*** matches

hi all of all the sex matches available to the public *** matches would have to be the most user unfriendly available to consumers.

the woman available are not available and not person could not be responded to by one person after sending numerous messages and winks. this without a doubt is the biggest waste of money and effort available on the net today.

i strongly recomend waisting your money on something worth while. if you want to see no value for money what so ever by all means sign up.

good luck in finding casual affairs or even love as it is not available on *** matches.com

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someone should spam those websites with a computer virous


I'm certain that these sites, employee people who consistently wink at you and send messages to you. Me and my fiance were a member of a site about a year ago.

We kept getting messages from one lady in particular. I asked her several times to take the messages to our private emails and possibly set up a time to meet and hang out, or just be able to talk on the phone. The thing that made me finally think that she was being paid, was the fact that she did not want to use a regular email service, she wanted to keep it on the site because it was "safer." How it is unsafe to use your private email service i.e., gmail, hotmail or whatever, is beyond me. But what finally put the nail in the coffin is when I told her that we were not renewing our membership because of lack of real results, she just continued to try and get us to renew our membership.

She wouldn't even consider taking it any farther than the pay site itself. So needless to say, we wasted about 40 bucks for a month, and we have never done anything like that site since.


This site must be owned and operated by the same company that runs True, or True beginings.com. I believe that all these website are in it to screw over lonely men who are looking for serious love, and or Sex, I take serious offense to the person who says we are all either ugly, or *** if we didn't get a date.

I am neither ugly, or ***, and I got snub with ever e-mail I sent. I got winked at over150 times , and got hotlisted by ladies half my age, but never so much as a full response. It don't think it is use men that are *** if i believed the ladies were real then it is them that are ***, because i am clean, discreet, and sexy, so if the winks aren't fake then how come i never even got an email from a women who did not even send her picture in.

I believe that *** matches never let these ladies have my private email address, or maybe it was because they are all *** and i did not offer to pay. At any rate something really stinks at Hornymatches.com

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Other Company in Mumbai, Maharashtra - Harrasing

My Account no is 11824*** & I had taken 20000 Thousand loan fom medical square branch,Nagpur,Maharashtra.I was told to pay EMI RS 1106 per month.But you are taking 1223 RS per month from me.I am a salaried employee and my salary comes on 13th to 14th every month.These things were hide to me when I was camed for loan to you.Now I want a settelement for this loan.when I went for this in Nagpur branch to find out how to deal with this problem I hadto explain my problems several times to them because they were not listing to me and at the end they send me back saying that they could not help me please call me on my mobile no 09325114*** at any time.

Please help me out for this prblem

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Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Can not lower my payments through loan modification

Do not understand why we can not modify to lower rate just because it is at the base rate when other lenders have been able to help their customers for better service. I did not get the best customer service and I was told that I can refinance but with the new economy we have no value in our home, so tell me what is it that I can do.

What are you doing to comply with the new statute, we need the home to live in we need an affordable interest rate in order to keep the home.


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Dinar, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey #25437

Keep in mind that your mortgage company can't just change the terms of your loan. Its more likely that even though your mortgage is with XYZ Mortgage company, they are not the ones who put up the money. This is done by investors (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc.) Your mortgage company can't do anything if that investor won't allow them to.

Concord, California
Review #124219 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Lebanon, Oregon - Did not receive my Free products as promised.

I finished paying my computer 14 weeks ago, just received it. Junior-the sales rep.

said it would be a brand new computer. Explained I would be getting free TV and free Printer upon completion of payments. 16 weeks later I have not received the said free products. Called, but no response.

E-mailed and they said I had defaulted on a payment, they claims I cannot get my free products because of that. I had changed banks and called to give them new info of bank, but was not entered properly, so it defaulted.

They will not send the products.

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Lebanon, Oregon
Review #124198 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer124198.

Other Company in Plano, Texas - GARY VOUCHER

I would like to express that one of your employees has been harrassing my place of employment looking for one of your customers. as a whole company we have told him numerous times that this person is no longer employed......

gary voucher needs to STOP calling..............

