Viaprin scam

I ordered Viaprin on 3/22. it was free trail -- I had to pay $9.41 S/H & was carefully told that If I did not cancel within 10 days that I would receive subsequent orders authomatically at a charge of $47.62.

I was given a specific date of 4/1 to do this. I rcvd the product promptly. IT IS TOTALLY USELESS. I called 9 days after ordering (3/31) to cancel & was told that I was too late!!

I explained that (as I had spelled out to me when ordering) that I had until the following day to cancel (Grab a calendar & do the math yourself - please). I was told that the day that I ordered conted as the 1st day !!! Huh? (Today + 1 = today?) Anyway, I decided not to continue that line of logic because even IF that made any sense at all then I was still calling on the 10th day.

Voila! Response: It was still my fault for not calling earlier in the day as they already mailed it out -- today. Customer Disservice refused to credit my $ back telling me that I would have to ship the product back AT MY EXPENSE. CD also refused to transfer me to a supervisor.

This is a SCAM. Nobody working there has an ounce of integrity.



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Avon, South Dakota, United States #18736

This is a typical case for them and I'm contacting a lawyer because I'm so mad. The latest is, "If the customer does not pay postage, we do not know when it will be received.

The post office can and will tell the customer the product will be delivered in a couple days, I, however, have seen from my experience, a product that has been refused or return to sender does NOT go directly back to where it came from. I can go to a few different post offices and sit there, and then be sent back and forth. If we did receive the package and it had the rma # on the outside of the package, the shipping department would not refund the account as it is our policy the customer needs to pay postage to return for refund. As stated previously, THERE IS NO CREDIT DUE FOR THIS CUSTOMER.

WE WILL NOT BE REFUNDING THIS CUSTOMER'S ACCOUNT AS NO PRODUCT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. If product has been received, no refund will be processed as per our return/refund policy which states no refund will be processed without proper postage. The reason this policy is in place is because this product is an oral consumption product which needs to be kept at room temperature, so if it is going back and forth across the country, we do not know the temperature it is kept at, therefore, we do not know if the product is good or not so it is discarded. Thank you." By the way, I have a copy of the refund policy and it does not say that at all.

The first thing was return it, then I needed a confirmation number for return, then I needed to pay postage, now, it's over 30 days, the items need to be room temp, and on and on.

I haven't given up yet. I just hope people read this before they order.

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Other Company in Cleveland, Ohio - Very upset's that?

i'm not even a customer and i'm pissed off.the reps

are all ***. u would think it was a collection agency for delinquent customer that have been late for yrs with tons of excuses...I was just a innocent by stander picking up a ringing call and was displeased with the fact that a sorry there not home no longer my disbelief i found out to much info and got demanded to pay my money or the would knock on the customers door..what a upsetting moment i had no ideal who they were

they just repeatedly demanded my money and asked did i think this was a i don't think that was fair and later on to add the icing on the cake when i demanded to speak to a manager i was

hung up on repeated ....not very nice to a customer or anyone who's on the outside looking in..i would never ever recommend anyone to go with cnac.

i'm took make it so bad i don't even own a car from them!

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Other Company in Lawrence, Massachusetts - Extra charges

I ordered a disk for $7.95 which I received. I don't understand an additional charge of $1.99 and $1.00.

Why the extra charge.

I also, if membership was created, want to cancel and cease any further transactions. I also don't understand why I have to use your minimum of 100 words. This is unreasonable and uncalled for. I have never been required to use a minimum number of words to present a comment or complate.

I feel this is rediculous and uncalled for. A person should be able to state his/her comment without being forced to present a comment or complaint.

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Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - *** Customer service.

I recently made an online order for supplements. Then 2 days later I notice that my order is still pending, so I called and was asked to use the "Help Desk" so I did and another 2 days went by, so I called again but what do you know, I got the same machine telling me to use the help desk. After that I googled the company and came across a few complaints. I then made a complaint with the BBB and what do you know the same day they ship my order. But wait it gets better. Half way through they send a stop shipment to have it shipped back to sender. So I called again and actually pressed #2 to make a purchase over the phone, and what do ya know I actually spoke to someone. So I tell her the problem and she puts me on hold and after 5 or so minutes I get cut off!!

So I called again and got another girl, I tell her the same thing and again I was put on hold. At this point im pissed off, so she answers and she tells me "sorry I dont know why they done that" So I ask to speak with a manager and she intern says that none is there but her.

WTF!!! I just hung up the phone. I guess its true, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Their items are a few dolloars cheaper but its nopt worth the BS. So to sum up this rant, DONT BUY *** from this site.


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Other Company in Collinsville, Illinois - Did not credit my account for returned products.

I too ordered a sample of this garbage and in another 5 days received an order for 84.90. Since I became somewhat ill from the sample, I immediately returned the other pkg.

I have still to be refunded for the returned product. I will contact Oprah's show -- am unsure who she has working with her, but they are certainly not creditable. When I tried calling the nr on my credit card summary, it said that the voice box was full. Sure it was -- from all of the people calling to ask where their refund was.

I do hope that consumers are reimbursed -- I will never again try an item from a show or from the internet.

Thanks for allowing me to vent my dissatisfaction. From an Illinois resident.

