Age Discrimination.


My name Robert (commonly known as Bob).

I am 107 years old (yes, you read that correctly).

And I AM writing this myself (i am very intelligent).

My great, great, great, great, grandson is a computer nerd (and has no friends) taught me how to use this modern dayh technology very well

I was appauled when I recently discovered that you young whippersnappers don't cater for the elderly citizens such as I.

I recently loged on to an internet site and when it asked for my birthdate, I couldn't answer it because it didn't allow me to scroll down into the 1900's.

This left me deeply scarred. So much so, that I had to think about how old I really was. You should be proud of us as the crusty's we are, not as old ***.

I still enjoy things that you lads and lassies enjoy these days, such as vodka on cereal etc. etc.

I hope this is read, as I am quite old and I started writing this letter at 6:30am. It is now of course, 2:25pm and I have breadcrumbs all over the thing with all the letters on it. . . KEYBOARD! that's the word; keyboard - because I was pressing buttons all the way through lunch.

Thankyou for your time.


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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #12811

Bob, that bites! My mother is 75 and has a couple of websites she visits, but won't venture further than that.

GOOD FOR YOU! Now please contact those websites that didnt have the right age bracket available and give them ***.

Let us know how it works for ya. Keep on surfin!!

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Other Company in Ocala, Florida - Never enough product on hand

Your store on 22nd Ave N, St Petersburg, Florida, never has enough a/c filters in the size of 22x22x1. I have gone into this store time and time again.

It seems to me this size is widely used, so why dont they order more? I have spoken with the store manager in the past to no avail. I was told by one of the employees to contact you with my complaint.

If and when I ever do find them I buy several must I continue to buy in bulk to get the size I need? I can be reach at

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Other Company in Plano, Texas - Rude and sleazy company

i sent them an old-fashioned check to close the account and rec'd info that they could not locate the other checking account to cash the check

i think they are to lazy to process checks the old-fashioned way - now i am arguing extra fees, charges etc and i had to tell them how to process my check - the other bank from which the check was written informs me they never even rec'd the check (and there are plenty of funds to cover it)

in addition, the customer service agents are downright rude and lie continually over the phone at the status of your account, charges removed, etc.

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Complete fraud and I tested the fact

I and a friend went to hornymatches dot com and both signed on as gold meembers. Guess what? Both of us logged on together and one of us wer offline.

Test 2. We sent a wink to each other. Guess what?

It never came through.

Test 3. And I believe that they can access other programs in your computer. Still testing watch this space.

A complete fraud do not go there it is all B--llshit.

And I also think that this site is in coherts with the other fools. It just goes to prove there are some scrouplious ***-- Holes out there. A nd let's see if this gets to your sites because if it does not watch this space.



Feodosiya, Krym, Ukraine #18833

I noticed this as well,at first I thought

the age diff was just due to ppl not

updating their prof info,then even

some of that did not match up.

Have to hand it too them though

the foreign language ones were

real convincing.

Paia, Hawaii, United States #15147

I wish i saw this site before I got ripped off.Here's one of the woman that's looking at me .Can you see what's wrong with this picture..***I'm blonde with hazel color eyes. Not to tall but just right for the right man. A former teacher, I have three children but they are all adults now, also have 2 grandsons.***It reads she's only 38 lol ...She has 3 adult children and 2 grand sons at the age of 38 LMAO..In the photo it looks like she's in her 60"s.

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Very pist

i am a customer i would like u to take me off your list I have been trying to get you to for about eight month's now if you do not stop sending me and pilling me out of my account. I will take this to the to my lawyer and will sew you and make sure you have a law suit to deal with i have drawn the line with you I have called to cancel my services and you beat around the bush about it so try and keep this up and find out what will happen.

thanks you

Samantha Sturgeon


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Clintondale, New York, United States #13211


1) Learn how to spell

2) Don't sew people. It hurts. If you have an issue, speak to an attorney about sueing them instead.

3) Do you even have an attorney?

4) You never identified the company you are complaining a about so your diatribe is useless to the rest of humanity.

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Repo on a truck, not us

errich durant lives at 5745 arlington ave. riverside,ca.

he is hiding is truck at evergreen apts. riverside,ca. on pegasus dr. we do not have anything to do with him.

he used to live there with his father who now lives out of state he is unemployed and a drug addict so will not pay anything,his cell number is 951-212-9784 but do not expect him to answer. you people keep calling us on our phone please do not call us again we have told where he lives if you want his truck go to the apartments to get it.


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Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada #19673



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Other Company in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey - Late payment fee!!!!

I have always paid ontime& in april payment date was changed so my payment became 1 day late?????

So a late chg was acessed& I called to speak to a supervisor & wwas told none available & someone would call me & noone ever did???so at that time I requested my acct to be closed!!!!!

I asked for a letter stating I requested this & the reason for my closing acct.(which was not stated in letter sent to me???

Today ,I again requested o speak to a supervisor & was again told none available???I guess they doot care about their good paying customer's???????Ms sabol

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Pissed off

they took 149.95 out with sending me notice or anything in the mail who are these people has anyone don anything about it i dont ever remember taking out anything and they just took money out of my account i dont understand where did they come from can someone help me what should i do

they took 149.95 out with sending me notice or anything in the mail who are these people has anyone don anything about it i dont ever remember taking out anything and they just took money out of my account i dont understand where did they come from can someone help me what should i do

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Other Company in Memphis, Tennessee - Joshua's House center atm machine

We purchased a atm machine August 2, 2006 180002027142 merchant number. The machine has not for over a year maybe 2 months in the begining.

Please refund us back $1200. I recent put a block on my account this is fauldulent behavior i need my little money. Please refund my small business and stop the harassing phone calls on a hourly bases. You have take so much from my family lease finance do you have not shame.

Rhonda 901 473-9221. Enough is enough stop today!!!Please return the funds to my bank account and stop calling me 10x a day.

This is a business we desire respect I will not continue to pay for something that does not work. Rhonda

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - The Wendy Leister Scrapbooking company Ripped Me Off!!

I placed an order with Wendy Leister online in September07. I have never received my items.

It really makes me mad because not only has she stolen from me she has stolen from my Girl Scout troop. She goes by the name of wendy Leister/Scrapbooking Patch/ GS Patch.

She is using the Girl Scout name to sell her stuff and she is giving them a bad name!! Do Not buy from her- you wont receive your items or money back!!I am very sad that she is doing this to many people amd little girls in troops across the country!

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