Arrangement Review

Do I'm a hilltop resident and first you ripped up concrete and but this very ugly chipped wood in. Which is now growing lots of weeks.

Then rip up 11th Street for islands? All this while we are plagued with pot holes throughout hilltop? Makes me wonder just what the heck or who the heck this is for?

Businesses if so great but us long term residents should come first. Please fix our streets!

Guasti, California
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Other Company - Employment Conditions Review

it's what's happening employees only make a certain amount of money and now they telling them that they have to wear uniforms that they cannot afford to buywe spend a lot of money on work clothes and now we have to spend more money on more clothesI wish my wife would stop working there but she's a dedicated workerI think they should think more about their employees and what they doand I'm sorry for the people that have to deal with the employees that are not nice

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Other Company - Review

Terrible failure.

I was in an abusive relationship with wealthy self employed spouse. S & W failed me miserably. I did everything they rold me to do to the letter. They Told me I just needed to settle. I got NO SUPPORT for myself and 3 children for SIX months following settlement, while ex was in the 4 bedroom house with his girlfriend and I lived with kids in my moms 55+ community

A year after seeing his tax returns - he lied about his income by over $55k the year I "settled". S & W took him back to court for me --- charged me nothing because they KNEW they screwed up terribly, but they lost / Failed yet again when judge told me "too bad, this is what you settled for"

They continued to bill me up until recently for this fiasco which left me and my kids devastated. And I still deal with ex who knows he can get away with it all

I'm no better off than the first day I walked I to their office. And I paid them over $75,000.

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Fake Site

Beware this fake site store : and

I have lost my money... please do not buy from this site if you won't lost your money

even there is no respond thereafter my payment made. I believed, this company is cheating me. I would like to seek your help to search or contact this supplier. Numerous email has been sent to this supplier and no feedback or respond from them.

Damnnn do not know how many people have been cheated this far.

Therefore, I would seek your held to investigate this web address.Thank you




I'm also get a cheat from, please stay away from theme guys.

They are proffesionals scams, stay away safe your money.

I'm late to read they reviews on internet, I pay in advance and than I see the reviews.

*** you !


WHO ARE YOU GUYS ? I have never done business with you before. You said that you lost your money 130k from my company, so which product you've bought from my website before ?

Reason of review
Problem with delivery
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YOU HAVE TO CANCEL WITHIN THE 14 DAYS!!! I didn't even take one pill and got charged 78 bucks...

You automatically sign up for the auto-ship... If you don't call within the 14 days (trail period) they'll send you a bottle every month - for 78 bucks each time... Also... The 4.95 is for shipping and handling...

YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE BOTTLE THEY SENT YOU - at the end... ($78.85) You have to pay this amount!!! You can get a reduction in price - IF you send back the unused pills - pro-rated... Within the 14 day trial period is the key...

Here I am, after the 14 day trial period - with an unopened bottle - and I can't send it back... So...

They'll send you a bottle for $4.95, but will still charge you the full amount after the 14 day trial period... THEY WILL CHARGE YOU THE FULL AMOUNT!!!


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Los Gatos, California, United States #865769

How do I get out of the scam? HELP!!

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Other Company in Wrexham, Wales - Cellulite? Practice Yoga

In a study done in Massachusetts by Wayne PhD, showed that diet and exercise can reduce cellulite through the overall reduction of fat in the muscles. Yoga is a form of exercise that burns calories and fat, even when practiced with high temperatures, while strengthening the muscle structure and producing a unique state of general well-being.

Cellulite that affects 93% of women finds herself trapped between the skin and connective tissue, with the aggravating factor of a poor lymphatic circulation just causing the terrible effect "orange peel".

In cellulite have many friends who are practicing yoga for years and why we have consulted some experts in yoga about the benefits provided by the practice of yoga to prevent cellulite. HALLUCINATED we are left with the anti-cellulite effect that can be achieved with a few yoga poses! And most importantly...

Yoga involves a change of eating habits that are even more in favor of a better silhouette, without cellulite. We could talk more about the multiple benefits of yoga for the body and mind, but here we will focus on those positions that have a direct effect on cellulite.

The following positions use muscles in the thighs, buttocks, and hips to give specific training to the lower part of the body. Each one of them must be held between 30 and 60 seconds.

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Other Company - The new Dr. Who- season 8

Okay, as a dr.who fan for many years, I've put up with a lot. From the loss of David Tennant and Rose to dealing with Matt Smith's bow ties and the fez, but really.

As am American viewer, with much love for the BBC, how can you expect us to deal with the this????? I tried, I really did, but seriously, the old guy, the lamest story line from the best story, how much can we be expected to take? Please just let it be over. We're fans, not morons.

Give us the best, or just let it go. Please.....

Reason of review
Not as described
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Other Company in Lexington, North Carolina - Cannot pass final inspection.

Had pool installed 2 yrs ago. Great service etc.

till concrete started to sink around pool. They re poured it incorrectly and we are still waiting to have it redone again. Also need fence around back wall. Was told would be done in Jan.

Now Sept. Cannot get hold of anyone at A.S, after they told us July 22 they would be out in 5 weeks(which would be end of Aug.) to re pour cement and install fence. Now it looks like an attorney will be called!

We have been patient and even offered to work with them on their budget back in Jan. Need this done to get final inspection!

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Other Company - Horchata Water Review from Los Angeles, California

I bought a horchata water an I seen the lady wit a smirk on her face so I dont know if it was purpose nade or accident bur wen I was drinking the water I drank something so I chew it an thaught it was raisen cause od the type of water but then I chew it an when I check wat it was it qaa a big nasty fly I went back an told them an they laugh an said if I had money for lawyer that I didnt look like I can afford one so I felt more direspected

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Other Company in Mansfield, Connecticut - Condescending Very Disrespectful

The wordy explanation can in no way capture the incident as it occurred. I felt very mistreated, not listened to and the attendant walked away from me on two occasions.

When trying to explain to her what I wanted, she pointed out my shortcomings while other customers stood by listening. I do understand the difficulty working with the public, but this poor lady needs either employee assistance or a review by her manager about how to deal with the public. Suffice it to say I will not be doing any further business with your company and I will certainly share my experience I had with others. This incident took place on Monday, September 1, 2014, at about 12:30 in the afternoon.

I will also cancel the order that was never fill. Thank you for this forum to express a customers experiences.

(Mansfield, CT. store)

Mansfield, Connecticut
Reason of review
Poor customer service
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