Repo on a truck, not us

errich durant lives at 5745 arlington ave. riverside,ca.

he is hiding is truck at evergreen apts. riverside,ca. on pegasus dr. we do not have anything to do with him.

he used to live there with his father who now lives out of state he is unemployed and a drug addict so will not pay anything,his cell number is 951-212-9784 but do not expect him to answer. you people keep calling us on our phone please do not call us again we have told where he lives if you want his truck go to the apartments to get it.


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Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada #19673



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Other Company in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey - Late payment fee!!!!

I have always paid ontime& in april payment date was changed so my payment became 1 day late?????

So a late chg was acessed& I called to speak to a supervisor & wwas told none available & someone would call me & noone ever did???so at that time I requested my acct to be closed!!!!!

I asked for a letter stating I requested this & the reason for my closing acct.(which was not stated in letter sent to me???

Today ,I again requested o speak to a supervisor & was again told none available???I guess they doot care about their good paying customer's???????Ms sabol

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Pissed off

they took 149.95 out with sending me notice or anything in the mail who are these people has anyone don anything about it i dont ever remember taking out anything and they just took money out of my account i dont understand where did they come from can someone help me what should i do

they took 149.95 out with sending me notice or anything in the mail who are these people has anyone don anything about it i dont ever remember taking out anything and they just took money out of my account i dont understand where did they come from can someone help me what should i do

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Other Company in Memphis, Tennessee - Joshua's House center atm machine

We purchased a atm machine August 2, 2006 180002027142 merchant number. The machine has not for over a year maybe 2 months in the begining.

Please refund us back $1200. I recent put a block on my account this is fauldulent behavior i need my little money. Please refund my small business and stop the harassing phone calls on a hourly bases. You have take so much from my family lease finance do you have not shame.

Rhonda 901 473-9221. Enough is enough stop today!!!Please return the funds to my bank account and stop calling me 10x a day.

This is a business we desire respect I will not continue to pay for something that does not work. Rhonda

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - The Wendy Leister Scrapbooking company Ripped Me Off!!

I placed an order with Wendy Leister online in September07. I have never received my items.

It really makes me mad because not only has she stolen from me she has stolen from my Girl Scout troop. She goes by the name of wendy Leister/Scrapbooking Patch/ GS Patch.

She is using the Girl Scout name to sell her stuff and she is giving them a bad name!! Do Not buy from her- you wont receive your items or money back!!I am very sad that she is doing this to many people amd little girls in troops across the country!

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Other Company in Greenville, South Carolina - I am pissed

Yes i have a bill that i owed you money for .advanced game player x , booklight , jump starter , passport wallet. i don't remember asking for these things and i would like yall to stop sending me bills.

this is a whack company a scan

. i do not want to here from yall again or i will sew yall but if you could send me a copy of what date i ask for these things i would of appreiate.

my child probably did this so please excuse her for her behavior thanks i do thank you for your help . casundra

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Other Company in Columbia, South Carolina - Bad Service

love your products, but your mailing system has to change, it takes a month or more to receive the order. that is way to long to wait for your items to arrive.

It seems like it doesn't take you long to cash my check, so what can the problem be? why does it take so long to receive? I mailed my order out the 2nd of may, you cashed my check on the 9th. today is the 12th, when will i receive my package?

I understand that CA. is far,but it shouldn't take over a month for a package to arrive. I would order more often if the service were a lot faster, which i am sure a lot of people would too.

Maybe you should work on that, so that you could have more business.

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Harrassing phone calls

I have received too many calls to count from "Kevin

Burton" & "Ken Barton".

Both the same person. These calls start at 8:05am.

This person had the odasity to even call my next door neighbor.

They have been told repeatedly to stop these calls. When speaking with a "supervisor" she was just as rude to me - and had no badge number so that I would be certain that I was speaking with a supervisor. I will certainly be getting in touch, again with the Attorney General.

I am so irate with this so-called collection agency

words can not express. I hope this so-called collection agency gets what is coming to them.

Thank for letting you express my fury.


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Campbellton, Florida, United States #13007

Pay your f***ing debt deadbeat.

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Other Company in Asheville, North Carolina - No respect, call me several times a day!

They call me several times a day, treat me with no respect. Don't answer my questions.

They ask for someone I've never heard of before. They say they will remove me, it's been 2 months. A minimum of 4 calls a day. I ask for there supervisor and they don't connect me, they DISCONNECT me.

I went along with them once just to find out who they are, cause they don't give any information. I am tired of being lied to, I am tired of hearing my phone ring at all hours of the day. I am tired of getting wakeup calls at 8am on a Sunday when it's my only day off! Sunday is a holy day and it should not be used for these *** people to call.

Why don't they do there research to find out who they are calling and be polite rather then get angry. I am reporting them to the BBB and will file for harassment very soon. I would love to file a class-action lawsuit against them just for not having there facts straight.



