Other Company - Bad delivery service

Ordered a sofa and chair with very little hassel from sale person. When delivery time came the men had dificulty getting furniture into our house.

They were rude and make no added effort in the direction of solving this problem. We ended up having to send the furniture back and ordering a different set from the same store. We then had to make arrangements to take time off from work a second time for the delivery and they attempted to charge us a second delivery fee.

After much complaining and threats to send the furniture back they finally removed the fee. I seriously doubt we will ever buy from this company again due to the inconvenience they caused us.

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#107841 Review #107841 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer107841.


Those in Government, and those affected by Government, which is all of us, should be aware of and learn from to obvious lessons or examples of the facts of life.

There are those in Government,and Academia, among other occupations and professions, that believe it is somehow the responsibility of Human Beings, primarily Americans, to provide and substitute self-reliance and personal responsibility from one person to another.

It could be called Individual Responsibility Transfer.

The way Life really works, and should work, is demonstrated by Illegal Immigration.

If an Individual wants something, anything, and to improve their standard of living, or just have toys, that Individual has to do something. Take action.

As is probably typical of any Society, there are a small number of the population, probably less than 5%, that are willing to risk something, or perhaps everything, to get what they want.

For example, Criminals risk their Freedom and Assets.

Illegal Immigrants evidently are willing to violate the Laws of the United States, leave their Family, leave their way of life, leave their surroundings, and leave their Country, because they want the opportunity to earn more money, and thus improve their living standards and obtain whatever material things they want and can't obtain in their native environment and situation.

The Lesson to be learned from this by Americans, is that they too have to do something to get what they want.

It is not the responsibility of any one other than the Individual to provide anything, including Health Insurance, Breakfast,Lunch,Housing Fees,Food,Medical Treatment, and anything else that the so-called Government, which is really other People, Taxpayers, Neighbors,Friends,Acquaintances,and anyone else, to provide anything other than Personal and National Security for the Individual.

Self-reliance and Greed, is what made American what it is.

In obtaining assets for the Individual, everyone else benefits.

Providing something, or anything, for anyone else, other than the opportunity to provide for themself, destroys the entire premise.

The Second Lesson to be learned from Illegal Immigration is, that if anything is provided FREE, it will be accepted, by almost anyone.

The Illegals readily accept free birthing,free medical attention, free housing,free food stamps, free lunch, free breakfast, and anything else anyone else is willing to give them, including the Government.


Take what action is necessary to improve your life and obtain things, but accept anything free that anyone is willing to give you, so that you can use your assests for your own benefit.

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#102859 Review #102859 is a subjective opinion of poster.


The first part of this article was inadvertently listed under ALTERNATE MEDICINE as were several other postings. If interested, you obviously have to select that SubCategory.

Every article submitted by this Writer to this Site in the past, has been an attempt to inform and protect the Consumer,Owner,and Prospective Owner and User of Hearing Aids.

In at least my opinion, the best favor you can do for any Family Member, Friend, Associate, or Acquaintance, who has any interest at all, in the purchase or use of hearing aids, would be to refer them to this site.

Never before, has anything been written about the Hearing Aid Industry, Hearing Aid Products, Hearing Aid Policies, Hearing Aid Procedures, Hearing Aid Warranties, Hearing Aid Repairs, Hearing Aid Services, and Hearing Aid Retail Prices and Costs, as has been written on these pages.

The reading of all the articles published here can be of great benefit and use to the Consumer.

That is my purpose..

Now, My observations, from the Hearing Aid Dispensers point of view.

There is no more interesting experience available than that of interviewing prospective users, or existing users, of hearing aids.

In at least my case, the Initial Interview with a Prospective User, is an educational tutorial, primarily for the Prospect.

In that process, observations are made, I'm sure by both or all Parties, and the subject of compatibility is determined.

As Claude Rains said in Casa Blanca " This could be the start of a long relationship".

The Prospect is usually not aware of how much time they are going to be spending with the Hearing Aid Dispenser.

The Acceptance and Use of a Hearing Aid, is not an easy thing.

It requires a tremendous amount of Patience, by all Parties, and a lot of motivation and determination.

If a Prospective User does not really have a Need, regardless of the level of hearing loss, and is not really motivated to go through everything necessary to adapt and appreciate the benefit of a Hearing Aid, then the Hearing Aid Dispenser is really wasting his time.

The required time and effort, should only be spent with those Prospects that really need and want a Hearing Aid.

