*** Matches A Scam

*** matches lures you in by offering a free membership where you can browse local girls in the area who want to hook up for sex or whatever. They entice you by showing profiles of attractive girls but from the getgo you can tell some of the pics are fake.

Some are of *** stars from amature internet *** sites. I figured this was normal as you are going to find some fake profiles. But then I realized that the majority of this site is run by bots who automatically send you messages during your free trial to entice you to sign up for $30 bucks. Youre mailbox is flooded with girls in the area who want to hook up.

This is too good to be true because at this point I hadn't even posted my picture or updated my account. Why would all these "hot girls" be hitting me up without a freaking picture or any kindof profile. Also, you will notice that there are some profiles that are literally online 24 hours a day.

You get people who look up your profile who are not even online, and the generated responses by the fake bots are the same for other profiles. Dont waste your time on this site.




it is like everybody said noting after up grade this site sucks.


i was the same i was sent beautiful photos of a student in sexy clothing and unindated with e-mails once i became a silver member it all stopped then i saw her profile and then replied with a e-mail no response nothing

This is my feeling they must contact the girls and offer them something because you get texted by the girls and all of a sudden you go to there so called meeting places and they "fucken dont show" i feel this site is a fucken rip off Arseholes out there who play on your life well *** them all lets unite together my fellow males and remove ourselves from this site as i finish typing i will remove my profile from this site because it is a rip of and a total fucken scam

They say report abuse "there the fucken ones abusing us



"so long suckers"

:( I have had the same experience, Winks all the time until I paid for membership. Now Nothing. Don't waste your time or money.
Worked for me. I was on HM for bout a week and I banged some chick I meet on this site. Lookin forwart to bangin the next one :)
total scam, i paid with cash, fearing they would charge my credit card with a lot of money for many months to go. Fortunetelly i only lost 30 dollars.

Ive sent over 25 e mails and recieved no answer.

DONT THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY. Everything in fake total scam : :(

I shall only say that I renewed my membership with them once more (what a sucker I am)... Never again.

You see... I tried everything. Nothing worked.
The scam is just beyond belief :upset

Never mind the money; it was the 'playing with your emotions' and the ensuing trickeries that are used, which really bothers me. Never again :(

Administrative Contact:Administration, Domain domainadmin@hornymatches.comSpijker 55 B 9Essen, Antwerpen 2910BE+3227090736Technical Contact:Administration, Domain domainadmin@hornymatches.comSpijker 55 B 9Essen, Antwerpen 2910BE+3227090736

These are the domain details ands the IP is Istrongly urge against doing antything illeagal.....


It's a complete scam to say the least. I would consider myself average to slightly above average looking.

I have sent out a total of 49 emails to various profiles and have yet to recieve one response from any of them. Before I was a member I was getting winks and emails about every 2 hours. Now I am a member and nothing! I'm starting to realize that it's pretty typical for sites like this.

After reading all of the complaints, I think I will go back to the conventional way of going out and finding someone on my own. It would be so much easier if this worked though!!


i approach these sites like hornymatches skeptically anyways, and yeah i encountered all the *** u guys were talkin about and so looking into it i found this review and im glad i saw all your comments, i'll be sure to never pay them a dime.

Shegaon, Maharashtra, India #24443

Recentl used hornymatches and feel for the samething. Lost $30.00.

It only took me less than a day to figure it out. I took safety precautions before leaving the site, I deleated my photo and had my my rofile removed. then I switched the auto pay to off and then I deleated my acount. After that I sent an email to thier their support email asking for a confirmation that my account was deleted and that i would not be billed for anything else.

They replied in a few minutes stating "your account has been deleted and , obviously we will not be sending you any other bills". I feel like an *** for falling for the scam. Wondering if anyone thinks I sould still be worried about recieving any other bills. i've read alot about others still recieving bills.

hornymatches terms of use states "13. Billing


User consents to recurring billing for services/access provided on an ongoing basis. Such recurring billing shall continue until such time as the user cancels the service."

Should I still be woried.

Clarendon, Texas, United States #22366

Whille i am sorry for all your losses, Your preventitive care plans (wellness plans) are not insurance. They are only for prevenitive care, not emergency!

If you cant afford to cae for your pet you should not have one!

It is not the responsability of banfield to make sure you can afford care. You act like we force you to do all these test, you could take your pet to another hospital!!!

Sitiawan, Perak, Malaysia #18842

They're bull ***, i was luckey i didn't spend my money to their ugly fake site.Trust me and don't become a member!!!

Charles City, Virginia, United States #16228

Actually two current girls on the site from different locations have the same background in there photo! Exact same, photo frame, book case and lava lamp!

Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain #13707

i want 20 to 30 female friendship and sex

Robesonia, Pennsylvania, United States #8319

this is how the scam works a number of the tasty ladies on the site are given free gold memberships...they wink or *** u on line...sorry i could not resist then when they get a member thay get commission on the take..its a no brainer...if it was that good *** matches would give u a free a shot until your first F.....K..

Miamisburg, Ohio, United States #7136
Well was going to join I had ben with AFF in the past and had a few hookups I dont need the site but I like strange lol anyway I decided to do little research and found this link. Thanks for saving me some cash.
Swansboro, North Carolina, United States #6621

I actually worked fr *** matches, and i impersonated thousands of supposedly beautiful women... bue in reality i am guy and all i did was send fake messages.

