Other Company in Dover, Ohio - Parcel waiting to be shipped in my name.

I too have been scammed. I received an email stating that I had a parcel waiting to be shipped. It was for either a 61" tv OR $2400 in cash.

Unfortunately, I fell for it and gave them my payment via credit card of $31.95. As of today, 12/31, I have not received the merchandise or a confirmation. The payment was deducted from my card so I know that they in fact received my money. $31 is not a lot but if they ae doing this to thousands of people, someone is making a whole lot of money off of other peoples expense.

I tried to contact them regarding this matter via email (because they do not give a telephone number) but it keeps getting sent back to me as unsent.

I probably won't see anything in return for my payment but I have in fact learned my lesson. (Burn me once, shame on me - burn me twice, shame on you) I will never fall for this again and hopefully their will be a lot of people that reads these complaints because I feel that this is someone's way of scamming peope out of money.

Dover, Ohio
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Other Company in Odenton, Maryland - Purchase Home - Since moving in $10,000.00 + has gone into necessary repair

About 2-1/2 years ago I purchased a townhouse. The first day in my new home, my son was taking a shower. Water leaked into front room. Determined by plumber, repairman that the previous owner who is a real estate agent and broker covered the leakage problem carefully and it was not noticed, or I had a very bad inspector. Cost of total repair $2,500.00.

Capeting: We looked at the carpeting on the main level We knew it was old but it was clean. There a week. The carpet split. The previous owners taped the carpet down. Removed carpeting, replaced - Cost $4,500.00.

Shelf under kitchen sink: Bent broken. Had to be replaced: $450.00. Told by inspector: easy fix!

Screen door, french doors leading to deck. They had three pits bulls (unbeknownst to us). Damaged French door and screen. Total cost to repair/doors/flange and replace screen $750.00. We were told by inspector: easy fix! Was not! Custom made doors. Until it was repaired, cold air seeped in - my heating bill horrendous.

Fireplace - gas. Leak. Had to shut it down until repaired. Cost to repair and or replaced about $2,000.00.

Deck/Fence. I was not informed by seller or HOA that they were instructed to repair back fence. They did not! Cost to repair/replace: $4,000.00. Inspector saw deck: stated easy fix. said nothing about fence that was leaning because water from drainage pipe had uprooted fence. Cost $450.00.


Had repairman plummer in yesterday to take up tile in master bathroom Commode not placed properly or sealed properly. Wood flooring damaged as a result of it! Cost to replace broken tile, cracked sink and to correctly position commode: $892.00.

Have two other bathroom I am having checked to be certain there is not a similar problem!

Water heater/furnace room. Leak. Had repairman look at due to leak last night,today.. Just received a call. Overnight the leak has gotten worse. Water heater installed incorrectly. Pushed so far against the wall, can't reach valves. If not repaired promptly could blow up and I could have a major flood on the lower level. At this point the estimated cost of reapir is $450.00. This is the opinion or plumber and a highly qualified sought after repairman. Told them to repair promptly.

Told when I bought place exterminators had been in. Not so! Had an army of ants all over the kitchen within a week. Cost to exterminate and contract $329.00.

I am now concern that though I was told the roof was replaced and chimney repaired, it might not have been repaired correctly.. Have asked for a warranty repeatedly - never received it.

Is there anyone within the U.S. Government/Local/State to have these individuals investigated.

Complaint would be against Realtor, inspector, financier, seller who is a real estate agent and broker.

It is killing me financially to repair the necessary damage. This does not include gas leaks, washer and dryer that broke down within a week after moving in.

I have been had.

Lois Garrity

Home email: Loisgarrity11@verizon.net

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A christmas lost

i am writing this in hopes of having someone who works for a news magazine or a reporter or someone to that effect will read this & contact me about doing a short documentary the subject being the destruction of a middle class family in 4 short months on September 4 07 i broke my wrist at work i was a tow truck driver & have been since 1996 4 yrs for this particular company i went to my occupational medical office as instructed & was told that my wrist was only sprained and put on light duty for 1 week i took this order from my doctor back to my employer and was told there was no such thing and to go home for 1 week without pay or file a workers comp claim so i filed the following week my doctor released me for full duty i tried to tell him that i was still in a lot of pain & felt like my wrist was broken but was told no only a sprain i returned to work and manged to work for 4 days before i was fired i could not drive a 6 ton tow truck with a broken wrist my employer said he was terminating me for intentionally damaging a car that was in our yard however this is not my complaint it is only a small part in this story tha jist of this story is when back to my doctor for my follow up appointment on oct 4 my wrist was still messed up so the doc ordered an MRI which i received on Nov 28 thats when they found that it was broken

