Other Company in Pima, Arizona - Won't stop sending books after many trys to stop.


Please pay attention to the following:

Now try to follow along!!!!

I have asked countless!!!!! times for you to stop sending me your product, I received one and have returned every one of the books you have sent. I have asked every time! for your company to STOP but you don't seem to be able to pay attention. Please stop sending me your books and bills for something I don't want or need.

Please pay attention to what you have just read, and try to follow along.


Quit sending me your product!!!!!! NOW, NOW

Review #112846 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer112846.

Account Services telemarketing calls

Even though I am on the "DO NOT CALL" list the following occurs:

A prerecorded message from "Account Services" telemarketing calls states calling about your credit card account.

Do not know if this is an "foreign" based company trying to get personal information or what. There must be someone out there who also is experience calls from this company. What can be done to stop this type of harrassment? Who do we need to call or get the message out to others that this type of activity is happening.

Again, it is from a company identifying itself as prerecorded message from "Account Services"

very annoying



Groves, Texas, United States #1315343

"DO NOT CALL" list does not work. I have listed my phone number countless times and I still keep getting nascence calls from Scam Rob call systems, un-selected medical supply companies and so-called, some real some scam, wanting money for so-called charities. I have repetitively requested then to stop with no avail.

Some get my phone number through boggiest surveys and when you click ”NO” they call anyway.

Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States #949870

I get them to and the DoNotCall complaints do not work. Much worst is a call back to the number stays silent and that's what I get when I answer the phone too.

It's bad enough that I get the call, but for pete's sake at least let there be SOMETHING on the other end when I do answer. This is like ringing someone's doorbell and running away.

South Beloit, Illinois, United States #768417

Obviously unless we are IT/hacker specialists with a bit of psycho killer in us that can hunt them down and teach them a real lesson, there is no point even wasting our time with these people. I'm logging all of their phone numbers and changing their ring code to silent.

At least I won't run for the phone and get pissed all the time. But if I ever do catch them... a slow death with non-stop phone ringing will be part of the torture they get to enjoy....and maybe they will get to listen to the recorded message repeatedly.

Got to love fantasizing about that. Public hanging should be brought back for people like this.

We have been getting calls from Account Services and Rachel from Card Member Services. We've tried everything from asking them to remove our phone number as we are on the Do Not Call list, to filing complaints.

We get calls, sometimes on a daily basis! We now mess with them, since they like to bother us! I press 1 and when I get a "representative", I play along! When they ask from information from our credit card, I tell them I have to go get our card.

I put the receiver down by our speaker and let them listen to music until they hang up!

:grin They waste our time, so I now waste their time! Maybe someday they will get the hint!
Orlando, Florida, United States #637849

I love it ! They just called me..

call# seventh million time. Decided to hit 1. Acted like interested. When they asked for expiration date on my card I said I didn't have the card with me.

They are gonna call back at 3. I was going to ignore them again... but think I'll try YOUR way.

Definitely gonna do it!!!


Is there any HACKERS out there who can create a virus to upload into the Account Services calling system???? Please help!!!


They just called me and im on the do not call list the guy gave me his number and name and when i told him off he kept coming back talking ***..im gunna try the airhorn


I bought a marine air horn at Wal-Mart. When they call, I push the #31 to get a live body on the line.

When I get a person on line, I blast that air horn into their ears.

They hang up, but they keep calling, because you're on a robocall computer. I don't know if the air horn will help, but it makes me laugh knowing their ear drums will take awhile to stop throbbing.


Newt's approach as described below is perfect; waste their time while you do something constructive. Their scammer employer has to pay for their time, which means the scammer gets hurt every time he calls you. If enough people do this, the scammer won't be able to afford his phone network.


They just called today, and their rep said he gets paid by the hour. Good; every time we keep them on hold while we "look for our credit card or bank statement," we cost them money. You have to make your story credible, e.g. 1 credit card with more than 12% interest and maybe $10,000 in debt. Don't give them a story about 19 credit cards or they will realize you are sending them up.

