Other Company - Vanitha -Delhi is fraud.

Vanita-delhi at Hornymatches.com is a fraud.She has posted in her profile ( with her photograph , which might be false one) that she is giving fun club membership for a certain fees..Till i deposited the fees she kept writing to me mails frequently in a day and even gave her mobile number.After i deposited the money in her account she is not responding to any mail and her mobile number is switched off..I have given a police complaint as well...I am sure she must have cheated lot of people like me..Please get her out of this site..

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Delhi, Delhi
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Other Company in Modesto, California - Scammers

This organization is a scam. They sent out letters stating you need to settle a debt by paying a certain amount of dollars, when in reality they only want access to your personal information.

What is puzzling to me is how they have been able to maintain this line of work for such an amount of time. Where are the feds when you need them?Whats even more interesting is thier claims and thier false representation as a top notch credit collecting agency while trying to obtain information.

No question these people are scammers and should be put out of business.

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Modesto, California
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Other Company in Houston, Texas - Took my money

They screwed me out 200dollars and they said i had a credit card coming threw the mail and had a credit limit for 2000 dollars on it so i waited and ten days went by and i recieved somthing in the mail from them and it was 4 vochers .and i called them and thats when they told me that was my credit card and i can only shop on line.so look on line and i was not satisfied with the stuff i saw so icalled them a few days later and request for a refund so they told me to put it in writing so i did about a month a go .and now they block my numbers so i cant call are get in touch with nobody

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Houston, Texas
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Other Company in Doha, Ad Dawhah - Found hair in food

date: 12-08-2008

this is just to inform you that one of our regular customer mr xyz had been to our shop this morning for the break fast.

unfortunately he found a piece of hair in one of chicken mushroom puff while eating. he then trying to take a photo of that we manage to convience him not to do so.

but he still insisted us to give in writing that such incident took place in our shop and tomorrow he should be informed that what strict action we have taken against this otherwise he threats to go to municipality.


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Doha, Ad Dawhah
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Other Company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - *** Matches

I signed up for *** Matches and have had no luck at all. One girl was treating me nice untill I told her I was not going to sign up again.

I have not heard from her since then. I am 47 she was 24. Any one else think this site is for real? I do not.

Another 27 year old girl was teasing me. Alot of girls winked but as soon as I wrote back nothing. A girl in the states winked at me with her girl friend. As soon as I suggested I travel down in the fall I was blocked for abuse.

As far as I can tell this site is a scam and a total waste of time and money.

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Bogus Customer Service Number

10 minutes after placing the order I called and said I wanted to cancel, The service rep gave me a number of 1-888-596-2761 - but advised me to wait at least 24 hours. I called them immediately and the line rang without any answer until it cut off. I called two more times.

I finally got a answer machining that all service reps were busy... leave my name and number.

This is very important - please be advised: The answering machine message also advised that orders could only be canceled with in 24 hours.

My request was made within 40 minutes. Do not wait!

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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Today I made another House Call on a 90 something, Widow, living by herself in a very decent Mobile Home Park in Huntington Beach,Ca.

She has been a Client of mine for over 10 years.

She uses one hearing aid in her right ear.

I do not charge for making House Calls.

She says she is on a fixed income, and really can't afford to spend any money on her hearing aids.

Her residence is about 5 miles from my office.

She claims she is not hearing the way she should, or wants to, but she says she can't afford to spend any money.

I examined her ear canals, and her right ear canal, where she uses the hearing aid, is plugged with ear wax.

She has called my office at least 10 times, always concerned about her inability to understand the spoken word correctly.

Today, an examination revealed an ear canal with excessive ear wax.

She went into great detail about what she wanted.

Because of her stated economic situation, I recommended remaking her existing hearing aid and converting it to Digital Signal Processing, with a new shell, for a price of $695 with a 1 year repair warranty.

She grilled me about the warranty and the guarantee, and I provided her with all her options.

At some point in the interview, she informed me that her son-in-law just purchased new hearing aids from COSTCO in Fountain Valley, Ca., my primary Competitor.

She said he paid over $2,000 and I don't know whether that price included 1 or 2 hearing aids.

