junk you post about, and follow a REAL diet and exercise plan instead of some wierd gimmick fix like advocare. Someone please take this woman's internet away !

Lol. God BLESS ;)

Alaska, United States #905482
@Bless your heart

Her passive aggressive shines through. Melissa Earnest needs therapy.

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Call claiming they are pressing charges

Here's the voicemail:

(Computer voice for the name) Tim _______+, (then a ladies voice)

"I'm contacting you from the processing center, I'm calling to notify you there will be two charges filed against you in your county. Looks like fraudulent activity has been has been attached to your name and your social security number. I do need to make you aware of your legal rights to address your charges prior to them being filed against you. You will need to do so before you receive your summons at your place of employment or your home address. Once you're served your rights will be forfeited. (computer voice) Your case# is Q234510. Their telephone# is (computer voice) 401-223-3254. You will need to speak to someone in their legal department.

I DID call this a few months back, had a guy come on the phone and told me it was from a payday loan from 9 years ago and that the statute of limitation hasn't run out on it yet which is ten years according to him. He gave me the date of the transaction and said I owed them $4500.00. I told him I would get my attorney to contact him and it went down to $2500.00. Then I said I needed their mailing address and it went to $800.00. I asked for the date of the transaction and it was over 10 years ago, he cussed me out and said expect a courier to arrive any minute with a summons to appear in court then hung up on me.

A courier never arrived of course. About a month later, another call, it happens about every 6 weeks. Same message. I've done some research and found that this is going on all over the nation. I believe they have old files from years ago they are calling at random and scaring people into paying them. I did not give them any personal information and not sure how they got my cell phone#. My credit is spotless and has been for a while, I just pulled up my credit report around a month ago and there was nothing on there that was negative.


1 comment

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #773968

This is out and out harassment. Cursing is verbal assault in many areas.

These are straight up terrorist acts. Say thank you to the politicians that allow this.

  • Summons call
  • call claiming fraud
Review #398708 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer398708.