Im tired of him calling more then 15 times a day he calls before 8am and after 8pm.....we tell him over and over again the person is not here and he insists they are and we are lying to him when in all reality he is lying to himself stop calling here! later

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Plano, Texas
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Other Company in Shepherdsville, Kentucky - Did not informs us first

when we got our new dvr because the old one quit.my husband talked to them for three days before we got it.they did not tell him we had to pay the back bill before they hooked it up.now wehave no tv for a week.they said it didnt matter how long we had been with them.they dont value there customers very much.and our other reciever thats on the same account is still on.they disconnected our old dvr and we were watching tv before they deacctivated it.then they said they couldnt reactivacte it.and the computer said we had till august 12 to pay it.

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Shepherdsville, Kentucky
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Spoiled brats!

I was cleaning my last piece of equipment and it was around 9:50p.m. We close at 10. A lady walked up and asked me if we were closed. I was nice to her and said," No we are not. How can I help you?"

She said that she needed a few cold cuts. I said,"okay let me just rinse this off for you b/c there is soap all over it." She says , "Well can I just tell you what I want and then come back and get it?" I said sure Let me just get ..... and before I knew it she told me "NEVER MIND IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HELP ME THEN I WILL JUST GO AND COMPLAIN TO YOUR MANAGER!"

She had stormed off before I could even finish my sentence. I was going to say, "Let me just get a pen so I can write this down so I won't forget."

The next thing I know she came with my manager and he asked me to slice her stuff for her. I just had a big grin on my face and said,"I sure can." and then she said,"That's what I thought!" It ended up that she told my manager that I rolled my eyes at her and that I refused to help her.

Oh well the crazy *** just needs to go take some prosaic to help her with her attitude.

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It's amazing how many people here compain about the lousy customer service they receive from retail employees as to how they lie, roll their eyes and even refuse to help when asked. There are those of you who don't know how to say PLEASE or THANK YOU.

You walk up to the service counter and DEMAND. You have no consideration at closing time and make us dirty a slicer to cut a 1/4 lb. of ham and cheese and never mind saying THANK YOU because you feel that as a customer you're special.

You are special and I thank you for shopping with us, but rudeness will get you nowhere fast. We all know who you are!


A really similar thing happened to me at one of my old jobs. This woman came to me and was paying for something with a mall gift card.

But that card happens to be extremely *** and we have to enter the exact amount there is on the card if there won't be enough to cover the whole purchase. So I got into this habit of asking people if they know there is enough to cover or not. I did the same for this woman and she had a hissy fit and started yelling at me, telling me it's none of my business. Then called my manager and told her I rolled my eyes at her and was rude.

I quit a week later. Customers like her pissed me off.

Just know, you're not alone :)

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Atlanta, Georgia
Review #124127 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer124127.

Other Company in Queen Anne, Maryland - Order number 13015076

Order #13015076 Item#SSM631 Case #1258156

I placed an order for two (2) of the above. When the shipment arrived I only received one (l) baseball. My Master Charge was billed for two but I

only received one. Please have one of the above shipped to me. I have written to you twice about this error and hope that you will honor your good reputation by correcting your error and send me the addition commemorative baseball that I paid for. Thank you. Robert Blades, 33 Londonderry Dirve, Easton, Mayrland 21601 rblades

Easton, Maryland 21601 Email:reblades@dmv.com

33 Londonderry DRive

Easton, Maryland 21601

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Queen Anne, Maryland
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Hornymatch.com preys on lonely men

This site, like others that appeal to your loneliness and sexual frustration(s) use decent to great looking women (that are supposedly local) to get you interested. They track the photos you click on and I believe either have automated "come-on" responses or people working on a commission basis send you winks and/or messages to get you aroused enough to sign up and spend your money.

Virtually all of your incoming messages are sent in the dawn hours (6AM-8AM) - hey, it's someone's job to get you on the hook!

You will spend money, but you will get no booty!