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HornyMatches is a scam

I join as a basic member, quickly I get 2 contacts from a woman who lives nearby. Since the only way to contact her is by upgrading, I do. I write to her several times and get "vague" answers to my questions until she stops writing back completely. BTW I posted a very good picture of myself and was actually complimented on it by her. So I know it's not because I look like a troll.

Next, I start contacting other "members" in nearby areas with tastes similar to mine and again no or minimal responses.

Then I start looking at a section called "who's looking at me". The only people checking out my profile are from thousands of miles away. WTF!

To check a theory that the women are fake, I joined several other sex/dating sites as a basic non-paying member. The similarities were unbelievable. Short cryptic messages from potential mates who apparantly didn't read my profile or the complimentary emails i sent because none of them responded to my email address which i deliberately included. The emails were almost identical from every site.

BEWARE of HornyMatches, they suck you in with an auto rebill every month and they deliver NOTHING. Many of the pictures on the profile have been lifted from *** sites, some still with the logos on them. You'd be better off putting an ad in your local newspaper.



Florence, Mississippi, United States #730450
Got one better for ya; I joined the site and didn't put up a photo or write anything about myself but I started getting messages about how good I looked and how much we had in common...LMAO :?

I have noticed both on *** matches and date hook up some shady *** going on and never once put my money into it thankfully! But certain things I picked up on to look for are - your incapable of sending messages to other members unless you upgrade yet if you look at the messages you recieve the females arent even upgraded (instant give away) - I managed to sneak my email address on to my title page blatant enough atleast an 18 year old could figure it out if they were that interested and havent recieved a single email from nodda one of these *** messaging me up and down day after day - I actually got a member to send me a message including her email address and im waiting to hear back on that one its only been today though- And realistically guys anyone thats going to put thier *** and *** out for the entire world to see just by signing up for free isnt a real person they were paid a decent amount of money for the rights to their pictures and its an automated machine sending you messages and winks - (another dead giveaway) you absolutely cannot contact a living being through customer service whatsoever!! I spent 5 minutes just cussing at an automated customer service representative to test this theory and it said anymore cursing she was going to end the chat so I kept on going and sure enough it kept talking - I do believe that some people on these sites are real but only the extremely desperate and extremely fat and ugly ( you can tell the difference if you look hard enough and pay attention) and tunafish is working for this company Id bet my left nut *** SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!


It is not all a scam. I meet someone on that site.

She was not hot I still bang.

I must of sent out like 80 emails though. But you should be able to tell who is real and.who is not by thier pic.

:( Darn it, what an ***!!! It is indeed a classic scam.

I should have known but no!

they took my money god *** it!!!!!!!! I had all of the experiences above
:cry....well me,I don't need a site like this to get laid,but still got sucked into it.because I was going thru a lonley stage

*** matches is 100% a scam. Do not send them money ever.

I can only think that 'tunafish' works for the scam outfit. I posted a profile yesterday and today was contacted by a 20 year old with a well sexy pic who wanted to *** with me and I am 60! She was suppose to be a gold member who can receive messages from anyone including me who is not (or ever will be) a paid member. When I tried to reply I was asked to pay $30 or so which no doubt would recur every month and would be very difficult to cancel.

Anyway, I did a track and trace on the email hornymatches sent me. Their current email IP address is and guess what - their Internet Service Provider is based in NIGERIA West Africa.

Need I say more??? (Except for the fact that I should get out more!)


The site isn't a scam. I banged some chick I met on there earlier today.

Work out your wimpy little bodies and put some ab pics up there. That will attract some women.

first two days of non paying got all type of messages, when I upgraded then nothing. I am a police officer and will do my best to expose this rip off!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Ditto to all said, locals that haven't been local for yrs.& are on the other side of the country or world etc. Turned autopay off after 1st upgrade & never heard anther thing from'em again.

Noticed part of 1st message reply address was /test/, security blocked site on the following scan. Scammers should be treated to frozen rope teamed up with barbed wire!!!

Indeed this site is such a scam. The moment I signed up (with no picture) and really no details about who I am, I got a message from this one local "chick" about how she's been looking for me and wants to meet up.

Then another instance I was sending winks to this one chick, and she kept winking back, but it seems like every time I try to contact her, I get NOTHING (not even a wink) back, and this has happened many times with other chicks.

The site is horseshit! It's probably just a combination of bots + site owners taking us poor *** people for all we're worth!!! :(
agree with all comments. i have had similiar exp.

with site. i am the sucker! but, man what's up with these women or should i say pseude-pros (u can add titutes). economy is certainly worst then i thought.

one last thing i noticed a female investment banker with standard membership (now that's targeting).

what's up with all men offering wives! :) :) :cry :( :?

agree with all comments. i have had similiar exp.

with site. i am the sucker! but, man what's up with these women or should i say pseude-pros (u can add titutes). economy is certainly worst then i thought.

one last thing i noticed a female investment banker with standard membership (now that's targeting). what's up with all men offering wives!