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Other Company in Denver, Colorado - Nothing yet, i feel they will argue about the money reimbursement

I did not like the feel of this so call miracle tool, it's actually a deterent so men won't bug you. The company better reimburse me, or else I will go to the Better business bureau, they get enough complaints and they will investigate this company and maybe we can do a civil lawsuit for misrepresentation as a group.

They could be liable for alot of money if they are quilty. I know I never agreed to the rush delivery and they charged me for this, this is fraud. I am sending this item back ASAP.

I am done.

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Other Company in Cherry Hill, New Jersey - Not happy

Am so mad they charge my credit card twice but i never receive the product. That is not a good customer service if you intent to sell your product.

Everytime i call them the no answer people don`t trust them.

I don't understand why you have to start a company and not be able to manage it. And for some reason if you can`t stop charging people credit card hence you don`t deliver anything to them, that is what we call fraud.

You people are fraud unless you do something am still going to believe i was lied to and taken advantage

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Elloway preaches and mollests you while you're Laid Out

I discovered a private dentist who takes dentical. I couldn't believe it. His office secy said he'd fill my tooth with composite if I pay an extra $50. Good deal, I thought.

I get to the office and an overweight Newt Gringwitch look alike lays me out in the chair and while he's in my mouth pulling on my lip without understanding lips are sensitive to being stretched, he starts this weird preaching, and of course it's a solliloquoy because his hands are in my mouth.

"You grind your teeth," he states. "You should go behind a tree and ask Him to have you stop."

Yep, you heard it. I couldn't comment but I saw the hygeniest flinch just a bit, like she's heard it before.

Later on when he asks if I have knowledge of the scriptures and then states that only "He" can help the grinding, that teeth guards don't help, people just "*** thru 'em" , I correct him on his scriptures and tell him the God he refers to is mentioned as a "them" not a "he". He clips his trap shut for a moment as if he's sizing up an opponent, and proceeds sizing up the psychological makeup of the grinder.

He works without a mask by the way, so I see his thin, pale lips blurting through the bloatedness of his chin and cheeks. I thought there was a law against this.

Mind you I would have been humored if I'd seen this situation on a comedy or horror show, but it's me dealing with denti-cal, and I'm truly horrified he's gotten away with this for so long.

Is this the way it works? Some dentist accepts denti cal -- not some clinic but a private dentist-- but he's a loonatic preacher and you have to listen to him while he does work in your mouth. I consider this rape. When he was tugging on my lip I had a sick sense of sexual assault, as if he was masterbating, blah blah blah about how kind he is blah blah etch this time out of his retirement to do dental work for poor people.

He has to tell people how wonderful he is by capturing audiences in his dental chair? Grinders have hard life, dead beat husbands, do drugs, drink, etc. as if he thought he knew exactly the inner soul workings of the grinder. He is a dentist/sick preacher who molest the innocent -- in his chair. He obviously doesn't see that grinding is like stuffing one's face...look at his belly, the stress balloon of his own soul!

But if I said that I'd be in a horror movie, he may pull too hard and tear my face off. Oh but he gets his jollys about stretching on the lips of females, no doubt. Maybe people who have abused their health and neglected their teeth for decades because of drugs and alcohol go to him to have done "simple procedures" as he said he does to low income people, but if you have your head on your shoulders and want to keep your teeth in your head, I suggest passing this one by, or going to his office and exorcising the bejeezus out of him.

Oh, ...he told me his wife left him and shops in Beverly Hills now, while I was laid out, now who cares? By the way my tooth wasn't done right...I am sure he cracked it as it hurts more than it did before I went in, and he has no emergency number. I called four times, no return call. I had to call the office two more times and was told it's normal, to wait and see. Meanwhile I got a call later that afternoon to say they won't be able to see me for further kidding. I did tell him I write a consumer column for a fact, I thought it was funny because it's for the "Bethlehem Press" !! You should have seen his face!



Atlanta, Georgia, United States #779883

I hate to say it, but if you want the government to pay for your dental treatment, you will be sorely disappointed at the quality of treatment.

Why do you think he does DentiCal? He can't get enough private pay patients to survive, naturally.


first name

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - They're not even calling for ME!

these people called my house, looking for someone who doesnt even live here!

how the heck did they get my phone number?!!

i called to have them remove my number from their list and the girl who answered the phone didnt even question me. shouldnt she have at least asked if i knew the person they were trying to get in touch with? she only asked if i was calling from some 775 phone numer or something like that... but never explained why they were calling me in the first place. these people are idiots.

debt collectors need to get their acts together before they just start calling random phone numbers.

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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Don't Call Me Again means nothing to them!

I have been getting calls from these fools for over a month now. They call my cell phone asking for some guy who apparently either used to have my # or gave it to someone as his.

I tell them constantly the following: A) Don't know this person B) They have the wrong # C) This is a cell # D) Don't ever call me again. Do you think any of those mean a darn to them! Apparently not. Any ideas how to stop this?

I don't even believe the people calling are located in the United States. I can barely understand them on the phone.

The only thing they will tell me is the guys name..nothing else. Also, I have had this # for over 3 years so I think he just used my # which is very easy.

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