The Editoria Board had to have approved of the adoption of an Editorial piece that first appeared in the Gastonia(N.C.)Gazette, a siter paper of the Register in Freedom Communications Inc.,in order for that article to appear in today's Editorial page of the Orange County (Ca.) Register.

The Gist of the article is that the County Officials,on a vote of 6 to 1, approved of adding 3 Law Enforcement Officials to the County Jail System to supplement others involved with assisting ICE Officers in determining the status or residency of Inmates in the County Jail System.

The article complains of the cost of such participation to the Taxpayers of that County. An astounding $ 175,000 per year, estimated to go as high as $210,000 by the year 2013.

To be fair though, possibly for political purposes so as not to upset the average Citizen in that Community, they did point out that the base pqy for the 3 new Officers was $116,000 dollars with the other dollars being spent in benefits and training costs. (I have never seen an expense explained this way).

For some reason, they wanted to know that the 3 new Officers, weren't being paid more than $40,000 per year. And one of them was even a Sergeant (obviously being transferred because of the Sergeant status, which implys Management).

The lone dissenting Commissioner out of a vote of 6 to 1, complained that the amouns involved was a lot of Tax Money being spent because the Federal Government wasn't doing its job. He said"We're not talking about a few dollars here".

A report from the County Jail Administration revealed that in a 9 month period in 2007 (evidently when the program started) a total of 363 Inmates were interviewed (either because they looked Latino or didn't have the Southern drawl or accent of North Carolina) and of those interviewed 302 were processed for possible Deportation.

Thats almost 90%.

They didn't state what the total Inmate Population was so we can't determine what percentage of the Inmate Population consisted of Illegal Immigrants.

Nationally, its supposed to be from 15% to 20% depending upon the Counties of total Illegal Immigrants.

Some Liberal Think Tanks that publish on Illegal Immigration, but usually always only refer to it as Immigration and Immigrants, never using the term Illegal as a Category separate from Legal, always brag that the Immigrants actually have lower Crime Statistics than Native born Americans.

I don't understand their point because Hundeds of Thousands of Illegal Migrants (as I call them since they are really not Immigrants) have committed Crimes that wouldn't have taken place at all if they weren't in this Country.

Each Child fathered by these Criminals adds $10,000 per year in Educational Costs alone.

What about Medical Costs, Housing Costs, Welfare Costs,etc,etc,etc.

I am amazed at the shallow reporting, and then to think the Register Editorial Board thought it was so substantive and meaningful, to borrow it from a Sister Publication for exposure to the Voters of Orange County.

Isn't it kind of logical, that if somebody snuck into a Baseball Game Facility, that they wouldn't want to attract attention to that fact by creating a problem while watchng the game?

I find it almot unbelieveable that anyone would write about the expense of enforcing the law.

The best way for any Local,County,or State, Government to Balance their Budget, or reduce Expenditures of All Types, would be to be involved in the Removal of Illegal Migrants.

The American Taxpayers Costs for tolerating Illegal Activities of any type, and especially not enforcing Immigration Laws, are astronomical.

If the American Taxpayer became aware of this Burden, they would throw the Rascals Out.

And by this, I mean the Politicians.

Alsip Magistrate

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Other Company in Colbert, Oklahoma - Spanish Learning stole my 100!

I was supposed to have a one hour online spanish class with a tutor, however she arrived late and told me she had another class in 45 minutes and asked if would reschedule our meeting, I asked her if I could just get my money back and she told me I could.

Anyway her boss disagreed with her and refused to give me my money back, I took the issue up with paypal to try to get my money back but they decided to agree with the seller and not issue me a refund.

So I had to get my 5 lessons for a 100 with the spanish online training center but at this point the company refused to have any contact with me and I ended up losing my 100.

I am very bitter how this all worked out.

Colbert, Oklahoma
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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - When i wouldnt give them my bank they called my job

Tyheywhen i got he card in the mail my name was already on it.They offered me $7,500 limit.when i got the card i am so glad i didnt activate it.They wanted my bank account number and when i wouldn't give it to them they still offered me $4,500.They are still calling my house everyday and i think it is a travisity that these people can just take money from hard working unsuspecting people.They should have no mercy on them when they are caught! They have even called my husband job to aggravate him about the situation.Isnt that ***!

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A couple, (a man and a woman-there was a time when I wouldn't have had to state that fact) who have been married to each other (there was a time when I wouldn't have had to state that fact) visited my office for a consultation and evaluation,on the Husband's hearing problems.

