Those in Government, and those affected by Government, which is all of us, should be aware of and learn from to obvious lessons or examples of the facts of life.

There are those in Government,and Academia, among other occupations and professions, that believe it is somehow the responsibility of Human Beings, primarily Americans, to provide and substitute self-reliance and personal responsibility from one person to another.

It could be called Individual Responsibility Transfer.

The way Life really works, and should work, is demonstrated by Illegal Immigration.

If an Individual wants something, anything, and to improve their standard of living, or just have toys, that Individual has to do something. Take action.

As is probably typical of any Society, there are a small number of the population, probably less than 5%, that are willing to risk something, or perhaps everything, to get what they want.

For example, Criminals risk their Freedom and Assets.

Illegal Immigrants evidently are willing to violate the Laws of the United States, leave their Family, leave their way of life, leave their surroundings, and leave their Country, because they want the opportunity to earn more money, and thus improve their living standards and obtain whatever material things they want and can't obtain in their native environment and situation.

The Lesson to be learned from this by Americans, is that they too have to do something to get what they want.

It is not the responsibility of any one other than the Individual to provide anything, including Health Insurance, Breakfast,Lunch,Housing Fees,Food,Medical Treatment, and anything else that the so-called Government, which is really other People, Taxpayers, Neighbors,Friends,Acquaintances,and anyone else, to provide anything other than Personal and National Security for the Individual.

Self-reliance and Greed, is what made American what it is.

In obtaining assets for the Individual, everyone else benefits.

Providing something, or anything, for anyone else, other than the opportunity to provide for themself, destroys the entire premise.

The Second Lesson to be learned from Illegal Immigration is, that if anything is provided FREE, it will be accepted, by almost anyone.

The Illegals readily accept free birthing,free medical attention, free housing,free food stamps, free lunch, free breakfast, and anything else anyone else is willing to give them, including the Government.


Take what action is necessary to improve your life and obtain things, but accept anything free that anyone is willing to give you, so that you can use your assests for your own benefit.

Alsip Judge
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There has to be STICKER SHOCK EXPERIENCE when a Hearing Aid Prospect discovers that Hearing Aids sell on AVERAGE for $5,000 per pair. The highest figure I have heard is $12,000 per pair.

Usually the COST OF ALL PROFESSIONAL SERVICES are bundled into the price of the Hearing Aids.

Perhaps Hearing Aids should be sold the same way Eyeglasses are, with separate billing for the Optometrist and the Eyeglasses.

That way the Consumer can evaluate whether the personal skills of one Hearing Aid Dispenser, whatever title they use, is worth $1,000 or $2,000 or $3,000 or $4,000 or $5,000 PER HOUR more than another Hearing Aid Dispenser.

Perhaps the most important consideration, is how nice the Office looks, or the Personality of the Hearing Aid Dispenser, whatever title they use.

Hearing Aid Prospects think they are just buying a Hearing Aid when they obtain one trhough a Hearing Aid Office and have to pay for it out of their own pocket.

It is my understanding, that of about 2 Million Hearing Aids dispensed in the United States, about 450,000 of those are dispensed on a no-charge basis through the Veterans Administration (VA).

A great percentage of Hearing Aids are paid for by 3rd Parties, such as Former Employers, Unions, School Districts, etc.

Social Security Benefits do not pay for Hearing Aids.

As a Consequence, neither do HMO's.

For Marketing Purposes,usually as an enticement to join their Organization, HMO's create marketing programs with Hearing Aid Dispensers, with PHONEY discounts offered if you buy the Hearing Aids through their Preferred or Associated Hearing Aid Dispenser.

KAISER refers all their MEMBERS to HearX West Hearing Aid Centers because they own about 40% of the Stock of HearX which usually means they stand to share in the profits of HearX, if any are available and distributed.

SIEMENS, currently the Largest Hearing Aid Manufacturer in the World, soon to be replaced by the Parent of PHONAK (a new name: SONOVON?) has agreed to a line of credit to HearX of 50 Million Dollars, which doesn't have to be paid as long as HearX buys 90% of their Hearing Aids from SIEMENS.