J.A. Montgomery, AL

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save your money and get a ***


I had like 10 winks in the first day and about 20 "member" messages, so I went for the 3 day trial email offer. This was before I had any data in my profile or even a picture up. It was no big surprise that after replying to each and every person no one replied at all. Also after subscribing the "members"... I'm sorry I mean bots, stopped messaging me at all until the last day of my trial when I got several messages saying they wanted to hang out next week, haha nice try, convinent timing I should totally go renew!

The "people" making any claims on here to the contrary obviously have something at stake with the company, no one I know has ever actually met a person on the site or any affiliates linked from it, I knew better but tried it anyway.

Yes its illegal to use photos without a person's permission (in the US) but we don't know these people didn't sell their permission or that where the site is located (not the US) has any laws against it.

Think smart, its too good to be true that hot chicks would need any help getting banged, why would they be on here? They wouldn't but its an excellent money making scam.


:? hi


I made a genuine account on hornymatches and uploaded genuine photo of myself. I could contact no one because I am standard member and go to open the account and I was blocked for abuse.

What abuse?

Total *** stay well away because if they block genuine then they must be left with those they create themselves. I too got got an instant wink and was told I was blocked 3 days later for doing nothing more than looking through the search


sounds like more of the same on every site and plenty of fish is full of stank of nasty fish no women only ***. zoosks is also the biggest rip in history upgrade they say but no one ever answers emails or flirtsit is all a waste of time just get an escort like me then you know what she is in it for. :(


i e-mailed their site complaining i felt i had been conned i got a nonsense reply stating i could contact them anytime :cry


definitely a scam,with in 1 minute of registering,I had a wink.No profile nor a photo.Upgrade more messages and so on,responded to contacts and no replies.How can they be hot and *** when there is no photo and basic profile.Once bitten never again :(


plentyoffish.com is a free site and so far I have had some nice women email me. AND of course I emailed them back (FREE)!

Not a single time have I been asked for my credit card info or some BS promo to sign up.

Check them out, don't waste your money with these clowns. Guyyon


Although some people choose not to believe it, there actually are a few good looking females on that site that are not hired by the company and are only on there (like my case) for the need to be discreet. The site worked fine...

for a day. After posting normal pictures and finishing my normal profile, I was promptly blocked for abuse. Why? For being real and stealing the attention away from their *** bots?

They left my profile up, with my pictures and it says "ONLINE NOW". So I'm assuming they are now using my name, profile and pictures as a bot. I sent an email to them about a week ago asking why I was being blocked and... No Reply.

Shocker much?

Nope. Warning to the decent looking ladies out there: If you look better than their *** bots, they will steal your profile and your pictures and block you from logging on.


I dont know WTF is wrong with whoever says this website is ***, I think its personal or maybe you guys are not getting the attention you are looking for, I have been on this site for almost a year and I did actualy meet and hooked up with alot of the women from this website, different ages as weel, mainly in the state of Texas, so I do not know what are you guys talking about here, LOSRES


There only one thing wrong with what you people say . The law state,s that a company can not use a personnal photo without the permission of that person , if they do than they can be charged with a felony. and be sued, what i think is that you can,t get woman to sleep with you so your getting back at them , i think you need to GROW UP.


Hornymatches is a fraud, FOR SURE. With the research and testing I've preformed there is no dought.

Hornymatches also has affiliates which have the exact same pics and posts. You can see these as you do a search. After I finally got a reply from them I was told I will recieve a refund, in 5 to 10 days.

We'll see. Don't use them or there affiliates, trust me, these are scams and frauds.


I had one response commenting on my photo and I haven't even posted a pic!


I'm going to *** this site and destroy it


I have completed my final test of the site using Five standard members and one paying member. The pattern for the standard members was the SAME.

Wink and emails from paying members, asking you to reply, you must be a paying member to reply. After a paying member started to reply no answer.

Sounds alot like whats being posted. Will do more test in the next week but I have found Hornymatches is using spyware or tracking IP adress.


about time people realize that good looking girls on these sites could get laid anywhere, they dont need to join any web sites, its a deal we all know is 2 good to be true and all fall for it, it,s all a load of bollox and the only way ya get screwed is by handing over your money!!! :(


Completed a test of the site . Have sent over 60 emails juut asking where the people are .!!!!!!