She stated he wasn't happy with the hearing aids.

I asked her, why she didn't refer him to me.

She had no responce.

I spent almost an hour with her, and told her that I would have to return to give her a hearing test, after she had the was removed from her ear.

She continued to dwell on the price I quoted her of $695 to remake her existing hearing aid and convert it to digitial signal processing.

Remaking a hearing aid, means making a new custom made shell, and then using all new components.

I had to tell her, that I have spent more time with her, involving a sale of $695 than COSTCO spent, or ever would, for a sale involving over $2,000 that her Son-in-law paid.

She didn't seem to get my message.

I told her that we would always do what is to her best interests, not mine.

She stated she could only pay half down, and needed payments for the balance of $100 per month.

I think she is really more concerned about paying for the hearing aid and then dying and thats why she wants time payments.

My gross profit would be about $400.

That involves about 6 house calls.

I told her to tell her son-in-law to return the hearing aids to COSTCO he wasn't happy with, and come to our office where he would spend either $1295 or $1495, instead of $2,000 and that we would spend whatever time it took to make him happy.

She didn't seem to get the point.

I couldn't see her tommorow because she has to go to the beauty parlor for her hair appointment.

Its interesting she can get a ride for that appointment, but not to visit my office.

Maybe I should tell her the facts of life.

Maybe I appreciate more than she does, the services we are providing her.

At what point do you say, enough is enough.

Am I ***?

Not yet.

We'll help her, because thats the way we are.

No Fraud.

No Deception.

No Deceit.

Always doing what is to the best interest of the Client.

Sometimes its hard to justify why we do it, but we do.


Obviously, I don't think so.

Come Judgement Day, we'll be ahead, I hope.

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Tukwila, Washington, United States #684499

i commend you, judge Alsip!

many of us do the best we can, sometimes without recognition.

i am grateful for Pissed.



I've been fitting aids for 36 years. Yes, I make house calls, laptop and all.

Thank goodness not everyone is like this, but I've had my share.

It goes with the territory. I am getting a bit exhausted "just tweaking" the hearing aids and they don't expect a bill however.


You don't have to make house calls, you know. She'd probably still would have come to see you.

I think this is a lesson for you in the ways of running a successful business. The customer is going to try and get whatever s/he can out of you for as little money as possible. The consumer is not educated in the ways of our business nor should we expect him/her to be. The reason she didn't get what you were talking about when you tried to explain what you could provide her son is because you didn't make your message simple enough for her to understand.

You also should have taken a stand with her a long time ago. You lost control somewhere along the line when you agreed to do house calls for free. It's okay to charge people for our services. She's costing you more than her business is worth.

Sometimes, we have to be firm in order to truly help people because if we let our customers walk all over us, then we won't be able to help anyone because we will no longer be in business.

The key here, is work smarter, not harder. If you do that, then you won't be so frustrated when all your time and energy falls on "deaf ears".

Oil Trough, Arkansas, United States #189646

I just wonder how many hearing aid vendors/dealers make house calls to a person's home, especially the elderly with hearing loss? I doubt that very many do. Does Costco?

How difficult would it be for a hearing aid vendor to go to a person's home with their equipment, including software, to adjust a person's hearing aid to help compensate for loss?

It seems that a lot of smaller independent hearing aid dealers are dropping like flies and closing their shops. Places like Costco are taking over with their in-the-warehouse hearing loss tests and sales of new hearing aids. It has become a volume sales business driving out the little guy.

Oil Trough, Arkansas, United States #189643

I just wonder how many hearing aid dealers actually make house calls, especially for the elderly with hearing losses.

How difficult is it for a hearing aid specialist to take their equipment with software to a person's home?


We need an audiologist to fix and maybe recommend a new hearing aid for my husband in downtown Los Angeles.


The sad truth is most hearing aid dispensers are not like you.

I read various reports that said avoid the big chains (Beltone, Miracle Ear, etc) and go see a hearing doctor. I did. The first test they ran said I had a 60% hearing loss. We all agreed that was off so they ran it again a week later. This time it was a 10% loss. My personal opinion is that it is somewhere in between.

