Hey debtors stop whining

i have worked in the collection industry for 10 years. i am so sick of dead beat debtors whining.

had you been mature and responsible to begin with... you wouldnt be in collections. pathetic! if i didn't pay my bills i would be ashamed.

debtors are sorry lazy *** verbally abusive people. maybe you shouldve paid your cell phine or credit card bill!

the nerve to complain!

get a job, sell somethng, get a second job,tell your wife to get a job, pawn something, cut of your cable and pay your bill.

have you any pride?????????????? prob not

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Elizabethton, Tennessee, United States #45476

Just a Thought, good comment.

I have talked to an IC systems creditor and needless to say she was very polite and nice. I have had them call a year ago and as soon as I picked up phone they went off wasn't even my bill.

They wouldn't tell me anything other then smart off and started screaming about " need to speak to someone that owes a debt."DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT A DEBT IS!!! I was not going to give out my personal information I even redialed the # to no Avail. so, which tells you it was probably a scam.... never would tell me who owed the debt or who they where looking for only kept saying I need to speak to someone that owes a debt.

Which I knew at that time I was not behind on any bill nor turned in for not paying any bill. (And whining:) No, it was not mine. I had always pd mine on time at that time. So, you can't criticise when you have no clue.

Maybe someday you will loose your job or become very ill and have to take expensive med. can't afford them GEE, then what will you do? I for one like to be treated the way I treat others. So, next time you call a debtor remember it maybe you on the other side of that phone line someday.

Or never know could be tomorrow. There are no promises in life.


Yes, I love to hear criticism from someone who not only can't spell the word, but probably doesn't even know the meaning. We won't even go into the lack of capital letters and puctuation in the well thought out lecture of the very experienced collection agent above.

I would like to add my two cents into this conversation. I have read complaints on this site for the last fifteen minutes or so. I have read about rude collection agents, people who think the only reason anyone could be late on a payment is because they are "deadbeats" (sorry to borrow your eloquent description, Mr. Collection Agent). I have read about people who are being harrassed for no reason, people who probably SHOULD be harrassed by these people and so on, and so on. The fact of the matter is, no one can walk in another person's shoes and until you have you should not make assumptions on the type of person they are...or are not. The whole point is...We are all human beings and should be treated as such. Sure, the people behind on their bill SHOULD pay it. But just because they are behind does not mean they should be treated without dignity and respect. On the flip side, just because 12 other collection agents called you today does not give you the right to yell at the 13th one. Number 13 can't help it if their system pops your name on the screen and they give you a call. Politely say, " I have already spoken to someone today and hang up"

If people could be a bit nicer to everyone, everyday...the world might just be a better place to live in.


Nothing quite like a poverty-laden collection rep coming on here to whine about others. If you took the time to try and maybe finish that G.E.D.

you always thought about and maybe enroll in a few community college classes, there is always that chance you could redeem your life (and learn to spell).

Wouldn't be nice to be able to buy a home or a new car and stop living in filthy poverty on $8.50 an hour? Until then, try not to be so bitter, jealous and uneducated.


I'm guessing you've never been on the other side of the collections phone line in your life. You might start getting calls daily, or possibly 3 times a day including weekends, claiming to be some "collections agency" that you've never heard of before.

It's possible that the debt collector was mistaken.

Possibly worse, it could be some scammer trying to get your bank account information in order to steal whatever money you might have.

It's hard to know which fly-by-night collection agency is real, and which is just trying to steal money. The phone tactics used make it even harder to figure out.

"You can't pay the creditor directly" from one rep, followed by "take your account number and check to the creditor before [date]" from another the same day. From the same agency... how exactly is this supposed to help ANYONE pay a debt?

I'm not complaining about debt collectors who tell me how to pay off the debt before it gets worse. I'm complaining about phone monkeys who got special training in rudeness, confusing people, and calling 10x a day claiming slightly different things that may be true.

Be thankful you've never been out of work for any significant period of time.

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Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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Make the ID & Password entry easier.

not a biggy - please use a different id and password system. I, like a lot of other people, have 50 different id and user codes.

You guys ask for numbers and letters and then the id is case sensitive, blah, blah. Then if you miss it a couple of times, it locks you out. The CIA could not get to my info. I do not care if anyone else gets in - I only care if I get in and you make it very difficult.

I feeling like drawing my money out just for that reason.

