Rude disrespectful employes, would rather lose a sale then admit they are wrong

I was in the process of purchasing a Canada dry ginger ale berry flavor. That was on a shelf marked for a dollar.

Every shelf from top to bottom was marked for a dollar. I heard the lady running the register say I need an over ring, or something of that nature, but I guess the woman in charge decided I wasn't worthy of that. Because she came with some excuse about the vendor, which makes no sense. A good store manager would have fixed that issue by now.

Then she stated,(Sorry For You) not something people say to a customer.

Unless they know they are in the wrong, but have the power at the time. This happened on 11/26/2016 I will go back tomorrow to see if it's been fixed and add photo didn't take one to easy the situation, because I was pissed off.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
not really sure I am a disable vet so my time is priceless I have to ride the bus
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A corrupt system protected by ammunity

I had raised a family and now have my own flock, 7 grandkids and 4 children and one great grandson. We are a close family and have helped each other out in these past hard times.

I am currently working as a Quality control tech at a forge in Jeffersonville Ohio. I had graduated from the Art Academy and was an active portrait figure bronze sculptor for years but the computer put me out of business. Since then I’ve been a Notary public and Bonded as an independent mobile banker for Commerce National bank. The recent Economy crises closed that business.

I then got my Health and Life Insurance license but our new healthcare system turned me away shortly after I started. I even did over the road with a CDL for a while. That wasn’t for me either. I found a good fit with my skills and I like my current position.

I’m a shop cop in a very large forge now, helping shape steel for cars. When I go home now, I am a custodial caretaker for my elderly mother of 83 years old. I have agency care takers come to the house while I work. Mom can't be left alone.

Its the hardest job I ever had. My oldest son had two girls by Angie whom had another girl Kimberly currently 14 or 15 now. Kim is a troubled child in the custody of Angies' parents. Angie had lost custody of her 2 other children by reasons I don't know.

My son and Angie never married. They were always struggling and lived with me for 5 out of the 10 years they were together. Eli only had a GED. He just finished welding school but Child Protection Services has prevented him from moving forward.

Anyway, when they finally got around to establishing themselves and got there own place, they tried to bring Kimberly into there family with my Eli and Angies girls Emily and Savanna. They are everything I live for. The first night it all fell apart. The Police were called cause Kimberly was up late watching T.V.

on a school night eating up all the food. She is required to take ADD meds and can get out of hand at times. Angie and Eli had there first fight. They broke up but attempted to reunite months later.

Eli found out she had an affair so Angie stoled all there savings and records and ran to Texas with some miscreants. My son is a model father and hired a detective to find them and Eli filed for custody. Well Kimberly took it upon herself to try and strengthen her Moms attempt to get Custody of the girls legal kidnapping and said that I had raped her. You must believe me, that never even got close to happening.

Of course that must be investigated and I received paperwork from Child Protective services afterwards finding there conclusion. I am attaching this doc to verify the actions. Well, shortly after Angie left, my son found a young lady Monica and they had twin babies, Mason Robert and Mckinsie Sue. They were born Dec.

14th last year. Four months later, my grandson passed away. We were all devastated. We buried him in February.

The kids were just starting out and moved into Monicas' grandpas house with her sister and her family and her brother. It is a 7 bedroom house. My grandson Mason Robert was in and out of the hospital 4 times before he passed away. Monica had brought the baby home late from the hospital one night and the next morning he had passed away.

Both my son and Monica had been doing shifts at the hospital and were exhausted. The other kids at the house had the house in a mess. Monica had the baby in bed with here when it died, so CPS came. They accused Monica of killing her baby and they threatened to take McKinzie and put her up for adoption.

They jumped to many conclusions. They sent papers to my son telling him that he owed child support for his dead son.There is a long list of lies, errors and mistakes. Hearings began and me and Emma Shepard, Elis Mom who doesn’t live with me were shut out of the hearings. Me and Emma are still very good friends and do all birthdays and holidays together.

