Other Company in Irvine, California - Nasty attitude

I was displeased with Christine's service and nasty attitude!I said hello one day,and she replied"WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?"What a STRANGE LADY OR LITTLE GIRL I should say!Very unprofessional attitude!Christine in the Beverly Hills location!Maturity and Grace is important in this job!She is too immature to be working amongst the mature adult population in Beverly hills!Her attitude is immature and she cannot handle the pressure of working in this environment!Please re-train her negative attitude and revealing information about her personal life1Professional,courteous service is what the people expect!

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Charged my card and never received order

This is the worst company I have ever done business with. They do not respond to emails and you can't get them on the phone.

I placed an order on line with a ship by date which they say they will call you and let you know if they can meet that date. Well the date has long come and gone, I have no order and they have charged my card on the day the order was placed. Just awful customer service.

I have had to file a dispute with my credit card company to get my money back.

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Other Company in Newark, New Jersey - Called my job and harassed me

This company left numerous messages on my answering machine at my job for someone who doesn't even work here. They threatened to have me arrested for lying and hiding this person.

I tried to explain this to a Jim King at ex.236 but he was out. I spoke to someone taking his messages and he was just as nasty to me .He hung up on me as I was trying to talk to him.These men should be fired and arrested for harrassment.No professional collection agency should be allowed to do this.I recieved numerous calls from them.

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Other Company in Dallastown, Pennsylvania - Delivered damaged and defected furniture

The first delivery (5/21/08) came with a damaged table leaf and four defect chairs (unbalanced) and minor damage to the table itself. A service appointment was set up at that time for 6/7/08.

The second delivery (5/24/08) was cancelled and we were not notified (another wasted day).

The third delivery (5/31/08) came with the same exact damaged table leaf and three defected chairs.

The fourth delivery (6/07/08) came without a table leaf and two defected chairs. The service guy came with a lousy attitude and he didnt fix anything.

What do i have to do to have all of the furniture i paid for in full delivered to my house in mint condition?

Tim-Stratford, Ct

Dallastown, Pennsylvania
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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Defective fenders, would not pay for return

Purchased over almost $900. worth of parts.

When I received them. Everything was there. As I tried to mount the fenders, they did not fit! Fiberglass holes where way out of line.

When confronting company, they told me that they'd pick them up at there cost. Days went by, called again. Same story, called again a few days later, same story! Called again, now they said product will have to be mailed by me.

I found out why. It would cost more than the fenders to ship. Now, I'm stuck with messed up fenders, and I'm out over $200 bucks. They lied, and waited for paypal time to run out.

They knew what they were doing.

I would suggest not using them! Ricky Stevens

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Other Company - Uninterested staff lack of service and wrong software

Needed latest accounting software.

Went to store, no one on counter, called out, finally someone comes complaining of too much work and interruptions. Phone rings, several minutes still no service. Spoke to one sales person sent to another sales person who was not very interested and talked me into buying a different version of software that cost more.

At home, found could not install software as hardware does not support it. Became angry and frustrated.

Want to write a letter of complaint to computer store Manager about Company's service and how they could improve their communication, service techniques and the rectify selling wrong software.

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My boys

I saw your show twice. Do you think you show is so funny?

When you making fun of satc I just want to throw up at your show. Your show suck and go to die! I don't really get what do your show really want to present anyway? Sport?

Friendship of one girl and 5 men? Smart girl who think the rest is ***? or else.

Yes so what is your show suppose to tell us? I don't really care before because my boyfriend like to watch your show until the one you make fun of my satc!


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Qaraghandy, Qaraghandy, Kazakhstan #16013

have you tried to read this out loud because it is incomprehensible. What are you really trying to say?

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Lied about refunding to my credit card

On 5/10/08 My glasses were ordered after the eye exam. Twice they were cut improperly.The first time the bifocals were extremely slanted. The second pulled my right eye in.

I've been told twice by Stacy and Jim Kilgo my credit card would show the refund less 15% service charge.Outrageous, their mistakes.Tired of their lies.

As a senior citizen I can't afford this upset nor can I add more to my credit card.I need the credit applied as soon ASAP so I can get my new glasses with correct prescription.

Almost a month has gone by.I've been more than patient.Please call me 404-583-1943.More info.


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Other Company in Ambridge, Pennsylvania - Lyed

i had gotten a lap top out of the belle vernon pa. store and payed it faithfully off.

never no problem.then after making my last payment a year ago.it just locked up and said i needed the password to get in to puter.not the pass word to open windows this is main password used by rent a center.so i was living out of town .2 hrs. from the store.and still came down to make payment every week.i just put in box and now that i have moved back down here i called main office and talked to a Bob and he said he had talked to belle vernon and told me to take over and they would send it out.so i took it over and they were nice in takin it.i knew the man Dan who was there when i made my payments so he knew me.so he said would be sent and would be back in2 weeks and it would be back june 4 so i called and it was never sent they said was a misstake and some one there would try to call and get password rather than send it cause it would take 2 more weeks.i had called today and a man got on.i think was manager and said more less tuff luck that i had put the password in not rent a center.it was a yr.out of the store and they didnt do the password.so he told me i had payed off puter and tuff luck cause i put pass word in.now common sense is if i knew it i wouldnt be askin them for it.the computer works fine.but need pass word to open it.i have payed lots of money for this lap top and tuff luck cause its payed for.as he said.well this is not the type of business for a man to run.i think there is a scam runnin in that store.i was told all but 1 man has been fired and is my computer the way they do business there.i had a business and never treated people as this and i have told lots and lots of people at my busniess to go there but after this i will tell everyone about this.they dont stand by there store.i have alap top that i have payed over 2000.for and they tell me tuff.well im contacting my lawyer on this matter.

i under stand this was a used puter but all was askin for was password so now will see them in court.thank you.

nancy welshhans


Ambridge, Pennsylvania
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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Do I live in India

Why was my account sent to India, to a account manager that does not return telephone calls. Why is it that no one speaks or understands English when you call this company.

I cannot get a call back and I am willing to pay my debt off today, but only my account manager that lives and works in India can assist me with this.

I am frustrated and I just want a call back and to make good on my debt I made the problem and I am willing to make good on the debt so why can't I speak to someone that isn't in INDIA!!!!!!

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