Anyone who trys to sell and fit a Hearing Aid to anyone other than that is either inexperienced or a Fool.

There is a limited time available to Service Hearing Aid Users, and no time should be wasted trying to fit hearing aid Users who are not really motivated and have a great need.

The Selling and Fitting of a Hearing Aid is not a Game of Wits or Sales Skill.

It is a legitimate Service and should only be expended on those that appreciate the experience,skill,and talents, of a Qualified Hearing Aid Dispenser.

A Honest Hearing Aid Dispener, is dedicated to serving and filling the Needs of the User. Not the needs (financial) of the Hearing Aid Dispenser.

Any User, or Potential User, of Hearing Aids, should be able to sense and evaluate that Attitude, and if they feel that is not the case, they should change Hearing Aid Dispensers and Providers.

Buyer Beware

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I found this post today and although its late in the evening in Rochester, I would like to thank whoever wrote the above response or observation to my postings.Most Professionals base their services on a fee basis.Hearing Aid Dispensers should not pretend that it is the cost of the Hearing Aids that are responsible for the outrageous pricing of Hearing Aids.Hearing Aid Dispensers are marking up the cost of Hearing Aids from 3, 4,5,and even 6 times.They give the impression that such pricing is established by the Hearing Aid Manufacturers, and thats not true.It is not uncommon for Hearing Aid Dispensers to sell Hearing Aids for $,5,000 to $10,000 per pair.Digital Hearing Aids cost Hearing Aid Dispensers as little as $250 dollars.They charge the prices they do because they can get away with it.There is no real competition in the Hearing Aid Industry.Why upset the Apple Cart?Hearing Aid Purchasers should be aware that they are paying as much as $2,000 per hour for services performed.The entire process, from Testing to Fitting, usually takes less than 4 hours per year.Does anyone challenge these numbers.Thanks for your efforts.

Alsip Magistrate

#102854 Review #102854 is a subjective opinion of poster.


The initial contact with any Service Provider must provoce the same feelings of anxiety as a first time visit to a Courtroom, or a Blind Date.

The Stranger is usually very apprehensive and suspicious. Extremely cautious.

I believe, for those that are hesitant of the potential experience, that they should first talk to the Service Provider (whether it be an Attorney, Physician,Music Teacher, or Hearing Aid Dispenser) on the Telephone.

If the Respondee is in India, Hang up.

If however, the Respondee speaks perfect English (a good start) and answers all questions honestly, or at least are perceived that way, is straight forward, candid, and doesn't appear to be luring you into the Office, then I suggest you continue the conversation.

A prepared list of questions, such as how long they have been dispensing hearing aids, how long they have been in business, who owns the business, what products do they represent and why, what types of hearing loss are there, why do People wear hearing aids, or there any alternatives, why don't People wear hearing aids that need them, what do they cost and why are they so expensive, what other charges are involved in obtaining hearing aids, what are the warranty provisions, how is hearing accomplished, what is Digital Signal Processing and how does it apply to hearing aids, why are there different models of hearing aids, are there any Brand Advantages or Disadvantages, what are Trial Periods and what does that mean, how long do hearing aids last, how often and how much do they cost to repair or to replace if they are lost during the Warranty Period or afterwards, and how long does the process take from beginning to end.

If the Hearing Aid Dispenser is not available to discuss these questions, or is unwilling or unable to answer these questions, then I would seek another Hearing Aid Dispenser.

Hearing Aid Dispensers are advised, and trained, to be as ambiguous as possible. They have been told to never quote prices over the phone and the most important thing there is , is to get the Prospect (thats you) into the Office. Anyway they can.

My personal attitude and practice is, to spend as much time as possible on the phone with a Prospect and answer every question possible, and even to introduce questions and concerns not mentioned, so as not to waste my time with Prospects, who are really not Prospects, and are not People who have recognized they have a hearing problem and are motivated to do something about it.

The use of a hearing aid, while it is usually the only solution to a hearing problem, is not fun and is not without problems.

Even when purchased at the very best price, they are still very expensive.

The Office Visits, especially since the introduction of Digital Hearing Aids, can be very frequent and very time consuming.

The worse situation is when Clients have unrealistic expectations, and they are given unrealistic expectations by the Hearing Aid Dispenser in an attempt to sell hearing aids.

It is the Goal of almost everyone involved in selling hearing aids, to sell the most expensive hearing aid they can. The reason for this is Profit.