They just hang up on you if you abuse them verbally. It's better to waste as much of their time as you can, and then let them know why you did it. That makes them angry and frustrated.

I have no sympathy for the "they just work there" argument. If you ask them to give a number where you can call them back, they just slam the phone down. They also hang up on you if you tell them to take you off their list. They deserve any verbal abuse (short of a physical threat, which is illegal) that you want to lay on them but, as I said above, it is more effective to waste time for which their employer must pay.


I answered a call on my home landline which is rarely used and on the do not call list. A recorded message said it was about 'MY credit card, but not to worry, it was not a security problem'.

I have no credit cards. Just debit cards. I waited about 3 minutes and a female asked if I was the account holder. I said 'yes'.

Well, she did call my phone That was her first question. I asked 'for what credit card?' She said 'for your visa or mastercard'.

I said 'What company are you with?' She said 'account services, the same people that answer when you call your credit card company'. I said 'I will call the 800# on the back of my card." She said "You do that." and hung up.

Just had my most recent experience with these people. I know for a fact its a scam just for the pure fact that I don't have a credit card.

I spoke with some fine gentleman who proceeded to tell me to f*** off when I asked to be removed from the calling list. As far as I can tell, there is no real way to keep him from calling back so I'm just gonna have fun with it.

Maybe next time ill Rick Roll him. I'm also open to suggestions :grin

Account Services have been calling me for 2 weeks straight, there were days in which I've received 10 phone calls in one single day!
My cell is registered at DO NOT CALL, I've filled complaints against them, I've tried to reason with them, and nothing... I understand that the people there are just trying to make a living, but how about respecting and complying with my desire of being left alone?

I am beyond frustrated.

Account Services have been calling me for 2 weeks straight, there were days in which I've received 10 phone calls in one single day!
My cell is registered at DO NOT CALL, I've filled complaints against them, I've tried to reason with them, and nothing... I understand that the people there are just trying to make a living, but how about respecting and complying with my desire of being left alone?

I am beyond frustrated.

We should all think of the same story to tell them, or some crazy question to ask after 10 min. We should also get into who can keep them on the phone longer.Longer we keep them on they cant call someone else.

Idea "hold on let me gather my statements" or simmilar.

For now they have hung up on me within a minute. Few times I tried to reason with them , not to call me, then I asked name of the company, they hung up, then I said I already have 0% interest, then I said I owe about 48 000, on some 19 CC's, they seem to alway hung up on me after 1 min.

I confirm that I owe a lot of money on my credit cards, when they ask how much, I tell them I have to get my statement. I then put the handset on my desk and go about my business.

I figure that the only way to get even with these bugs is to waste their time. If enough of us do this, it might make some impression, but I doubt it.

They're just thieves and roaches. :cry

I have been getting calls on my cell from these people for over six months. Sometimes it is three times a day and sometimes every other day.

Sometimes I answer and play along, lie, play games, and other times I just don't answer.

Nothing works to get them to stop. I am very frustrated.


Please make sure you do not provide any information to this company. They have been calling me for a while now and this last time I got help from a cousin who's an IT specialist.

He managed to figure out where these people is actually calling me from. They say their company name is "Consumer Account Services" which is not registered anywhere. They claim they have offices in US, in Manhattan, New York in 5th avenue next to the Rockefeller Building and give you their zip code. Now, it's not the right zip for anywhere right next to the Rockefeller Building.

The phone they called me from is a VoIP line and was tracked far from where they say they are. We tracked it all the way to Panama, as in Panama Canal.

That's all the info we could get today, but my cousin will try to get more info and maybe see which company is really behind this. They lie about everything, be careful.


A recorded message ambiguously suggested that I had a credit card problem and to press 1 to speak to representative. A woman answered and when I asked here to identify her company she said "Account Services". I asked her if that was the name of the company or her department, she said it was the name of the company. I told her to take my name off their call list and she got very agressive with me, at which point I told her I was going to report her company and hung up.

