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I bought a egrove refrigerator. It is an awesome very usable refrigerator.The ways that you can configure the shelves is very helpful and I love all the drawers that come with it. By having the ice maker in the door I get more usable space within the shelves. I also like having the gallon of milk in the door to free up shelf space.

Noise Level

it is a very quiet product When the ice maker refills you can hardly tell it is on. And while it is running there isn't any hum at all. I like the door open feature also so that you know if the door has been left ajar.

Temperature Control

The sliding temperature controls on the drawers are very easy to know what setting to use for the items you are keeping within them. It is also easier to use the controls on the front of the doors help maintain the proper levels.

Ease of Cleaning

It is easy to wipe out the shelves within the refrigerator. The drawers also come out and go back in easily for washing and cleaning them. It is also very easy to keep the front of the doors clean from fingerprints by using a stainless steel wipe that we purchased from the grocery store.


The doors and interior shelving and drawers holds up very well to my grandkids opening and closing the doors and drawers for their snacks. it also is very well constructed and able to hold all the items we keep in the doors and drawers and shelves.

I would recommend you to buy this model. I hope it helps you in some way!

Reason of review
Good quality
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Scam, Scam, Scam....Seller beware, buyers will tell you they are buying your merchandise, but will tell you that they are sending you a check for the merchandise and the moving company or people, they send you a bogus check that looks legit for you to deposit into your account, not to cash and they Once your bank finds out the check is not legit you will wind up paying your bank for the check. I got two checks one for 2450.00 the merchandise was only 400.00 the rest was to pay the movers, did not even sound right, it was a couch and a loveseat what movers would charge 2,000.00 to move a small amount.

The other check was for $1950.00, the merchandise was only 700.00 the rest to go to the movers. please beware of this scam........

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Other Company - Review in Other category from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

They are totally in forcing someone to buy their vacation eventhough you already said No.. Do not buy any vacation from them as what they've said during presentation is not exactly the same as their contract.

Offering a 5-star hotel during the 4hours presentation and only to see a low class hotel in the website when I tried to book. No refund is given and I've lost almost $2300US but still fighting to get my hard earned money.

Reason of review
Not as described
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Del_Air Melbourne, Florida did not honor warranty

The family of Augusta and Patricia Williams closed on the property Palm Bay Florida April 18, 2016 a new Adams Homes in the Sloneridge subdivision.

All appliances and the construction have a 1 year warranty. But on August 6, 2016 the Heat Pump air condition unit failed it was not cooling the air temperature was 93 degrees when it should have been 76 degrees.

We called for the repair on Saturday Augusta 6, 2016 and on Sunday morning August 7, 2016 at 9 am the Del-Air service man came he said our problem would not be covered as a warranty repair so we paid $277.00 that day and searched for a refund since it should have been covered.

We waited 8 weeks for a response from Adams Home Warranty Repair office. We were told wild accusations such as we had used cheap air filters, we had no filter in the unit and we left the garage door and the windows open.

We are homeowners we are not renters. We used the same quality of air filters as the company Del-Air who installed the unit. We made an investment of over $200,000 to purchase this home why would we jeopardize our investment?

The Adams Homes Warranty Department seems to support the accusations of the Del-Air contractors who put the unit in. They do not stand by their customers 1 year warranty on all appliances and the construction. We have been here less than 6 months but they are adamant about not refunding us. So we are filing this complaint as a dissatisfied customer who feels ripped off and disrespected.

To take these companies to court is not cost effective but we are considering the option. This report has been submitted to the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and your hotline.

I appreciate if you can help us in this matter. The reality of the matter is when friends and family ask if we are satisfied with our brand new home the response will be perfect except for this one blemish.

Augusta Williams Jr and Patricia Williams

Homeowner and self published international writer on the Board of the Directors for the Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Melbourne Florida and the United third Bridge Civil Rights Group.

Winfield, Missouri
Reason of review
Warranty not honored
Preferred solution
Full refund
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Uship - Transportation Service Review from Canton, Georgia

Absolutely horrible! I would NEVER use them again and advise against using them even if it was a last resort.

They were scheduled for 7am and didn't arrive until 9am. The truck broke down. They communicated they needed to stop for gas but didn't bother after 5 hours. During the 5 hours I contacted them via phone and text.

I never received a response until after I threatened to call the police and provide them with their tags, faces and identity of the truck. Magically, I received a call stating there was no need to get the police involved and that they did not want any of my belongings. I was told there no reason to have to do so. I still took it upon myself to call the police.

If after several hours of no delivery or communication, I don't know who wouldn't have called the cops. The two workers showed up with my belongings in a totally different truck from earlier and when it was time to pay said to pay what I thought was fair. For a job that was initially $120 I gave him $60. The lead guy had the nerve to negotiate the payout after he left me total control to pay him what was fair.

He wasn't entitled to anything honestly. He argued that my one complaint of poor service to his hundreds of great customer service was just a drop in the bucket. He kept saying my argument was understandable but continued to argue that his poor service was the way to go. I told him I initially planned to pay him $200 for his service and he ignorantly states he didn't need $200 but he begged me for $80 instead of the $60 he wasn't even due.

I did call the police and gave them tags of the truck the started in and come to find out the tags were bad tags. This company is a liability and run by criminals. I don't trust them to deliver let alone become exposed to your home and privacy. This was all bad.

It could not be salvaged. Just trash.

Please heed this warning.


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Rockford, Michigan, United States #1311477

wow..you shipped a entire house full of items for 60 bucks?

Reason of review
Bad quality
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Other Company - Loan Review from Ashville, Alabama

I am having almost the same issue! Except my truck should have been paid off already!

They can't get their story straight. There are payments posted to my account that I didn't make. I told them they needed to investigate and all they wanted to say was that those payments needed to be reversed! I also was transferred to a manager by a lady with no warning.

They tried to make me look *** and they have no idea what they are doing.

In the meantime I am trying to figure out who's payments were posted to my account! I am sure these crooks have repo'd their car!

Ashville, Alabama
Reason of review
Problems with payment
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Short Review on October 02, 2016

Internet search engines pollute Internet with porncelebs media spam that destroy search results time class action lawsuit should begin Internet search engines destroy reputations

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Customer Care Review

I recently visited you storage at 75056 in Lewisville and was very pleased with the freindly and proffesional service i received. The gal that works there was tireless in finding exactly what worked best for me and she was pleasant and patient with us. Made our lousy day better.

Brenda Kramer

Reason of review
Good customer service
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Ombia Demra - TOTALLY SCAM

Ordered trail size, didn't like it made me itch. But then they Started sending me bottles at $94, but price was never advertised.

When I called to cancel, Joy told me "not to worry" product is yours, you will not receive anymore. Guess what? I received 2 more bottles and when I called Furious today, Bella tells me that I can keep the product, No kidding, I paid for it, and they will not accept returns even in unopened envelopes. The best they will do is give me 50% back on my last bottle--WHAT??


They representatives can barely speak English and talk so fast. DO NOT BUY!!!!!

Reason of review
Not as described
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Other Company - Toretto Necklace Review

I have recently fallen victim of these *** artists . I've order something again it was free but postage had to be paid.

It's been a month and nothing. I've received emails from them to confirm order and order sent. I've tried to reply to them via email but had emails rejected immediately. There's no contact number .

I've done a little research after this and found that this company are nothing but a bunch of thieves that's happy to take your money and send you nothing in return .it's about time they were brought to justice. Intent to deceive people with the amazing deals .

Should have known it was too good to be true . I feel proper *** but also ready to break someone

Reason of review
Order processing issue
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