We never even had the chance to grieve my grandson. The Colerain police officer Danny Dieter who investigated the incident, just retired, called Monica and said he was outraged and he was going to help. At one point I acquired evidence of collision and CPS dismissed it. We had phone records of communication with one of the case workers and Angie.

I called the attorney general, went to district one police station to report it, I even emailed Todd Portune the county commissioner at the suggestion of OAG to report what was going on. Everyone said I need a lawyer. After all the laws CPS broke, I was so upset, I had just had all my top teeth pulled for dentures when I made the mistake of calling them. I said quote unquote “ I have evidence of collusion, I’m going to have you arrested”, then I named 3 people in the case.

So they sworn out a warrant for me. My trial date is Dec. 8th, 2016. for menacing.

I never once threatened them with any bodily harm. I fell like I’m charged for trying to report a crime. I did a little research on this matter and discovered hundreds of thousands of horror stories. There is a Senate JRES.36 amendment for Parental rights sitting on congresses desk at this time.

Over 300,000 families in a class action lawsuit attached to the purposed amendment. i jointed my son to it. I’ll be revealing this info at my trial. I took a second mortgage out to hire the best lawyers for my son and his appeal.

My public defender says I have a good defense. It’s been devastating to my whole family. Emma Shepard and my daughter have takin custody of McKinzie, Savanna and Emily. Monica and Eli are now married.

My daughter has 4 boys and the 3 girls of my son living under one house. Jobs and Family services who are suppost to help families has devastated mine, financially, spiritually and emotionally. Now CPS has combined both cases. In this mess I’ve been told that I am not allowed to see my grand daughters.

That I had been accused of rape from Angie. This is the first Thanksgiving that my family could not spend together. I can handle it but my Mom is hurt bad by this demand of CPS. I received no paperwork over this, no restraining order or nothing.

My lawyer Brittany Collins says they can’t do that. I am so confused over the line of the law. If I must go to jail, I will loss my Mom, my house and my Job. My question to you if you could ask Joe or someone in the legal world is, By what law can this happen in our country.

By whos’ authority can they do this. They have blatantly broke the constitution in so many ways. Why didn't they even call me back to ask about my concerns. I never even got to face my accuser.

I want to expose their criminality if possible to help future families.

I am all for protecting children from abuse but CPS has broken their own code of family unification. Could you help in anyway.
 Sincerely, Robert Shepard.

Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
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Travel Time Share Review


Elderly people are harassed frequently. Told that they have bought items and are legally responsible. This company refused to speak to me on my phone call. Rude, hostile, aggressive, and abrasive.


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I do own in Belize

I do not know anything about the company buybelize but I own several properties in Belize country and have since 1994. never a problem with the people or country.

I have lived there off and on and have many American friends there. the previous post about Guatemala is hipe. Guatemala would love to own Belize but that will never happen. Belize has been Independent since 1981 and has a British Military presents there.

is safer than Chicago for sure. I highly recommend the country.

I have driven from end to end of this country and never a problem of any sort. I would look at other realestate other than buybelize and compare.


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La Quinta, California, United States #1339303

Who did you buy your property from? Where in Belize is it located? Ty

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Other Company - Review in Miscellaneous category from Austin, Texas

In Regards to Debbie S.{{{Redacted}}}. I never harassed you or was anything other honest, helpful and professional to you.

I have dedicated a website to show my correspondences to you.{{{Redacted}}}.htm Nevertheless, I feel necessary to set the record straight in regards to your false and slandering statements made by yourself, Debbie S {{{Redacted}}} of Capstone Real Estate who contacted me at 512 966 3405, Debbie.s{{{Redacted}}} Because, fault of her own, she did not follow through with paying a deposit for a kitten, and then felt anger that she did not get the kitten she wanted most. She then made threats to slander me online due to her disappointment. At anytime, anyone can go to my website and make a deposit, ( It states on my kitten page: No kitten will be held any length of time without payment) she has clearly visited many times before and sent me two payments online through paypal herself without my help.