This is the second such call I have received from someone claiming to work from Account Services. I told them the first time to take my name off their list.

I re-upped my entry in the national do not call list today to make sure that I am registered.


I don't think caller ID works because I've read that they spoof their number so you can't trace them.


I got a call again to day from "Mike" at acct services...I told him not to hang up on me, I asked him what company he was with and he said it was just called "Account Services" I asked which state he was out of and he said "all over" I then asked him where the home office was and he mumbles and said "Washington, DC" I asked his supervisors name and he replied "Jack Daniels, no really Jack Daniels" I asked to be transfered to him and he hung up.



These people are outrageous. I filed a complaint with the FTC. You guys should do the same.


I am getting the same call and when I press one to speak to a representative to ask they remove my name from their call list, they hang up on me!!!! This is rediculous....and they're calling my cell phone no less.


Here we are in July 2011 and Account Services continues to call. I received two calls today. I, too, am on the Do Not Call list, which seems to mean nothing to these crooks.


I spoke with this company today.

After repeatedly asking they finally identified their company name as "Consumer Accounts Services". They stated that they are associated with master card, visa and discover card and that they could get me a lower fixed interest rate on my Discover card. They stated that I needed to do this because the card companies were going to raise interest rates again by 5%.

When I asked how their company makes money and whether they "actually work for" the card companies they hung up.

I called Discover card and they told me it is a scam and if you use them it ends up messing up your credit.

Lets find out who these liars are !

Report them to the BBB!

>They are predators.


Yes we are getting these calls too. I feel the messages prey upon the elderly because the calls are deceptive and persistent.

Today I pressed One after the message to speak with them.

Here is what happened:

Account Services: Account Services - You want to reduce your credit card balance

Me: May I get your name?

Account Services: Jessica

Me: What is your company's name?

Jessica: It is Account Services

Me: May I speak to your supervisor

Jessica: what is this in regard to?

Me: The phone calls we have been receiving

Account Services: ...dial tone (They hung up on me)

So, I decided to see if others are suffering and find a resolution. My folks are getting elderly and I do not think Account Services methods are ethical.


When you get someone on the line, ask his name - then immediately cup your hands over the phone and scream as loud as you can!


Yet another who is receiving countless calls; though, my are from a machine that instructs me to call customer service. I call them to be removed and they friggin' ask me for my social!

"WTF, I want to be removed!" They hang up.

The question is how can we be removed? Does anyone know?


I have caller id and have gotten several of these calls over the last couple days and they are from different area codes within the USA. We, too, are on the "DO NOT CALL" list but it appears they are on an "auto-call" that just randomly dials various phone number combinations.

Like all of you, when I ask to be taken off their call list, I am hung up on.

The area codes so far are 513 & 315 if that helps anyone. Good luck and just hang up when you hear the beginning of the recording or just wait as it has just disconnected for me at the end of their "spiel" (forgive spelling" Good luck.


Be real friendly, ask how the weather is. Ask how long it's been since it snowed there.

Ask if they're near some large city, in any state. Try to narrow down what state they're in. If we all work together, and post any info on here. Hopefully we will find who they are.

I believe it's a call center that hires out to different companies. Does anyone have caller ID. I don't!

These are obnoxious, rude people. They say bad things than hang up.


Looks like "Account Services" is still on the loose- I got a call from them today. They hung up on me when I questioned them and stated that I did not appreciate them using the term "cardholder services" which is very close to "cardmember services', the term my credit company uses when calling me.


I've been getting calls from "Account Services" for years. Whenever I speak to an operator and say I don't want to be called or ask who they are, they hang up.

Today, I pressed "2" to get removed from the list, but it just sent me to an operator and when I said I anted to be removed from the call list, he hung up.