The Man had a delightful personality, as did his Wife, and she was very tolerant,patient,and understanding of her Husband's problem.

The Hearing Aid User, had been under chemotherapy treatments for Cancer, for the past year, and they both felt that those treatments had a delerterious affect on the Husband's hearing loss.

I'm sure it did, but it also saved his life. He still functions very well, even though he uses Hearing Aids.

As is not uncommon, while he suffers from what we classify as a severe to profoud hearing loss, especially in the higher frequencies, where it is mot critical to understanding the spoken word correctly, he also is very sensitive to loud sounds and input.

This problem is called: Dynamic Range, which means he needs a lot of amplification to hear, but becomes very uncomfortable when the amplification is about 10 DB higher than his MCL (Most Comfortable Level) and so he is aperfect candidate for Digital Signal Processing, which provides features to limit his exposure to loud sounds.

He was wearing Electone Digital Hearing Aids, Full Shell or In-the-ear (ITE) with a power circuit.

The model of Hearing Aid, was classified as Entry Level, which basically means, within the industry, it is the cheapest hearing aid a Manufacturer offers.

The conflict is, that this Man paid a former COSTCO Hearing Aid Dispenser, now self-employed, with her own Independent Office, $2,800 each, for the Entry Level Hearing Aid.

Among other features, it did not provide any feed-back management feature. There were very few adjustments availabl, and Electone said it was a single channel hearing aid.

This is a case, where Man paid for what he thought was a Cadillac, and instead received a Chevy.

I didn't know what to say.

How do you tell somebody that they have been taken advantage of.

How are they to know?

I took Impressions of his ears, and will let him try some Siemens BTE's to see if he can understand speech better.

The proof of the pudding is in the eatng.

The 48 Year Old Salesman that I tested yesterday, came in this afternoon to be fitted with new Rexton Revo open-fit hearing aids.

He said, at this point, he has never been more impressed with Hearing Aids.

They can't be seen by anyone, and he doesn't feel plugged up.

In fact he said it didn't feel like he even had Hearing Aids in his Ear, which is the main attraction of Open-Fit Hearing Aids.

Time will tell.

Today had several interesting experiences.

In the end, the Hearing Aid User will determine how well the Hearing Aids function.

And even at our reduced prices, whether the Hearing Aids are worth the money.

For further information call: Eugenia Mironoff @ (800)432-7114

Alsip Magistrate




I just went to Costco with my wife in Greenville SC, and Jeremy was very congenial, and seemed to know his job. He took all the time needed to answer any questions we had.

We now have had our aids for three days, and are still trying to get accustomed to them, Really loud noises. :-)) I will comment on my future experiences, as I know I will as my wife will be going back several times for adjustments. This was also related to us by Jeremy as he said, it takes time to get accustomed to what we really need. Remember, our brain has turned off sounds that we are now hearing, and needs to get re-accustomed to them.

Time will tell. So far satisfied, and the price is right.


Obviously those of you that have commented on Costco's practices have never set foot inside a Costco Hearing Aid Center. Costco offers Premium and Advanced level product from three different manufacturers (Bernafon,ReSound, & Rexton at entry level pricing.

Why anyone would feel the need to purchase entry level circuits when they can get the best for the same price is far beyond me. My advice is to try it for yourself before you hop on a smear campaign and if there are individuals who have had less than stellar experiences it is always better to notify management so that these problems will not become a regular occurence.


Glad to see this information.its very useful for eneryone.thanks for sharing this post.

Hearing Aid


This article is BS. I went to Costco & no way were they like this guy portrays.

No way. If this really happened, costco would refund that guys money.

Heck they were willing to refund the cost of a 6 year old LCD monitor for me. That is how generous costco is.


Pacific Hearing Care in Honolulu inflates their hearing aid prices by promising LIFETIME MAINTENANCE SERVICE. Now with technology improving every minute/day, who will keep one set of hearing aids for their lifetime?

Try to get your monies back for the inflated lifetime maintenance service, I wish you a lifetime of luck.


I have had four hearing aids in 10 years. I am about to buy my fifth, an open fit type.

Its wonderful to be able to trial the unit at the clinic. I am a health care professional at a major University where I initially received service. I have used Costco for the last three units. The audiologist is superb.

The selection is limited but the units are very high quality as validated by University audiologists and colleagues.

The price is very competative at $1299 for a single unit. This is very important to me as I am very active and more than one were destroyed by accident.


