Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Never Ordered But They Keep Sending

They keep sending me cars I never ordered and donot want....I can't find a way to stop it. What a rip off.

I cannot find anyway to stop these cars from coming and being charged to my credit card.

Most of the time I receive two cars at a time. all these cars I not only didn't order but they are cars I would never order. They are the wrong size for my collection and they are not quality.This page keeps asking me to provide more explanation as too my problem with this rip-off company..


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Other Company in Anchorage, Alaska - My assistant lied and slandered me & the company knows and will not take action

refused to hire me back after my leave of absence. I had to leave my job due to a family emergency.

The lady who took over for me has told all of the customers that I was fired because I stole from the company, no I never stole anything, and that I forged many documents. I couldn't forge my own name if I wanted to. Please, she has the store down to 2 emplyees because of her hateful and malicious behavior.

I went in for a rehire interview, and they said that they would love to have me back on bord, but I would have to relocate because it would cause to much turmoil to have me work in the same store as her. Why is she still there

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Other Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin - Web site useless

They do not list their products?????????????? I can find a store, a job, but not an air compressor or nail gun!!! I like to review what I need before I buy, specs, capabilities, prices, attachments/accessories. I will buy elsewhere, where I can look at an item and accessories. With gasoline at more than 4$/gal it is important to know what is available before I drive 40 miles one way. I wanted an air compressor and nail gun to to do roof, but they have nothing listed.

When I went to the store and asked about requirements/accessories they read the box to me.

I can read!!!!!!!


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My car has been scraped and painted over?

I bought a brand new car in Dec 06. A couple of months ago, i noticed the bumper starting to look dull, then all one morning it clearly showed that someone scraped my car, and painted it over to hide it.

My wife said she didn't do it.. So who did? Did I buy it this way from the dealership, they said they would not have sold me a car like that. I can I find out if it was like this when i bought it?

If someone hit me without me knowing what are the chances they would paint it with the same matching paint and when would they do it?

i need csi on this one.


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Malmoe, Skane, Sweden #14495

I have been doing auto body repair for over 25 years and I have run into just about every scenario you could think of. You have had this vehicle for 15 months right.

Has there ever been a time that someone has had this car for more than a day. Did any one borrow it, did any one watch the house while you were out of town. I just had a woman in my office that forgot she ran into someone back in February. She and the woman she hit came into my office to discuss fault and cost of repair.

After talking for a while she remembered hitting the woman. (There is more to the story, just trying to keep it short). So based on all of the situations I have been through, this does not surprise me at all. I have even seen vehicles come from the factory that have been repaired.

Or if the dealer you bought the car from located the car for you and dealer traded it, it could have been damaged and repaired at the other dealer and neither you nor your selling dealer noticed it at the time of the sale. I wish I could see the car, sit and have a beer with you… I am sure by the 3rd or 4th beer we could have this mystery solved. Anyway, so many people in your situation seem to make a bigger deal over this kind of stuff than need be. If this repair was done a while ago, and no one noticed it until now… all you need to do is have the area buffed and it will look good again.

If you have been loyal and pleasant to your dealer I am confident that they will do this for you at no charge…well at least I would do it for you at no charge…. Good luck and remember there are always bigger things in live to worry about.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Enough is enough is enough--help

went to post office three time for help to no avail. forth visit was told superviser was there.

advised him of problem. was assured it would be looked into. now over a year later, an being hit with bill late fees for bills not received, i would like to know where to turn for help. almost ever day i have to hand deliver mail to my neighbors that was placed into my mail box in error.

due to usps poor service i donot use there service when possible but must still rely on them to receive important bills that occasionally get lost. HELP

r. merolle
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Other Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Need Merchanized Bought

I ordered 2 sets of foot detoxifacation pads on April 18, 2008 and have not received them, although you have charged this to my credit card. Is this a scam or what? I am very upset. Please check on my account and send them to me or refund my credit card.