I feel like putting in one of those loud, shrill computer modem sounds just to break their eardrums. If people did that, maybe it'd stop the calls.


These guy keep calling. When I ask questions, I get hung up on. I kept “Sherry” (yes, that’s what this guy said his name was, I asked again) on the line for a while. I tried to understand his pitch, but it made no sense. He couldn’t explain how I’m magically qualified for a lower rate.

When he alluded to some “new law,” I asked, but then he backed off. When it got to the point about me asking about why they are calling me, he tried to say “the card companies initiate the call.” “Which card company? I don’t do business with you and this is a federal offense.” After a a bit of me asking… politely I may add.. he also hung up on me.

I’ll report this to the DoNotCall.gov site, but it seems apparent this law has no teeth at all.


I just received my first call from "account services" and "played along" to find out who is calling. I told them that I had a couple of credit cards that had a balance over $5000 (not true). I was unsuccessful in finding out who these people are.

These calls are illegal and I should know. In 1995 I sued Bank of America over their telemarketing practices and wound up on a lot of national TV shows, including Dateline NBC. My work eventually led to the national do not call list.

If anyone knows who these folks are, please contact me at: bob@stopjunkcalls.com

And feel free to visit the web site as well.

Happy hunting

Bob Arkow


Yes I too have been receiving these phone calls, I have been told two different company names, and at one time I got someone to give me a 1800 number to call them back, but lost it. So far I have been told they are Account Services, and Financial Solutions.

When I did receive the 1-800 number it sent me to bank of america. I did manage to get a merchant ID number from a Ken Harper Merch ID number: 347851 I don't know if that will help at all.

Please anyone who gets these calls try to get through the steps with them so that we can get a 1-800 number from them, so that we can call them and make prank calls. Or please start reporting them to the BBB


I was getting so many of these calls and I went on the Bell Website and gave them the times of the phone calls and explained what it was. Wham, it stopped for months.

Tonight I got two calls within a very short time, the first guy apologized and said my number was on the do not call list. Ten minutes later a guy called and said we had been cut off. When I told him to take me off the list, he still tried to sell me cheaper credit card rates. I told him off again and promptly email Bell to complain and gave them the two times the phone rang.

I guess I will see what happens next. It worked last time and if enough people keep track and complain hopefully something can be done.


I too have been receiving these shameful calls...thought had not occurred to me that they could be scam artists looking to steal your information. I have tried reporting them, changed my business line and now they are calling on the new one.

They told me they are in San Francisco, all I could get out of them. The caller said she didn't have a phone number to give out.

Let's work together on this and see if we can get them to slip up somehow. Any new tidbit of information that you can gleam out of them, report it here!


These people are really p!ssing me off! I too have pressed 2 go get off the call list numerous times! I press one to talk to someone and when I say anything that lets them know I want off that list...Click.


I get this call every single day, and I press 9 so that I can be removed from the list. The reply I get is "click".

it is so frustrating I am normally a decent human being except in this case. There has got to be something that can be done!

They must be criminals due to the fact I use to work for a telemarketing company and we were not allowed to hang up on customers at all. If they are looking for personal credit card information they must be stopped before some naive little old woman who is looking to save a buck gets taken for all she is worth!


same story. I would love to find these a"@ holes.

I work nights, and run a home business as well.

I don't have time for this shi&. How do I report them??


They call every day and when I ask where they got my number the reply with a click. I sent a letter to my Conressman asking he look in to legislation which would require caller ID on a non solictied phone calls. It's not fair for them to be able to hide their number while harassing people.


Ok, This is the first call I have recieved so far. however when it is at 9pm and both of my toddlers are asleep DO NOT CALL MY HOUSE, because I will be pissed, so i pressed one and just layed into the guy who picked up the phone for like 10 min straight just flat out giving him t-total ***.

I will be watching for further calling and see if I cannot get some kind of leway on where these calls are coming from.

I know a little about IT and Telecomunications enough to be dangerous lol. but needless to say I am very very pissed.


