Mad and for good reason!

I Have been asking for a paid letter for a month and have yet to recieve it. When i call and ask for the information I am transferd to mumbai, India.

Employees at that location refuses to give me the number to corporate headquarters where the fax's are sent. They just say that they dont have to provide the information and I will recieve the letter when i get it. Not sufficent by any standards. I am now still trying to recieve a number for the corporate office or my fax showing i have paid off the account.

My bank records prove this along with documentation in settlement leters from this horrible company. Lets keep throwing babies off buildings over there and have them continue to try to handle financial matters with individuals in another country


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Richland, Washington, United States #11112



718 554-6028

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Electric carts for handicapped are pathetic

I am only able to shop through your super store by using the electric cart. Everytime I have had to use them, they have run out of power after only a short time and usually in the part of the store farthest from the return area.

There I sat on a dead cart, in an area where there was no employee nearby to ask for help. This is not only frustrating, but also very embarrassing. You have approximately 20 handicap parking spaces in the lot, but seem to only have 4-6 of the carts. You certainly could manage to have enough carts to remove each one from service after it's returned by customer and place it out of sight to be fully charged, and put a fresh/fully charged cart in it's place.

No guessing on how far I can get in the store before it dies! The problem also limits time spent shopping and spending money in your store. If I didn't feel rushed to finish before the cart died, I would possibly spend more money.

Please value the handicapped customer as much as I know you value the healthy ones. We don't have a choice, we rely on the carts to get us through that store, please make them a true asset not a joke on us.


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Buffalo, New York, United States #714542

Well if the customer would plug them in to charge when they are done with the cart then maybe the carts would not die.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Dissatified with the service.

store location at dunkirk,ny. service is very poor was suppose to be at the home between 10.00 and 12.00 not on time have had to call the store to see what the problem was. For a business just opening up this is very poor service gave back all the merchandise that we rented you have lost a customer.I don't understand why the service is so bad. I don't think the customers are lineing up out the door. This is terriable now they said they have problems with the truck one truck this is terriable and the guy told me they would be here when they can when ever the truck is fixed. I don't want to hear this my huisband is sick and have got to go for another appointment that's the way we do business these days the customer is never right. Poor business if you ask me.

Joe and Mary privateer

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Lied about the promo price

I didn't get the promotion price right away. I had to wait until I filled out the rebate then 6 to 8 weeks for the promo price.

Very disappointed.

Also there are so many pay per view channels that you don't really get the amount of channels they tell you you're getting. They should let you know when you sign up for this.

They should be on a 60 day trial period so if you aren't satified you can cancel. I was told if I cancelled early I would still have to pay the monthly fee.

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Other Company in Boise, Idaho - Have no account with this company

I also found this money taken from my account and have never heard of them before. do not take anymore..

I am also calling my bank and stopping any further payments. how can you do this without consent? what do you do anyway? why has no one ever heard of you?

I did not authorize any payment of any kind to you. it will be stopped. when can I expect my money back? you should be made to pay everyone back and learn to do business properly instead of stealing.

no more from my account. the bank will help me do this.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Funny Business

Do you know what is funny about the complaints you see on these pages, they are probably coming from employee's who use to work at these places and got fired because they were idiots and didn't want to work. This is what happens when you get lazy and expect everything to be handed to you.

Thats whats wrong with society today pure laziness. So many people are sue happy it's sickening. If people can't afford it with cash then you know what you don't need it.

Hello Dugh!!!!!!!!! Quit trying to live beyond your means.

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*** matches scam

*** Matches is just a scam. Dont waste your money; you start free as standard mbr and you get winked and messages from women and then you sign up, pay and all disappear.

No more contacts of any kind. i think most pics are taken from other sites somewhere and then some people interact with you to make you believe it's real.

Good thing I did not post my face.

It's also funny that some profiles ask for contact info when it's prohibited and some also spell their email address.... There is also no way you will get your money back, so stay away.



Feodosiya, Krym, Ukraine #18834

I think it started as a real site but was not drawing alot of buss so they came

up with the fake prof system along

with auto responses.

I tested it for a month even giving out

a off site em address and didn't get

one reply.Asking to chat on webcam

is another good bs detector.

Suan Luang, Krung Thep, Thailand #17024

i'd deduce it's far more likely that is a mixture of real and fake accounts, real one's outweighing the fake. from experience if you get emails from a lass who's profile photo's look a little TOO like a models, it's more likely to be a facade account to hook new users, but, of course, there will be a proportion of even those that are real.

those people who aren't getting anywhere with anyone on the site probably need to have a look at how they are communicating with those they are trying to pull, and whether what they are looking for matches with them. also, why are you getting frustrated over not pulling on a sex match site on the internet when there 's a big wide world out there!

if you still feel like your being scammed, turn the *** around, register with a number of sex sites for a month, chat to as many people as possible, give them your free email account, then cut the payments after a month. keep it touch with them for free after that point. ***, if it comes to it blanket email them using the same intro pasted time and time again. use the time you save to get out and go pull offline as well.

maximise your chances, minimise the time and cost.

record your adventures to sell on at small charge as well... joking.

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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - My telephone conversation

Why can't they get people that you can understand on the phone talking to us.I was talking to an asian and I had to have them repeat several times what they were saying.And when they had to repeat what they said they got mad.Why can't they have people who clearly talk English?

I really am not happy with this company.And my car payments are so high and trying to explain to them that I'd gotten laid-off from my job and trying to get the asian trying to understand exactly what I meant and what I was saying.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Unprofessionalism... dispute unknown bill & called a liar

5-1-08 I spoke to azsa a collector & asked for info about alleged debt. she sad has no information but was persistent on asking how do I want to pay for this. I told her I want a copy of the original bill & supporting documentation. she sd you were made ware of this matter before. I sd don't have the slightest idea about this bill. I asked for a supervisor she brought on Claranda who did the same thing. I asked for corp # she refused so then i asked for fax # which 215-442-8316. your employs may need retraining on FDCPA.


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Other Company in Delhi, Delhi - About rate of interest

Loan A/c No. HDLH00001189

We have taken a loan amount Rs 30,27,530.00 on dated 17-06-2005 at the time of loan the interest rate was 11.5% and tenor was 156 months as on today's position is the interest rate has been increased 15.19 % and tenor is 278 months without any information and notice from your side. this is strange for us and we are shocked that how could you do that. Due to that we are not satisfied from your services. Please also note that all installment were paid in proper time and nothing default. Now we are requested to please do the needful correction and send us the proper statement of A/c for the period 01.04.2007 to 31.03.2008

My email address is

my mob. no. is : 9811174076

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