Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - My telephone conversation

Why can't they get people that you can understand on the phone talking to us.I was talking to an asian and I had to have them repeat several times what they were saying.And when they had to repeat what they said they got mad.Why can't they have people who clearly talk English?

I really am not happy with this company.And my car payments are so high and trying to explain to them that I'd gotten laid-off from my job and trying to get the asian trying to understand exactly what I meant and what I was saying.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Unprofessionalism... dispute unknown bill & called a liar

5-1-08 I spoke to azsa a collector & asked for info about alleged debt. she sad has no information but was persistent on asking how do I want to pay for this. I told her I want a copy of the original bill & supporting documentation. she sd you were made ware of this matter before. I sd don't have the slightest idea about this bill. I asked for a supervisor she brought on Claranda who did the same thing. I asked for corp # she refused so then i asked for fax # which 215-442-8316. your employs may need retraining on FDCPA.


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Other Company in Delhi, Delhi - About rate of interest

Loan A/c No. HDLH00001189

We have taken a loan amount Rs 30,27,530.00 on dated 17-06-2005 at the time of loan the interest rate was 11.5% and tenor was 156 months as on today's position is the interest rate has been increased 15.19 % and tenor is 278 months without any information and notice from your side. this is strange for us and we are shocked that how could you do that. Due to that we are not satisfied from your services. Please also note that all installment were paid in proper time and nothing default. Now we are requested to please do the needful correction and send us the proper statement of A/c for the period 01.04.2007 to 31.03.2008

My email address is


my mob. no. is : 9811174076

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Other Company in Louisville, Kentucky - 722-664-40025

I too got the call from 772-664-4005 I am on the Do Not Call List...

I wonder if there is anything I can do?

I am going to block this numberThis is ridiculous!

I don't understand how some people/business are able to do this. There has to be something we as consumers can do.

Anyone else have this happen to them? What did you do?Was it successful?

I didn't dial the number back....but I do intend to do all that I can to not be called by this number again.Wish me luck!

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Other Company in Pocatello, Idaho - Grant searches on net huge scam. take your money w/out your authorization!

I was online looking for free government grant moneys to help my kids & I get back on our feet after some awful things happened to them. I found several web sites for the grant info.

One of them wanted $1.97 for a disc on how to research the best places to get grants. I gave them my debit card # & never recieved the disc. I called the bank & sure enough they took out the money plus an additional $39.95 from my account. I told my bank what had happened so they sent the info to their fraud dept.

I tried to find the site again & it was gone so I was looking at other grant research places on the net & found that the site I was getting the disc from. They had not only changed their web address but were using a different name. I also found some sites where people had complained about this happening to them also. There are several sites like this complaining about the grant search sites.

I tried calling their customer service # I found under the companies own site. They customer service rep barely spoke english & told me a bunch of *** about "reading the small print" THERE WAS NO SMALL PRINT!!!!! She said they were not a fraudulent company..... That they would not refund the money back to me nor pay for all the fees they caused me to accrue through the bank.

They cost me over $200!!!

DO NOT TRUST ANY GRANT RESEARCH SITES ON THE NET!!! They are all ran by the same company just using different names.

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Other Company in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur - Signboards workmanship

i ordered 2 signboards and some minor works. The signboard is not according to agreed designed.

The arrangement of the wording is not in the center. The second signboard was cut to smaller size. All this while we have been dealing with your staff, En. Ezani.

We have called him many times, he did not answer our calls. In fact, after he put up the second signboard, our staff did inform him that we are not happy with the work.

I hope any of your staff could call us and discuss how to correct this problems. I can be called at 03-7880 7000/7880 4420.

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Other Company in Agoura Hills, California - T.F. (Tedd) Davis, Jr. Cheats Employees and Skips Town

Tedd Davis, Jr (www.tedddavis.com) of ICR Tracking Sciences CHEATED HIS PROGRAMMERS out of their salaries AND SKIPPED TOWN, leaving severed telephone lines, etc. after creating software for the San Diego Police Department.

If this *** TRASH will cheat employees while creating software for the police department, imagine how you will be treated? His application tracked evidence used by the courts against criminals. No doubt his background as common trash and cheat enabled him to have the inside knowledge to track evidence of criminals like himself.

By the way, I still have the court order demanding payment from this PIG!

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Raised voice to me

First off i have a metaly challagned brother who is unable to use the phone.  The person who i was talking to raised his voice to me and would not connect me to a manger.  I'm pissed .....no one raise the voice at me then hanges up...........I want his job or i will deal with it my own way. This comapny is allied interstate.

This company should burn to the ground.............................i will be sueing the company for everything its worth if it ant resolved.

There number is 1-866-720-1469 and wil come up out of area.

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I said cancell membership immeadiately!!! still haven't done it!

i deserve my refund money it was before 30 days since i cancelled my membership. I can't afford the annual membership means i am disabled.

I am pissed because it is not done yet and i get a refund of twenty four dollars and ninety nine cents back.I don' recall anyone telling me about an annual fee and if they did they said it fast enough i did not hear it. I am hard of hearing.some of your workers need to slow down so people can understand for sure what is being said.

JaNiece A. Sullivan thanks


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Springtown, Texas, United States #10037
Gee, it may help if you told people which company or who you're complaining about... :roll
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Other Company in Houston, Texas - The person i talk was rude

i call the store the man i talked to i couldn't understand i ask to talk to some one else he said he was the only one working in the store. when i ask for number to head off he put me on hold i'm still on hold n its been 30min.

how is it that your emp talk to people so rude I'm going to call on my other phone to see what they say.

this is so sad how can you run a store with one person working there. my b your emp is a big liar

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