I have gotten 20 of these calls in the past month. I have pressed 1 to get to a live person to request they stop calling me, and both times they hung up on me.

They say the company is "Account Services", which I'm sure is a bogus name. Today the guy said "you have to press 2", I guess he meant the next time they call. I told him they need to accept a DNC request over the phone and are in violation of federal law in calling me and he just hung up.

I guess I'll try pressing 2 next time, but these calls are harassing me and I want them to stop. If anyone figures out how to get them to stop or sue them please post!


lol I LOVE it when these people call b/c it gives me new areas to not only work on my comedy, but to see what people's reactions are. I got a call today from them and for all examples here I'll use fake names (b/c I can't spell what she said lol)

operator: Hi my name is Julianda and I'm wondering did you recieve a pre-recorded msg?

me: yeah

operator: we're calling about reducing your interest rates on your credit card account.

me: who did you say you were?

operator: Julianda

me: could you spell that please?

operator: J-u-l-i-a-n...

me interrupting: wait, wait, wait, I got Jul...

operator: i-a-n

me interrupting: ok so I got Julin?

operator: no, J-u-l-i-a-n

me interrupting again: ok so its J-u-l-i-a-n and then what?

operator: d-a

me: ok, then who did you say you were calling from

operator: account services

me: could you spell that please?

lol now you can see how this can get very very annoying for them, esp. when I cut them off mid sentence to ask them to repeat it lol.

Another fun time to have w/ them is to play detective (literally). Explain to them that they called the middle of a crime scene and that you are going to supoena the operator and manager and that will normally get them to stop calling. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do to protect yourself since the FCC isn't doing squat.


Same thing here. I get 3 calls a day Monday-Friday.

Pressed 2 when you get prompted to be removed from call list. Finally, Ive spoken to different person's and can barely understand them because of the heavy accents they have. So, now I get them on the line and tell them "let me get that statement" and put the phone down in the kitchen and walk out.

I usually come back to a dial tone. Ive reported them FTC but it's not going to have any effect I'm afraid.


I'm getting these calls, on an almost daily basis. And as soon as I press for more information they promptly hang up.

My caller ID shows extra digits and the calls cannot be traced.

All I've been able to do is report them to the FTC and not answer when I see the fraudulent numbers. The feds should be all over this, yet I suspect they are just as clueless as we are.


Me too! I got the name card services, account services and finally a "resolution center corporation" for a name, I looked it up online and am not finding anything.

Also got a phony website of www.

interestsavingstoday dot com. Not too thrilled with the whole situation.

Gyumri, Shirak, Armenia #26457

Not sure exactly how these people get my number. and dont really care just want them to stop calling.

i am getting a call a day from various collection and telemarketers. even though for the last 15 years i have owed no one anything, my tel number is pvt, and i am listed on the do not call list for nys and federal list. I am extremely carefull as to who i give out my number to at all times .which is really to no one outside of my own relatives. i do not try out for anything free or lottery type of things. i have been getting these calls persistently., i beg , plead, thretened them, reported them and still nothing has changed!!!!!

i have too much work to do to spend time after these guys or doing any of the things suggested on this blog.

but politicians at all levels better start getting their heads out of their *** and do something to protect us innocent citizens from all of this harrasment, intinidation, and waste of peoples time!!

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #25680

I am getting the same calls. I wait for a person, then ask who the company is.

They just say "Account Services" and when I press for more info or say I am on the DNC list they just hang up on me.

Try this tactic; Time is money. Try to act interested but give them no information. Keep them tied up as long as you can.

In the mean time; Try to get an 800 number for them. I am setup to call THEM over and over using an automated system :-)

Battersea, England, United Kingdom #25551

I just got a call from them the odd thing is my Caller ID shows 1-062-283-9687 not sure how they pulled that one off but its obiously an invalid phone #

Galena Park, Texas, United States #22786

Same company called today. Pressed 1, told the girl I was on the DNC list.