I only offered to send one invoice the first one this time, under the assumption she was going to pay right away. Debbie Texas did previously purchase a ragdoll kitten from me, a wonderful kitten named Calypso April 17th. After so many years of breeding I knew this was an extra special girl, and missed her when she left. There was no issue with the kitten when it was adopted.

I also sent two follow up emails in regards to how the kitten was adjusting ( April 22 and May 19), and I never got a follow up response. If there is an issue later, why is it so difficult to contact me and tell me and ask for advise? Nevertheless, finally I get an email from Debbie the night of the Presidential election Nov 8/9th in the middle of the night that states " Hi, I hope all is well. Calypso is a loveable, playful, healthy and truly apart of our family.

We are looking to add to our family and give us all another playmate." (My assumption is that they were overjoyed with the US election and jumped on celebrating with another kitten.) But if Calypso had issues, why didn’t they state it or why get another from me? Nonsense. I followed up immediately to their request to get a new kitten and that I would like pictures of now renamed Callie. I stated I do have kittens that will be ready for the holidays but they go quick and are selected in the order the deposits are received, and I will have pictures of the kittens the week of Thanksgiving.

Her reply was to send her an invoice for a deposit (Nov 9), which I did at 716 am. I also got pictures of her Callie on my text right away. Nevertheless, when people request an invoice they pay it and do not leave me hanging if they are serious (and have the money). She left the invoice unpaid and no communication for a week.

After two 1/2 days I sent a friendly follow up text "Hi, are you still planning on reserving a kitten for the holidays?" no response. November 13, I sent a picture of a kitten, still no response. 7 days have gone by and the invoice was automatically cancelled (plus I sent an automatic email reminder). Then Wed Nov 16, I sent another friendly follow up text "Hi, are you still planning on reserving a kitten for the Holidays?" Finally, after the invoice was cancelled I got a text from Debbie saying “So Sorry, my work schedule has been crazy, and they still want a kitten.” I did not send another invoice because, by this time, it was really a waist of time because she can go on my website that she has visited many times and pay it herself.

Meanwhile, She had unknowing contacted me for kittens on my other number thinking I was a different breeder. I followed up initially not knowing it was Debbie and her reply was that " she had contacted so many websites, that she did not remember who she had contacted. So now it’s clear that an additional reason she has not paid the invoice is because she is shopping around. Ok, I understand, I said nothing and ignored it and did not confront her.

On Saturday Nov 19th, after another 6 days of no reply from her, I sent her pictures of several pictures of another kitten. I get an almost immediate reply that they are in Love and asking how much is the kitten. I replied “HE is 950. If paid in full by thanksgiving I will give a $100 discount.” To which I get…..

No reply. Does that mean he is too much, it’s a he and they want a she… nothing? I cannot read people’s mind. Many people get excited by a kitten, but it is more than they want to pay.

On Sunday Nov 20th, I send 4 more kitten pictures early in the day, then late in the night more than a day since I sent pictures of the kitten that they evidently wanted most, and I am still confused. They state they want the second kitten of the 4, thinking it was the initial kitten just aged now. I sent email clarifying and following up when they can get the kitten. Now the morning of the 21st I am still confused what kitten they want, but finally I send Debbie an invoice.

There seems to be some confusing on what kitten they want possibly, so I ask for clarification, which was never clarified. Debbie asked for an invoice nevertheless, and I send it at 824 am on Monday the 21st with a quick follow up. “ Thanks, That’s Fine. My family wants the last kitten with the little spot on the nose” I am on the way to work.

I will secure payment later this afternoon.” I resent picture for confirm the kitten. Her reply was yes, my son likes him and looks a little like our Callie” The afternoon passes and now I have several people wanting kittens, but I still have held the kitten they want for them. So now that it is 556pm, I follow up. Did you pay the invoice?

