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I'm like watching movies. I also like to meet new people.

I like both(: mostly chicks(: I like to go out for ice cream and look for new freinds(: I like to hang out with friends and ride dirt bikes. We also get high somtimes.

Not all the time just sometimes(: I like to spend time wit fam and I also like to drink(: I live in the valley soo it's supper ***:/ and I'm Horney to(: I wanna hook up and latter try to find a girl of my own. Soo any hot chicks out there wanna talk or chat?(:

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Funny Mann
San Francisco, California, United States #617045

You're on the wrong site. Get out of your parents basement and find real live women. If it's hard for you try taking matters into your own hands (in reference to you being ***).

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