I seen this ladys advertisement on back page for massages and decided to give it a try. The screening was easy enough and harmless. She doesn't ask you where you work or your full name, but will ask if another lady will vouch for you for safety reasons.

Incall is the only place she does massages.

Pictures are accurate. Funny lady with thick womanly curves in all the right places and a smile that will put you at ease.

She doesn't rush you.

I will be seeing her again.

Sometimes you can't get ahold of her because she works a regular job and does massages in her spare time.

Her personal blog gives you insight on what she expects.

The do's and don'ts was my favorite part.

you will get chewed out if you act like a *** wasting time.

She informed me there is a nternet stalker posting lies about her being LE and that is a prank to scare away her business. Someone would have a recent picture of her in a uniform, small towns can't keep secrets.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Somerville, Tennessee, United States #620179

I just walked out my door and found a super absorbant kotex lying in my driveway with this whores information. Pics numbers, websites and it says she likes to *** married men. I will be notifying local law enforcement

Flint, Michigan, United States #617050

For more info on her, check out myex.com

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #617047

I love not having to work, because I can travel whenever I want to travel. In fact, we just booked a cruise and noticed there were openings for live entertainment.

Yes, they need a whale to represent Free ***. This just might be Retards chance to actually take a cruise. I know she couldn't before, because of weight restrictions. Also, you get free meals so no more advertising as a means of begging for a free meal by advertising that you offer free dinner dates.

Get it Free ***!!!! Get It...Get It...Free ***....LOLLLLLLLLLLL

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #615753

Darn I have to put up several ads on BackPage with stolen pics cuz ain't no one calling me. Come on guys. I serve up greek food and bbq on my menu at no extra charge.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #612754

DumbTard She reports another escort and can't get her name right...lol It's NIKKIINHBURG, not Nikkiintheburg...LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!


Jackson, Mississippi, United States #612181

She really needs to lay her 'I will never come back to Eccie' pitch to rest,because she spends her life on Eccie as a troll. If she didn't want to come back, then why is she trolling the site 24/7.

As usual she is an obsessed stalker. If she didn't care, she'd move on. She's talking about people that are not real.

I guess when you don't have anything, fantasy is what gets her off. What a sad miserable life she keeps living.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #610593

ol... Nasty thing is now doing men for $80.

Funny how people state repeatedly that they don't care what others say or think about them. If you didn't care, you wouldn't have to annouce you don't. You obviously do care. Too funny.

lol........ Smart people don't have to write a BLOG to express how everyone's out to get them and write about their obsession with others, because we don't care.

Retard with balls hanging over your panties. Oh nevermind, that's your big fat gut!!!!

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #610588

EWE...GROSSS...look at her BIG FLAT & I mean FLAT A.Z.Z There isn't anything round about that. She is just a big blob.

Look at that nasty gut she has hanging over her dirty underwear. YUCK!!!! I bet she had a ton of PORK to eat today.... yeah....keep makin that bacon BABY!!!!


her stomach looks a lot like a ball sack. That photo of her bending over on that table that I am sure suddenly collaosed look like two pigs in a duffle bag, fighting over a milkdud....

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #610586

pds - public DlCK Sucker 135 times in one day. It all makes sense now. Now, she has something to be proud of.

I remember her saying to get more business to put up more than one ad with different pics on each ad. AWE...it looks as if karma has caught up with her. It's OBVIOUS that she is hurting for business. AWE...poor fat crater face mentally deflicted RETARD that gets constipated frequently.... ...LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

How much Clearer can this person stress -"I'm a Butthurt Eccie Reject that keeps writing garbage to justify why I'm a reject?" if it doesn't bother her so much, then why is she spending her life trolling eccie and complaining? Complete Rejected ***!!!

This NUT isn't 29. She's 47 & looks every bit of it.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #610585

Awe guys let her be. I feel sorry for her.

Just look at how and what she writes. It's obvious that she's desperate for attention. People with lives don't write garbage such as she has on her website. It looks as if she's at the end of her rope and just nickpicking at anything she thinks is important.

Let her be and have her fun. In the end that's all she really has to hold on to.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #610581

I am mansmistress and i dont care if my family knows i lie on my back and screw strange black men. They wont help me get a real job.

Im 46 years old and they should help me. I dont have the skills, sense or education to get a clue. Its their fault. Nothing is ever my fault.

Stop blaming me.

I love Big Black Ghetto Tools. I love to roll my tongue all over one. My backdoor is big and welcomes the biggest ones out there. Please come see me now.

Im wet for a Big One. Please be a true Blue Gum.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #610578

SMH. Just read her newest BLOG and It sounds as if shes butthurt, miserable and obsessed with some other girl.