Frustrated and giving up today.

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:( bluehippo took my money and gave me nothing

Los Angeles, California
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'((( HorrnyMatches )) '

I recently joined a company called horrny matchs as a standard member, this was free, within hours I had girls winking at me, sending me messages I thought this is great, all the time it kept telling me to upgrade to gold member for 34 euros and send messages and contact info, I held out for 1 day, sad man, anyway I paid my 34 euros to be a gold member, then nothing ! ! I sent 47 emails with my personal contact details waited a few hours, got dressed up ready to go but nothing, just nothing and nothing, if I left the computer on and logged in after about 15mins it booted me out, I noticed all the girls in my area where on 24 hours a day (strange) why do they not get booted out, I sent 103 emails to horrny Match asking them to explain what was going on - today I got a refund in full - lesson learnt it was too good to be true, and it was, I’m going back down the pub to look for a bird.

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*** Match

I joined *** match, within hours I had girls winking at me, send me messages I thought this is great, all the time it kept telling me to upgrade to gold member for 34 euroes and send messages and contact info, I held out for 1 day, sad man, anyway I paid my 34 euroes to be a gold member, then nothing ! !

I sent 47 emails with my personal contact details nothing, if I left the computer on and loged in after about 15mins it booted me out, I noticed all the girls in my area where on 24 hours a day (strange) why do they not get booted out, I sent 103 emails to *** Match asking them to explain what was going on - today I got a refund in full - lesson learnt it was too good to be true, and it was, Im going back down the pub to look for a bird.

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I don't know. Something sounds askew.

But I once lived in a small town about 78 miles from here. The town is really provincial. As I was viewing the site, there was a woman on there whose face and BODY I certainly recognized from being about town.

I think these sites are about 60% real and 40% employees hired to maintain the stage show of being legitimate. 8)

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D holland & associates - lack of 3rd party service


On the 08/07/2008, I Michaela Brockmann was involved in a motor vehicle accident with one of YOUR client's Robyn Bell who can be contacted at 082 439 0548. Robyn Bell smashed into the back of my vehicle. As to the direction she came from, honestly my eyes were looking forward as her eyes should have been doing. The accident occurred at 7H45, on the Otto du Plisses Drive in Maitland. For this reason the I reported the accident at the Maitland Police Station to SGT Snyman - AR55/07/2008.

On the 05/09/2008 I took it upon myself to sms your client regarding the repairs to my car, Robyn Bell replied on Sunday the 07/09/2008 informing me that there had been a paperwork problem thus causing a delay. Prior to this Robyn did contact me for my details, I did inform her of the accident on the 15/08/2008.

The fact that I was involved in another accident which your company obviously is aware of and thus proves a "state of denial" from your side, please note that this was in the front of my vehicle and not the rear (back). The front damages have already been sorted, this once again proves that that your company reflects bad service, especially since I am a single mother with 3 children and you label yourself as an insurance company and cannot take responsibility when suppose to. Please note that I own a Mazda Midge - really pathetic it makes your profile seem! - at least I still have my integrity.

Very frustrated, trying to get the matter sorted as I do not and choose not to have insurance...........I was put through to Althea Hayes, D.Holland & Associates' so-called client advisor. After Anthea referred to me as "clever" for not having insurance (was she trying to be sarcastic) and implied that the claim could take longer due to my "attitude" I now feel that it is senseless dealing with her as it seems she can bend the rules.

I hope that we are capable of working together. It is almost 3 months since the accident and I have had to deal with the inconviences as previously mentioned to Sharron Wheeler. Regarding the email Sharron Wheeler sent through to me.......I also have rights, one of them is not to be abused by your system. I have faxed through the quotes, affidavit and a copy of my Drivers' Licence, as for the sketch I would find it more professional and in order for you to contact the Maitland Police Station.


Michaela Brockmann


Subject: Motor Insurance ClaimDate: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 15:44:22 +0200To: michaela.brockmann@hotmail.com

Dear Ms Brockmann

Thank you for your email.

Our client did report the incident to us and submitted her claim form after which the claim was registered and diarised pending a third party approach which as per above, we received this morning and can now attend to the matter accordingly.

We accept the submission of your claim, without prejudice, and at all times reserve the right to deny liability for your claim.

