Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Have no clue whom this company is

you had no authority to charge my account,on March31,2008 since I have no idea what your company is! Please reverse the payment of $7.95 and the $35.00 overdraft fee you caused me .

I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB about your company and the unauthorized use of my card! This is a misuse of the internet and no wonder hackers and other people stay in play,Do to companies like yours not double checking for authorization on purchases or what ever they do.So without further ado reverse all charges NOW!

Without delay.

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The Quaid’s ordeal with Cedars and medicine will, again, bring this matter to our incensed and unbelieving attention. We live in a country with the most expensive and mediocre, if your lucky, medical delivery system in the industrialized world. OK 60 minutes will again remind us that our medical system kills, does not work and enriches behind belief it’s many practitioners who are , for the most part, in it only for the $$$. Who else makes a fortune, has a license to kill and has almost no oversight or liability? I could write chapters on the cold bloodedness and veniality of this business that , above all, “does no harm”. However, you probably have not read this far.

My question is WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE OLIGOPOLY. They have repealed supply and demand system and must be stopped. What will be done by all of us to stop this murder?


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Tiller, Oregon, United States #7979


Educate yourself, excercise, eat right and stay healthy.

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Inpolite and insulting interview experience

Currently, I am looking for job and I had an interview request from a renowned univesity last week. The post I'm interviewing is a marketing manager at the Faculty of Business.

I have arranged to attend a panel interview with 3 interviewers from the faculty. One of the interviewers is the faculty secretary and I have had an unprecedented humiliating interview experience that I ever had before. As a interviewee, I do think we have to right to treat politely.

However, the 'faculty secretary' is using a very critical and provocative approach during the interview, and I felt terribly insulting.


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Beattystown, New Jersey, United States #38409

They SCAMMED me out of $1,300 with bounced paychecks! And I was their Receptionist! Then they left the state! JRP NJ is a Scam so parents, STAY AWAY!


And you heard if from people who used to WORK FOR THEM!

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HornyMatches.com claims to have personal ads but is fraudulent

HornyMatches.com claims to have personal ads but is seemingly fraudulent. There may be real ads, but most communications are eerily similar:

*One to two lines of response

*Responses are very similar in Characteristic and style, as if they are written by the same person

*Responses have indicators that they are written by much older seasoned persons than the picture indicated

*I saw the same woman's picture representing herself as being from: (1.) Oregon, and (2.) Visalia CA

My conclusion is that they rip photos off the internet and write ads for them, and then send and receive emails from customers

The number of women who are supposed to be "online now," or "Last Visit: Today" don't seem to be possible, and are probably falsehoods.

I paid with a credit card and am going to check to see if I have protection from fraud.




*** MATCHES IS A ***. yes this web site is a ***.

i paid $69 joining fee and most of the female profile are bogus. i'm really pissed off.


mencari wanita hypersex


If any one is a member and dosent belive what im saying. Make a standard membership off another email account and send your self some mail.

You wont get it. I made a complaint and they denied it. A few minuets later the mail went through but the next time i checked it didnt work again.

Save your money. There are free sites.


Yep their mostly fake ads and your sent mails are mostly dicthed by hm


I find that horney match.Well am tell you never know who your going meet. If you don't pay another sex site come my email addess.But you can read profiles some nude some not. Jon


sites are spasm

do not pay anything with credit cards

they invade facebook

with false fotos and link people

to the site but please do not be decieved

these are *** people

have been on h. matches website daily get winks only from females acertain female has shown up in the same pics multiple times only to be removed "due to abuse" per the website and i've actually gotten an email .nothing more.
the nfemales seem to be bots as their locations in their own profiles dont match their location of my seach and their heading :proof that their being placed ther by a webmaster .beware of this site its tricky if the girls are hot and have a professionally looking photos.they keep showing up multiple times some at the same time same girl.your money your time at your own risk there are 171000 on my area 6000 of who are women so if their real the emails are in the thousands they could be receiving.very tricky in those ratios guys to girls to conclude anything

why havent u put the icon on against the 419ers..yet liek singlers net did..do it to protect u.

Acireale, Sicily, Italy #28045

An honest review by candi and then a dis and plug for a phone sex service.

Becker, Minnesota, United States #13355

whilst i tend to agree with all your comments i am living proof that hornymatches does indeed work

i have chatted to and met various men through the site both via site and other external email

Now i have definately met my *** match who has agreed to become my husband

i didn't set out to meet anybody i wanted to have a relationship with it just sort of happened but am more than glad it did

He is my soulmate, the luv of my life so yeah *** matches does work

And NO before you ask do i work for them not at all just someone who has up until recently used their services

Van Wert, Ohio, United States #7396

Most of those adult personals sites are phoney - they use personal ads they are not real and once you join you get responses from ads that sound so similar, This happens on most of the top sites such as sex search, horney match, adult friend finder (although they do have some real women) Personally, I have stopped using adult personals sites to find females. I feel like, the likelyhood of me joining a site and meeting a woman in the short amount of time that I would want her is not likely.