A FINANCIAL & MARKETING WAY of looking at that arrangement is that its costing SIEMENS two and half Million Dolars (5%) to capture the HearX business.

Obviously, there has to be a lot of profit in the Manufacture, Sale, and Resale of Hearing Aids at every level, and there is.

There aren't too many retail products to provide a retail gross profit of 80 or 90 per cent perhaps other than Teeth and Diamonds.

Maybe Microsof makes that kind of profit too.

The Average SEARS retail store is luckey to average 35% gross profit with a net of 2%.

Supermarkets supposed have a net profit of about 2% on sales, and makes their money on investment and inventory turn.

Invest 1 Million and turn it 52 times (once a week) @ 2% profit, and 2% is a nice return on a 1 Million dollar investment. Ask Ron Burkle.

Thank God (the Hearing Aid God) for Retailers like HearX and SONUS that believe in and can afford Newspaper Advertsing.

By Publishing some Sale Prices in the Ads they expose the Public to the Moderate Price of a Hearing Aid. Such Advertising keeps those not interested or unwilling to pay those prices don't bother the Staff of HearX and drives the Prospects to the willing arms of the Staff of COSTCO and other Hearing Aid Dispensers.

When HearX talks about their more expensive Hearing Aids, they always talk about $1,000 Dollar Discounts, NEVER MENTIONING THE PRICE, as does MIRACLE-EAR,BELTONE,SONUS,AUDIBEL,NU-EAR, AND all other highbinders.

As is to be expected, the vast majority of First-Time Buyers, as they are called, refuse to buy Hearing Aids, about 75% of them, and they of course spread the word that Hearing Aids are a rip-off, and of course they are if you pay those kind of prices and don't really need them.

Most People, with a High Frequency Hearing Loss really don't need hearing aids to survive or function in their Personal Life, but a lot of them do in the Business and Profession Life, and they are the ones that buy them.

Anyone who has been dispensing Hearing Aids for over 20 Years (and there aren't many Dispensers with that much experience) knows the Drill and goes through the motions of selling First Time Users anyway.

An Individual really has to suffer from a Hearing Loss, really has to have a personal or professional need,really has to be MOTIVATED,and has to have the Money, to busy and use Hearing Aids.

Anyone buying Hearing Aids, either for the First Time,or Second Time, should shop for Experience and Price. Product is not that important.

Most Hearing Aids are almost identical in every aspect.

Its the Experience, Reputation,Policies,Practices, and SERVICES ,of the Hearing Aid Dispenser and Manufacturer, that are IMPORTANT.


In any event, the experience of shopping for a Hearing Aid, while better than a visit to the Dentist, is an interesting and exciting experience.

I think a Person should always take another Person with them as a Witness and as a Judge and Influence of what was said and the impressions of more than one Person.

Inferences can be different, as are Hearing Aid Dispensers.

Buyer Beware.


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It must be difficult being a Roman Catholic today. In Los Angeles, all those involved in a law suit against the Roman Catholic Church for condoning, or at least not taking what is now considered by the the General Public and Law Enforcement Officials, and more importantly, Personal Injury Attorneys, who to the best of my knowledge did not waive their commissions to represent the Plaintiffs in these cases,(known as pro bonon) the appropriate action to stop the Illegal and Immoral Actions of Members of the Roman Catholic Priests, against evidently, Monors, even those such Minors may have consented to such favors and acts. I am not aware of Law Suites filed against the Church for Acts involving Adults, either voluntary or involuntary.

I am not aware of the Specifics of any individual or group Case, so I am not qualified to determines or evaluate each,any,or total, offenses.

Did a Priest touch the genitals of a Boy. A Girl? Did the Minor, Boy or Girl, touch the genitals of the Priest.

Did the Priest Kiss the Child?

What were the Ages of those involved?

Did the Priest perform the acts upon the Children, or did the Children perform the Acts upon the Priest.

Where such acts voluntary or forced? What was the method of Force?

Did the Children solicit the Priests or did the Priests solicit the Children?

Not knowing the Specifics of each Case, I have not idea as to how to Judge each Case.

Were any of these Children ***?

Were any of these Priests ***?