She said "we used an automated system".

I told her Iw as filing a complaint with the FTC, but that she should have a wonderful day. She said "Thanks, you too!"

At least she was polite...

Evansville, Wisconsin, United States #18083

what if you gave them your credit card numbers,but did not take them up their offer?

Moapa, Nevada, United States #18016

I got a call and told then I'm on TDNCL and she to me I'm not and then said she had a right to call me b/c I have a phone and then she cused me out and hung up I'm still pissed!

Mcqueeney, Texas, United States #14504

I am glad to hear that others are reporting these people to the FCC as well. Thank you SO MUCH for posting the company name and the phone number to call them at.

Once I'm sure that is the company calling me, I will harass them endlessly. Yes, it will take more of my time, but I want to do SOMETHING to stop them.

Pahala, Hawaii, United States #13531

I have been harassed by these guys consistently for the last 6 months. I just got a call again this morning, and when I waited to press 1, it automatically disconnected me! I think it may have been because the last time they called I talked like an old man and said I wanted to use their services. When they asked for my credit card number, I gave them a number minus 1 digit. For the last 4 digits I said "uh 9 4 6" instead of the correct numbers. The lady on the line read it back about 10 times, and I just kept repeating it that way and acting confused. Finally, they transferred me to a manager, and I did the same thing. After about 2 or 3 minutes of this I dropped the act and told them I had punked them because they won't take me off their list, even though I've asked repeatedly. I kept them on the phone for about 8 minutes, which COSTS THEM MONEY!!!! Hahaha.

What really sucks is the phone company will do nothing about this. I was told I could not even get the company name without filing a criminal complaint, even though this company is clearly breaking the law and is harassing me. 30 years ago if someone kept calling you and you complained of harassment, the caller got a visit from the police. And as someone else said, you can't file a complaint with the FCC and FTC because you don't have a valid company name and address. It's impossible to get. Thus the Catch-22.

So when these bozos call now, I make it a point to keep them on the line as long as possible. I'm even thinking of building a device that I can inline with my phone so that when I talk to them really quite and get them to turn their headset up, I can blast them with an airhorn or sound effect of a horror movie scream at incredible volume that will blow their ears out. That's what these people deserve because they're so damned rude.

Rostov, Yaroslavl, Russian Federation #12556

Incidentally, the call originated from number 321-504-7429.

Rostov, Yaroslavl, Russian Federation #12554

Just received one of these on my work mobile (I don't even know how they got that unpublished number). Intrigued, I pressed '1' and spoke to a representative.

He asked for my name, I responded by asking what company he represented.

He said "VISA, Mastercard, and all major credit cards". I responded, "No, what bank?" and he said, that he was with Card Services and I said, "I'm not interested." and hung up.


Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa #12006

I too am on the do not call list and have nonetheless been called repeatedly. When I asked for their phone number, they swore at me and hung up.

Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa #12004

I get at least 4 of these a week. A recorded message saying they will lower the interest on my credit cards and there's no problem with them and blah blah blah. I'm on the do not call list and I haven't had a credit card in 3 years.

Middlebrook, Virginia, United States #10608

Yesterday I got a call from “Account Services” and I asked the operator a couple of questions. She slammed the phone down on me after the second one, which was “why are you calling me when this number is registered with the Federal ‘Do Not Call List’?” Today they called again and I was as nice as I could be, sugary sweet, and asked to speak to a manager or boss.

When he came on the phone, I nicely told him that I was worried for him because yesterday after the girl hung up on me, I went online to see if I could find out about Account Services and the only things I found were complaints against them for violating the Do Not Call laws. He then gave me a very long line of bull claiming that he was calling on behalf of my credit card company, but when I questioned him further, asking him why they didn’t call themselves, he answered by asking why they would call me to offer me lower rates that would then bring them less money? Which means he was NOT calling on behalf of my credit card company. He also said that since they are not soliciting or selling anything, they can call whoever they want, and that they are not Account Services, they are Card Services, and I can go to their website, cardservices.com, to read about their interest lowering offer.

