Leather sofa crackingand peeling off

bought a leather sofa after 5 mths leather starting peeling and cracking off was already disgusted by managerwho whenwe purchased setwe bought it as a set asked if the coffee table and end tables were what came with it was told yes went to pick up at warehouse was not same ones we had seen and was told would have to take merchandise they would not hold it there while we went to straighten outproblem sofa had a large slit in back when we took off plastic they said we had done it dont buy from them very poor quality furniture


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Pebble Creek, Florida, United States #19911

the leather sofa set is great design with nice colour. this is very comfortable and more stylish. i really really like it.



leather sofas

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Other Company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - Hacked my credit card charged $119 for no reason.

I never authorized any deduction for any membership.With a fake email or something else they found my household account number & deducted $119.95 for what I donot know. Must take them to consumer fraud dept.Companies like these should be banned from doing business.I have complained to Household.I hope they solve it right.I thought travel agent companies are big help but it seems all these companies are out there to cheat you.Funny part is how they got my account number.Never ever give your account information due to emails sent to you even if the email says its from the account.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - False credit application submitted

I recieved a letter today not with my correct last name but my correct first and middle name informing me of my application for a credit card had been denied. My last name is not "ISIDIOT".

I hope that my social security number was not used to apply for this credit card as well. First of all if I want a credit card from you I would have asked for it personally and not over the internet or with the wrong last name. You guys need to figure out another way to get credit card applications to you. Get a phone number from the application before it is sent to the credit bureaus and request if this application is ligitament.

This was a false application created by Ms. Rhonda Lachney, Gorham, Glaze, Olsen or Gross is the names she uses. Her address is 240 Lacroix Rd. Pineville, LA 71360.

Her phone number is 318-308-8783. The letter had a Re: number to it which is 00010382039037924. Please take care of it.

Thanks. Joy

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Other Company in Dunedin, Otago - CYFS Didn't Pay up

I am a 15 year old student who is supposed to get 25 dollars a week from Child, Youth & Family

It is now the 7th week of school and I have recieved nothign all year. two Wdnesdays ago I was supposed to recieve 60 dollars and it didnt arrive. It is now 2 weeks later and they said that the money would go in on Wednesday. it is Now Thursday and I have recieved nothing.

As I am at bording school i rly on the money to puyany cosmetics, phone top-ups, food I want, soap ect, washing powder and school supplies i run out of during the school year.

As a result of them not paying me I am reliying on my Grandmother to buy it all for me who to start off with doesn't have that much money and as I result i feel mean

Dunedin, Otago
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Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Continue to charge me 39.99

This company keeps charging me for 39.99 and I have told them 3 times to stop charging and they still haven't stopped. When i call them someone who doesn't understand English answers.

For all you who this has happened before don't worry i will put a stop to this.

If your trying to stop this don't talk to a customer service rep talk to the supervisor and don't explain why u are calling to the customer service rep. For all of u this is happening to don't worry i am an attorney and they charged the wrong person way to many times.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Charge me and did not deliver

I ordedered a product and you took $29.00 out of my account and failed to deliver.other steps may follow. The deduction took place on 02/15/08.

I do not like this one bit. If this happens again other charges will be laid. I have done nothing yet but this are waiting to be put into motion, it will not

take much to put things on the dokect.

I don't like you dipping into my checking account and not following though on your end of the bargin.I would like for you people to clear this mess up before other steps have to be taken. (jrhamilton1@q.com)

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Transmission problems on 2004 Nissan Maxima SE

I leased a 2004 Nissan Maxima in early 2004, during the first year the AC compressor went and Nissan would not honor the warranty because I was 10 miles over, ridiculous!!!

Then the fog lamps would burn out every 6k miles, this is unheard of!!! Those fog lamps are expensive not to mention the labor charges.

Finally, the car began stalling intermittently and after several trips to the dealership and no resolve, the tranmission went. Well Nissan jumped all over the opportunity to tell me it would be 4k to fix.

I was a 4th generation Nissan owner and loyal consumer however, I would never again consider a Nissan product. They do not take care of their customers nor do they stand behind their product. In fact, after I mentioned this to all my friends and family they will not consider buying a Nissan.

Another pissed consumer!!!




OMG!!!! There are so many complaints about this car and things that go wrong w/ it.

I know that I am in the processor of trying to my car fixed.

Slipping between 1st and 2nd gear. I know that Nissan should be off the market.


i have a 2004 nissan maxima 3.5SL transmission had over 100,000 miles on it well this made in u.s.a not in japan so tell me wut should i do its not in warranty if i trade in i well get nothing

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Other Company in Rochester, New York - This company sent merchandise I never ordered...

"Somehow" this company got a hold of my credit card number and address and sent two videos without any kind of authorization. My credit card was canceled.

It is extremely difficult(if not close to impossible) to reach this company. It appears that this is a scam on the credit card companies as well(unfortunately, they probably write a lot of this type of fraud off). I will absolutely refuse to pay for this merchandise or pay out of my own pocket to have it returned. This person(s) definitely is doing some things that are unscrupulous and underhanded.

He, or they, should be shut down, heavily fined, banned from doing business and thrown in jail.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Faulty cartridges

After years of quality products, I cannot be pissed. I do have a problem with the last two shipments of SO20l87 (total of 8) Epson 660 color cartridges. They are not tightly attached at the top. I was able to tape them tight but that no longer works. Please advise as to how and if eight new ones can be sent and the situation can be corrected. I'm willing to consider re-ordering in the future with the hope that this problem has been corrected....

Henry Carreiro

45 Village Road Apt.#K64

Vineyard Haven, Ma. 02568

(508) 693-4923

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Consumers beware!!!

While in intensive care (on a respirator) recently, my son was handling my affairs. A "collector" called my cell phone demanding to speak to me.

My son explained the situation and she called him a liar and inferred that he was really me. He called back and spoke to " a supervisor" who did not offer an explanation for her behavior or an apology. This shows a serious lack of professionalism and training within their organization and I truly fear for how they handle my account.

They are absolutely the WORST in the industry and I am now making arrangements of my own to cut all ties to them.

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