Be careful what you wish for here - this company starts by making you agree to let them send you a different product in leiu of what you originally order just in case they can't get what you want from your doctor...once they send you something, you obviously cannot return perscriptions, so you are stuck with it...then they charge your credit card a $20.95 monthly fee thru their friends at cp2pay.com and if you don't call them immediately to cancel - they will continue to charge your account bleeding you dry - this pharmacy is harrassing my doctor trying to get the perscription i wanted, and my doctor is pissed at me now for them continuously asking for permission to send me something he is not "authorized" to perscribe! Be careful of this company!




I have used them several time with great results. The one time my order didn't arrive, I called them and they resent it. About as much as I could hope to find in this kind of website


This company is a scam! And yes I am talking about Low-Cost-Rx.com (with dashes!!!!) I placed an order and almost a full month later have still received nothing!

Their 1-800 # is set up to put you on hold for a few minutes and then just goes dead, I tried calling at least 10 times on different phones.

I was able to contact them through e-mail to confirm shipping and minor details but as soon as my order didn't arrive by the deadline I could no longer get any response from them. Save your time, money, and sanity and avoid this site!


I've used this company on a couple of occasions with satisfaction. The last time, my order failed to arrive, they resent it without any problems. I intend to use them again.


I also think you've got them mixed up with someone else. I would however recommend only ordering using the trackable courier option if you're in Canada.

They reshipped my order THREE TIMES when I ordered the Second time with just regular unregistered mail, and I still didn't get it.

However after the third re-try, they refunded my money. I really don't know what more you could ask for.


Oh, I believe the website is right...that is exactly the way it is on the receipt...if you need some placebos from India, give me a shout, I'll re-sell them to ya!


I agree, I think you're mixing low-cost-rx.com with someone else (maybe lowcostrx.com dashes omitted). I got my meds as promised before the promised delivery deadline.

No recurring billing either.

I think you're slandering a legitimate company. Sorry.

Millersburg, Ohio, United States #7147



low-cost-rx.com does not have any recurring billing

you must be thinking about some other site

LOW-COST-RX.COM is an excellent site

Springfield, Michigan, United States #3594

low-cost-rx.com is legit

make sure you are talking about the one with the dashes between the words, they sell meds at a discount and they do not have any monthly plans

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Review #110337 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Salesperson who just took my order

I have completed my order for four items just about 20 minutes ago. Until now throughout my experience in placing many orders over the course of several years, the salesperson has been helpful and pleasant. This time it made me very uncomfortable. The salesperson insisted upon calling me by my first name after I asked to use only my last name. I had to repeat and spell items that should be apparent. I had a question that the salesperson could not answer.and put me on hold several times to ask someone to get the information.

This made me impatient. I was asked

irrelevant questions.

That is my unhappy gripe for today.I am counting on getting the items I ordered without a problem, because

I feel the salesperson is not competent

to put the order together properly.

Gloria Klatt 617-630-2823.

email: gklatt@lasell.edu

Review #110320 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer110320.

Fraudulent Loan Companies On-Line

I applied for 2 personal loans on-line. I negligently typed in my bank account #, supposedly for the money transfer.

Needless to say, I found out that the entire transaction was a scam! I have 4 bank overdraft statement showing where these "***-bags" withdrew money from my checking acct. without my knowledge or consent! I am on SS Disability and can't afford to pay the $550 delinquent charge.

Can't somebody help me get in touch with the right authorities for prosecution! The web site listed on my statements are USA Credit &WWW. PDSSUP.COM.

I want justice!!!!!!!



Basaksehir, Istanbul, Turkey #26903
Dax, thank you for your services. We were able to find a place that even accepted pets!

Thank you very much. :)
Basaksehir, Istanbul, Turkey #26893

I found a house in one day through Dax's service and was glad to return because I knew I would get what I was looking for again.

Debbie Silva

Balikesir, Balikesir, Turkey #14989

It appears that they have scammed a LOT of folks. I am going to have to close my account,too. I wish we could get a class action law suit going...this is a matter for the attorney generals office......I have a feeling this goes a lot deeper than we think it does

Grandville, Michigan, United States #3429


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Review #110317 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Neiman Marcus/Horchow

After purchasing 3 different beds, each one arrived damaged. Replacement parts were resent, beds re-delivered damaged as well.

If supposed elite stores in this industry can't get furniture right (who can). Customer Service needs to be just that servicing the customer. Quality is very important. Poor customer service, lack of supervior's assitance.

Empowering representives to take care of the call. "One Call Resolution" is so important. When taking months to resolve and issue. This is with all companies these days, seems most representives who answer phones, are probably shopping or chatting while at work.