The greater the sale prices, the more profit for everyone, except the buyer.

You don't need features that won't improve your ability to hear.

If a hearing aid, any hearing aid, won't provide better hearing, it shouldn't be manufactured or sold.

Anyone selling hearing aids, regardless of their Title, is really just somebody selling hearing aids.

The most important considerations in being a Hearing Aid Provider are: Experience,Honesty,Ethics,Reliability,Empathy,Compassion,Knowledge,Fairness,Maturity,and Communication Skills.

Kind of the same Criteria as being any kind of a Provider of Goods and Services for anything.

The actual initial visit to the Hearing Aid Facility and the Introduction and Conversation with the Personnel of the Office, including the actual Hearing Aid Dispenser, should reveal everything you need to know.

If you don't feel comfortable with anything you are exposed to, leave.

Most times, your first gut reaction will tell you what to do.

Buyer Beware

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You are so negative and upside down on this issue, it is an embarrisment to even read your prattle. A hearing aid is just a device that helps YOU with your hearing problem. It does not replace your origional hearing. Someone on this site said that someone selling hearing aids is just a hearing aid salesman regardless of what he calls himself.....WRONG ! Hearing aid salesmen are people that are responsible for continuous FREE lifetime aftercare. They have to deal with the psychology of the hearing impaired. Distrust, suspision, argumentative, aggrerssive, some times nasty, and usually in denial, are some of those traits. My suggestion to you pal is to return your hearing aid and go without hearing help. You have been driving everyone nuts around you with a loud TV and your constant requests such as Haaaa?? What was that ??? or worse yet answers that have no relationship to the subject at hand.

Most important of all is that the hearing aid salesmen or dispenser is a career position and to think that he has to deal with someone as distrusting and negative as you is unbearable. My suggestion is to throw your hearing aid away and make everyone around you angry and a little crazy to boot.

Good luck buster !


#102851 Review #102851 is a subjective opinion of poster.


Wherever there is a Senior Citizen Center, and there has to be over 100,000 of them in the United States, I am confident that at least once each year there is an event scheduled called a Health Fair.

Such an event always includes Door Prizes, and when available, Flu Shots (usually FREE) Blood Pressure Testing, Stroke Testing, Glucose Testing, and Cholesterol Level Testing.

Usually every Organization involved with providing any type of product or service, primarily associated with Senior Citizens, is in attendance.

Exhibitors, from those selling diapers to cemetary plots are hawking their products and services.

It is almost a Carnival or Swap Meet type atmosphere.

Sometimes there is even WWII type music in the background.

A new experience and feature for me, at the Cypress Health Fair yesterday, in Cypress California, was a Barber cutting hair FREE (of course) for both Men and Women.

I timed his work (since there was a very large wall clock above his temporary work area) and he averaged about 10 minutes per head, either type.

He was very good, thorough, and sincere. He took his time and was about as professional, under the circumstances, as he could be. As is typical of Barbers, he even carried on a conversation with his clients ( Barbers no longer call them Customers, of course neither do Audiologists call their Customers, Customers, adopting the Medical Profession Term of Patients, for image purposes. Not of the Customer, but of the Provider (Hearing Aid Dispenser).

The Barber did have one limitation though, in that he spoke only English. At this Center, the Seniors, representing the New America, at least in California, there had to be 50 languages spoken, English being in the Minority.

Most of his Clients didn't even thank him for his FREE work and I only saw one of them give him a TIP. Actually $5.00 and of course that Client spoke English. I guess it is not customary to give tips in other countries, even when the service provided is FREE.

Among the Exhibitors were all the popular National Organizations such as the Cancer Society, Heart,Alzheimers,Diabetes,Braile,and almost every other group that appeals to Seniors.

The one Organization not in attendence, and I noticed never is, is AA. I don't know why.

I have even been to one Event where a Funeral Director had coffins (empty of course) on Display. He also provided freshly made Popcorn, which was a big draw.

For the most part, it is a waste of time for the Vendors and Exhibitors, but most have to attend because their Employers think it is the right theing to do and because their Competitors attend.

Usually most of the booths are staffed by Volunteers, not paid Employees.

Of course, there are always Hearing Aid Dispensers in attendence. Not the Manufacturers of course, they might have to be paid, but always commissioned Hearing Aid Dispensers, or the Owners, who of course are on commission, so to speak, as is every other self-employed business owner.

