Other Company in Reston, Virginia - not satisfy with plants i ordered

I ordered some plant from you guys and they still have not come up or have died. I would like them replaced.

Ordered number are 01447, 00885 and the seashell plant do not have number for it. I.D pkg. no. is 101534698.

I have ordered from you guys in the past and if these plants are not replaced donot send me another catalog. Plus we the customer find it very difficult to reach some in person.

I don't have no phone numbers that I the customer can reach a customer service rep. Please change that in the future with all orders.

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Other Company in Madison, Wisconsin - Wonderful stay/service/food

We stayed at the Hotel for a Wedding that was held right there. Everything was beautiful.

Very clean. Excellent food and the service was great. I would recommend this place to anyone for comfort and beauty. The staff accomadated all our requests and made themselves very available.

The continental breakfast was equal to most hotels. The place is very authentic and beautifully restored. The pool area was clean. They also had a very nice no smoking policy while the dining room was open.

Only disappointment was no lunch. Accessible to town and the beauty of the lake is wonderous from there.

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Other Company in Salem, Oregon - Very Screwed up Installation

VP Customer Service

I am having a big problem. About two nweeks ago I ordered a new install on the other side of the room. I agreed to pay a $50 charge. The intaller arrived.

He begaan to install the cable. He said he would put it up through the floor, he said he couldnt put in the wall because it was not an outsde wall.. He drilled a hole after much trying and finely getting a nother drill from home.

The first hole did not work, appearently the second did not either When I finally discoved what was taking so long, there were three pretty big hole (1/2+) a wire stginking down in one and the installer said he fegured he needed to get out from the wall.

Next he went under the house and hooked new cable to an old dish Sat cable. He then said all was fixed and if I had any problems just give them a call. I asked if he wqasn't going to hook it up. He said that woiuld be another service call and he was already behind.

I spent 6.5 hours working on the following Sunday trying to make it work. No luck. I called on Monday AM

Person said he would be out before noon, and he was. He fixed everythging . He explained the cable was installed incorectctly. It should and could have been in Wall. He ran a new cable from thr outside box. He got It all to work, Phone and iNTERNET.

He asked his boss to call me and he made an appoint to come out, but could not. Call later and said it would have to be next week. He did show up and confirmed everything about placement installation. He said he a had wood working guy who would come to fix it. Several days later he called and we set a time for Saturday.

He was a no show and finally called several nhours later and said he woulod be here on Mondeay to fix it. I asked what he was going to do and he waid it would look like knots.

Let me state, all the peopole, except the wood working guy were nice polite and I belive wanted to do the right thing. I am not some crazy crank either.

I am addressing this to you hoping you will sopmehow makle rhis right.


Tyler Conrad


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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Car wash damage

June 13, 2008

They damaged my car today. We looked at video and walked the wash bay. I found a piece of equipment that lined up with the damage. They refused to take responsibilty.

Walk around your car with the service writer before the wash and note the condition of your car before they wash it!

PS: After reading many reviews on Arrowhead car wash. We also have noticed a lot of high pressure selling.

Example: On this very day and one week ago when I brought my wifes car in. The service writer wanted to sell me a "Detail Wax," when I told him I didn't have time, he said "how about I get you out of here in 30 minutes. A "Detail Wax" in 30 Minutes,,,Really?

Also, my wife is pretty sure she lost a CD there last year, because it hasn't turned up.

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Other Company in Green Valley, Arizona - Unanswered Rebate offer

In December, I submitted a rebate request with appropriate paperwork, copy of the receipt and all necessary information.

The rebate was PB071201, the 5 peace Family Emergency Kit.

I purchased this item on December 24,2007 at store number 0689.

I sent the rebate request and copy of the receiipt immediately.

I have called at least five times and told to send information again, faxed the information and even directed it to the manager (he said) himself, Mr Jason Baker.

As of yet, I have not had the courtesy of any type of reply.

Donald Kesler

201 Steffens

Sierra Vista, AZ



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Other Company in Houston, Texas - I am still waiting 2 weeks later for my furniture!!

yall suck!!! get new people to work for yall because the ones you have are rude disrespectful and lazy..they throw $3000 bed sets around that busted and yall scratch my bed frame during delivery and come with no tools to put anything together.

which is your job not the customers. Its been almost a month before i have everything completed to my bed room set. i paid $3000 cash and still nothing is right. when your people pulled up to my house they threw my mattress out of the truck and busted it and sat on my stairs smoking cigarettes.

and yall's customer service sucks too. yall dont give a *** about anything yall just want yall's money and thats something your not getting again from me and anyone i know.

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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Will I die first?

I have been waiting for well over a month for this company to approve my workers comp. claim.

I need surgery so I can return to work. I have four kids at home and I am the only source of income. I had no choice but to hire an attorney. Mark Newcomb, markchrissy1@yahoo.com I have tried over and over and over to contact people at this company and all I get is voice mails.

I leave messages but get no reply.

If others are having similar w/c issues please email me. If Gallagher reads this would you please approve my claim and send my back pay as well as schedule me for surgery.

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Other Company - 115 the strand girza gzr 1027 silema malta

The airconditioning does not work during the day because quote 'people are out' ! The management are not around on the weekend and there are no complaint forms.

Try staying in a stuffy little room in the middle of summer(well early June) Not nice def not recommended.

This is a pretty basic issue; its boiling outside and you need a little siesta after a mornings sightseeing to set you up for a nice relaxing evening. I reapeat-this is the middle of the Med and they turn the airconditioninf off during the day to save a few Euros. Funnily enough they only turn the air conditioning off in the rooms in the reception area it is kind of working.

Very hot. Too hot to sleep too hot to do anything:-very romantic place not.

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Other Company in Naples, Florida - Airlines

Why are passengers in coach sub-humans? - first it was can't go to first class to use the restroom - now - pay for our luggage, pay for our drinks, pay extra for middle seats, window seats - even water which you can't take through security even if bought at an airlport store outside security!

Where do we go from here??

Even with gas prices high I am hitting my car whenever I can - I now have a hybrid more fuel efficient and less emissions. I used to love to fly now it is like sticking a needle in my eye!

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Other Company - Vanitha -Delhi is fraud.

Vanita-delhi at Hornymatches.com is a fraud.She has posted in her profile ( with her photograph , which might be false one) that she is giving fun club membership for a certain fees..Till i deposited the fees she kept writing to me mails frequently in a day and even gave her mobile number.After i deposited the money in her account she is not responding to any mail and her mobile number is switched off..I have given a police complaint as well...I am sure she must have cheated lot of people like me..Please get her out of this site..

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