Even with the very mild, 10% loss the Dr began pushing me toward a set of hearing aids that run $5100 per pair!

Sorry, I am a young Dad with 3 kids. I don't have and extra $5000 laying around. Its sad, but the hearing aid industry has given itself a bad reputation.

I'm going to check out Costco next week. At least I know their prices will be reasonable.



I've been preaching for years that Audibel and Beltone is not to be trusted. Sorry you did not get the message. Their "Rip off artist" have taken me for quite a bit of money over the years, strictly due to my own ignorance and putting my trust in the wrong people.


Here's my complaint. Several years ago I was encourage to buy two (2) in the ear hearing aids and they cost me over $5,000. They had 3 different channels, one for normal conversation, one for the telephone and one for theater/large auditorium. I had to press a button to go from channel to channel which wasn't too difficult at all. In the beginning they appeared to work fine but that wore off in time. The aids just reduced in sound pickup ability and also reduced in sound quality. The right one became worthless and I stopped wearing it. Why? Because it was more like a 'plug' inside my ear as opposed to a hearing aid. The plastic shell also cracked. Anyway I limped along using the left one and then its plastic shell shattered. It was beyond the warranty period so I was out of luck. Would I buy two (2) more hearing aids like the two I previously purchased? Answer: No, definitely not. To me they were a large cash expenditure of money with very little in return.

Now for the name of the hearing aids...they were Audibel Eclipse.

I don't believe that I ever should have been sold in the ear hearing aids but the behind the ear kind that would be more powerful and reliable. When my Audibel Eclipse broke open, there was a lot of wax inside and I am sure that helps explain why their sound pickup and quality reduced substantially over time.


Way to go! It's great to hear that story. Today one of my patients asked me to repair a hearing aid that was crushed while raking leaves. They recovered a portion of the shell and the receiver. Damage beyond repair wasn't the answer they wanted to hear, yet it was the correct answer. The hearing aid was missing the computer!!! It was worthless. Where do you start with these type of patients?

Day after day I go the extra mile for my patients. When they don't get it, I just grin a bear it. If only they knew that we are trying to help. Some just have a vendetta that we are out to *** them. I have spent more time wtih patients I make no comission with than some people who are a high paying comission. Education is key.

It's nice to hear about people doing what's in the best interest of others. Being asked to repair a 10 year old hearing aid makes me laugh and sometimes I wish we as hearing healthcare providers could just say, "this is what you need" and it shall be so; yet then we lose the main focus of why we provide care... to build value and trust that we are truly helping.



Im a hearing aid dispenser in Orange County myself. I love my career.

If it takes doing house calls then thats what needs to be done. I commened you for the service you provide your client. I pride myself on my service.

It doesnt matter how much you pay for hearing aids. Respect for your work is what matters.

Dodge Center, Minnesota, United States #22833

I hope a lot of people read this gentleman's message. Most of us in our own hearing healthcare businesses enjoy helping others.

We take it as our duty, and our honor, to help people in a personal way.

You will not find many weathly audiologists or hearing aid dispensers - no yachts or jets. What you will find are interested and ethical people doing what they enjoy.

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Huntington Beach, California
Review #119461 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer119461.

Screwed me, want refund, have great lawyer,lets play ball

cancel now, and refund my money. ,really dumb, my

lawyer will eliminate your scam.

i will take your scam public and take everything you have. think it's funny, can't wait to see your face. i thought i'd try this, but i have m.s. doc says i can't take it.

tell me where to send the 3 bottles back. they are not opened. can't believe your scam. it's kind of funny that my lawyer, has dealt with this before.

i think you are going to get screwed in court. good luck with him. he works free for me!

dds david b. rice

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #914260

i Was Looking For Info About This Site, But Can't Take The Word Of People, Who Don't Know How To Use Capital Letters. unfortunately You've Made Me More Likely To Use Them.


Goodhue, Minnesota, United States #16954

Does anyone have any idea what this person is talking about?

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Houghton, Michigan
Review #119406 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer119406.


My preceding article labeled Part I, proposed the theory that artificial High Retail Prices are floated and published, to test the reaction of such pricing.