$2800 EACH for ENTRY Level hearing aids at Costco? REALLY, EUGENE...REALLY?

That's a bald-faced LIE! I was at Costco yesterday and their most expensive aids are only $1299 each...Feeling like the gravy days of easy money for your business are starting to come to an end, Eugene?


I too am looking for information about REAL customer experience with hearing aid purchases from Costco, and ALL I'm finding is EVERY board is SPAMMED by over-priced franchise owners pumping their business. WE are DONE with franchises who charge $6,000-10,000 a pair for hearing aids.





hearing test dependent recs....

this place has it

check it out

Tukwila, Washington, United States #684665

pure marketing.


Costco sells a limited selection of hearing aids. Very limited.

Tukwila, Washington, United States #684572
@Milton Cooper

sounds like a private fitter, trying to stop the huge migration to Costco.

i wager milton will be working for Costco soon, if he is good enough.

i have only two ears, and believe most of costco's bte and RIC aids would be dandy.

Costco saved me with good Rexton aids 3 years ago. i was starting to avoid social interaction, on the road to depression.

they will not be stopped. which is great for the HOH.

and good for employees of independent shops who need to find a new employer! as their customers move to prices 50 % lower -- at Costco.

elijah lovejoy, ph.d

retired from the u of calif.


Many factors are involved in fitting a hearing aid or two. Lifestyle, audiogram, dicrimination, and checkbook are all factors.

If someone has a limited lifestyle(not going out much) they don't need premium hearing instruments unless they have difficult loss to fit. A flat loss is easier to fit then a sloped loss and only someone who knows what they are doing can recomend the appropriate fit. Also watch out for return times and fitting fee's. Do you get loss and damage coverage and how much will they charge you as a deductable.

Anyone you go to that doesn't allow you to walk out..

isn't worth going to. The harder the sell the faster you should run

Just an FYI Electone & Rexton are sister companies and both owned by Siemens, just an FYI :)

Also, analog hearing aids are sometimes all people can afford or all that medicaid will cover for a particular state. Also, as we all know the more time passes more sophisticated technology becomes cheaper, so maybe at the time the analog aid was purchased it was cheaper than digital.
This is an attempt for a little free gratuitous advertising. Who else will pat this poor little Audi on the back but themselves.

:cry Get a life. If you ask a bricklayer how to build a house, he'll say, with bricks????
Ronks, Pennsylvania, United States #8325
I'm looking for info in hearing aids and all I find are your sales pitch over and over. Please go away.
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Other Company in Spokane, Washington - Disconnect long distance due to limit

My long distance keeps getting turned off without a disconnect notice and before I receive the next months bill. They said I have reached "my limit" on accepting collect calls.

I have not set a limit on my account. We make over $100,000 a year and I can afford to pay my bill. I should not have a limit. I should be given a phone bill and be allowed to pay and in the meantime allowed to accept collect calls from my son in jail.

I want to know who can fix this and how? please email back with solution.

Review #114524 is a subjective opinion of poster.


Two experiences today, that I think are worth sharing.

Having been a Salesman for the past 60 years, and having been a Sales Manager, with a Sales Force,on commission, consisting of at least 39 People, and having sold and managed at every level throughout the United States, at the retail,wholesale,and manufacturing level, and having owned a Manufacturing Business, you would think a Guy would be pretty much qualified and experienced to handle any situation that might arise in the selling of Hearing Aids.

Maybe its Human Nature, that is responsible for being continually surprised.

For example, today, a Prospect called, leaving only his first name, on the answering machine, whereby he wanted some pricing information on a set of Siemens Hearing Aids.

I returned his call and spent about 30 minutes with him on the phone, discussing the Hearing Aid Industry,policies,practices,and products.

When I explained what I considered what was very valuable information and advice, he suggested that perhaps I was only being so candid as a technique,reverse psychology.

In other words, when I was totally truthful and honest, he became suspect.

In the Hearing Aid Industry, whether its because it is taught at Seminars, either formally or informally, all those engaged in the Hearing Aid Business are taught and trained never to give any specific information, especially regarding pricing, and use every procedure and technique possible, to get the Prospect to come into the Office.

My philosophy is to tell the Prospect the facts of life, regarding the Hearing Aid Business,etc, and let the chips fall where they may.

I talk on the phone as though it is being recorded for a 60 Minutes TV Show, and I would be proud if it was.

When you tell People the Truth, either they believe you or they don't, and if they don't, then don't waste your time.

