Other Company in Jacksonville, North Carolina - I'm Pissed off with THis store and your buisness

I had bought a table set. And your company won't let me exchange this.

At the time i didnt realize how big this table was compared to my house. THey wont let me exchange it for a smaller table without charging me a 20% restock fee. At the time of purchase they didnt mention this to me. I had only had this table for 4 days and they wont cancelle my order.

My stock is not even at the store on carolina beach rd.

Their number is 910-397-0368 please do something about this i am so impleased with this.

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Charged my Visa account $7.95 on 1-28-2008.

I have just received my Visa account statement and see that I have been billed $7.95 by your agency on 28 January 2008. I have no idea why I am being billed by your agency and request that the fee be refunded to my Visa account.

I no longer desire any

further billings from your agency. Selden S.


(selden_brown@hotmail.com) I have no idea how you are able to obtain my email address and information about my Visa account. I have no idea what it is that your agency is supposed to do or what the outcome is supposed to be.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - I want my loveseat

To whom will listen I am from Pittsburgh Pa. and I am very upset about the way I am being treated by your store employees they refused to give me the love seat that I paid for ,they keep telling me the truck will be in this day that day the truck has not come yet.

I have filed a complaint with the I attorney generals office and the BBB to try and get my Loveseat.

Thats all I want ,if there is anyone that can help me with this matter please contact me. karenbass2@aol.com Please Help soon

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Other Company in Riverside, California - Paid money for nothing in return, empty promises, Is our debit cards and credit cards safe?

Should we contact our banks about the scam. They have our debit #s how long can they charge us for nothing? They never did send the listing book that was to be here in 3 to 5 working days and never could access a web site.

I wanted mobile home sale in my area and was promised by David Employee # 338 that there was a lot of them, also was promised that they a lady, C. Kickel promised to send me a few listings, I got one but was promised more.

The listing was very old and had been gone for a long time. happybaby@netzero.net

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Other Company in Toledo, Ohio - THESE PEOPLE CALL ME 23 TIMES A DAY!

Yes that's right 23 times today! I counted! For a $230.00 debt. Are you kidding me? It was $700.00 stopped making monthly payments because we don't have the extra money anymore!

Deal with it! Write if off as a loss! With the economy the way it is, these people really need to back the *f* off!!! It's so annoying not to mention harrassment!

Leave people alone! Even if I did answer my phone, or call these freaks back, and tell them I don't have the money anymore, they don't care they say when will you have it?

Well let's see, on top of my other normal bills that I have to pay.......... At this point................ Never! They need to be turned into someone????

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Other Company in Katy, Texas - I

I know one of the ladies that use to work with her. She has the best hair in town.

The best colors, the site is real easy to read. And the people that work are real cool.I Don't have anything BAD to say about her. The hair lasts a long time, it's better then any hair I have ever bought in a long time.The orders are sent out to you on time. I think the wine was good.

And she a real cool lady. I met her in PERSON. Thanks. Ms.

Somebody. LOL..

I'll buy again. I don't care what people think.

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The biggest News Story this past week was the expose' by an undercover Agent of the Humane Society of the cruelty of doomed Cattle, mostly old Dairy Cows (also known as Mothers of Veal Calfs, and Slunk Calfs) who no longer produce Milk in economic quantity for the local Dairys in the Chino,California area.

Since the demise of the Chicago Stock Yards (1865-1965) the largest meat packing and slaughter-house concentration in the World, Slaughter Houses were established where the beef is.

Just like Willie Sutton robbed the banks because that were the money was.

Smaller Slaughter Houses are now spread throughout the United States, and especially in rural areas, which are hard to reach,patrol,and regulate,by the Food and Drug Enforcement Agents.

You can imagine how difficult it is for ICE.

There is always a tendency not to waste anything of value, especially if you are in Business with intent to make a profit.

This holds true even if you are selling peaches and apples, retail.

You can imagine the pressure on not wanting to was 1,000 pounds of beef, even if it is still on the hoof.

I guess the Mexican Mentality is, since you are going to kill the animals anyway, what difference does it make how you treat them.

After all, Mexico has the largest concentration of Slaughter Houses and Packing Plants for American Horses of all types.

Former riding Horse, Pets, Work Horses, and Race Horses.

Americans don't eat Horse Meat but Europeans do. Especially the French.Of course they eat anything.

When a Cow can't stand on its own, for whatever reason, in the Industry, they are known as "Downer" Cattle.

Kind of simple, but effective.

I don't know the Spanish Word for Downer, but there must be, otherwise how do those, that now dominate the Slaughter House Industry, except of course for ownership and management, function.

I will have to ask the Guys at the carwash, my bus-boys, or my Gardner, no not him, I'm one of a small minority of home owners that still employs an American Citizen who happens to be Japanese, orignally from Japan, but has raised his hand and taken the loyalty oath,and does speak English.

The Spy from the Humane Society, having more than one miniture camera, hidden in a pocket in his shirt, secured a job at a local slaughter house.

I can't imagine the Management of the Slaughter House not being suspicious of a White Guy applying for a job at a Slaughter House.

