Other Company in Richmond, Virginia - Refused to honor warranty we purchased

2 years ago we purchased a living room set, we also purchased the extented warranty. Which was supposed to cover anything that happened to the furniture. The loveseat started to rip appox 1 year after we purchased it.

We contacted the store and was given the number to customer service, that sent us a bunch or forms to complete and draw on showing where the problem was with the furniture. They requested that we attach a copy of the orginal warranty to the form. Needless to say, ecause we moved, we couldn't find the warranty, but I contacted my bank and requested a copy of the credit card receipt where I paid for the furniture. She said she could get that information for me. I was so relieved, but not for long.

I called the customer service department and told them what I could send them and they stated that was not enough. They wanted the orginal warranty.

I tried to explain to them that they could pull up the information from my receipt, add up all of the things we purchased then they will see that we did in fact pay for a warranty.

To this day after repeated phone calls and trips to the store, we still haven't got a resolution to our problem, the furniture got so torn and terrible looking we actual had to throw it away. We, also had to throw away the matteress that we purchased. It is a shame companies are allowed to treat honest hardworking people so bad.

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Not fair to father's

My husband and i are raising my grandson for two years and we have papers showing that he has lived with us for going on two years.

The mother filed taxes claiming Daviano Bonner and she also filed for child support and she does not have her son. I have letters and and papers of guardianship and letters from the schools and the papers of temp.guardianship thru the school in taylor mi.

Is there a way to stop the mother from getting child support and she is not taking care of son. Mothers name is Tonya Bonner.


Rosetta Alaouie


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Herculaneum, Missouri, United States #4443

Are you braindead? I mean for real? ok maybe drunk then? The mom is pissed she is unfit and you have gaurdianship over the kid! On top of that You can only file for child support if you have the child in you care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See they call it child support because it implies you are trying to support the child on your own and need help from the opposing parent!

In other words you could more than likely if this story is true file for reverse child support basically. If YOU are caring for this ladies son and are its providers, and she isnt paying you anything I am almost certain you can take her to court and get child support. Only in this case you are not the husband but the grandparents....

Id look into that part, but for real she is a *** and you shouldnt worry yourself.

But I think you really could get money off of her for child support. And as I am sure you know if she cant pay she goes to jail which may be better for the kid in the long run ....
Melvindale, Michigan
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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Charged my cc

I have been charged many times from this company and I have no idea why. They have charged 14.95 to 21.95 twice a month every month and I would like my money back.

I don't know how they got my cc# but I will go to court if I have too. This is fraud and stealing. I was charged 14.95 on 1/14/08 also on 1/28/08 I was charged 21.95.

i was charged 21.95 on 02/13/08 as well, just 16 days after the last charge was deducted. I am not a very happy person right now.



who do these peole think they are scamming me and everyone else i wrote 2 poems to them and i was heartbroken to find out its nothing but a scam to get our money i thought i actully wrote something people would actully read but i guess not i am a 17 year old just trying to get through life but this just makes everything worse this just *** me off like alot :( :( :( :cry :cry

I cant believe this i came up with poem from top of my head never imagened theyd call me or send a letter this *** sucks i really think we should start something to help stop this email me at lj_designer@yahoo.com if u know more or would like to get involved with me on puting a end to this disappointment, stealing and takeing advantage of all the people who really got hurt or used in the process. Well thank god i looked this website up b 4 sending my $$$$ im so let down but to all who were scamed that doesnt mean your poems were bad its all about $$$ so dont let this scam stop you from write poems NEVER GIVE UP!!! WELL THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT.



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Other Company in Jacksonville, Florida - Do not BUY from BUY.COM

In Nov I purchased a digital camera and sandisk memory card and reader from BUY.com. The memory card arrived mid Dec.

When the card was opened, it was discovered that the card reader was defective. I contacted Sandisk and was informed that they do not stand behind products purchased from BUY.com. I have sent numerous email to buy.com with no response. So now I am stuck with a defective reader that is not supported by either the mfg.

or the seller.I would suggest only purchasing items from buy.com that you have no plans to return even if they are defective.

They do not stand behind their products.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Remodified twice and charged me with fees not disclosed to me

Modified my loan and did not disclose any fees that they would attach.

Repo'd the car at 2 am and then returned it the next day.

This was included in the fees they charged me.

First modification I was told evidently "misplaced" by them. The second one I was told not to send in payment until Mr. Ramirez called me personally.