The most interesting part of thse Fairs or Events, are those Seniors in attendence.

Their first task is to secure at least one shopping bag. The more experienced attendees usually bring their own wheeled basket of some type because after a couple of hourse the shopping bags are too heavy to carry.

The more progressive Vendors have even provided wheeled carts (free) with their Names printed on the Carts. These are usually the favorites and are quickly grabbed by the Seniors.

Almost without exception, the Seniors take everything not nailed down.

They are almost Child-Like, in that they take hundreds of pens, coffee cups, paper clips, pencils, magnets, every type of container, emblems, dolls, toys, notebooks, memo pads, and every other imgaginable item, that any Vendor wants to get rid of from their office or garage.

Its like a big free Swap Meet.

Something must happen to People when they get older. Real older.

It is almost pathetic,

I think that most of those Seniors that attend these type of Events, are the same ones that visit the Center on a daily or weekly basis.

Its more like a social club and a social event.

It may be their only form of socialization.

The Senior Citizen Center Organization, usually charges a couple of hundred dollars for the Vendor to participate, and that money is used for Center Activities. It is a way of raising several thousand dollars that would otherwise not be available.

All in all, it is entertaining and a lot of fun for almost everybody.

As of this Event, I have never seen anyone who came, not leave, the same way they came. Which is a good thing.

The next Event gives the Seniors motivation to Carry On.

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#102841 Review #102841 is a subjective opinion of poster.


It is obvious to me, and others, that there are a lot of People out there, that appreciate information on Hearing Aids, Policies,Products, Procedures,Prices, Practices, and Services.

Accordingly I will post the Name, address,phone number,and prices, of every Hearing Aid Manufacturer selling hearing aids in the United States.

Obviously, I will also expose the Web Sites, and the Characteristics, of using those Web Sites.

In many instances, there are different Web Sites, and thus information, available to the General Public, the Consumer, and the Professional Hearing Aid Dispenser.

I will divulge everything I think important (Pertinent) about all Web Sites.

My purpose is to provide the Consumer with the best and total information available, at least what they are willing to release.

This service will take place over the next couple of weeks.

I am encouraged by the participation and hits on this subject and would appreicate comments and questions, if any.

Please expose this information to your Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Associates.

It is unique.

My purpose is to bring integrity to the Industry and Provide the Products and Services at Honest Prices.

Buyer Beware
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#102801 Review #102801 is a subjective opinion of poster.


In my opinion there is no reason to spend more than $1495 for a single hearing aid.

Such a hearing aid usually provides 4 Programs, and nobody needs more than that, and includes all the feature that are necessary to a successful fitting.

At that price, the Hearing Aid Dispenser probably makes a profit of $1,000.00

Thats per hearing aid.

Its take little if any additional work, to fit 2 hearing aids than 1 to the same Person.

Making a Profit of $2,000 on 2 hearing aids, for about 4 hours work, is a lot of compensation.

I do not consider my Clients as the Enemy.

I do not try to transfer their financial assets to me.

If I can make a profit of $2,000 on the sale of 2 hearing aids, regardless of brand or type, I think I am in high clover.

Thats $2,000 for a maximum of 4 hours work and usually it doesn't take that long.

Thats $500 per hour of service.

No Inventory and No Accounts Receiveable.

No Business Person can believe the Profit Potential in the Hearing Aid Business.

I am surprise no one is offering them over-the-counter in Walgreens or Best Buy.

The Profit Potential is fantastic.

The Consumer can choose whatever program they want and then either increase or decrease the volume by the use of a remote control.

If any Product was conducive to being sold over the counter, Hearing Aids are the product.

Can you imagine if Hearing Aids with 20 Programs, a Remote Control, which could change the 20 Programs and raise and lower the volume of the Hearing Aids was available through Walgreens for about a $100.00, what the Consumer reaction would be.

Why Walgreens, hasn't made a deal with a Hearing Aid Manufacturer is beyond me.

Until then, shop around for the best price.

Buyer Beware.

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#102793 Review #102793 is a subjective opinion of poster.


Two days before 9/11, I climbed the steps of the Capitol in Washington D.C., and I also climbed the steps of the Supreme Court.

As I think about how to explain an AUDIOGRAM and the symbols entered onto the graph, I thought about the climbing experience of the stairs.

Thousands of Buildings throughout the United States, and I'm sure the World, use steps to approach the entrance of the building.