NO REPLIES. The winks are automatic, change your location and they start all over again, same people!!! COOOOL !

Not a smart programer. Of over 500 winks ( 1 ) replie , not sure if real, no real contact, I'm lovin this *** not because I've baged a bad GUY.


The site is pure B S , Bait and hook, they did me , Have watched the pattern they use, it ain't that *** good but it works if ya just want ta get ya some. Heck of a scam that works.

Whats great to is you get emails directing you to other sites by some hot what ever to get there email address. They couldn't give it to ya when they emailed ya , WHAT THE ***


I joined this site using two different profiles but living in the same state.

Within minutes i recieved identical emails saying that i was looking good and i should email her.

Thats the sting you have to pay to e-mail!


It's a site called "hornymatch.com" and you expect it NOT to be a scam? I bet you get your used cars from WeSellLemons.net and your financial services from We'reStealingYourMoney.NoReallyWeAre.com.


Look out for a company on the net called Amature Match .com just as bad as the rest of them and worse


I would say that *** match is a scam also for in late moring houra say 3:00 in the morning you send a girl a wink and she sends back to you a e-mail address to write back to and , oh to your surprise guess what the girl who was to send you her e-mail address ,guess what she must be a real looser because they have all sent the wrong e-mail address to you at least 6or 8 have not known there own I.D, that is hard to believe ha ha ha ,yes it is a *** sight and don`t give them your money it is a scam for sure.......

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #165200

Forget the internet if you got laid it was the same as winning the lotto , it is not going to happen . No , if you really need to get laid and you are too old to pick up a doll in a bar or go dancing put your hand in your pocket and visit cute little Asian girls in an AMP .


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Just found out my boyfriend has a profile on hornymatch and knowing it's a scam, I wasn't too worried, but one of the 'girls' gave him her private email and now he's emailing her there so he doesn't have to pay anything...I don't think it'll lead to anything but even if they are fake, they still seem dangerous...and it makes me bloody angry that there's a company out there destroying REAL relationships for a quick buck!


what a *** site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!should be shut down


i hate this web site,i have sent about 300 message and maybe 500 winks on the past 6 month, i dont get no respond,from any girls,i even hit a 55 ladies year old and she did't respond,and then i getting message from another country telling me if i want to *** can you beleive this ***... this web site is *** scam,guy dont waste your money in this ***, to get lay....*** this i can find it on the streets...i going to gey before this web....any girls want some hit a hulk02@live.com

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #151064

No longer can pull up site and i paid for it this

is a scam all day long....


Signed up and got these beautiful young girls interseted in me. Did not fall for the scam to pay, I still got the same 4 messages a month later.

No new anything.

How can these beautiful young sexy women actually need anyone who is on-line, especially when you here the weird stories of internet dating. i would'nt pay for their *** if blew me in Macy's window.

I'd love to know where they get the pics they show for the phony profiles. What a crock.


i also have found the gut feeling of the same scame,sent many winks,got winks,and checked to see if there have been on the sight and where not ,sent money for membership,have not even had a chat with any one,if lady,s where so *** for men certenly we sould get some feed back,150 + messages sent ,even for there exitment just to chat


same story for me

anyone know of any good genuine free sites?


just like any other dating site they are all fraud, just think, why would a nice looking woman use these sites to find a date??, unless she needs real help!, also all these sites their members are 99.99% males, so it's hard to find a female in site that has male members, you can easily tell that all the female photos are fake.


I hope someone can spam their website


how do i get removed from the *** match website. i cant draw up the website on my browser any longer



HornyMatch is a fake site with all fake members and photos, once you look at a member you will get a response, but this is either done autmatically or by their staff, you will also find the same photos of the same person in few different countries, this is just a fake site FAKE FAKE FAKE


this site is a total scam !. PLEASE SEND ME $49.95 AND I'LL SEND YOU SOME FAKE E-MAILS AND WINKS.


GOOD LUCK !!! :grin


Same story, a lot of e-mails sent away but nothing is back except for two trying to get me to subscribe to some other sites (one led to a funny conversation, though). Mind you, I didn't have a picture of a *** hanging in the profile, I didn't write nasty stuff and so on.