If we are to believe that Homosexuality is just another Life Style, are the Acts of the Priests or Children only considered Wrong because of the Age of the Children?

Do we think such Acts are repulsive because Children were involved or just because we think such acts are repulsive?

Do Heterosexual Adults commit the same Acts as Homosexuals?

If Anal Sex off-limits only to Homosexuals and okay for Heteroxexuals or vice versa?

Is Oral Sex okay for Heterosexuals but not homsexuals or vice versa?

Do Trail Attorneys, and Plaintiffs, seek financial rewards because there is an opportunity?

If I had participated in any of the Lawsuits filed against the Church, I would have participated with the same energy and ruthlessness as the Plaintiffs Attorneys, and I would have spared no one.

Everything, and Everyone, would have been on Trial.

It would have been another Scopes Trial.

The Love Of Money, is the Root Of All Evil.

Within the Church, and Outside of the Church.

Real Christians, would have resolved these Problems without involving Money.

Someone once said: Follow the Money.

No Doubt.

This Scandal, and Problem, is really just Symbolic of Our Society.

Its called Greed.

Think about it, and study the subject.

Alsip Judge
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A basic fundamental in sales and marketing, and manufacturing, is that you should create a product, and a variation of that product, to serve and satisfy the variety of consumers.

Someone, evidently a long time ago, realized that there are different strokes for different folks.

The basic step in creating any product or service, is to evaluate the prospects for the products and services, and realize that the potential for the product and services are as different as anything else that exists.

Anything, or resoure, or product, that is limited or restricted in its availability, in other words, its scarcity, usually results in commanding a higher price for such product or services.

In economics, and the free market, its called Supply and Demand.

What that means is that if their is a shortage of anything, either product or service, and there is a Demand, either great or small, such influences will determine the price of either the product or service.

The growth and existence of the United States and its Free Market Philosophy, is the best example of the consequences of such a Practice.

Thats why we won over the Soviet Union (Communisim) and every other Country.
Reduced to its most shallow term, it is called the Tolerance and Promotion of Individual Greed and Reward.

The Greatest Incentive ever created. Allowing the Greedy to exist and develope. The rest of us automatically benefit because the Greedy can't do it alone, Whatever it is they are trying to accomplish to enhance their Greed.

Greed is the greatest motivation that exists.

The desire to make more money on every Hearing Aid made, is the reason for the variety of the products offered.

Everyone in the Hearing Aid Industry realizes that there are only a certain amount of hearing aids that are going to be purchased.

A Hearing Aid, almost without exception, is purchased on the basis of Individual Need. Or at least, that is the way a Hearing Aid should be purchased.

There may be instances when a Hearing Aid Dispenser, and that includes Medical Doctors, Audiologist, and anyone else selling Hearing Aids, is clever enough, (primarily for profit motives - you make more money when you sell 2 than 1 and the more expensive the model the more money you make) to convince a Prospect that they need the most expensive hearing aid available.

Thats like saying that everyone that needs a Truck, needs a 5 Ton Dump Truck. Its just coincidental that a 5 Ton Dump Truck is the most expensive Truck available, and obviously provides the most profit to the Seller of such a Truck.

The Option of additional Programs in a Digital Hearing Aid means that the Hearing Aid User has the Option of actually having several different Hearing Aids in the same shell.

At the present time, there are hundreds of adjustments that can be made by a Hearing Aid Dispenser to the electronic performance of each Hearing Aid which are supposed to reflect in a different reaction and sound differential to the Hearing Aid User.

Very often, such minor adjustments cannot be recognized by the Hearing Aid User, which in my opinion means such adjustments are meaningless and useless.

The various adjustments, sold as programs, are usually available depending upon the price of the Hearing Aid.

The most common number of Programs available is 3 different Programs.

The Entry Level Hearing Aids (Less Expensive) usually have 2 different Programs.

The Programs are usually activitate or changed by a Momentary Switch or Button, or by a Remote Control such as a Watch.

To my knowledge there is no reason why there couldn't be 40 or 50 Programs (Different Responses) but what purpose would such a variety be if the User couldn't tell the difference.