Now here is my problem i was cut off from workers comp the day i was released for full duty on sept 11 i have yet to recieve one dime from workers comp state disabilty or unemployment since that date i have tried to fight the good fight & 3 weeks ago the adjuster from workers comp called me and told me good news they were finally going to cut me a check however i was only going to be paid from nov 28 till present and it was the states responsibility for the rest ok to sum this up i was called today by my workers comp adjuster & told that the check was cut today but unfortunately it was getting sent from Chicago and would proably not get here before xmas but the good news is that another one is scheduled to be sent in 2 days wondrefull i think my fridge is empty my car is empty my bank is empty my wife & i sleep in separate rooms my heart is empty my cats have not been fed in 2 days we have no tree and no gifts i am a broken man i am at the edge looking down my story needs to be told the my fight with this system has a lot of interesting twist & turns please contact me at robert1960craig @aol.com or 1749 cedar ct oakley ca 94561 or 925 207 4792

robert & wendy weatherly

Thank you


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I can only say how sorry I am that another has had to go through this, and I know it doesn't help to know that there are thousands having this done to them every day---I have even written a book on the matter and hope to get it in print some day. Watch for (There's a Stick in my *** by I.

M. Cranky, hopefully soon

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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Worldwide Consumers' Website

Worldwide Consumers’ Website

Government Studies as well as Local and State News Reports are confirming what we have already known. Defrauding Internet and Mail Soliciting Companies are on the rise.

Thousands of people are defrauded every day as they are skillfully separated from their earnings, entitlements and savings.

Many of us decide to do nothing and charge it to poor judgment.

This Website has been designed to provide a proactive alternative for Victims of Consumer Fraud.

Share the empowering capacity of this Website with others and list the URL in your next Publication.

Make a comment and expose alleged defrauding companies

View, share and compare comments made Nationwide.

You have the Power to make a Change.

Together we can make a Difference

Please go to: www.defraudreportingupdate.com

Charles L. Claybrooks, Website Designer / Owner

P.O. Box 578

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203

E-mail Address: mrcbusinessventures@yahoo.com

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Bernadette Vohs

Know for a fact that there are warrants for her out of Michigan (1993-1995), Florida and Texas (1995-2000). Some of her specialties include: shoplifting, fraud, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, alcohol & drug abuse, DWLS, DUIL, adultery, embezzlement, identity theft, prostitution, child neglect and endangerment etc.

She lost custody of 4 children to ex-spouses. Even sold a baby for $$$.

Nothing but a liar, cheat and ***-artist. Not to be trusted. Hard to imagine that her arrest in WA did not flag other area departments...

She belongs behind bars

aka: Jackie Vohs, Jackie Beyer, Bernadette Feldman, Jacqueline Vohs




On July 30th 2011- this lady stole a credit card number from her customer at her business called Carpet Gals in Graham Washington. She used the stolen credit card number to purchase a custom bridle from me at The Cowboy Junkie.com.

I just got back from the Sheriffs department. Stay clear of this lady and her business "Carpet Gals" She will steal your information!!!!!

Dayton, New Jersey, United States #4939

Can any of you post where we can see that she was wanted for these warrants or any other info?? It would be so much appreciated by so many people that she has hurt!

She will continue to do what she does, unless a judge is smart enough to put her behind bars for quite a while!

Slaps on the wrist, will just keep her going and keep her hurting innocent people including children.

She can ***/lie even some of the smartest/affluent people, but the more we know and post, the better it will be. Please post sites where we can verify things she has done.

Thank you

Lakeport, California, United States #2690

I have a personal interest in this case. This women was apart of my life for many years and she is a cheater and a liar.

Everything that the last person had to say about her is true. I have been extremely hurt by this person, more so than anyone can imagine. I was surprised to find this most recent case against her as I was just on a search engine. I do hope that she goes away for a very long time.

I wish that she would get in trouble for everything that she has done. Unfortunately, she is very good at getting people to feel bad for her and she is good at getting herselg out of trouble. That or running away from it. No one can believe ir trust her!

She has been doing this for many years. I wish I could go on and tell everyone just what kind of person she is and what she has done, but that would give away my identity.