I'm still trying to think positive. There's quite a competition on those sites, I guess, and, well, it's very easy to loose. Or just because of the weird game of chance all those personages found me ugly and all.

The funny thing, though, is that when I went to free sites, I've got responses in about 3 to 1 ratio, respectively in less than a month got acquainted with about 10 ladies, with one even more than that and if not for circumstances could have three more dates.

The bottom line? Be aware that the adult dating sites will try to squeeze money out of you. On top of that such sites should be flooded with people trying to sell you subscriptions to other sites, webcam shows and such ("Oh, you're so cute, let's chat. You'll find all the contact info at blah-blah.com" and so on). Try free sites and, what is quite important, be a normal person with ideas, hopes and objectives. Have fun.


All sites like this use automated responses to entice you. People that are in no way going to be looking for you wink at you.

You can't read it and have to join, then find out they are fake. I did get hooked up with a drunk *** on *** though!


I joined about a month ago and have tons of winks and a few e mails saying I was cute and handsome and that these woman you to hook up.But when I respond saying that I want to get to know them and see what comes of it,not one has replied back!!I have countless winks and 278 e mails and I have gotten a few winks back,but no e mails back to talk or anything!Pissed off!!


i recently set up an account with hornymatch.com too and i haven't got a single response from any of those women they posted on that site. call it what you like, but everything you guys are saying about this site is true!

i'm disgusted i even drop my money on these creeps! could someone please direct me to some real sites to put my money on!


would like to find cat1959 email address and millisa from havana's email address. have meet two girls on this site had great sex twice with one and 3 time with another. would like to meet these two women also


the name of the web sight should tell you alot. it sounds like a web site for cheep *** you guys know there are other web sights.

there are free dating sights for all you cheep guys. :x


Well,I meet a guy from the site. I swear to you I am not that kind of girl that meets a guy for sex.

But I started talking to this guy off the site. He was so charming and sweet as he could be. We had promise each other we would meet and see were things would go. Before things got started.

He told me he would really like to start dating me. I said okay and told him I really liked him too. We wacthed a movie together and we had great sex. Amazing sex!

I left and he asked me out for the next weekend and asked me to text him when I got home. Well, I did. He text me back saying thank you for a great night cutie. That was the last time I ever heard or seeing of him.

So girls don't even try this website! I am telling you its a bad idea. I would give anything to take that night back. That was the first guy I had slept with since getting divorcied.

Lets just say he was the 2nd guy I ever slept with.So don't try tis site out!!! Its just *** men looking for one night stands!It doesn't prey on lonely men.

It prey on lonely women! :(


how can i become a gold member without credit or debit card.it money order accepted?


i want to get the emaik of golfer143

Mellwood, Maryland, United States #98376

:( Just tried the site today! wish I read this before!

Assoon as I paid to be a member I lost conection and later attempts resulted in 502 error messages!

Be Warned this is a Scam! I will be Cancelling My Card To Day.........


Yes this is a rip, Sorry for the ones that say they get matches It is a zset up and a money scam, But buyer beware. I wish a guy my age could find a great loooking ladty to hook up with like wow. But just nothing.


any women that need sex come to me


my husband complains that no one wants him. yet he continually goes where he's not wanted! :?


...and another thing guys, in my state of Virginia alone, there are over 130,000 "men seeking women", and only around 3,200 "women seeking men", so do the math, and by contrast, there are almost as many women seeking women in my state, as there are ones seeking men.....kinky huh ??


Obviously Glamour Girl has not seen the Majority of the women on HM, if most of the women on there are models, they must have been ones for Lane Bryant many, many moons ago !!


The reason people attempt to utilize web sites like *** Matches is because most people, the average person is a Liar, Cheat and a Thief.

Sooooo. Individuals attempt to seek out something a little better than the normal *** bag.


I think most guys would be happy to take a decent looking woman out on a date for a little luvin, but this site, hornymatches, lures guys in by hot "women" emailing nonmembers that respond. They join and never get another email again.