So many people all over the world have been scammed by this site (including myself unfortunately). My question is why can't anything be done to stop it!

Its been operating like this for years...

hundreds of complaints/comments/reports all over the internet which is great to warn people but it has to stop. What can we all do TODAY to put this to an end?

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #98523

The site is 100 per cent scam. No question about it.

I made the mistake of upgrading. Sent out e-mail to women. I woulD occasionally get a "new message alert" and click on it. and it would disappear.

One woman I was interested in contacted me. her photo was posted one day, then the next it would be gone. I love to see thE site shut down and a class action lawsuit filed against them.

Probably would be hard to recover any money though. absoulte ***!



I have to agree with you all as I have been a member for quite some time and I have met a couple but I would like to say that there are far too many on this site that are not real people.Another thing also is that the ones I have contacted and have actually met up with a good people that are genuine but unfortunately there are not too mnay that are and is it not funny that everytime you log on there are so many that the site states are onlne when in actual fact they are not so in conclusion its time a higher authority does something about this site as it has been running like this for a very long time.

I joined as a non-paying member within minutes started getting messages from girls who wanted to chat, something you can only if you pay. So upgraded and paid and messages immediately stopped and the ones who contacted me dissapeared.
After my sub ran out I rejoined as non-payer, floode with messages again! Got the identical message(including spelling and grammar mistakes!) from 2 "different" women within 5 minutes of each other. This time when I didn't upgrade the messages just kept coming.
What a rip off!!!!!

I agree it is rediculous how they take advantage of you and lead you on! you send endless amounts of winks, and messages to women who will not respond.

and If for some strange reason they do respond they will say oh you are sexy, and we should get together, and give you another link to another *** dateing site so they can get money!!

I learned the hard way by paying. so if anyone reads this PLEASE dont even bother!!!!!


I agree with everyone this is a Scam. Will be turning them in.


I just read that little paragraph written by Weirdo Joe. Hey if you look good enough you get all the pootang you need from this site and others. Try showering and putting on some Axe Body wash and see how that goes?


Hornymatches is definitely a scam. I upgraded to a gold member 11.08.08, then just 11 days later on the 22.08.08, my account was mysteriously deleted!

I only contacted 6 people politely, got a response, made a discreet contact, and that was it. Suddenly my Account was gone.

The FTC should sort these guys out, they are just ripping consumers off!!

Carthage, New York, United States #20647

this site is a BIG BIG SCAM...its a RIP OFF...nobody nomore waste any money on this *** *** site...*** the owners


Like Drew, I've had a reasonably positive experience with it. Met up with 2 ladies and sealed the deal so not everyone on there is trying to scam you.

You can normally tell which ones are trouble and which aren't - those with photos which look straight off a webcast, ones with really professional-grade photos, ones that use American English whilst claiming to live in the UK, etc. There are warning signs and you just have to be alert to them.

Douglas City, California, United States #18615
hornymatches is a big scam!!! :(
Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil #17920

This is a complete scam. There are DUPLICATE pictures - same picture - different bio.

I was chatting with a girl from Montreal, and she said she was out of state for the weekend. The people who view me, keep repeating, and don't reply to winks or emails.

I recognized one girl from nearby - and asked her and she said she went on 3 years ago and tinkered for a month and hasn't been on since. This should be reported to the government.

Silver Creek, Georgia, United States #12261

I have just filed a complaint report with the FTC about HornyMatches. In addition I am requesting my money back from them.

Silver Creek, Georgia, United States #12246


I am having the exact same experience as you. I think the whole *** site is Scam. Just as you did, I got complimented but never received another word from any of the so-called women on the site despite my repeated in-site emails.

In fact, after sending these 'women' my IM and email addresses, not one of over 20 resaponded to me outside of the site.

In addition, HM lists a huge number of ppl currently online (in excess of 160K ppl) and yet when you click on the link to see who is online, you get 1 page - approx 50 ppl - who are supposedly online.

Where are the other 159,950 + ppl? I emailed the site about this and got a non-answer form-type response. So I questioned the answer and have not gotten a single reply from them.



Green River, Wyoming, United States #11900

I have been a member of HM for about 6 weeks, and have met up with and "closed the deal" with 4 women so far. 2 of them are repeat customers, and I expect we will keep seeing each other until whenever...

I have been able to parlay this into a viable medium for meeting women - in additiona to the other places I meet them IRL.

Sorry to hear y'all had a hard time. Try going back to school or getting some hobbies to meet people.
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Kunkletown, Pennsylvania
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