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Dear Folks,

I order two items from Dealgiver but there are no respond at all and I am totally pissed of. How can i get to refund this. Attached herewith the invoice order as follows:


Thank you for placing your order with DealGiver.com. Your order will be processed soon. We appreciate your business and once again thanks for shopping with us.

If you have any questions about your order, please Contact Us.View Orders



Order Date: 11/26/07Order Number: dealgiver-3033Shipping Method: UPS Ground Residential

Ship To

mangantar hutagalung16-17 lehrter strasseberlin 10557DE Germany491702185182

Bill To

mangantar hutagalung16-17 lehrter strasseberlin 10557DE Germany491702185182


Keep Shopping

Your Order

Item Name SubTotal

1 Digital Watch Camera digwatchcam Free Shipping!!! 79.00

Subtotal: 79.00

Shipping: 0.00

Tax: 0.00

Total: 79.00


Thank you for placing your order with DealGiver.com. Your order will be processed soon. We appreciate your business and once again thanks for shopping with us.

If you have any questions about your order, please Contact Us.View Orders



Order Date: 11/27/07Order Number: dealgiver-3034Shipping Method: UPS Ground Residential

Ship To

mangantar hutagalung16-17 lehrter strasseberlin berlinDE Germany491702185182

Bill To

mangantar hutagalung16-17 lehrter strasse(embassy of Indonesia)berlin berlinDE Germany491702185182


Keep Shopping

Your Order

Item Name SubTotal

1 Digital Pen Camera digpencam Free Shipping!!! 70.00

Subtotal: 70.00

Shipping: 0.00

Tax: 0.00

Total: 70.00

I send many emails and tlp them no respond. So what action should I do!!



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Dana Point, California, United States #2428
I, too, am upset. I ordered a digital recorder and have not received it...the site is down and NO customer service to call.

Any suggesstions? :(
Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia
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I was a few days beyond 6 years and 3 months old on December 7, 1941.

At that time I was the youngest of 4 Children consisting of 3 Boys and 1 Girl.

My oldest Brother, being 5 years and 2 months older than me, was 11 years old.

Being born in 1930 would prove to be significant in 1950 when the Korean War broke out.

My Family of 6 lived in a rented cold-water flat on the 2nd floor that consisted of a total of 6 rooms. 3 bedrooms, a front room, a dining room, and a kitchen. It also had 1 bathroom.

It was heated by 2 large coal fed stoves, 1 in the kitchen and 1 in the dining room.

We lived about 1 mile from the Chicago Stock Yards where my Dad worked as a Gate Guard at the Main Gate, which he later explained to me was much better than his previous job of crawling into the cattle and pig railroad cars, often on his knees in pig ***, to remove recalcitrant animals, unaware of their destiny and fate, but still apprehensive.

When I later asked him why he did such work, he said "To feed you guys".

Thats when it was ingrained in me that you did what you had to do to carry out your responsibilities.

I would have been at home on that Fatefull Sunday of December 7th, but for some reason I have no recall of that particular day.

We obviously would have learned of it over the radio, unless someone would have called us on the telephone.

The following day, to my recollection, there was nothing mentioned or made of the Attack, possibly because of the lack of communications, and no knowledge of the extent of the damages.

I am sure all the Newspapers in the United States, and the World, covered the Attack, as well as they could.

For the entire World, with Europe already engulfed in War, at least those attacked and occupied by Germany, must have been thrilled, because now they knew America would enter the War against Germany, because on Dec 8th, Hitler declared War against America, because of a Treaty he had with Japan.

Hitler, supposedly remarked to his Generals,in 1944, that he felt the biggest mistake he ever made, was declaring War on the United States.

I think I must have first become of WWll when we starting collecting and bringing old newspapers to Libby Grammar School on Loomis Blvd across from Sherman Park. It was called a Paper Drive.

The School also started selling Savings Stamps in the Class Room.

I believe they also sold War Bonds.

Since I had just started going to the store for my Mother, I became aware of "Rationing" and "Stamps".

When a store was going to have a shipment of Sugar and Butter, all rationed, they posted signs.

Meat of course, was also rationed. How Restaurants survived during the War, is still a mystery to me.

I was allowed to go to the movies once a week, on saturday, and they always had new reels of the War.

Jap and Nazi Posters, were everywhere.

