my husband and myself got a loan to modernize our home the loan was for 45 thousand dollars/ i had a bad feeling about the contractors so i canceled the deal threw a lawyer, the lawyers office screwed up the paper work so i called 5/3s main office and told them not to give the contractors any money ,,, to our surprize they gave the contractors all the money up front wow i always thought that the home owners distributed that kind of money a third at a time it ended up costing us 30 thousand in attorney fees and the contractor filed bunkrupt??i will never live long enough to recover what this bank has done in still paying 12hundred dollars a month for a house that should be paid off ??? the second time 5/3 ripped us off for 4000.00 i got re ened by a state farm agent broke my back and she sued me but i never went to court and yes 5/3 gave her lawyer 13 hundred dollars of my husbands money and from all our bills being late and writting bad checks it ened up being the 4 grand so yes iam pissed and hope everyone reads this and never banks with that bank they will give your money away then charge you for it?????

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