Empower your employee's get them excited in helping others.


1 comment


Neiman Marcus (which owns the Horchow name) never sees the furniture. It's sent from the factory to you, so neiman has no frigging clue about actual quality, they just charge you lotsa money.

And customer service reps are screwed.

Instead of trying to spend the time to.help you, they get docked pay or fired f they spend too much time on phone, authorize too many returns or refunds. Management makes them try to screw you, so CEO can make more money.

Review #110248 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer110248.

Complaint against JMAC/ITS/McKenzie Scott

I too was conned by JMAC. I was contacted and told they would rewrite my resume which would say all the right things to attract job offers.

They also said they would provide job leads to the 80% of unadvertised 100K jobs. They accepted my expectation of getting a reasonable job offer in 90 days. Lastly, they said they would fax my resume to all of the corporate leaders in my area and the top recruiters. It has now been over 4 months and I have not received one interview, let alone a reasonable job offer.

They have also not provided a single job lead, but instead sent me hundreds of articles that have nothing to do with a tip on a job, and they have sent me articles from out of my specified job area. For example, my job agent informed me I had 57 "job leads" for unpublished retail jobs in Colorado. When I opened them, 50 were articles on what each state was doing to prevent tobacco usage by teenagers. As far as faxing my resume to corporate business leaders, they faxed it to 1000 junior colleges and other nonapplicable agencies.

What tipped me off was when I received a call from the HR at Shoreline Community College saying my resume had been faxed to their librarian. When I told them I had a company doing this for me, they told me that no legitimate company would do this. I also received over 50 letters from colleges saying they did not hire this way and to apply to their website if I was interested - which I was not. As far as the "high quality" resume they prepared, after sending it to 6figurejobs.com, it received an average of 5 hits per month.

My previous "crummy" resume prepared by me had averaged 40 hits per month. Then when I has another company critique it, they said it was not hard hitting, and was very unimpressive. Finally, Judy McVeigh kept pushing me to request a mail merge so I could send out a resume to many companies. I requested a mail merge on November 6, 2007, and they never prepared it, even though I talked to Judy several times and several other people.

Based on all this I initially requested a full refund of $8,500 dollars because they did not come close to living up to their promises. My thought was, they provided zero service so I should get all my money back. Paul Bokelman then called me and offered me 30% of my money back, because they had invested a lot. On this website, they get glowing remarks from Rip Off.Com for doing a great job of working with customers who have written to complain, to include even providing a full refund.

But, they have been anything but helpful to me. They have already told me I must go to Arbitration so I have filed my case. In my opinion this company is a disgrace and I would happily join any class action lawsuit against them.

I would also like the Colorado State Attorney General to know how they operate!!



Darn how did I miss these postings when I searched for this company. Got me for about $6500 too!

Joined the FBI case no way of knowing if they will do anything as they will not provide any information about the case.

Beware they are still out there and if you used them remember they had you use a personal e-mail saying that the server was slow or some lame excuse like that it was probably to separate the e-mails at a arms distance from the company. :cry :x

I too was taken for $6800, being out of work for over 2 years It sounded great. But nothing ever came of it.

In fact everything they gave me was out dated and had nothing to do with me or my job skills.

Also I see no one has really posted info as to whom they were working with well Cindy Marvell on LinkedIn was my poc. and has even befriended me there.


The people who put together my resume there were total numbnuts. Their so-called cover letters were worthy of sitting at the bottom of a bird cage. They market under more than one name which is not exactly above board in my opinion.


ITS and JMAC is without question a complete scam. Stay far away from them as you possibly can. NORRIS PERKINS was the contact said he was a owner.


I too feel that I did not get what was to be delivered. Shame on me for not doing a better due diligents on this process the company uses to scam people.

Everyone I talked to said never - NEVER - spend that much money for someone to find you a job. Most of that work is done with community and other resources at your disposal. I wish I had never met Paul Baker!

What a *** man! I blame no one but my self for this F--- Up!


I just wanted to second one of the above

positive posts regarding this company. The

system was really helpful to me in the start

of my campaign.

Given this was the first time in decades of

conducting a job search. I could not believe

the challenging economic environment.

The system educated me on the contemporary

methods of job search, defined new and

innovative approaches.

In general it got me moving quickly into day

to day activities that got me the interviews

and a job offer.


I really had a great experience with ITS and people on this board need toknow about it.

The team and the resources were outstanding. The services were on time, on target, and developed for my career needs and requirements.

In my case, I switched industries with the help of uncovering my transferrable skills. The professional resumes and websites were awesome.

Jerry was knowledgable, accessable, and helped maximize all the tolls provided.