The "Uncle Sam Wants You" was ubiquitous.

War Memorials and Flag Poles were built on every street corner.

Soon names of our Neighbors starting appearing on them alongside Gold and Silver Stars.

Small Flags started appearing in the windows of almost every home on the block.

I believe they were Gold,Silver,and Black. Representing the number of members of that Family who were serving,wounded,and dead.

There were no Cell Phones,Computers,Internet,Televisions,Copy Machines,Fax Machines,and none of the Broadcom Companies.

Bill Gates wasn't even born.

When I think of the contraversy over the so called torture "Waterboarding" going on today, I think back of the torture in WWll.

When I compare what I know of "Waterboarding" and the dropping of the 2 Bombs over Japan, that ended WWll, I am amazed at the Outrage.

What Truman demonstrated at that time, and will always be the responsibility of the President of the United States is, that whatever it takes to protect the People of the United States, The Sitting President, whoever it is, will always do whatever is necessary, regardless of the Media, or Public Polls and Opinions.

Another reflection I have is how we are now buying millions of Cars from Japan.

There used to be a sign and Poster that read:Remember Pearl Harbor

Review #108798 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer108798.

Crank Call

An extremely rude representative from this company called asking for two individuals whose phone number I apparently inherited. When I tried to explain to this person that these people no longer have the number he kept asking me if I knew where they were, where they lived.

I again explained I only had their former number. As I was explaining this, he hung up on me. I called the number back and asked why he hung up. He claimed that he did not have a record of calling me (he called 2 minutes previously).

He then proceeded to ask my name, my information, etc. Of course I did not give it to him and I finally just said do not call this number again and said goodbye and hung up. He then called my phone number 2 more times and said nothing, and hung up on me.

I have heard of collection agencies acting in many ways but cranking people?...this is a first.


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Reading, England, United Kingdom #1411
i just started receiving calls from this company. they are asking for my disabled brother.

no, i will not give them ANY info.

glad to find this web site. :( :( :(
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Williard Schmaltz,the new Owner of Columbia Tools,Inc.,having witnessed the demise of the American Automotive Industry, was very sensitive to how his Manufactured Products were going to Distributed,Sold,and Serviced, by his National Newwork of Distributors and Dealers.

He realized that Providing the Finest Products made, were just one part of the success of his Business.

What happened after His Products were purchased was just as important as anything he could do.

He knew that if His Products were Advertised, Displayed, Presented, Demonstrated, Sold, or Serviced, in any way other than in the most Ethical and Competitive Way, His Business could be Jeopardized,or at least negatively impacted, by anything less than Micro-Managing the Marketing,Sales,and Distribution of His Products.

His Responsibilities didn't end with a Finished Product.

He felt the American Car Companies, should have owned 10% of the Retail Dealerships. 5% in Urban Areas,and 5% in Rural Areas.

All Ownerhsip,Management,and Service Personnel, for all Independent Franchises, should have had to have worked in the Company Owned Stores.

All Policies and Procedures should have been standardized,implemented,executed,and enforced.

In other words, the American Car Companies, should have controled as much as they legally could, in the Distribution and Sale of Their Products.

Allowing a helter-skelter network of Dealers, operating anyway they wanted to, in the Sale of the American Car Companies Products, was actually placing their Future and Destiny in the Control of Non-Owners of the Car Companies.

The Pent-up Anger, and Frustration, of American Car Owners, more upset with the Dealer Network and their Policies,Practices,Service,and Policies, than the Products themselves, is the Primary Reason for the Success of Foreign Brands.

It was the American Publics Way of Voting on their Satisfaction with the American Automotive Industry.



Mr. Schmaltz was not going to allow His Brand to be Destroyed or Adversely Affected, by his Distribution Network.

His Management Team would be as Stringent in Their Supervision of their Dealer Network, as they were in their Corporate Responsibilities.

Lesson Learned

More to come.

He realized His Business could not only

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Don't buy at buy.com

Placed an order for an Asus eee on this last Tue night at buy.com. The order went to the "processing" phase and is still stuck there as of Fri. Sent at least 3 emails to customer support and have only gotten back computer generated messages. Have tried to cancel the order and only get a "cancel requested" response. Company policy shows I should be able to cancel prior to shipping but it isn't happening.

This is my first and last attempt to buy at buy.com.

Kinda takes the Christmas spirit out of Christmas.

J P Jones III

Review #108695 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer108695.