Since adding a cetral customer service location in IN. the customer service has gotten much worse.

It is similar to calling your credit card company or morgage company now when trying to get a problem solved, which are very frequent. Lost titles, titles payed off and not shipped, holding titles that are paid off with an instant bank transfer, and increasing fees just to name a few problems. When you call the local rep. they will sometimes call you back and rarely do what they say they will.

Always an excuse for their mistakes and no appologies or gaurantees when they will get them fixed. You constantly have to watch your bank account as they will add fees for increassing your credit line, even without your permission. Also they are notorious for flooring a pruchase before crediting a payoff and then charging an over limit fee.

I have never been late with a payment and am treated like an avereage crook when trying to get anything resolved with DSC. Now they have been bought out by MAFS, and I just don't have the time or patience to go through any of their growimg pains!

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