So now I prefer to use Adult Chatlines - At least you hear real voices of women who are live on the system, I have had everything from phone sex to actual meetings on this one line, but I am sure all are better than those personals sites. check out Intimate encounters at 1-800-713-2639 and 1-900-226-4545 I can guarantee you will make contact with real women that are looking for what you are looking for

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Other Company in Peoria, Illinois - Rip Off

This avertisment was a total rip off with false information. The pills were suppose to be a free sample with only shipping and handeling charges of $3.99.

We were charged $85.90 to our bank account. We can't get a response to our phone calls and have no correct information to this company. If anyone have any information on who to contact about this raw deal, please help me. Do I need to send Oprah a email for using her as a reference in selling this product?

I am pissed off with this false advertisment and service. Thanks

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Tree cut down

work not to expection. phone calls not returned.

be very careful when hiring anyone. get everything in writing.. be careful of vauge description of work. if getting estimates and going with the lesser of serveral estimates, make sure the lesser is providing the same exact work as the others.

Don't trust anyone. Pay by check only, no cash. stop payments cannot be put on cash. when it comes to business, there is no heart into helping the customer.

everyone wants to make their pocket as big as possible at the consumers expense. tree services are a dime a dozen - so screen very carefully.

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Change shipping charges by 150.00

Typical lowlife hard sell skum... Emailed with a number to call and then proceeded to bend me over on shipping and wanted 150.00 more then when I said cancel they order changed it to 90.00 then I still said no told me they handled 90% of all electronics and even the BBB can't stop them so I had better take the deal.

I still said no cancel my order and then Mr. Silver skum was not pleased.

Some of the people I work for are from Brooklyn and they have heard of this before and can not believe someone hasn't sold these guys some concrete....

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Viaprin scam

I ordered Viaprin on 3/22. it was free trail -- I had to pay $9.41 S/H & was carefully told that If I did not cancel within 10 days that I would receive subsequent orders authomatically at a charge of $47.62.

I was given a specific date of 4/1 to do this. I rcvd the product promptly. IT IS TOTALLY USELESS. I called 9 days after ordering (3/31) to cancel & was told that I was too late!!

I explained that (as I had spelled out to me when ordering) that I had until the following day to cancel (Grab a calendar & do the math yourself - please). I was told that the day that I ordered conted as the 1st day !!! Huh? (Today + 1 = today?) Anyway, I decided not to continue that line of logic because even IF that made any sense at all then I was still calling on the 10th day.

Voila! Response: It was still my fault for not calling earlier in the day as they already mailed it out -- today. Customer Disservice refused to credit my $ back telling me that I would have to ship the product back AT MY EXPENSE. CD also refused to transfer me to a supervisor.

This is a SCAM. Nobody working there has an ounce of integrity.



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Avon, South Dakota, United States #18736

This is a typical case for them and I'm contacting a lawyer because I'm so mad. The latest is, "If the customer does not pay postage, we do not know when it will be received.

The post office can and will tell the customer the product will be delivered in a couple days, I, however, have seen from my experience, a product that has been refused or return to sender does NOT go directly back to where it came from. I can go to a few different post offices and sit there, and then be sent back and forth. If we did receive the package and it had the rma # on the outside of the package, the shipping department would not refund the account as it is our policy the customer needs to pay postage to return for refund. As stated previously, THERE IS NO CREDIT DUE FOR THIS CUSTOMER.

WE WILL NOT BE REFUNDING THIS CUSTOMER'S ACCOUNT AS NO PRODUCT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. If product has been received, no refund will be processed as per our return/refund policy which states no refund will be processed without proper postage. The reason this policy is in place is because this product is an oral consumption product which needs to be kept at room temperature, so if it is going back and forth across the country, we do not know the temperature it is kept at, therefore, we do not know if the product is good or not so it is discarded. Thank you." By the way, I have a copy of the refund policy and it does not say that at all.

The first thing was return it, then I needed a confirmation number for return, then I needed to pay postage, now, it's over 30 days, the items need to be room temp, and on and on.

I haven't given up yet. I just hope people read this before they order.

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Other Company in Cleveland, Ohio - Very upset non-customer..how's that?

i'm not even a customer and i'm pissed off.the reps

are all ***. u would think it was a collection agency for delinquent customer that have been late for yrs with tons of excuses...I was just a innocent by stander picking up a ringing call and was displeased with the fact that a sorry there not home no longer works.to my disbelief i found out to much info and got demanded to pay my money or the would knock on the customers door..what a upsetting moment i had no ideal who they were

they just repeatedly demanded my money and asked did i think this was a game..now i don't think that was fair and later on to add the icing on the cake when i demanded to speak to a manager i was

hung up on repeated ....not very nice to a customer or anyone who's on the outside looking in..i would never ever recommend anyone to go with cnac.

i'm took make it so bad i don't even own a car from them!

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Other Company in Lawrence, Massachusetts - Extra charges

I ordered a disk for $7.95 which I received. I don't understand an additional charge of $1.99 and $1.00.

Why the extra charge.

I also, if membership was created, want to cancel and cease any further transactions. I also don't understand why I have to use your minimum of 100 words. This is unreasonable and uncalled for. I have never been required to use a minimum number of words to present a comment or complate.

I feel this is rediculous and uncalled for. A person should be able to state his/her comment without being forced to present a comment or complaint.

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