The model for such pricing strategy is linked to the pricing on Motor Vehicles, Tires, Designer Brand Clothes, Jewelry, and many other Items, especially in the RETAIL MARKET.

The Practice is, the Retail Price can always be adjusted downward to more realistic and acceptable pricing by the use of mark-downs, rebates,sales,etc.

In the Hearing Aid Industry, Special Discounts are always used to get the Dealers to buy current products, and products to be superceded.

New versions of Hearing Aids, with slight modifications are being introduced on about a 6 month basis, by every manufacturer.

Its called "Churning".

Usually, the only difference in a particular model of the hearing aid, the outer case almost always the same, is an algorithm addition or substraction,usually providing no real benefit in a feature, and usually assigned some colorful term.

The features, are the only difference in the various levels of the Hearing Aids and account for price differences usually in $200 to $500 range.

Such pricing is the only way to justify the differences in the products and a method to provide products for different levels of retail pricing.

As a result so-called "Digital Hearing Aids" are available to Hearing Aid Dispensers (anyone selling Hearing Aids) for prices as low as $200 each.

A Great Problem exists in the Marketing and Selling of Hearing Aids because of such pricing strategy in that the CONSUMER has no idea as to what he is being sold and fitted with and as a result CONSUMERS are paying for CADILLACS AND RECEIVING CHEVROLETS, so to speak.

Its bad enough that any Hearing Aid is retailed at the prices they are, but when somebody receives what the industry labels an entry level Hearing Aid (a term usually associated with Real Estate) but pays for what the industry terms a Premium Product, it is at least a shame.

Remember that the Hearing Aid Retailer, like any other Retailer in America, can charge any price they can get for anything they sell, as long as they provide the Consumer with what they say and more importantly, write, what the product is.

If they provide you with a lesser valued product than what they say or have written, they have sold, you, then we have what is labeled "Criminal Fraud" and can, and should be prosecuted accordingly.

The point of this, and the preceding article, is to provide the Consumer with Sound Advice, on how to go through the process of acquiring a Hearing Aid.

BUYER BEWARE''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

For further information please contact Eugene Mironoff @ (800) 432-7114

Alsip Magistrate

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Tukwila, Washington, United States #684501

thanks, Judge


Dodge Center, Minnesota, United States #22834

If the reader wants "sound advice" without the inaccuracies of the above article, please go to BetterHearing.org. It's a non-profit foundation that provides accurate and up-to-date information about hearing, hearing aids, hearing healthcare.


this idea of "churning"?? - complete bull.

Tukwila, Washington, United States #684503

Sergei Kochkin works, i believe, for THE INDUSTRY. Siemens, Phonak, oticon and the rest.

honest polling is honorable.

The Old way is like Kodak. Film camera, anyone?


Goliad, Texas, United States #20933

You are exactly right about paying for one thing and getting another, anyone trying to defraud their patient should be shot.

However you are completely talkin out of your butt about the industry churing out new products every 6 months only minor algorythm changes. New products are released perhaps on a yearly basis or longer. Algorythm changes are usually updated to the firmware on the hearing aid via an "open Platfrom" at no charge. A new product is just that a "NEW PRODUCT", it has features that are different, differnet number of channels, noise reduction, microphones, recievers, chips etc...

my advice is stick with what you know and dont cofuse people by making demons out of everone in the industry. Those Audiologists and a few of the Hearing Instument Specialists who chose this as a career are working to make a living, and almost none are getting rich doing it.

Tukwila, Washington, United States #684508

nate, you are SO wrong!

e lovejoy, ph.d

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Huntington Beach, California
Review #119385 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer119385.
1 comment

Ok people you should be careful...

First of all people how is it there fault. your in charge of your own money and pay attention and this problem would not happen.

I see web site on and on this and it's them doing their job it's us not listening to the ad. It does say pay shipping and process. I don't understand the shipping of 4 to 6...weeks but come on.....our fault not thiers...So people grow up.

Nobody wants to hear how *** the american people really are. So stop...don't buy anything on tv if you can't understand what your buying......

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WAIT appropriate action



Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Review #119337 is a subjective opinion of poster.