Shes made her bed and lying in it. She needs help.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #610573

Here is what I have to say on my BLOG. I am obsessed with M. I. S. S. so I tend to focus all my attention on her. She is my idol and it shows with all my BLOG entries.

"Motard= moderator on a website" - (MJ tried to present herself as one when she was Anita Lay)

"Webtard= hooked on internet, no life." - (MJ claims to have a job, but stays on internet 24/7 trolling E.C.C.I.E)

"Tricktard= loser that has to pay for attention,whines,***" - (MJ accepts money from such men she pokes fun at.)

"Hooktard= hooker that has her face picture showing and wonders how she got arrested..hmmmm same phone # year after year, same web info year after year, easy tracking. duhhhh cops have more than one job." (MJ Continues to show her face after busted in Jackson in 2009, but that 'FANCY' lawyer got her off...literally)

"Webtard, is a serious *** kisser on a dhb that needs people to like them. The Sticky sweet remarks look so fake and desperate.ewwwww They get banned and beg to come back with a fake persona.. their pride went down the drain. giggle." - (MJ has gone by names and gets banned immediately such as CountryFried, DenverBroncos, AnitaL@y, 10-4, Max, Alan418, bwilly and the list goes on...she had no pride...lost that many years ago)

"Ecky, thanks for not removing my articles, I can prove my point." - (E.C.C.I.E only keeps them around as reference to how *** MJ aka Anita Lay is)

"don't be haten on me cuz i da bestest" (no comment...I think the spelling speaks for itself there)

"a grown man bragging about coming too quick would be embarrasing to most men. Pathetic..." (MJ you poke fun at a man for doing this, when you give your p.u.s.s.y freely. How's business working for ya when you talk *** about them?)

"Hooktard calls other women fat and has pictures with clothing covering most of her body.Really? what is there to be ashamed of Miss?" - (Unlike MJ, Some women don't have to let it all hang out or bend over showing everything for the world to see. Hooktards that do that are considered desperate and trashy. Pictures say a lot about someone and yours speak volumes as the type of person you are)

"Handle name on public forum- 'Miss' , she is married but too dumb to figure it out. hmmmm."(MJ, who are you referring to as being married? Didn't you claim to be married for months?)

"A Mississippi man is so *** that he doesn't know the difference between calling a lady and actually seeing her... duhhhh He wrote a REVIEW about a phone call and was rejected. giggle... I will show you the article. Seriously.." - (MJ, how ironic to call someone else ***, when you post a review on your site about reconnecting with an old flame, when it is CLEARLY APPARENT that the hobbyist was not referring to YOU! DUHHHH. Another instance of being desperate for attention)

"Hooktard thinks 10 reviews in 2 years makes her 'highly reviewed' ....really?" - (The amount of reviews has nothing to do with being 'highly reviewed.' It looks as if it bothers you that I am 'highly reviewed' when you are 'non-reviewed.' The reviews you have wrote do not count as legit reviews, MJ. Legit means real. I don't expect you to grasp that concept)

"Hooktards- they are *** hookers. You can't explain to them the difference between a massage and full service. duhhhh They do everything in a 30 minute session and thinks a guy might choose an hour option." - (MJ's session lengths include BBQ and cim...GROSS. With that being known, your statement about differences really hold no worth.)

In closing, as you can see MJ makes herself look extremely as an ***, because everything she writes about is what she is all about.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States #608312

This NUT isn't 29. She's 47 & looks every bit of it.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #606985

The Crater Face Seriously Mentally Deflicted '135 Public DlCK Sucker' has been quiet for a few days. I guess we can't get so lucky to have the tornado carry her fat *** off in her POS vehicle. She's hefty...maybe to heavy for any tornado to lift off the ground.


Retard still doesn't get it.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #599156

the hooktard snatched someone else's pics off other sites. She thought she was smart by modifying the pics so tineye would not recognize them, but I have a great program that pics up altered pics.

I also have the sites they came from. Message me at jdudley609@aol.com for proof of fake pics.

Austin, Texas, United States #598261

Look at that....she is running half hour rates for 100. I do recall that she made the statement that you're a serious hooktard if you ran 100 dollar half hour rates because you were desperate.

This makes her a DUMBTARD. HIPPOCRITICTARD & HOOKTARD....lol...she is just so *** and is laughed at so much because she will talk BS and then turn around and do it herself or has already done it.

Yeah, reatard....youre STOOOPID!!!! and the butt of many jokes.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #598213

Stay away. She got a pimp and even thanks him in her ads.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #595519

Btw retard, your alerts you keep posting on bp about other ladies are uncredible. Le is involved with one girl so you need to step down fuktard. No one cares what you have to say.

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