Starting at what would be called the bottom of the steps, in Audiology, could be called the High Frequencies.

A typical Hearing Loss decreases from the low frequencies, where most of the vowel sounds are spoken and heard, 125 kh, 250kh,500kh,750kh,1000kh.

For whatever reason, the vowel sounds are projected at about 3 times the force or energy as the high frequencies, which is unfortunate since most hearing losses occur in the higher frequencies, where speech signals (Consonants) are heard, that form different words, and need more loudness of amplification.

It is difficult for the average Person to grasp that the ears lose hearing by individual frequency.

Certain notes on a Piano Keyboard, usually those on the right hand side (High Frequencies) cannot be heard by a Person with a High Frequency Hearing Loss when the Keys are struck with the same intensity.

Just like a Smoke Alarm may not be heard by a Person with a High Frequency Hearing Loss.

As I review a completed Audiogram, I am reminded of the steps leading up to the entrance of a building.

The Rise of the Steps resemble the Rise of an Audiogram.

The incline could be classified as Profound, Severe,Moderate, or Mild.

Just as a Ramp is always easier to Walk-up, so is a normal flat hearing audiogram, reflecting scores above a minus 25 decibel threshold accross all frequencies, easier to understand the spoken word correctly.

Maybe your steps of hearing can be made into a ramp by the use of hearing aids.

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#102792 Review #102792 is a subjective opinion of poster.



There has to be STICKER SHOCK EXPERIENCE when a Hearing Aid Prospect discovers that Hearing Aids sell on AVERAGE for $5,000 per pair. The highest figure I have heard is $12,000 per pair.

Usually the COST OF ALL PROFESSIONAL SERVICES are bundled into the price of the Hearing Aids.

Perhaps Hearing Aids should be sold the same way Eyeglasses are, with separate billing for the Optometrist and the Eyeglasses.

That way the Consumer can evaluate whether the personal skills of one Hearing Aid Dispenser, whatever title they use, is worth $1,000 or $2,000 or $3,000 or $4,000 or $5,000 PER HOUR more than another Hearing Aid Dispenser.

Perhaps the most important consideration, is how nice the Office looks, or the Personality of the Hearing Aid Dispenser, whatever title they use.

Hearing Aid Prospects think they are just buying a Hearing Aid when they obtain one trhough a Hearing Aid Office and have to pay for it out of their own pocket.

It is my understanding, that of about 2 Million Hearing Aids dispensed in the United States, about 450,000 of those are dispensed on a no-charge basis through the Veterans Administration (VA).

A great percentage of Hearing Aids are paid for by 3rd Parties, such as Former Employers, Unions, School Districts, etc.

Social Security Benefits do not pay for Hearing Aids.

As a Consequence, neither do HMO's.

For Marketing Purposes,usually as an enticement to join their Organization, HMO's create marketing programs with Hearing Aid Dispensers, with PHONEY discounts offered if you buy the Hearing Aids through their Preferred or Associated Hearing Aid Dispenser.

KAISER refers all their MEMBERS to HearX West Hearing Aid Centers because they own about 40% of the Stock of HearX which usually means they stand to share in the profits of HearX, if any are available and distributed.

SIEMENS, currently the Largest Hearing Aid Manufacturer in the World, soon to be replaced by the Parent of PHONAK (a new name: SONOVON?) has agreed to a line of credit to HearX of 50 Million Dollars, which doesn't have to be paid as long as HearX buys 90% of their Hearing Aids from SIEMENS.

A FINANCIAL & MARKETING WAY of looking at that arrangement is that its costing SIEMENS two and half Million Dolars (5%) to capture the HearX business.

Obviously, there has to be a lot of profit in the Manufacture, Sale, and Resale of Hearing Aids at every level, and there is.

There aren't too many retail products to provide a retail gross profit of 80 or 90 per cent perhaps other than Teeth and Diamonds.

Maybe Microsof makes that kind of profit too.

The Average SEARS retail store is luckey to average 35% gross profit with a net of 2%.

Supermarkets supposed have a net profit of about 2% on sales, and makes their money on investment and inventory turn.

Invest 1 Million and turn it 52 times (once a week) @ 2% profit, and 2% is a nice return on a 1 Million dollar investment. Ask Ron Burkle.

Thank God (the Hearing Aid God) for Retailers like HearX and SONUS that believe in and can afford Newspaper Advertsing.