Owner of company: Robert J. Gerberg Sr.: rjgsr@yahoo.com, pberge@newcareersonline.com. Get in touch and voice your concerns!

CEO / Son of owner: Robert J. Gerberg, Jr. (aka RJ): rgerberg@newcareersonline.com.

CFO of company (also son-in-law): Mike Egan: megan@newcareersonline.com.


Just got of the phone with one of these jerks- he wanted $8500 brought it down to $6500- I started asking questions and he said he would have to let me know on Monday if I am even marketable- what a bunch of BS- They have a nice game going it is a little to slick which is what raised a flag for me. Thank you all for your postings - just confirmed what I was thinking


I agree. What a way to go through life!

These people have been in business in several states, changing their name, taking unsuspecting people's money and delivering next to nothing with unrealistic promises of success.

Why don't all of us get a good attorney and put this guy (Bokelman) out of business for good in a class action? Just imagine how many people we would be saving and all the thousands of dollars...


I took Bokelman's clown a$$ to arbitration after he was "offended" by my claims of poor service, and after he asked if he could call me back, which of course he didn't. Great way to go through life, scamming people.

BBB provided a good forum for me to vent. BBB arbitration gave me 50%, better than nothing...Stay far away from these predators.


I took Bokelman's clown a$$ to arbitration after he was "offended" by my claims of poor service, and after he asked if he could call me back, which of course he didn't. Great way to go through life, scamming people.

BBB provided a good forum for me to vent. BBB arbitration gave me 50%, better than nothing...Stay far away from these predators.


Scott, what ever came of your claim against JMAC ?


I to was mislead into believing that this program would bring me a position. The only thing "good" I can say about JMAC is that they have a website that can be helpful in your search, nothing more.

But no where close to what they promise and definitely not worth the cost. I too asked for a complete refund and was offered 30% I accepted the refund, but am extremely bitter

about this experience.


To all who posted these comments, I thank you. To those of you who were taken, my heart goes out to you and I hope you are able to get restitution soon.

I just got off the phone with one of their sails pitchers from CO. I just happened to come across these comments doing a search for the company on the internet. I have to admit, it sounded too good to be true, but look at who they are targeting, those of us who are despite to re-enter the job market. They appear to be praying mantis’s just waiting for their next victim.

Thanks to your posts, I have been spared the hardship of losing $$$ I need to pay bills. Well, it’s back to the search….


It's good to receive all the feedback on JMAC! I've been in discusions with an Art Schill out of NYC for a few days.

I lost my job 2 weeks ago. We did the online tutorial yesterday and are speaking again later today. He quoted me $1,750 for the service (see attachment). Before going forward, which is unlikely, I'd want to speak to 2-3 folks he helped in the past 6 months.

The many written testimonials on the web site could've easily been made up. Thanks to all who posted!!


Different name, same players it seems. SET is the new name. Found me through my posting a resume on Monster.

I met in person. Very convincing. First red flag was they wanted $3300 for up to three levels of service. Money back...sure...but only on the paper items...without marketing them, how do you know it's going to work?? Bogus.

When I did my research, they have the same address as ITS, same VP (Ken Richards) and same CEO (Bokelmann) as the other places under fire. (Tufts Ave, Denver) Of course, SET has no BBB complaints.

I have chosen to not spend the money after reading these reports.


I, too, was approached by an ITS representative. The sales pitch was very convincing.

They must have reduced the price over the years. The latest equates to approx. $3100 which is comprised of 3 stages of service. I almost took the bait until I did my research.

Now I've uncovered 'mountains' of complaints from various sites. What I've found is RED FLAG enough to stay away from this company. When I was displaced, my former employer used the services of Right Management which I feel prepared me enough to tackle the job market.

Go with your 'gut' feel. If you have any doubts what-so-ever...do yourself a favor...DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR TRAP...no matter how good the sales pitch and money-back guarantee is.


Did you guys o to arbitration, Any luck? We need to teach Paul Bokelman not to play hard ball and to improve his teams quality.


Dude , I am in the same boat and Paul Bokelman said to be the same thing to go with arbitration. Did you go to arbitration...


I recently met with JMAC and was inpressed with what they do until i read some of the information posted here, and now definetly have second thoughts of spending money I may need in the next few months to pay bills, and the high possibility of getting nothing in return. I also was told my money would be refundable, but was not told a percent.


Thanks very much for posting this. I have my 3rd phone call with a marketing director this evening...

I have felt from the beginning this may be a scam and it's a ridiculous amount of money to have to pay, but I'm getting very anxious about returning to the workforce asap.

I am very grateful for your post, it's possibly prevented me from making a huge mistake! I hope it works out for you.