Some People either don't recognize the Truth, or really don't want to hear it.In any event, they seem very skeptical.

As Jack Nickelson said"You can't stand the Truth".

The Prospect said he would call and schedule an appointment for an interview. We'll see.

The other interesting experience today, was when a long time Client, visited the Office, without an appointment, just taking a chance I would be available, and told me that he received some literature about a new product from PHONAK and they listed me as the Provider for Huntington Beach,Ca.

This Client is under age 50 and has been wearing one or two hearing aids for years.

He is a very active Guy and earns a living in some type of Sales Activities.

His Wife is an Attorney.

When he approached me about the new product, He was disappointed that I didn't reflect more positive feelings toward the product.

When I suggested that I thought it may not work for Him, he seemed very disappointed.

I administered a Hearing Test for him, and explained where He fit in with the product.

What I was surprised at, after taking care of this Guy"s hearing needs for over 15 years, that he didn't seem to know how I felt about the Hearing Aid Industry and Business.

What I finally told him was, that he was the only one that could tell whether the new Product would work for him, and be worth the investment.

I had to repeat to him, that I don't live to sell new Hearing Aids.

What I do if fill the needs of the People who suffer from a Hearing Loss.

Every Person is different.

Every Person has different needs, regardless of what the Hearing Test shows.

I agreed to let him try all the new Products available, and let him be the Judge.

I am willing to dedicate the time and effort to do what is to his best interest.

For further information, call Eugenia Mironoff @ (800) 432-7114

Alsip Magistrate



Tukwila, Washington, United States #684667

eugenia and magistrate, you are a national treasure. i look forward to talking, one day.



:eek :upset :
upset ;) :zzz

I just purchase Nuear's new Look Premier Ric and love them. I could finally hear my tv and and best of all,my wife stop complaining about me turning up the volume too loud..bought them for $6800 and was will worth it.


I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

hearing aids

Kingman, Arizona, United States #17155

I share your dislike of Audibel. My Apollos were never programed correctly, and I had to deal with an unethical distributor.

My units were tampered with and he was trying to sell me new ones after only 2 years. Finlly found an audiologist who was able to correct most of the problems and eventually bought a set of Epoqs for less than what the Audibels cost me.

Federal Way, Washington, United States #10941
I've never been more frustrated, or disappointed in a product than Virtue hearing aids by Audibel. At over $5500- for a pair, they work no better than the cheapest pair of crappy aids I bought 3 years ago for under $1200!

I'd NEVER recommend Audibel to my worst enemy, and certainly never, ever, a friend! :cry
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Other Company - NETBANKING

To whom it may concern. I have got a problem related with my netbanking ,when i tried to use my account through the net it showed an error on the page on my screen .

so i kindly request you to solve my problem as soon as possible . the account holder is m/s Bhuwan and Ravindra traders, 20 shivaji marg, hewett road , lko, up and Ac. no:6801020100001861.i have already recieved user id and user password as well as transaction paasword also but after my regular trial net showed an error on page continuously .

so therefore i m pissed. so help me out

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Other Company in Columbia, Kentucky - When buying a camera there was no instructions to it.

When buying a camera and printer, they finally arrived, however, there is no book to the camera. I have lost pictures that can't be re-took.

I called them and they sent me a copy of a paper that tells where the button to take pictures is and where the batteries go, etc. However, as far a the camera's ca

pabilities or how to access them.

The printer is wonderful, but the camera _ _ _ _ _. The buttons are so little that my children have a hard time setting anything without losing the picture or locking one you want to delete.

Columbia, Kentucky
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I paid my them and they said i didn't

I paid my bill and it is on my bank statement saying they took it out. When i call them they say i didn't.

They are a bunch of scam artist. They sent me to a collection agency and I told them that we already paid them. They told me to send them my bank statement and my confirmation number but that didn't work either. I would like them to leave me alone.

If they don't stop my husband is going to call his lawyer to see what they can do. If that don't work I'm going to call the news crew to *** them off.



*** :)
Heh, I have a long name
:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
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Other Company in Toccoa, Georgia - How did they get my info?

For the past two days I have been getting calls from this company they ask if Im Andrew I reply Who is calling. I never actually say who I am.

When they say they its a curticy call from Omni present I say im not interest and please remove me yet they keep calling. Of course when I call the number back its either busy or rings nonstop.The first time they called I played along not revealing any personal info but they had alot on me already.

How do they get away with this? How can I get this fraud of a company to remove my information?

Review #114282 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer114282.