It works like this: you send a message, then a "replier" replies, you answer , then ANOTHER "replier" replies something else and so forth.

You think you are talking to one person but you are actually talking to 10 or more, every single message the girl sends is sent by a different "replier". So guys, thats the truth about hornymatches, you are talking to fat metalheads lol.

Hey Hornymatches, *** You!

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Review #113295 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer113295.

Tried to get my expiration date on credit card.

He insisted that I give ex date on my credit card. Since I just recently returned from Florida I was reluctant to give it to someone I did not know.

He said that I called him, Duh , they sent the phony letter.

They also said in the letter there was no purchase required.. But they won't let you off the phone until you agree to buy.

They keep telling you that the first payment has to go on a cc but after that you can pay anyway you want. If it is too much we will give you a shorter term, blah, blah



North Springfield, Vermont, United States #16251

What company????????

Post Mills, Vermont, United States #16248
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Stacy, Minnesota
Review #113258 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer113258.

Other Company in Hazard, Kentucky - Confused

i just had $20.00 dallors on my account monday? what happened to that.

now i have a block on my phone? it is only $1.85 a call from the jail to my house. i put $50.00 on my account march -13-08 at$2.00 a call i could recieve25 calls. i know i havent got 25 calls already.

can i get a read out on thecalls sent to my email adderss?

when can i start recievingcalls straight to my phone ?i had a credit limit of $400 ? my bill is payed upto date.pleaseemail me at michellesteely37@yahoo.com

Hazard, Kentucky
Review #113071 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Do you think it's ok to bug a person until it makes them sick?

Do you think it's ok to bug a person untill it quite lietereal makes the sick! Doy you think it's cute of funny!

Well, I have been a victim of your mother *** organization, and I don't think it's cute or funny at all. I think it's cruel, and vicious! If I were you, I would really think about what you are doing for a living! I isn't right to drive a person crazy.

I haven't been able to eat of sleep for weeks!

You people are dusgustion, and should be put out of business. YOu are lying sacks of ***!

Review #113063 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer113063.

Not doing there job

bought furniture freeport ill 1st time brought it tore couch and love seat and every table had a gouge out of it went back to store said they had special way of fixing them.we will call you to make appt. no call.Also delivery guys backed truck into mailbox and they were told by me and delivery boys,going on couple of months nothing done.If nothing is taking care of in next few days such as picking out new since i have had no response i will stop automatic withdrawl until it is taken care of sincerly mike and stacie schnierla


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Wassaic, New York, United States #5768

The prose, the flow and the puctuation...Genius...I was moved to tears.

Review #112996 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer112996.

Other Company in Slidell, Louisiana - Being ripped off

I ordered some perscriptions from this company. I was charged a fee, but never received any products from them.

I received my credit card statement and was charged $19.95.I do not know why I was charged this.I was trying to receive my medicine by mail and was charged for something I did not receive. This company needs to be shut down. Someone needs to investigate companies like this. They are ripping people off and some people cant afford to be ripped off.

These people need to be locked up, because they are criminals.

They need to be stopped.

Review #112981 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Annoying salesmen

In Richardson, Texas, the city ordinance requires all door-to-door salesmen to

(1) get a peddler's license (http://www.cor.net/pd/solicitation/homepage.html) ,


(2) get permission from the building owner before soliciting.

I had to call 911 to get these salesmen out of my shop. They had neither permit nor permission, and they would not leave my business.

These 3 salesmen have plagued my shop 3 times now, and next time they're gonna get a baseball bat. The business property is posted "No Soliciting - $500 Fine" it seems they hire only people who won't read warning signs.

I filed a complaint against this company with the local police, and they'll be on the watch for these obnoxious SOB's the next time they're in the neighborhood.

Review #112938 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer112938.

Other Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire - I purchased a $700 daybed and after 6 months the frame fell apart. I was told my-fault!

I purchased the white mariselle daybed. The frame of the bed fell apart and I was told the bed was not put together properly because there was no bunkie board.

When I purchased the bed the sales person never said a bunkie board was needed and I was told all I needed was a mattress. My agrument is if there was a bunkie board and mattress , plus the weight of my daughter the bed was destined to fall apart due to the quality of material used to hold mattress. Complete garbage!

The technician was rude and closed minded and I received the same service from customer service. They place blame on the customer verses being accountable.

Review #112909 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer112909.

Other Company in Norfolk, Virginia - No toll free number!!!

i need a toll free number and whoever made these dumb accounts are gettin rich off of other people and dis was a total rip off!!! if cant get a toll free number, and quick, im going to sue this company...for all of what its worth.

People are charging me for stuff i dont even know about what in the world is this company??How can u run a business like this? This is a horrible rip off!!! i have many other things to do then spend my money on other people.

i hope u guys provide a toll free number and quick or im going to get a lawyer and run yall out of business!

Review #112871 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer112871.

Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - I made a mistake.

Please remove me completely from your list of costumers. I dont want money taken out of my account.

It will make me way over drafted.

I only get ssi. I'm beging you please remove me. I'm very concerned about my account. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

My ssi is only $637.00 monthly. I didn't relize until you accepted my aplication how much money you would take out of my account. I need to hear back from you immediately, so i know you removed me, and wont take anything out of my account.

Please i need to know right away from you. Thanks.

Review #112852 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer112852.