Two experiences today, that I think are worth sharing.

Having been a Salesman for the past 60 years, and having been a Sales Manager, with a Sales Force,on commission, consisting of at least 39 People, and having sold and managed at every level throughout the United States, at the retail,wholesale,and manufacturing level, and having owned a Manufacturing Business, you would think a Guy would be pretty much qualified and experienced to handle any situation that might arise in the selling of Hearing Aids.

Maybe its Human Nature, that is responsible for being continually surprised.

For example, today, a Prospect called, leaving only his first name, on the answering machine, whereby he wanted some pricing information on a set of Siemens Hearing Aids.

I returned his call and spent about 30 minutes with him on the phone, discussing the Hearing Aid Industry,policies,practices,and products.

When I explained what I considered what was very valuable information and advice, he suggested that perhaps I was only being so candid as a technique,reverse psychology.

In other words, when I was totally truthful and honest, he became suspect.

In the Hearing Aid Industry, whether its because it is taught at Seminars, either formally or informally, all those engaged in the Hearing Aid Business are taught and trained never to give any specific information, especially regarding pricing, and use every procedure and technique possible, to get the Prospect to come into the Office.

My philosophy is to tell the Prospect the facts of life, regarding the Hearing Aid Business,etc, and let the chips fall where they may.

I talk on the phone as though it is being recorded for a 60 Minutes TV Show, and I would be proud if it was.

When you tell People the Truth, either they believe you or they don't, and if they don't, then don't waste your time.

Some People either don't recognize the Truth, or really don't want to hear it.In any event, they seem very skeptical.

As Jack Nickelson said"You can't stand the Truth".

The Prospect said he would call and schedule an appointment for an interview. We'll see.

The other interesting experience today, was when a long time Client, visited the Office, without an appointment, just taking a chance I would be available, and told me that he received some literature about a new product from PHONAK and they listed me as the Provider for Huntington Beach,Ca.

This Client is under age 50 and has been wearing one or two hearing aids for years.

He is a very active Guy and earns a living in some type of Sales Activities.

His Wife is an Attorney.

When he approached me about the new product, He was disappointed that I didn't reflect more positive feelings toward the product.

When I suggested that I thought it may not work for Him, he seemed very disappointed.

I administered a Hearing Test for him, and explained where He fit in with the product.

What I was surprised at, after taking care of this Guy"s hearing needs for over 15 years, that he didn't seem to know how I felt about the Hearing Aid Industry and Business.

What I finally told him was, that he was the only one that could tell whether the new Product would work for him, and be worth the investment.

I had to repeat to him, that I don't live to sell new Hearing Aids.

What I do if fill the needs of the People who suffer from a Hearing Loss.

Every Person is different.

Every Person has different needs, regardless of what the Hearing Test shows.

I agreed to let him try all the new Products available, and let him be the Judge.

I am willing to dedicate the time and effort to do what is to his best interest.

For further information, call Eugenia Mironoff @ (800) 432-7114

Alsip Magistrate



Tukwila, Washington, United States #684667

eugenia and magistrate, you are a national treasure. i look forward to talking, one day.




:eek :upset :
upset ;) :zzz

I just purchase Nuear's new Look Premier Ric and love them. I could finally hear my tv and and best of all,my wife stop complaining about me turning up the volume too loud..bought them for $6800 and was will worth it.


I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

hearing aids

Kingman, Arizona, United States #17155

I share your dislike of Audibel. My Apollos were never programed correctly, and I had to deal with an unethical distributor.

My units were tampered with and he was trying to sell me new ones after only 2 years. Finlly found an audiologist who was able to correct most of the problems and eventually bought a set of Epoqs for less than what the Audibels cost me.

Federal Way, Washington, United States #10941
I've never been more frustrated, or disappointed in a product than Virtue hearing aids by Audibel. At over $5500- for a pair, they work no better than the cheapest pair of crappy aids I bought 3 years ago for under $1200!

I'd NEVER recommend Audibel to my worst enemy, and certainly never, ever, a friend! :cry
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Other Company - NETBANKING

To whom it may concern. I have got a problem related with my netbanking ,when i tried to use my account through the net it showed an error on the page on my screen .

so i kindly request you to solve my problem as soon as possible . the account holder is m/s Bhuwan and Ravindra traders, 20 shivaji marg, hewett road , lko, up and Ac. no:6801020100001861.i have already recieved user id and user password as well as transaction paasword also but after my regular trial net showed an error on page continuously .

so therefore i m pissed. so help me out

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Other Company in Columbia, Kentucky - When buying a camera there was no instructions to it.