The Vast Majority of Hearing Aid Users, being Senior Citizens, whether the Marketing People like it or not, do not like, or appreciate, Complications.
In fact most People, of any age, appreciate Simplicity.

The Primary Reason for Complexity if Price and Profit Justification. Not Customer Satisfaction.

The reason more Programs are not provided, is because most Hearing Aid Users only use 2 Programs.Even when they have 3 or 4 available.

Its too complicated, not beneficial, not recognized, and actually is more confusing.

When Hearing Aid Manufacturers realize what their Market is, and stop Day Dreaming, as to what they would like it to be, the more effective they will serve the Hearing Impaired.

A Hearing Aid User should buy, and be sold, a Hearing Aid, based on their Specific Needs.

Not the needs of the Person selling the Hearing Aid, whatever their Title is.

The Purpose of a Hearing Aid is to provide a means of understanding the Spoken Word correctly.

Anything else is a bonus.

Digital Signal Processing has provided a method of making a Hearing Aid More Tolerable, More Effective, In More Environments.

It performs best in a Quiet Environment in a One on One Conversation.

Any thing else is a Bonus.

Anyone, selling a Hearing Aid on any other Premise, is either Ignorant, Inexperienced, or Greedy.

Buyer Beware.

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I could'nt find any info on the return policy so that was the deciding factor NOT to order this .

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Other Company - HEARING AIDS - ANALOGY OF BRANDED PRODUCTS - CARS & HEARING AIDS - General Motors,Ford,Chrysler &

Analogy can be described as "resemblance in some particulars between things otherwise unlike".

To whose advantage would it be, if when you bought a Car and could only have it serviced by the Corporate Francished Dealer?

What if only a Factory Authorized Mechanic, employed by the Restricted Car Dealer, because of Special Designed Tools, could be the only one that could work on your Car?

What would the prices be? For Service & Parts?

What would the Service levels be?

Who would need Who and Who would know that?

The above analogy is an accurate description of what happens when you buy any Private Labeled or Restricted Labeled Hearing Aid, such as: BELTONE,MIRACLE-EAR,NuEar,AUDIBEL,SONUS,HEAR/x, or any other hearing aid being sold as NEW but not of a readily available and openly distributed Hearing Aid Brand such as REXTON,SIEMENS,STARKEY,PHONAK,OTICON,WIDEX,RESOUND,BERNAFON,SONIC INOVATIONS, SEBOTEK,VIVATONE,UNITRON, and MANY OTHERS.

When the Consumer is denied Freedom Of Choice, of either Purchase or Service, it is without exception, to the detriment of the Consumer.

Before buying any Hearing Aid, the Consumer should seriously study the Prices,Policies,& Procedures, of both the Manufacturer and the Hearing Aid Provider, which is usually identified as a State Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser.

All of those engaged in the manufacture and sale of Hearing Aids have to comply with both very stringent Federal & State Laws.

It is the Consumers responsibility to be familiar with such laws and to be sure they are adhered to by those Manufacturing and Dispensing Hearing Aids.

The same Common Sense approch used in every other Human Experience, should be applied in the Acquisition of a Hearing Aid.

All Principals are the same:









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The newest designed Hearing Aids are all of the type Classified as Programmable Digital Hearing Aids which means they are of the type that use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) as opposed to Analog Signal Processing (ASP) that are also available as programmable.

Digital is used because it is more readily available, is quicker, more accurate, and provides more potential and capabilities. Because of the demand and popularity, it may also be less expensive.

Usually, the first thing that has to be accomplished when either a Custom Made Hearing Aid or a Mass Produced Standard (Behind-the-Ear) Hearing Aid is to be fitted to somebodys ear and hearing loss, is that the Hearing Aid has to be programmed and adjusted to that Specific Person and their Specific Hearing Loss.

The Real World Experience is that the Electronic Settings have to be changed from what the Industry calls the "First" or "Initial Fitting" which is determined by the Manufacturer, based on Theory and the Experience, of having built millions of hearing losses.

But as anyone and everyone, in the Hearing Aid Industry knows, that has been in the business longer than 30 days, A Hearing Loss, and A Hearing Aid User, and the Wearing Of A Hearing Aid Experience, is totally and absolutely UNIQUE AND SUBJECTIVE to the INDIVIDUAL.