Kindly submit the following documentation:-

A written statement from yourself advising of the circumstances of the claim. This should include the date, time and place of the accident. It should also include Police details being the name of the police station you reported the accident to and the case number provided to you. We would also ask you to sketch the accident and mark where the damage occurred to your vehicle on the sketch as our client has advised that on the 15th August you had another accident which could have further caused damage to your vehicle but which would not be part of the claim against our client.A letter from your Insurance Company confirming that you will not be claiming against your policy for the damages to your vehicle. If you are not insured, we require an affidavit of non-insurance from yourself. Copy of your drivers licence.Proof of damages to your vehicle by way of 3 quotations.

Please note that we reserve the right to investigate your claim including to obtain our own assessors report. We also reserve the right, without prejudice and in our discretion, to make an offer in settlement to you. The offer entails a cash payment and not any repairs to your vehicle. The offer is entailed in a release form that we will provide to you and that you must duly complete and sign and return to us. Your banking details will need to be reflected on this Release.





Authorised Financial Services Provider


Holland Insurance House

141 Jan Hofmeyr Road


Tel: 031 267 0044

Fax: 031 267 0090

Email: swheeler@holins.co.za


From: michaela brockmann [mailto:michaela.brockmann@hotmail.com] Sent: 30 September 2008 07:45 PMTo: Sharron WheelerSubject: RE: Insurance Claim????

Good Morning

I, Michaela Brockmann was involved in a motor vehicle accident in the beginning of July. It is already the end of September and I have not heard from anyone regarding the damages or repairs to my vehicle. Several times I have made contact with your client Robyn - who can be contacted for further details at 082 439 0548 for any further details.

I now have a car that is leaking from the rains, rusting and my children are inconvienenced by having to get out of the car on the roadside.

This lack of service is clearly a bad reflection upon D Holland & Associates. I expect this matter to be attended to by the end of this week - 03 October 2008, otherwise I have no choice but to take legal action for which you will be liable for any costs. With respect please contact me personally on 076 103 5678.

Yours SincerelyMichaela Brockmann

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Centurion, Gauteng
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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Service is terrible

Service is horrible. I placed a order 30 minutes and still I had no food.

I visit this store quite often and I will never be back and I will let all my friends and others not to go to this restaurant unless they have time to wait. Disgusted regular customer. This restaurant must be ran by poor management!!!!! They need to retrain both management and employees.

I have never ever experienced such horrible service in all my years. I hope others will read this and not go to this location in Savannah Ga.

If so I feel sorry for you.

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Washington, District Of Columbia
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Other Company in Buffalo, New York - Unprofessional Behavior, Unfair Exchange Policy, Poor Customer Service

Get even with a BusinessWant to get even with a business that's done you wrong? Here's a list of things you can do to cause a business owner to get in trouble and possibly get the business closed.

-File a complaint to your State's Attorney General's Office

-File a complaint to your Local Better Business Bureau

-Write to the Troubleshooter divisions of all your local TV stations. Businesses hate bad publicity

-Check and see if the business has all of the proper local licenses their supposed to have by calling the City License division in the City where the business is located. If not report them.

-Call your State's Business tax division and see if the business is registered to pay sales taxes and if not report them.

-You could anonymously report them to the IRS.

-You could anonymously report them in a letter to OSHA for possible safety violations. (Prime targets for OSHA safety violations are Factories, Construction Sites, Work Places, Auto Repair shops, Car Dealers, Warehouses, Coal Mines, large Warehouse type Shopping Outlets, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Motels, etc.)

-If the business is a Auto Repair shop or any place which handles hazardous waste, you could anonymously report them to the Environmental Protection Agency for possible EPA violations. (Auto shops are required by law to properly dispose of used oil, gasoline, etc).

-You could anonymously report them in a letter to the U.S. Department of Labor by stating that the business "does not appear to be in compliance with various labor law regulations".

-You could anonymously report them in a letter to the EEOC (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) for EEOC violations or non compliance. (Business who do not have any minority workers can get in trouble)

-File a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

-If it's a restaurant or motel, report them to the Health Department.

-If an item was purchased with your credit card, file a complaint with your Credit Card Company.

You can also notify Dun and Bradstreet, a business credit rating company if a company owes you money and are past due. Their web address is; www.dnb.com They also have a collection division so if you get a judgment against a company and they haven't paid you, turn the account over to Dun and Bradstreet for collection. The added benefit is that late payments and judgments will get recorded into Dun and Bradstreet's database and will NEGATIVELY impact the business so they may have trouble getting credit or loans.