By Publishing some Sale Prices in the Ads they expose the Public to the Moderate Price of a Hearing Aid. Such Advertising keeps those not interested or unwilling to pay those prices don't bother the Staff of HearX and drives the Prospects to the willing arms of the Staff of COSTCO and other Hearing Aid Dispensers.

When HearX talks about their more expensive Hearing Aids, they always talk about $1,000 Dollar Discounts, NEVER MENTIONING THE PRICE, as does MIRACLE-EAR,BELTONE,SONUS,AUDIBEL,NU-EAR, AND all other highbinders.

As is to be expected, the vast majority of First-Time Buyers, as they are called, refuse to buy Hearing Aids, about 75% of them, and they of course spread the word that Hearing Aids are a rip-off, and of course they are if you pay those kind of prices and don't really need them.

Most People, with a High Frequency Hearing Loss really don't need hearing aids to survive or function in their Personal Life, but a lot of them do in the Business and Profession Life, and they are the ones that buy them.

Anyone who has been dispensing Hearing Aids for over 20 Years (and there aren't many Dispensers with that much experience) knows the Drill and goes through the motions of selling First Time Users anyway.

An Individual really has to suffer from a Hearing Loss, really has to have a personal or professional need,really has to be MOTIVATED,and has to have the Money, to busy and use Hearing Aids.

Anyone buying Hearing Aids, either for the First Time,or Second Time, should shop for Experience and Price. Product is not that important.

Most Hearing Aids are almost identical in every aspect.

Its the Experience, Reputation,Policies,Practices, and SERVICES ,of the Hearing Aid Dispenser and Manufacturer, that are IMPORTANT.


In any event, the experience of shopping for a Hearing Aid, while better than a visit to the Dentist, is an interesting and exciting experience.

I think a Person should always take another Person with them as a Witness and as a Judge and Influence of what was said and the impressions of more than one Person.

Inferences can be different, as are Hearing Aid Dispensers.

Buyer Beware.


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#102790 Review #102790 is a subjective opinion of poster.


It must be difficult being a Roman Catholic today. In Los Angeles, all those involved in a law suit against the Roman Catholic Church for condoning, or at least not taking what is now considered by the the General Public and Law Enforcement Officials, and more importantly, Personal Injury Attorneys, who to the best of my knowledge did not waive their commissions to represent the Plaintiffs in these cases,(known as pro bonon) the appropriate action to stop the Illegal and Immoral Actions of Members of the Roman Catholic Priests, against evidently, Monors, even those such Minors may have consented to such favors and acts. I am not aware of Law Suites filed against the Church for Acts involving Adults, either voluntary or involuntary.

I am not aware of the Specifics of any individual or group Case, so I am not qualified to determines or evaluate each,any,or total, offenses.

Did a Priest touch the genitals of a Boy. A Girl? Did the Minor, Boy or Girl, touch the genitals of the Priest.

Did the Priest Kiss the Child?

What were the Ages of those involved?

Did the Priest perform the acts upon the Children, or did the Children perform the Acts upon the Priest.

Where such acts voluntary or forced? What was the method of Force?

Did the Children solicit the Priests or did the Priests solicit the Children?

Not knowing the Specifics of each Case, I have not idea as to how to Judge each Case.

Were any of these Children ***?

Were any of these Priests ***?

If we are to believe that Homosexuality is just another Life Style, are the Acts of the Priests or Children only considered Wrong because of the Age of the Children?

Do we think such Acts are repulsive because Children were involved or just because we think such acts are repulsive?

Do Heterosexual Adults commit the same Acts as Homosexuals?

If Anal Sex off-limits only to Homosexuals and okay for Heteroxexuals or vice versa?

Is Oral Sex okay for Heterosexuals but not homsexuals or vice versa?

Do Trail Attorneys, and Plaintiffs, seek financial rewards because there is an opportunity?

If I had participated in any of the Lawsuits filed against the Church, I would have participated with the same energy and ruthlessness as the Plaintiffs Attorneys, and I would have spared no one.

Everything, and Everyone, would have been on Trial.

It would have been another Scopes Trial.

The Love Of Money, is the Root Of All Evil.

Within the Church, and Outside of the Church.

Real Christians, would have resolved these Problems without involving Money.

Someone once said: Follow the Money.

No Doubt.

This Scandal, and Problem, is really just Symbolic of Our Society.

Its called Greed.

Think about it, and study the subject.

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#102748 Review #102748 is a subjective opinion of poster.