I am very dissatisfied with the handling of this order. I have tried calling for about a week and everytime the person will not answer and her box is full. I expect my purchase to be delivered immediately. Or a refund on my credit card.

I will be telling others about your service.

Kathy Shaffer

order number--53349010

invoice number--9417

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Coupon - misleading

There is an online coupon that shows a 3-piece meal, side order and biscuit. But, it is actually only for the 3 pieces and a bisquit.

Not the meal, as illustrated. This is not really a bargain, since they have a better deal(2-piece) on Tuesdays. why bother? I am disappointed to have driven around looking for this restaurant.

The manager could have had the courtesy to allow me the side dish, just because it was on the coupon. It was a waste of time and gas.

Please don't illustrate something that you are not offering.thanks.



Barnaul, Altaisky Krai, Russian Federation #18756
:sigh Brett, you are a sad,sad individual to have such values. Also, you are a naive to actually think that you can become a pimp.

do you really think that these young girls are going to line up and perform these sex acts on these dirty, old men and risk disease and jail time, then give you most,part or any of their profits?I am sure they can get work for themselves with customers without your help. Do you really think you are just going to live off of their profits? The few pimps that are on the streets are not going to willingly move over and let some young kid take over their business.They would probably kill you first. So please rethink about your lifestyle and do something to change your attitude before it is too late for you.

I agree with Pitt185, you will probably end up dead in the gutter or rotting in prison if you do not change your attitude,value an education and go to school. I have been reading these comments,and you haven't posted anything in awhile, I guess you are already in juvenille detention center or in jail.
good luck.
Svendborg, Fyn, Denmark #13627

It would be nice if you would mention which fast food place you are talking about. KFC maybe??

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - GEORGEEEEe

This man is so called George ! He has been harrassing and threatening my family and I.

I'm sick of him ! The law says you cannot keep calling and engaging the people in conversatoin over and over again. Also you may not call before or after 8 am-pm. George has threatened to sue us for not giving money for something we have already settled.

He keeps calling and calling and calling.

The man won't believe who I am and that we have already settled the situation. George's number and postal address is fake and when we try to call back it's not him !!!!

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Age Discrimination.


My name Robert (commonly known as Bob).

I am 107 years old (yes, you read that correctly).

And I AM writing this myself (i am very intelligent).

My great, great, great, great, grandson is a computer nerd (and has no friends) taught me how to use this modern dayh technology very well

I was appauled when I recently discovered that you young whippersnappers don't cater for the elderly citizens such as I.

I recently loged on to an internet site and when it asked for my birthdate, I couldn't answer it because it didn't allow me to scroll down into the 1900's.

This left me deeply scarred. So much so, that I had to think about how old I really was. You should be proud of us as the crusty's we are, not as old ***.

I still enjoy things that you lads and lassies enjoy these days, such as vodka on cereal etc. etc.

I hope this is read, as I am quite old and I started writing this letter at 6:30am. It is now of course, 2:25pm and I have breadcrumbs all over the thing with all the letters on it. . . KEYBOARD! that's the word; keyboard - because I was pressing buttons all the way through lunch.

Thankyou for your time.


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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #12811

Bob, that bites! My mother is 75 and has a couple of websites she visits, but won't venture further than that.

GOOD FOR YOU! Now please contact those websites that didnt have the right age bracket available and give them ***.

Let us know how it works for ya. Keep on surfin!!

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Other Company in Ocala, Florida - Never enough product on hand

Your store on 22nd Ave N, St Petersburg, Florida, never has enough a/c filters in the size of 22x22x1. I have gone into this store time and time again.

It seems to me this size is widely used, so why dont they order more? I have spoken with the store manager in the past to no avail. I was told by one of the employees to contact you with my complaint.

If and when I ever do find them I buy several must I continue to buy in bulk to get the size I need? I can be reach at ladyonline4u2@yahoo.com

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