He must have really fit the part. Maybe they thought he was an ex-convict or fugitive, although he had to be one of the few Employees with a legitimate Social Security Number.

When his film coverage was released to the media by the Humane Society, the Agent went into hiding, and at least 2 Mexicans were arrested for inhumane treatment of animals, before they are slaughtered.

A similar law on the books that keeps Prison Guards from abusing Convicts, even though on Death Row for 30 years.

The films show the Mexicans using Fork Lifts and Chains on the "Downer Cows" but it doesn't show how they got them onto the "Kill Floor".

It was amazing to me how quickly and effectively, the Government could effect the recall of 142 Million Pounds of Beef from Retailers and School Districts, but how ineffectively they are in recalling 15 to 20 Millions Illegal Immigrants.

Although I am sure, the Illegal Immigrants total body weights exceed 142 million pounds, judging from at least those I have seen, especially the women.

The real story, at least for me, is that the pay rate for at least that Slaughter House, is the minimum wage allowed and in fact demanded and enforced, in the State of California.

Although its kind of a Catch 22 situation, do you have to pay the legal minimum wage to an Illegal Immigrant, whom you are not supposed to employ?

Who else but an Illegal, would work at a Slaughter House for $8.00 per hour and no benefits. Not even a Company Burro.

At 40 hours, thats a gross pay of $320 per week, unless they work overtime. The Employer has to withhold the Social Security contribution, even though the Employee, making less than the Poverty Rate income, gets up to $4,750 back in cash if he claims Earned Income Tax Credit.

With the close to $5,000 Cash Bonus, supplied by American Taxpayers, who at least share in the finished beef products, the Mexican comes close to making about $20,000 per year.

About 10 times what he could earn in Mexico or Guatamala.

That year-end Cash Bonus from Earned Income Tax Credit, is kind of like the year-end Bonus a lot of Americans are awarded, although its paid by their Employer, not their Neighbors and Friends or Family.

It should be obvious to everyone, that the reason such wages are paid to Slaughter House Employees is because there is no demand, thus no profit, in beef products.

And I thought that even Dog Food was expensive.

This must be one of those situations described by Politicians when they claim that Mexicans are only performing work and filling jobs that Americans won't do.

I wonder if the $8.00 per hour wage, with no benefits, has anything to do with it.

Why would a Mexican work at a Car Wash, Cut Grass. Pound Boards, Lay Roofs, Hang Drywall,or Bus Dishes, if they could work in a Slaughter House for $8.00 per hour?

Compare $14.00 per hour with benefits, even for part-time, as a Teller in an Air-Conditioned Bank of America. And even more money if you can also speak Spanish in addition to English.

The real scandal is the $8.00 per hour wage in producing up to $30 per pound Prime Beef.

What I don't understand, is why all the Cows in America aren't shipped along with the Horses, to the Slaughter Houses in Mexico?

The Minimum wage there is, as I have been told, is $8.00 per day.

They could ship the finished Beef Products either Frozen or in Refrigerated Railroad Cars to America, providing additonal avenues, for more Illegal Immigrants to travel in addition to the beef.

But the good news is that maybe the Illegals wouldn't come if they could find a job in Mexico.

But would they really want to stay there, with dirt floors and no toliets, when they could make $100 a day cash, with no income taxes, in the United States?

I don't think so.

Alsip Magistrate


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Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #13826

Why would illegals go back to their country when we give them everything for free!

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Poor customer service poor quality merchandise

I bought two dune buggy go karts a 150, 250 as Christmas present my children got less then three hour of use the 250 had a cracked motor casing and all the bolt were loose and falling of the 150 needs a new transmission and never worked right from the get go. They have been in the shop for 2 month no parts were ever order their authorized repair facility blames them they blame their own repair site needless to say it has been over 2 month and these go carts that cost 5000.00 have not been fixed and I can get no help from either and they won't stand behind their product or thier authorized repair site

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Other Company in Randolph, New Jersey - Printer

as far as I know a bundle comes altogether not nine months apart. customer service is no help because they alre all trained to say the same thing.

1 says 7-10 day product has nor arrived next one say 4-6 weeks still nothing,there is no supervisor to speak to who ever heard of that. faxed Frank Gatesnothing. It dosen't take 3 monts to deliver a simple printer from Maryland to New Jersey 6 weeks.

give me a brake. Something seems very fishy here.It was supposed to be shipped 2/4/08 all I get when I call is 4-6/weeks

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Other Company in Manila, Manila - Meal allowance alloted to support employees not consuming more than 8 hours worked period

I have observed that some support employees were availing the said meal allowance even not consuming an eight hours working period. We in the operations, gave a meal allowance only to the technicians that worked more than 8 hours a day or for their overtime period.

With this, can we request then too to avail this said meal allowance to some support employees in operation because as we know,being in the operation is not an easy task, together with the technicians to allowed them to have meals even not consuming an 8 hours working period for we know that they are the manpower of the company which they worked physically and mentally to their repairs and troubleshooting.

We know that if we let ourself be put in their duty of work,we can't do it right and proper.The purpose of this request is to be fair to all especially to the manpower of the operation and through this,employees will think and indulge to their selves that all were equal when it comes to the benefits given by the company

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