Of course after we hung up I went online and that website has nothing to do with the phone call I got. I will be reporting them again today.

Manchester, Tennessee, United States #9095

When my phone company told me there was nothing they could do about telemarketers or collection calls, I took the matter into my own hands!

If you get unwanted calls, cancel landline, get cell. Then give their number a silent ringtone and sign up for free call forwarding at youmail dot com. You can give any pest a recording that only they can hear.

Like a fake "I'm sorry this number has been disconnected" I did this and I got rid of my stress.

West Columbia, South Carolina, United States #8809

They've called me at least six times. I've had the same experiences as reported earlier.

What kind of idiots would keep calling someone who clearly doesn't want what they are selling?

My new plan is to pretend to need their service and waste their time. I'm going to use the Bob & Ray Slow Talker routine and hopefully put them on hold for a while too.

Kingstree, South Carolina, United States #8698

Just got one of these. When the operator was politely asked for the company name and phone number:

Operator: "Ok are you ready?"

Me: "Yep!"

Operator: "1...800...312...F-U-C-K-Y-O-U" *click*

I'm still marveling at the experience!

Williamsport, Ohio, United States #7767

I talked to Verizon but they will not help me to determine who is making the calls.

So I filed a complaint with the FTC. Your are supposed to know either the name of the company who called you or their phone number to file a complaint. I certainly don't have a phone number, but since the recorded message says that the call is from "account services" I used that for the company name.

It can't hurt to file a complaint with the FTC, especially if you have the phone number from which you were called.


Willoughby, Ohio, United States #7455

Have gotten several calls. Same "no problem with your current account" and I punch 1 and ask for a name.


Bye Bye. Very annoying.

Williamsport, Ohio, United States #7454

I've gotten these calls too. Twice I've pushed "1" to get to a person, hoping to get additional information (to send to my state's attorney general). But both times the live person has hung up on me after just a few words of conversation.

Troutman, North Carolina, United States #6629

I've been having exactly the same experience. The calls come from a variety of locales, including off-shore and, just today, from a caller ID in Miami. I think it's going to take the interest of a serious investigative reporter to 'out' these people and get some gov't action to stop such telephone SPAM.

Rutherfordton, North Carolina, United States #6576

When you get these calls do they say "There is no problem with your current account, it is urgent however that you contact us regarding lowering your interest rate" or something to that effect? I have been getting something similar, and the other day I got through to a person.

When I asked for the name of the company, they only told me the name of their company was "card services". Would love to hear if anyone else has figured these guys out.

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Leather sofa crackingand peeling off

bought a leather sofa after 5 mths leather starting peeling and cracking off was already disgusted by managerwho whenwe purchased setwe bought it as a set asked if the coffee table and end tables were what came with it was told yes went to pick up at warehouse was not same ones we had seen and was told would have to take merchandise they would not hold it there while we went to straighten outproblem sofa had a large slit in back when we took off plastic they said we had done it dont buy from them very poor quality furniture


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Pebble Creek, Florida, United States #19911

the leather sofa set is great design with nice colour. this is very comfortable and more stylish. i really really like it.



leather sofas

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Other Company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - Hacked my credit card charged $119 for no reason.

I never authorized any deduction for any membership.With a fake email or something else they found my household account number & deducted $119.95 for what I donot know. Must take them to consumer fraud dept.Companies like these should be banned from doing business.I have complained to Household.I hope they solve it right.I thought travel agent companies are big help but it seems all these companies are out there to cheat you.Funny part is how they got my account number.Never ever give your account information due to emails sent to you even if the email says its from the account.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - False credit application submitted

I recieved a letter today not with my correct last name but my correct first and middle name informing me of my application for a credit card had been denied. My last name is not "ISIDIOT".