When buying a camera and printer, they finally arrived, however, there is no book to the camera. I have lost pictures that can't be re-took.

I called them and they sent me a copy of a paper that tells where the button to take pictures is and where the batteries go, etc. However, as far a the camera's ca

pabilities or how to access them.

The printer is wonderful, but the camera _ _ _ _ _. The buttons are so little that my children have a hard time setting anything without losing the picture or locking one you want to delete.

Columbia, Kentucky
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I paid my them and they said i didn't

I paid my bill and it is on my bank statement saying they took it out. When i call them they say i didn't.

They are a bunch of scam artist. They sent me to a collection agency and I told them that we already paid them. They told me to send them my bank statement and my confirmation number but that didn't work either. I would like them to leave me alone.

If they don't stop my husband is going to call his lawyer to see what they can do. If that don't work I'm going to call the news crew to *** them off.



*** :)
Heh, I have a long name
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Other Company in Toccoa, Georgia - How did they get my info?

For the past two days I have been getting calls from this company they ask if Im Andrew I reply Who is calling. I never actually say who I am.

When they say they its a curticy call from Omni present I say im not interest and please remove me yet they keep calling. Of course when I call the number back its either busy or rings nonstop.The first time they called I played along not revealing any personal info but they had alot on me already.

How do they get away with this? How can I get this fraud of a company to remove my information?

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I advised parcel.me.uk that I needed a delivery urgently to arrive in Northern Ireland by Thursday. Rather than booking on line I spoke to an adviser who gave me costs and told me that it would definitely get there. Needless to say it did'nt.

My gripe is that they were very unhelpful in any explanation. I've emailed a number of times and not even got a reply. What they charged me and what I told I was going to get charged were different also.

I'm not sure if i'm going to be able to save my Northern Ireland contract but I am sure that I won't be using www.parcel.me.uk again.



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Lanxi, Hubei, China #12116

hmmmmmmm yeah I am kinda guessing that you wish you did not cheap out now.Why did you not use a BIG CARRIER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely resplendant, one of your best moves!

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Closed my account Due to No Activesfor July 07 till now 08

I am so Pissed off! They just close my acount ,cause I paid it off in July of 07 and didn't use it for 6 months to a year they told me ..

I asked the lady ms Melley if she can find me in the AGREEMENT where it says that ? she counldn't, cause it was not there!

I lost my card so I called for a new one . they sent me one and the exp.date is for 08/09 . then went to use it & counldn't. due to them closing it I am so Pissed can we take them to court?


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Stroud, Oklahoma, United States #7732

Take who to court? Do you even know who you want to take to court?

Do you understand that Menards does not own the lending institution that allows you to use credit with us? Relax! Did you bother to ask if your account could be reinstated...

that means opened up again. Well did you?

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Other Company in Columbia, South Carolina - These are really rude people

These are the most rude people in the world. I wonder if any of them go to Church?

They are a bunch of non-professional to say the least! They may argue that they are professional, but the way they treat people,they should be prison guards.I have never been talked to like that before. You would think they should know by now who is paying their salary.It's people like me that get behind sometimes because of everyday circumstances. I bet none of them have ever been in that situation.I only hope that they can sleep at night after humiliating all the people they talk to during the day.

I also hope they never lose their jobs,and get into a bind like the rest of the people in the world.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Have no clue whom this company is

you had no authority to charge my account,on March31,2008 since I have no idea what your company is! Please reverse the payment of $7.95 and the $35.00 overdraft fee you caused me .

I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB about your company and the unauthorized use of my card! This is a misuse of the internet and no wonder hackers and other people stay in play,Do to companies like yours not double checking for authorization on purchases or what ever they do.So without further ado reverse all charges NOW!

Without delay.

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The Quaid’s ordeal with Cedars and medicine will, again, bring this matter to our incensed and unbelieving attention. We live in a country with the most expensive and mediocre, if your lucky, medical delivery system in the industrialized world. OK 60 minutes will again remind us that our medical system kills, does not work and enriches behind belief it’s many practitioners who are , for the most part, in it only for the $$$. Who else makes a fortune, has a license to kill and has almost no oversight or liability? I could write chapters on the cold bloodedness and veniality of this business that , above all, “does no harm”. However, you probably have not read this far.

My question is WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE OLIGOPOLY. They have repealed supply and demand system and must be stopped. What will be done by all of us to stop this murder?


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Tiller, Oregon, United States #7979


Educate yourself, excercise, eat right and stay healthy.

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