I have tried so many times to contact him they would not let me speak to him. "It is in someone elses care now."

Pay up over 1200 today or they will take it again.

They have hung up on me and no help except arguing with me. I have maintained my manners through it all trying to cooperate. I would never get another car through them again.

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Other Company in Syracuse, New York - How can this be misunderstood?

a few months ago, my grandmother received a call from the billing department of our local hospital. they asked her for her name and she told them. they continued on to tell her that she owed $800.00 to the hospital. my grandmother had told them that it was not possible because she has full coverage insurance.

they then proceeded to tell her that it is very possible and very true.

as my grandmother continuously told them this was not possible they then divulged the "fact" that she had a child in 2004. there are a few problem here.

in 2004 my grandmother was 77. she could not have had a child. she had told this to the hospital.

the hospital continued to tell her what services were given at the hospital for the bill in question

(problem # 2).

she had continuously told them that they were mistaken. she was then interrupted and informed that if the service was not paid for than it would go to collections. they then began to tell her about money owed for the services given for a 2 year old little girl (supposedly her daughter and problem #3) in the ER in 2006. the amount owed was divulged, illness and treatment as well.

Here is the big problem, all of that information was mine and my daughter's!!!! the other issue is that they also claimed that we had no insurance.

Even more the issue, they called for my maiden name, informed my grandmother of private information both medical and financial, ignored my insurance as well as my daughter's until it was too late to claim it on insurance, and still continue to call to collect the debt!!!

i am sure this is illegal in many ways!!! can anyone inform me on what to do from here?


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Other Company in Syracuse, New York - What kind of company does this?

today i received a letter for an account that i settled in the spring of 2007. it was for an account for my husband. the amount was settled for just under $40.00 dollars less than the original debt was.

I called the number on the invoice and was sitting there listening to a ringing phone for a 1/2 hour. I should have hung up after the first two min but, i really wanted someone to answer the phone so i could tell someone off. when i got someone on the line,i gave him the account # and he'd told me to hold while he looked up the account and the SOB hung up on me. i had to call back again!!

now i ask you what kind of company doesn't answer a phone for a 1/2 hour and then hangs up? especially one that seems to want money so badly?i called back again and got a very nice woman who was very understanding to my complaint as well as why i was so irate.

come to find out i was being charged the remainder from the settlement that was already paid. i clearly stated that i would not pay it!! if a debt is settled it disappears! am i right?!?

i have read quite a few of the complaints left on here by employees, they also need to understand that as debtors we know we have the debt. we realize it needs to get paid but the problem with this is that we do not need 2-3 calls a day nor do we need a letter in our mailboxes 3-5 times a week!!

so many talk about how we are so rude as debtor but why inform us that the calls will not cease until the debt is paid?!!! we already know that, we can't afford to pay the debt when you want it, we aren't idiots!!! (my family's) personal debts will get paid as i can pay them. not as you bark orders for them.if i tell you i don't have the money i just don't have the money!!! i will pay when i do. rather than call repeatedly every week, or send multiple letters every week how's monthly or bi monthly sound?

i know that some of you collectors out there have gotten behind at one point or another. so you know what it's like to have to pay something and not have the money to do so!!! i have gotten so much attitude form so many nco employees giving thema return attitude has pretty much come natural to me. i used to be really nice to them. now, i wait to see how nice they are. but that is starting to bother me too now because in the snap of a finger they gofrom being so heavenly to something that the devil spit into the world!!!! what's with that!?!?

before you as a collector go judging us the debtors, think about how many of you coworkers have already called us before you got to our number. think about how many letters we may have got from your company that week or even that month. we aren't directing the attitude directly at the collector it is intended to the company. the company is the one that has to come up with a new game plan!!


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Other Company in Murfreesboro, Tennessee - They do everything in their power to increase your APR

They hiked my APR from 8 to 30% even though they rec'd documentation from my primary bank that I had fraud on my primary checking account which resulted in one payment being returned to them. They charged me over $120 in late fees and increased my APR from 8 to 30% even though I was told that if they rec'd documentation they would reduce these fees.

The documentation was sent to them several times; they say they haven't rec'd it.

(they are lying!) They don't want to receive it!

My monthly payment to them was only $11.00 which I'v e paid each month on time since receiving the card.

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Other Company in Rochester, New York - Advantage visa card debited my checking account .