Lol I think I am becoming disillusioned. What I meant that is that I have given Debbie and her family another chance, and I am being burnt again. She replied, that she is at work heading home soon. Does that make any sense?

I replied’ Ok Debbie Thanks again very much. They night goes by, and no deposit for the kitten they want. Finally, I state “ I see read my messages. Is this the problem, you are not interested, and post a screen shot of her comment that she has corresponded with so many breeders.

The next morning Debbie’s direct reply follows. DEBBIE S {{{Redacted}}}: There is Now Last time we paid you through PayPal and the balance in cash. I was able to secure the $850. We planned to pay you in full.

Our savings account is linked. You sent an invoice with payment intended for CC only. My husband was asleep when I got home last night. I needed to discuss this with him.

We typically do not use CC. I do not understand how the communication failed and we lost the other kitty. My son cried. I do not understand why their seems to be a slight edge or undertone in your responses.

As much as we were hoping for another kitten from you. it is best to cancel this transaction. You did not have favorable reviews when we purchased Calypso. We were so nervous throughout the entire process.

We were so happy you proved them wrong. Unfortunately, there has been a communication breakdown and we lost. Why would I continue to ask for an invoice, if I had access. I an in property management.

I deal, handle listen to people all day. My intent is to ensure no matter what they are happy and satisfied with the outcome. I absolutely do not understand where this went wrong. MY REPLY Yes, I was very burned by a buyer that was immoral that had mental problems that has led me through depression and put me on edge with people, mainly those that I feel that are dishonest with me.

If you had expressed your concern this could have been addressed. Instead I have been mislead by you. I was so devastated that you never followed up with me with Calypso and I tried contacting you twice. People are so very cruel and mean.

I felt that my intuition was that you were looking with other sellers despite getting calypso and I was right and it's very hurtful. DEBBIE S {{{Redacted}}}: You are not right. You had an opportunity to still work this out, instead you are accusatory and sending out false accusations. I told you I did not receive anything from you, regarding Calypso.

I am not dishonest. You never sent a text or called. My spam empties daily. I never check it.

I apologized to you. I continue to ask for an invoice and you did not respond. I was nervous and looked at other sites in the event you did not follow through. We also love looking at kittens.

There precious and makes us smile. Your other site was the only one I reached out too. You are looking at this all wrong. I think it was met to be.

We are very selective and do not trust most sites. I had a domestic kitty die of Feline Leukemia years ago. She was born with it. I spent thousands to try to save her.

It was devastating. There were not any ulterior motives. We just wanted to adopt another kitten. We reached out to you first.

We were hoping if it worked out, the next kitten would be related to Calypso. I was absolutely correct you did not follow through. When we adopted Calypso, she had a severe ear infection in both eyes. It took over two months to clear it up.

Not to mention a few hundred in vet bills. We were at the vet's the day after you gave us Calli. We did not cause her eye infection, you gave her to us with a raging infection. We assumed you were unaware.

Even after that we were still willing to adopt from you. I understand you are selective, but we were a repeat customer for you. This should have assisted in accepting us to adopt your baby not to hinder. I am only guilty for not following my intuition.

I never post reviews, but I will this time. MY REPLY First I send screen shots of the emails I sent her asking for a follow up, plus her email from Nov 9th stating “So Sorry I missed your emails. They may have gone into Spam. I rarely check it, since there is so much junk” ME: Again, I am sorry if there is an issue but I can't do anything unless someone communicates.

It is horrible you say these things.? DEBBIE S {{{Redacted}}} REPLY Stop texting me. I am not sure what point you are driving. I have not said anything horrible, just wanted you to understand I did not see your emails from the Spring.

And we assumed you were unaware Calypso had health issues. If we had thought you intentional gave her to us in her condition, we would have reached out and asked for compensation. Leave us alone. We have enough disappointment.

Your name calling is crossing the line.

