Hello, It is march 21st I have received 5 constant calls in a roll from Gene Normans house phone, but it was Debbie Goble that kept calling. Phone number 606- 437-9598.

She has constantly called and treatened us, called us names which is slander because she does not know me or any of the other occupants in the house except for her sister Donna Goble, and called her a *** *** and started trouble with all the other occupants in the house, I consiter that a hate crime and slander., I have 4 witnesses that heard her phone calls, and the threats of her coming after us with a 38 gun. We asked her not to call back, but she did not listen, I did the *57 to trace the call but got a busy signal, I can not block the number because she will call from somewhere else. Her calls came at 12:01 am, 12:06 am, 12:13 am, 12:22 am 12:33 am , and again at 12:33 am after she hung up the first time she called at 12:33 am. She called us ***, ***, whores, threaten to shoot us with a 38, called us dicksuckers.

Also She threatened to destroy property and burn my home down. Something need to be done, with her. We are very scared for our lives because of this situation. And my home is the only thing that I have left from my parents.

Rebecca Tackett, Cheter Hoewell, Donna Goble, Donald Rubincan are the 4 occupants of the house. Please feel free to contact me at 606 639 0379.

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Allgood, Alabama, United States #263268

Frankly, I think it's all bullsh1t. Who in their right mind would post something like this on a complaint website and expect viable results?

You're obviously a total ***.


Best thing you can do is record them and turn it into the police.


Please let me know how I should go about handling this situation. R Tackett

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