Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Thanks For the Extra Tip!

Hello. I haven't dealt w/these car dealerships outside my city in such a long time, well maybe since the beginning or middle of last year.

I had to take the train and waste tons of money on buses going and coming just to get out to the dealerships for them to "lie".

Most of my story sounds like most of you who wrote in. The staff on the phone and in person were ok but I was misled into believing that I already had financing available for me.

One of these places sent me home crying and pissed.

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Other Company in Florence, Alabama - They are rude, hateful, and unprofessional and I am upset!

I went into pre-term labor at 26 weeks and had a pre-mature baby, got sick, had 3 surgeries since, my daughter has had 1 surgery since, and we now owe hospital bills that we are simply unable to pay in a lump sum due to the fact that I am unable to work because of my health. I am doing all I can to pay the necessities of living expenses and plan to pay the hospital bills as soon as I can.

I have explained this repeatedly, and all I have received are hateful remarks, being accused of lying, unwillingness to work with me, hang ups, and a complete unprofessional behavior from the woman who constantly harrasses me.

When I asked for the address to send at least $5.00 that wasn't good enough, and she told me she would call back at another time to see what sad story I would have for her then and hung up on me. This is unbelievable.

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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - Be Wary of Return Shipping Labels

Make sure you get a receipt with your own tracking label. If you use their easy, convenient "return label", they will most likely lose your item and you have no record you sent it back.

Then you hagle, argue, hagle and argue with a supervisor until they finally find your item. I got lucky. They found the $400 item. If they don't find it, I discovered from one rep that I could notarize and fill out a lost item claim and since they insure their items they would have eventually credited the jewelry.

I will never use their return labels (I was returning 3 items a week) again.

Now, if they claim they don't have the item in their warehouse, I have my own tracking.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Viaprin - Ripoff Scam

They enroll you in some automatic payment thing that if you are not listening very carefully, you will miss. You must cancel after 10 days they say but they don't even send the strips for over a week and charge you before the 10 days is up.

It took me forever to get in touch with anyone and then they refused to let me talk to a supervisor and said there was nothing they could do about it. STAY AWAY from this company. Not only was I charged the $50 from Viaprin but also $70 in fees from my bank because I didn't have the money to cover. Also, Viaprin charged me another $1.19 to ship some ring that I didn't order.

I know it's only $1.19 but imagine how much they make off of everyone added together.

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Other Company in Jacksonville, North Carolina - I'm Pissed off with THis store and your buisness

I had bought a table set. And your company won't let me exchange this.

At the time i didnt realize how big this table was compared to my house. THey wont let me exchange it for a smaller table without charging me a 20% restock fee. At the time of purchase they didnt mention this to me. I had only had this table for 4 days and they wont cancelle my order.

My stock is not even at the store on carolina beach rd.

Their number is 910-397-0368 please do something about this i am so impleased with this.

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Charged my Visa account $7.95 on 1-28-2008.

I have just received my Visa account statement and see that I have been billed $7.95 by your agency on 28 January 2008. I have no idea why I am being billed by your agency and request that the fee be refunded to my Visa account.

I no longer desire any

further billings from your agency. Selden S.


(selden_brown@hotmail.com) I have no idea how you are able to obtain my email address and information about my Visa account. I have no idea what it is that your agency is supposed to do or what the outcome is supposed to be.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - I want my loveseat

To whom will listen I am from Pittsburgh Pa. and I am very upset about the way I am being treated by your store employees they refused to give me the love seat that I paid for ,they keep telling me the truck will be in this day that day the truck has not come yet.

I have filed a complaint with the I attorney generals office and the BBB to try and get my Loveseat.

Thats all I want ,if there is anyone that can help me with this matter please contact me. karenbass2@aol.com Please Help soon

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Other Company in Riverside, California - Paid money for nothing in return, empty promises, Is our debit cards and credit cards safe?

Should we contact our banks about the scam. They have our debit #s how long can they charge us for nothing? They never did send the listing book that was to be here in 3 to 5 working days and never could access a web site.

I wanted mobile home sale in my area and was promised by David Employee # 338 that there was a lot of them, also was promised that they a lady, C. Kickel promised to send me a few listings, I got one but was promised more.

The listing was very old and had been gone for a long time. happybaby@netzero.net

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Other Company in Toledo, Ohio - THESE PEOPLE CALL ME 23 TIMES A DAY!

Yes that's right 23 times today! I counted! For a $230.00 debt. Are you kidding me? It was $700.00 stopped making monthly payments because we don't have the extra money anymore!

Deal with it! Write if off as a loss! With the economy the way it is, these people really need to back the *f* off!!! It's so annoying not to mention harrassment!

Leave people alone! Even if I did answer my phone, or call these freaks back, and tell them I don't have the money anymore, they don't care they say when will you have it?

Well let's see, on top of my other normal bills that I have to pay.......... At this point................ Never! They need to be turned into someone????

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Other Company in Katy, Texas - I

I know one of the ladies that use to work with her. She has the best hair in town.

The best colors, the site is real easy to read. And the people that work are real cool.I Don't have anything BAD to say about her. The hair lasts a long time, it's better then any hair I have ever bought in a long time.The orders are sent out to you on time. I think the wine was good.

And she a real cool lady. I met her in PERSON. Thanks. Ms.

Somebody. LOL..

I'll buy again. I don't care what people think.

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