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Monday August 27th at 8:30 p.m. est I called to make a reservation for a motel in Austin Texas for 5 nights.

I gave all the information needed. The ad said stay 3 nights get the 4th night free. Well that was not offered to me. The woman that I spoke with said she'd send an email right then with the confirmation number etc.

I hung up and waited 1o minutes there was no email. Now the problem starts. I called back the same number and someone from Travelocity answered. He was very nice and tried his best to help me for 3 hours.

He called the motel, Expedia and they said NO call had been placed. He called my credit card on a 3 way call they said the money was pending to be taken from my card. I wanted it stopped she said that is impossible. After another hour trying to find out something.

I took matters into my own hands. I googled everything under the sun and finally got Tsp ENC Travel that is who booked the room. The supervisor I spoke with named Josh was in El Salvador ( millions of Americans out of work they are calling from El Salvador go figure) He traced everything for me this took one more hour. The woman did not send the email she is in the Phillipians.

Another WHAT is that about? why not have Americans answer the calls. I have the information I need after 5 hours on the phone. I ended this chase at 1:30 am est.

I was furious and wrote Expedia of course they will not reply.

I want Expedia to first of all fire the woman in the Phillipans for lying to me. She took my card number so fast and said it was fine. But lied about the email I would fire her. Next I want the FREE night stay.

After being on the phone for 5 solid hours they should give me all my nights free. I am retired, I have NO extra money. I'm staying in Austin Texas Nov 10-14th there is a Formula 1 race there. My dearest friend in the world is going to be there she lives in Australia..

She is going to be in the same motel. Drury Suites in Austin Texas. I think they should give me free rooms for all the bull *** I had to deal with to get the confirmation number. Without it you have no room.

I will NEVER use them again.

I want an answer sent to me very soon. Ask them to reply to me Uqtipie@aol.com

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This is the letter Expedia sent me regarding my complaint to them. Please read and let me know what you think of this person in managment.

Dear Wilma,

After carefully reviewing your letter, we have come to the conclusion that you are somewhat confused. Expedia and Travelocity are different companies. There is a good chance that you just dialed the wrong number at some point. Either way, we are not going to fire anyone. We may have to promote and give raises to everyone who had to deal with your ridiculous bull ***.

As to your friend from Australia, who cares? Australians are descended from cattle thieves and koala rapists. We have to outsource our jobs to foreign countries because we can't find enough Americans smart enough to do the work (you are a prime example), but we would never outsource to Australia. Current projections suggest their entire continent will be extinct from chlamydia by 2027,anyway.

In closing, you should Google "How to use Google to find out which company I placed an order with".

Give our love to Fred and Pebbles.


Henry YabbaDabbaDo

Customer Relinquishment Specialist

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