Nothing wrong with 2 consenting adults. The problem occurs when it is only one consenting adult and a fake female profile.

*** game. If she is one of the few real women, she doesn't have time to answer 100's of responses.


this *** is sent to my husband via e-mail at least, that is what i have been told who really knows :cry wish it would stop.


:cry why can't there be some leagal actiona against such ***


I see you guys you're crowing about getting ripped off on hornymatches my nice ladies not all of them or their to take your money from you I have left out quite a few off the dating site maybe you're not holding your *** right :grin


Yes- Hornymatch.com is a way to get your money in the hands of people out to take

your wallet if you let them..


I don`t get any reply since I had sent a couples of messages to those females that I choose and I still waiting someone could sent or reply message to me


Anyone with brains should know that these sites are a rip off and demeaner to women and men. We as humans are better than this.

If everyone would look for someone the right way then we would have a better chance of relationships staying together.

These women or men on these sites are just models that have been sugar coded to get you hooked onto *** which is a sin in itself. Hey everyone let's make a change to improve ourselves.




I myself look at the picture for entertaiment and laughs.If you the green to send money or personel information on yourself.who ever male or female should get what they deserve.A one night stand at a neutral spot yea thats ok,but them at your place or you go to there's.Thats a regret both might make it your chioce


:? I feel for anyone who feels the need to use one of these sites.

there are plenty of "Ladies" who are out looking 4 love at normal places, bars, clubs, malls, coffee shops, even church...YES THEY *** TOO! and for some reason men feel the need to look at fake people on line. Is society that lazy now that its too much to ask for a man to pay for a drink or a dinner to get laid or is that considered prostitution also?

I for one would never sleep with someone i met online..atleast for a while and certainly not if he was too lazy to make the offer of the ever so awful chore of a date. since when did dating become so terrible?


:cry :cry :cry :( :( :( :x :x :cry :cry


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry I feel sorry for those who go on these sites but i actually met my wife on a site called 'Interrodate'. Most of these women are genuine and looking for love like i was at that time.

But now i got married to her in May 2008 and we still love each other and we are growing strong. So don't give up.


I've done much research finding out as much as possible about members of this site and others including amaturematch.com ,hornymatchup.com,gosexydate.com and others..........................................

I've PROVEN that many of or most of the profiles on this site are fake OR have real pics but the pics are used with with the same profiles only the locations are put down in different places accross the entire country.Basically the site is a front trying to hide the fact that when you do finnally do make contact with the individuals they are actually expencive escorts.............................

My situation is an unusual one.

I actually DID meet face to face with one young lady I had been winking at for allmost a year ...she had been winking to me as well....At the time of our meeting it was on a job site I was doing for a family member of hers and was copleatly accidental .Neither of us realized the other was the one we were winking too until I got home that night and wrote to her.

Once that was established she promissed me a visit to my home and showed much intrest in what I have to offer in a relationship.We were in contact for many months.ALL of the corrosponding emails sent back and forth on that site ALL of them are monitered by the sites staff!!!! AND IT IS MY FIRM BELIEF THAT NONE OF THE EMAIL ACTUALLY REACHED the young lady I had met....ALL of the other sites mentioned above use the same practices YOUR A FOOL TO GIVE THEM ANY MONEY LIKE I DID. I've tried to reach the young lady I met but unfortunatly the whole reason I was even there in the first place was to help them move. they are gone......I'M really really upset about this site and think ALL of them should be permanently banned from the internet and the site owners should do serious jail time for impersonating members ,falce representation,and cencorship of private emails.




*** cannot even get into the site, never mind about tjhe ***

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Augusta, Georgia
Review #124031 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - A very angry consumer

I think that it is utterly ridiculous the way any company , any business can take advantage of a situation,just because. It should be unlawful the amount of money this company charges for a *** phone call.

Not even an out of state call. Yes its a correctional facility, but does that make it right. Put yourselves in our places. Get a heart!

People can not afford these prices. Not to mention, the service is awful!Half the time,my love one's call can't even come through! Do something about this! A very angry consumer!

Very very angry!

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Chicago, Illinois
Review #124007 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer124007.