If all else fails, take them to Small Claims Court for claims under $2,500 or Civil Court for claims over $2,500. (Amounts vary from State to State). Filing fees and court costs in most States are less than $50 for Small Claims Court. In your complaint / small claims suit, always make sure and ask for court costs, filing fees collection costs, attorneys fees and interest.

Companies which do business on the internet are especially easy to beat if you used a credit card. For instance, if you bought something from a company in California and you live in another state, for Small Claims you will file suit in the County in your State. They MUST come to YOUR state to defend themselves so if it's some distance away, it could be costly and very inconvenient for them. If they don't show up, you can get a default judgment which means YOU WIN! For must suits under $1,000. they won't show up because it costs them more to defend the case than it's worth. If you paid using a credit card, in your suit ask for a court order to have the charge reversed so if you win, the credit card company will have to reverse the charge and you get your money back.

Several years ago, a TV station affiliate owed me about $3,000 and refused to pay. I filed suit, asked for court costs, collection costs, attorneys fees, interest and late fees,. After winning the suit (they didn't even show up for court) I got a court order to have the stations assets liquidated and sold at a sheriffs sale to satisfy my judgment unless they paid me my $3,000, plus attorneys fees, court costs, collection costs, sheriff's fees etc. They ended up paying over $7,000. Taught them a lesson and it felt great!

Note: Addresses for all of the above Government agencies can be found on the internet.

Free Tip :-) Just telling the owner or manager of a business you will report them to the list above if he/she doesn't comply with your wishes may cause them to become much more flexible.

For instance, if your dealing with an Auto Repair shop, you can tell them; "if you don't give me my money back, I'll report you to OSHA, the EPA, the U.S. Department of Labor, the EEOC, the IRS (etc) so they can check out your business and see if your in compliance with their regulations". " I'll also report you to all of the local TV Stations, the Attorney General's Office, Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau" etc. After a threat like that a business owner/manager will know you are not a pushover and you might take action which could cause them a lot of grief. They may decide to give in because of the possible consequences.

Businesses do not want the Government or TV stations investigating them. I've heard many a business owner complain how it's impossible to be in compliance with every government regulation. They know that Government agencies will investigate their business and try to find violations and the fines can be HUGE! Few businesses can stand up to inspections without a government bureaucrat being able to find something wrong. After all, it's their job to find things that are not in compliance with regulations. They love writing up those citations!

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Buffalo, New York
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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - tv and bed

when i first got the tv no one explain how it work no smiling worker look like someone die or hangover i toke it home no plm but it was not fix right when i toke it home now volume plm it dont stand right. picture no good i had to wait for someone to come i been on hold for to long i ask i want my payment on 15th it surpose to be i brought 7 things out of ur store and this what i get my matress need new one 10 years warrenty i need new one it ripe up i ask when someone can come over and she said they off on friday *** no that not how they run the bussiness so please write back im pay the tv on 15th that all i can do thank you

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Reston, Virginia
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Other Company in Annapolis, Maryland - Conversion from Analog to Digital in Feb.

Why can't the cable companies just continue to transmit analog and digital over their cable lines next year. The Government ruling only effects transmittion through the air. Nothing transmitted by cable can interfere with the airwaves. Could it be that the cable companies will make more money by charging customers for all the extra convertor boxes the customers will have to rent?

We have been receiving both analog and digital signals for at least a year and since the cable firms are already set-up to transmit both I do not see the reason to discontinue this service. Am I wrong?

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Annapolis, Maryland
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Other Company in Athens, Georgia - They told me to loose more weight & i weigh 124 pounds.

im extreamly pissed, i use to model up their & they told me that i needed to loose more weight or i coulnt go their any more.& they ripped off my friend too.*** *** *** *** *** *** *** tard butt *** anel liqige *** *** *** *** *** *** homo *** cheese ugly lil *** wow you big fat ugly pig la la la la la la la lol lmao rofl *** *** *** a guy next door butt *** anel liqige *** *** *** *** *** *** homo *** cheese ugly lil *** wow you big fat ugly pig la la la la la la la lol lmao rofl *** *** *** a guy next door

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Athens, Georgia
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