No Two People Are Alike.

The Adjustments performed by the Hearing Aid Dispenser through the use of a Computer and the Appropriate Software, are really nothing more than experimenting with different Electronic Changes and Responses, and altering the amplification characteristics. This Process is continued until the Hearing Aid User is Satisfied, or worn out. The Hearing Aid User finally realizes he either has to accept the limitations of a Hearing Aid or request a Refund of the Purchase Price.

The Experience of the Hearing Aid Prospect is usually dependent upon the Experience and Dedication and Competence of the Hearing Aid Dispenser, regardless of what they call themselves or their professional title is.

In my mind, there is no reason why a Remote Control and the Respective Hearing Aids, could not be designed so that a Hearing Aid Dispenser Service would not be required.

All the adjustments that a Hearing Aid Dispenser makes through the use of a Computer, could be performed by the Hearing Aid User through a Remote Control.

If a Consumer can use a Remote Control for almost Every Device made, whether its for the TV or the iPhone, and everything else Electronic, why couldn't they program their own Hearing Aid.

Since probably 95% of all the Options available in a Hearing Aid Software Program, are never used, to me that means they are not necessary.

Those adjustments that are necessary, could easily be provided through the Hearing Aid and the Remote Control.

Just think how much less the Purchase of a Hearing Aid would be if a Hearing Aid Dispenser was not involved.

Hearing Aids could be purchased for hundreds of dollars, instead of thousands.

Maybe the introduction of such a Product would either benefit the Hearing Aid User or benefit the Hearing Aid Dispenser.

Those that really needed the services of a Hearing Aid Dispenser would have to pay for such Services, and those that didn't, could pay less for the Benefit of a Hearing Aid.

To me it makes a lot of sense.

I think thats the Future of the Hearing Aid Industry.

Its interesting, that even in the United Kingdom, where Hearing Aids are provided FREE through the Government Health Service Program, there are People still willing to buy them in the Open Market.

Just as in the United States, where most Military Veterans can receive Hearing Aids FREE from the Government, rather than go through the hassle, there are those Veterans willing to buy Hearing Aids in the Open Market.

In any event, the above is food for thought.

Buyer Beware



If you can pay, Than you can hear better!!!! You can hear your music and your tv but only if you can afford to pay!!!! It is a racket hearing loss is big bucks!!!!


What? Yes... you're right about the electronics.

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It has become Customary & Traditional, and now Expected, that Hearing Aid Manufacturers provide some type or form of Loss & Damage Protection for their Hearing Aids.

The Policies,Practices,Procedures,Restrictions,Exclusions,etc, can be and usually are different, for Each Manufacturer, and as Executed, by Hearing Aid Offices and Hearing Aid Dispensers.

Private Lable or Private Branded or Restricted Branded or Franchised Hearing Aid Products, will only allow their Members to Execute the Provisions of their Warranty Programs.

This Practice is to the disadvantage of the Consumer. It provides for no competition. No Competition is Anathema for a Consumer.

All Hearing Aid Manufacturers allow for the Replacement of a Lost,Stolen,Misplaced,or Vanished, Hearing Aid, on A ONE TIME BASIS.

This means that although they may provide a 1,2,3,4,or 5 Year Loss & Damage Warranty (Protection),the hearing aid will be replaced only once within that expressed timeframe. If the hearing aid is lost within the lst year, the Loss Provision of the Warranty is worthless. Additonal protection, however, can be purchased to provide such protection.

All Hearing Aid Manufactures now charge a Processing or Replacement Fee when a Claim is made for the Replacement of a hearing aid. If the particular model of aid is no longer available, the latest model is provided.

The Fee charged the Hearing Aid Dispenser, varies by the Manufacturer and sometimes the Model of the Hearing Aid.

The Hearing Aid Dispenser adds a fee for the Services Required in the Replacment of the Hearing Aid, which are usually the same as procuring a New Hearing Aid.

The Fee the Hearing Aid Dispenser charges is usually buried or included in the Replacement Charge and USUALLY VARIES FROM OFFICE TO OFFICE.