I hope that my social security number was not used to apply for this credit card as well. First of all if I want a credit card from you I would have asked for it personally and not over the internet or with the wrong last name. You guys need to figure out another way to get credit card applications to you. Get a phone number from the application before it is sent to the credit bureaus and request if this application is ligitament.

This was a false application created by Ms. Rhonda Lachney, Gorham, Glaze, Olsen or Gross is the names she uses. Her address is 240 Lacroix Rd. Pineville, LA 71360.

Her phone number is 318-308-8783. The letter had a Re: number to it which is 00010382039037924. Please take care of it.

Thanks. Joy

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Other Company in Dunedin, Otago - CYFS Didn't Pay up

I am a 15 year old student who is supposed to get 25 dollars a week from Child, Youth & Family

It is now the 7th week of school and I have recieved nothign all year. two Wdnesdays ago I was supposed to recieve 60 dollars and it didnt arrive. It is now 2 weeks later and they said that the money would go in on Wednesday. it is Now Thursday and I have recieved nothing.

As I am at bording school i rly on the money to puyany cosmetics, phone top-ups, food I want, soap ect, washing powder and school supplies i run out of during the school year.

As a result of them not paying me I am reliying on my Grandmother to buy it all for me who to start off with doesn't have that much money and as I result i feel mean

Dunedin, Otago
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Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Continue to charge me 39.99

This company keeps charging me for 39.99 and I have told them 3 times to stop charging and they still haven't stopped. When i call them someone who doesn't understand English answers.

For all you who this has happened before don't worry i will put a stop to this.

If your trying to stop this don't talk to a customer service rep talk to the supervisor and don't explain why u are calling to the customer service rep. For all of u this is happening to don't worry i am an attorney and they charged the wrong person way to many times.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Charge me and did not deliver

I ordedered a product and you took $29.00 out of my account and failed to deliver.other steps may follow. The deduction took place on 02/15/08.

I do not like this one bit. If this happens again other charges will be laid. I have done nothing yet but this are waiting to be put into motion, it will not

take much to put things on the dokect.

I don't like you dipping into my checking account and not following though on your end of the bargin.I would like for you people to clear this mess up before other steps have to be taken. (jrhamilton1@q.com)

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Transmission problems on 2004 Nissan Maxima SE

I leased a 2004 Nissan Maxima in early 2004, during the first year the AC compressor went and Nissan would not honor the warranty because I was 10 miles over, ridiculous!!!

Then the fog lamps would burn out every 6k miles, this is unheard of!!! Those fog lamps are expensive not to mention the labor charges.

Finally, the car began stalling intermittently and after several trips to the dealership and no resolve, the tranmission went. Well Nissan jumped all over the opportunity to tell me it would be 4k to fix.

I was a 4th generation Nissan owner and loyal consumer however, I would never again consider a Nissan product. They do not take care of their customers nor do they stand behind their product. In fact, after I mentioned this to all my friends and family they will not consider buying a Nissan.

Another pissed consumer!!!




OMG!!!! There are so many complaints about this car and things that go wrong w/ it.

I know that I am in the processor of trying to my car fixed.

Slipping between 1st and 2nd gear. I know that Nissan should be off the market.


i have a 2004 nissan maxima 3.5SL transmission had over 100,000 miles on it well this made in u.s.a not in japan so tell me wut should i do its not in warranty if i trade in i well get nothing

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Other Company in Rochester, New York - This company sent merchandise I never ordered...

"Somehow" this company got a hold of my credit card number and address and sent two videos without any kind of authorization. My credit card was canceled.

It is extremely difficult(if not close to impossible) to reach this company. It appears that this is a scam on the credit card companies as well(unfortunately, they probably write a lot of this type of fraud off). I will absolutely refuse to pay for this merchandise or pay out of my own pocket to have it returned. This person(s) definitely is doing some things that are unscrupulous and underhanded.

He, or they, should be shut down, heavily fined, banned from doing business and thrown in jail.

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