The advantage visa card debited my account for $159.00 on 2/14/07.I have not received a card yet.I have the phone #,the I.D.#,the trace #,the address.I've had the BBB in L A to investigate,to no avail.The report states that there is no company at the address i have,no company exist.I have the names Of people i've talked to over a period of 8 monts.Lana,Sherie,Apollo,Jessie, chassity.I was told at different times ,the card was on the way.I have been scambed,but good.

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A long time Client, a lovely very independent Widow,at age 95 is as astute and sharp as any 65 year old I know, who lives by herself, drives by herself, cleans her own home by herself, cooks for herself and any Guests, which we have had the pleasure of being, reads paperback romance and mystery novels by the stack, and also plays bridge once a week, told us that she wasn't hearing the way she thought she should, and wanted new Hearing Aids.

Regardless of all of the above, she is a strong-willed opinionated Woman.

Very stubborn, and very demanding.

We treat this Woman as though she is a Family Member, perhaps even our Mother.

Never the less, she can be very, very, trying on our patience and nerves.

Her late, very late, Husband's former employer, provides very good hearing aid benefits for this Widow, that results in this User having no cost, other than her time, which I admit is presumably very limited and precious.

After Her new Hearing Aids were ordered,in fact that same day, she must have called twice with questions.

During the next week that it took her new Custom Made Hearing Aids to arrive, she called about 10 times.

She has the effect of making my Receptionist, who also adores her, a nervous wreck.

Finally, the Day of Reckoning arrived.

Fitting Time.

The new Hearing Aids were programmed to her current hearing levels.

We fit her with high level PHONAK Hearing Aids, not those made in the back of the shop, or in Florida, Mexico, or China.

With the PHONAK Label, she can travel anywhere in the World, except Heaven, where at her age, she can be very close to moving to, and she can even visit about 6 other Hearing Aid Offices within 6 miles from her Home that represent PHONAK, is she tires of our efforts,services,and responses.

One would only hope.

We spent over 2 very difficult hours during her initial fitting.

She was not happy. Then she was happy.

The new Hearing Aids were not as good as her existing Hearing Aid.

Then the new Hearing Aids were better.

Her Voice didn't sound right as she spoke. It sounded better with her existing hearing aids.

Then her Voice sounded about the same with either set of Aids.

The new Hearing Aids were larger than her existing Hearing Aids.

Then they were about the same size.

She wanted more Power.

Then they were too loud.

She wanted reassurance that the New Hearing Aids had reserve Power.

She called the next morning and said the Hearing Aids weren't working because she could hear a clock in her house, as she could with her old Hearing Aids.

I will probably have to bring her Clock to my office for the follow-up fitting.

It will go on and on.

We have submitted the Paperwork to the Provider for Payment.

She is worried about being able to return the Hearing Aids and try different ones in the event she is not happy.

She can't sleep nights because she is so worried.

The Hearing Aids are FREE to her.

Thank God.

I can not imagine what it would be like if she had to pay anything, muchless the full amount.

Life goes on.

I am confident she will keep the FREE Hearing Aids, after 10 or 15 more visits.

Now she is worried that California won't renew her Drivers License.

One could only hope.

Much to my chagrin I am confident the State will extend her license.

She told me she only has to take the written exam.

In the end, I know she will invite us to her home for lunch again.

She is eligible again for new hearing aids in 2 years.

Hopefully by that time she will hate, not love, her existing Hearing Aids.

She will be 97 and still feisty.

The trials and tribulations of a Hearing Aid Dispenser.

Life is good.


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This story is hilarious - my mom is a pretty opinionated 86 year old. We tried a hearing aid two years ago for her - it was a Seimens fitted in the ear type and was really too small for her arthritic hands to handle (we loved it, she could actually hear us without yelling.) The squelching drove her nuts, the batteries constantly needed changing, and the whole episode turned her off - we ended up returning them, to my chagrin. Fortunately, money isn't a big issue for her, but being the tightwad she is, I think it bugged her. Your articles are going to help me explain to her why the cost is high.

I've talked her into trying again - I'm hoping a behind the ear type might be easier for her to place. I guess we'll have to see. Her hands and fingers have extremely limited dexterity, and she's legally blind, so the hearing aid has to be easy to use, easy to place, easy in every way, and have long battery life, and/or rechargable batteries. No squelching. If it's big, that's ok.

Easy. That's the ticket for her.

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