The Advantage of buying a Non-Restricted Brand or Label Hearing Aid, is that the Consumer can shop for the BEST DEAL available from any Hearing Aid Dealer handling the affected Hearing Aid.


Such Dispensers establish their own fees. Its a real competitive world.




All of the above also applys to the Damage Provision of the Loss & Damage Warranty with the EXCEPTION that there usually no limitation on the number of times the affected hearing aid can be repaired.

Some Manufacturers require that enough of the affected Hearing Aid exist and be in a good enough condition to be used again in the repair of the aid. Others don't.
Most Manufacturers require that the Serial Number of the affected Hearing Aid be available and visible.Some Manufacturers require that at least the Faceplate of the Hearing Aid be intact.

A Damaged hearing aid can be described as having been stepped on, run over by a car or wheelchair,chewed up by a Dog, other Animal, or a Human Being, mistaking it for a piece of Candy or Mouse (in the case of a Dog or Cat, at least I hope so), Even if the shell is just cracked or the Faceplate is cracked or the Battery Door Hinge Pin dislodged or removed, the Hearing Aid is considered Damaged.

Sometimes Dispensers charge for such Services, even though the Manufacturers don't charge them.

Since the evaluation, observations,communication, and consideration, of the Hearing Aid Dispenser, is Critical to the execution of any or all of the Provisions of the Manufacturers Warranty, it is Critical that the Dispenser has INTEGRITY.

If you are not happy or satisfied with the evaluation or the prices of a particular Hearing Aid Dispenser, you should seek another opinion or contact the Manufacturer directly.

In many instances, the Consumers are not aware of the very liberal and generous provisions of their Hearing Aid Purchase and it is not explained to them or is not available in print.

All of the above should be provided to any Consumer buying Hearing Aids.

All Consumers should also be aware of the State and Federal Laws pertaining to Warranties.

There is also the Benefit of the Small Claims Court System available as a last resort.

Do not believe, that just because you paid $3,000 to $6,000 for a Hearing Aid (which in itself is ridiculous and outrageous) that you have to pay some percentage of that number for replacement or service of the affected hearing aids.

The Competitive Price on Replacement of Any Hearing Aid, Regardless of the Original Sale Price, is $350.00 and that includes the price of the hearing aid and all services provided by the Replacing Hearing Aid Dispenser.

There is never a charge for an upgraded circuit if the original circuit is no longer available.

Buyer Beware
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A Spanish sounding woman called a hearing aid office where her Dad had purchased his hearing aid.
Her Father was very insistent that she only go to that office. She said her Dad needed another Hearing Aid and He insisted that it had to exactly like the one he had, that no longer worked, because he was so happy with it.
The Dispenser assured the Daughter that he either had, or had access to, the exact hearing aid.
The Hearing Aid described over the phone, was about a 20 year old behind-the-ear hearing aid. One classified in the Industry, as a Power Aid.

When the Daughter brought the Aid to the Office, the Earmold was still attached, and when the Dispenser held the entire assembled unit (hearing aid and earmold) to his ear, he could hear a slight squeal.

The Daughter of course, had no idea of what they meant but the Dispenser did. It meant that the Hearing Aid was probably still working okay, but that the tubing from the hearing aid ear hook through the earmold, was obstructed by something, usually earwax.

When the tubing was detached from the Hearing Aid, the Hearing Aid squealed like a Pig.

The Dispenser listened to the Hearing Aid through a specifically designed device, utilizing his own ear, and the Hearing Aid Sounded fine.

The Dispenser replaced the tubing, using the old tubing as a measuring standard for cutting the new tubing to the proper length (the correct length is very important, primarily for comfort and retention issues) and the so called malfunctioning or Dead Aid was ready to go.

The Dispenser did not charge for replacing the tubing or the so-called repair of the hearing aid, which I am sure made the User, in the hospital, very happy.

The Daughter did not have to buy another hearing aid.

The Dispenser even gave the Daughter a couple of packages of hearing aid batteries as a gift for her Father.

The Dispenser could have easily sold another hearing aid, charged for a repair, or in other ways have taken advantage of this situation.