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Review #110246 is a subjective opinion of poster.


I had been receiveing e-mail adds from BigJimswholesale.com. They advertised a variety of merchandlise from knock-off jewelry and hand bags to electronics and leather coats.

Wanting to resume selling on e-bay, I was excited when he sent an add stating "You can't miss this one! Large liquidation sale of a variety of digital cameras. Please don't request certain magapixels. Your order will consist of a variety of manufacturers and types of digital cameras for only $129.99!" Ok, maybe I should have seen sucker written all over this add, but his other merchandise looked reasonable and I pictured Kodak and Nikon discontinued model cameras so I bought one lot.

What I got was 10 no name pen cameras that aren't worth $5 a piece. They say simply "High grade resolution" meaning they have 100k pixels, not megapixels, and would probably make more money in a claw vending machine than they will ever make for outright sale.

I admit I should have been more wary of this and have learned my lesson but still want to put it out there to warn people of the unscrupulous behavior and gross misrepresentation of BigJimsWholesale.com!




I too was suckered into purchasing these"Digital Cameras". They are pure JUNK!

They also go by Alpha One Sourcing, wholesalegopher.com

SCAM - Do Not Buy from these companies.


I am a fool. I bought the exact same listing for digital cameras. I wish I saw this beforehand.

Don't buy anything from BIGJIMSWHOLESALE OR AZ2IMPORTERS or any other name they come up with.


Review #110215 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Riverside, California - Stop Calling me!!!! I am not the person you are looking for!!!

Why have yo been calling me every week for the last six months and ask for someone who is not me nor do i know? Stop please. I do not have time for this. I do not understand at all why when I tell you that you are calling the wrong number you insist on calling me again and again. Does this happen to anyone else out there? Can you please get the right phone numbers for the people you are collecting from instead of calling me more than a dozen times, especially after every time I tell you that I am not that person.

Thank you

Review #110163 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer110163.

New Info on Stephen T. Conrad

Anyone who has had Mr. Conrad as a plaintiff's attorney for Workman's comp and/or personal injury should know that he's been disbarred by the Virginia Bar and arrested for embezzling client funds. He is currently being held on 1M bond in the Prince William County VA jail for one count of embezzlement and four counts of forging signatures. The charges stem from one particular case, but Conrad has several civil complaints to the Bar for the same or similar behavior. You can read about it on the Virginia Bar's official site.

His law firm (NOT THE ONE MENTIONED IN THE PREVIOUS RELATED ARTICLE,) Stephen T. Conrad, P.C. located at 1986 Opitz Boulevard

Woodbridge, VA 22191, has been siezed by the Commonwealth of VA and placed in receivorship.

Review #110113 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer110113.

Free Radio Zone.com

Words do not explain enough how pist i am about this company they are misleading the public by their advertisments. I first heard of this website on our local radio station z.90 in san diego.

There company offered a free X-Box in exchange to your survey answers about the sponsors on their website. It had 3 pages of advertisers and in order to receive your X-Box you needed to complete 3 offers per page. So my first battle was I would click on an offer to review it and see if it was to my liking, (thinking at the time this would not cost me any money or any time - WRONG) After completing all 9 offers I was told I would receive my gift and that changed quickly because the company says that you have to complete the offer on the original page you first clicked on it. This caused me to send my complaint to the BBB of Virginia.

But they were no help so I went and did the last offer requirement and they sent me the link to the redemption of the X-Box thinking finally since I started this process back in March of 2007. Filled out and sent it in. 5 weeks later they said I was not eligible for the X-Box because they changed the requirements to 4 per page a total of 12.



1 comment

Harbor City, California, United States #2576

You are a fscking retard (note : i meant to write 'fscking'), and you need to open your eyes to the realities of the internet scam-ad-fest that we have going on here.

I mean, ***, I wasn't even falling for that *** when I was 13...you gotta keep your ears open, and your eyes wide.

Stop allowing yourself to be led like a foolish *** sheep...


Review #109967 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Georgetown, Massachusetts - Return Policy

I stood in line today watching two very slow and incompetent people trying to do a job which is not too hard to do. When I finally reach one, I was told that my purchase would not be taken back since I had no receipt.

All I wanted was an exchange of product since i got the wrong one. I asked why and nobody could give me an answer. This is not the first time I have been annoyd at this store. I was in shopping with my grandchildren and one helper saw fit to tell me the world was near an end and that I was soon to go also.

How wonderful and what complete nonsense.

I will never to in to that store again as the savings are not worth the effort.

I do like to know return policy hw.

Thank you.

Georgetown, Massachusetts
Review #109960 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer109960.