We did not do anything wrong, except ask to adopt from you again. THE END{{{Redacted}}}{{{Redacted}}}/{{{Redacted}}}

Reason of review
False representation
Preferred solution
No Solution
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Short Review on November 26, 2016

I went to 3 clubs in Kizilay, Ankara. Had the same awful experience.

I was robbed by patrons in the clubs. I called the police....Ankara police is the worst. They tell you they are coming and never do.

Advice I give foreigners visiting Turkey...If you don't speak Turkish , avoid Turkey... It is the most visitor unfriendly place one can ever visit.

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Very poor service

The individual in question is Nurse assistance Christine. When the shifts changedI was lying across the bed in my.

I overheard nurse Desiree tell her that I had and infection on my rear end.As I turned around I seen her smiling as if it was very funny. I did really see anything funny with my situation. At tha time I was in lot of pain,so Christine ask me if I wanted a warm compress of course I said yes. About 35 to 40 minutes passed so I decided to get off the bed and look for her.

When I walked out into the hall she(Christine) was sitting at the hallway computer. Again I ask her about the compress she didn't move she continued to do whatever it was she was doing. So I went back into the room and got ino the bed still in a lot of pain. Nurse Desiree came int the room then I started to tell her that I asked Christine for a compress and she never got it,ask im telling the nurse she walked in and put it on the table.

I knew she could hear me from where she was in the hallway so only when she heard me talking to the nurse she responded. Now dont get me wrong I clearly understand that there are people thats in more of a need then me. But not to simply bring a compress to the room in 35 to 40 minutes for is a little much by any standard. Im not sure of what the staffing like here today but the service is clearly unsat.

It 10 o'clock been here now for about 12 hours and I have yet to meet the doctor thats doing the surgery on me. If i would have known that I was going to set here all day and only receive a few shots for pain I would have not came here for service.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Get people that has good customer service,and not one who's just after a paycheck.
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Other Company - Website Review

Black Friday on line deals are a joke. Never had so many problems with their website till mid night Thursday, when online deals began.

I don't belive it was the result of an over loaded system or a bad connection. I may have bought that excuse if the items on my wish list hadn't all of a sudden disappeared. Ive been tracking the prices for weeks. Abnd now i can't even find the item on my list.

When i look the items up in the search option in the app, they are either listed as 'unavailable' or ' out of stock'.

Anything that is left is now more than DOUBLE the original listed price two months ago, and is ' on sale' for a price that is MORE than the cost of the item back in September. Its bullsh*t!!!!!

Reason of review
Bad quality
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Paint It Up - House Painters Review

Worst service ever. Got paint all over carpet, lamps, framed artwork, on New Furniture, knick knacks, got ceiling paint on walls and vice versa.

None of the painters wore protective booties. Walked into bedroom that was being painted to a painter standing on my bed in his bare shoes. No respect at all for my home or property. I had to point out multiple things that needed to be fixed.

Which were not. Came back a second time for same fix requests and got none done. No drop cloths were used no tarps.

I am finishing out of frustration what my $3000.00 did not pay for. Owners name is Dave he is out of Orange County CA.

Reason of review
Poor customer service
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Fiesta Sweepstakes - Review in Advertising category

Fiesta sweep is far from a legal bingo place or the lottery. It needs to be raided and the patron who obviously spends their check their is *** for not understand the difference.

Shut the fiesta down and jail the owner. I spit people at fiesta sweep during the work day so it seems to be they use their government disablity money to gamble their. I will do what ever is needed to shut the place down.

The negative commenter who seems to game at such places needs mental help for gambling. I say - Run to a professional for gambling help quick


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Mcallen, Texas, United States #1253650

Who the *** are you to tell anyone how they should spend their money on? You don't like it, don't do it.....nobody is forcing you to.

Why do you care where people spend their money? Maybe this is the only social interaction some of then get. Talk about the gambling all you want but they can just go and buy all the scratch tickets they want or play bingo or the lottery and the state's airtight with that.

If the state would just treat it like another business, it would be an additional tax revenue for them.

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