He never does, never will.

Its the way one Human reacts to another Human, in a difficult situation. Its called integrity.

The imagined and anticipated joy of the Old Man In The Hospital, at the good news, and the good experience of his Daughter, was the only compensation this Dispenser needed.

Would this experience have occured at very many other Hearing Aid Offices? I doubt it.

Would it have occured at a Beltone,Miracle-Ear,Nu-Ear, Audibel,Sonus,or HearX Office. Never

This would probably be a common experience in a small town, in a hearing aid office owned by an Independent Hearing Aid Dispenser, that knows that Honest Is The Best Policy, and is also good business.

When the existing Hearing Aid User, His Daughter, or any of their Friends,Neighbors,Acquaintances,or Family Members, ever need hearing aids, where do you think they will go or recommend?

Buyer Beware
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Review #102671 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company - They say i won 1.9 million

my name is cynthia fletcher and today is june 18th 2007 i received a letter telling me i won 1.9 million but i need to send them 19.99 for a report. my ?

is if i won 1.9 million why do i have to send them 20.00 dollars,why can't they take it out of my million. i am a marry women with a family strugging why do they prey on people who don't have money telling them they won some.giving people like my self false hope and money they need to be sued for trying to rob poor people such as my self.people who have dream about having money to provide for there families.what can i do to help stop these crooks i can be reached at 570-730-4042 they need to pay me for there false hopes and everyone else that they have sent these letters to.thank u for taking the time to listen to me it would be most appreciated if i could here from u thank u mrs cynthia fletcher
Review #102621 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer102621.


Why would and Independent Hearing Aid Dispenser, or any other privately owned business owner, choose to identify with a specific brand of hearing aid, and legally obligate themselves to do so?
What are the advantages to the Dealer and what if any, are the disadvantages?
What are the Advantages, if any, to the Consumer?

The Advantages to the Consumer, as far as I am aware, and I invite such Dealers to enter this debate,are NONE. May I repeat: THERE ARE NO ADVANTAGES TO THE CONSUMER TO BUY A PRIVATE LABEL OR RESTRICTED BRAND, OR A FRANCHISHED BRAND OF HEARING AID.
The disadvantages are,that the hearing aid has to be returned to only the Dealer that sold the hearing aid or someone of the same ilk.
Such Dealers can create any policy they want, charge any price they want, adopt any procedure they want, without any consideration of Competition.They can charge whatever they want to replace the Hearing Aid under the Loss & Damage Provision of the Hearing Aid Warranty. They can charge whatever they want to repair their Hearing Aids, because no Independent Hearing Aid Office can compete, since the Software to adjust the Hearing Aids after repair, is not available to Independent Hearing Aid Offices from the Private Brand or Private Label or Franchised Hearing Aid Offices, such as Miracle-Ear,Beltone,NuEar,Audibel,SONUS,or HearX.
Without Competition, the Consumer is at the mercy of the privledged Dispensers, and historically, they have shown no mercry.
The only reason they participate in Restricted or Private Label Products Distribution, is the elimination of Competition.
The elimination of Competition is the worst case scenario for any industry and any product. It provides and opportunity for corruption and dishonesty. It encourages greed and dishonesty.
No one should support or encourage the elimination of competition in the Free-Market
The Free-Market, is what distinguishes America from every other Country in the World, and I would invite everyone to compare the economics of all the Countries in the World to the Economy of the United States.
Buyer Beware.



thanx for all comment and all


plr article marketing


I am a private practice that is not beholden to any one hearing aid manufacturer giving the consumer a wide choice of options. There are “private labels” out there in the hearing aid market that make it difficult for a patient to do an apple to apples comparison of features and pricing.

PLR Private Label Rights

Center Hill, Florida, United States #54045

I can't quite understand what you have written, but if what you are saying is that Americans are incapable of thinking, than either you are wrong, or we are in great trouble.

Our cultural side of this world is not based on chicanery, deception,and ,fraud.

That is what distinguishes us from most of the world.

Thank God.


The previous post is a great example of why a free market will never work. It relies on informed consumers, and clearly people can think they at the same time they are informed when they aren't, and are proud of it.

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