Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - Stole and damaged all of my belongings

on jan 15 i went to pick up my furniture and all of my spa equipment and discovered that victor one of the companies valuable employees had stolen all of my tv's computer stereos laptop and damaged all of my grandmothers victorian antiques i went through all the proper channels filed everything on time made police reports and now my claim of 32ooo.00 they have offered my 412.00 for all of my damage and theft i would never recommend these people to anyone think twice about using them they are thieves and rip people off big time. so much for bonded and insured lol they dont even have the decenecy to call you back from the president of the company to the concerned people in claims what a joke i am now hiring a lawyer to sue their *** and hope that they go out of business because people like them dont deserve to do business with unsuspecting public. rip off company big time dont use them or you will be sorry

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I have noticed over the past year that everyone that complains, always seems to blame the Manufacturer of the Hearing Aids.

It has been my experience, over the past 25 years, that there is little or no difference in the quality of hearing aids, or for that matter, in the difference in the features and options, and actually in the performance of the products.

The Warranty Provisions may be different, but usually they aren't.

Some Manufacturers are more flexible and lienent in the performance of all their policies, but usually not that different.

Some Customer Service Personnel, usually dependent upon how much experience they have in the Industry, may be more understanding and flexible.

Some Employees know more about Industry Policies and Practices than others, and some have even had experience in dispensing Hearing Aids, which always has an influence in their thought process,and understanding.

They all have a sense of whats fair.

The Hearing Aid Manufacturers all make as fine as Product than can be produced. What they really are, are Product Assemblers.

They buy Component Parts, and put Hearing Aids together.

Then they market, and sell them.

Most of the Complaints, and Comments, that I have read on this Blog, are not really with Product Failure, but with Poor Customer Service, or unethical or immoral practices, by Hearing Aid Providers.

There is 10 times the difference in Hearing Aid Dispensers, as there is in Hearing Aid Manufacturers.

I am talking about Experience,Integrity,Compassion,Empathy, Communication Skills,and technical qualifications.

Hearing Aid Purchasers should really spend their time seeking out Qualified Honest Dispensers, than concerning themselves with the Product.

There is a Dramatic Difference in Hearing Aid Providers, and that is the Challenge.

Search, and research.

Interview the Dispenser.

Do you feel comfortable with the Dispenser?

Do you trust Him or Her?

Do you trust the Organization dispensing the Aids?

What is your gut feelings?

Have you sought referrals?

Buyer Beware and concentrate on the right areas, not the product.

It is a Consumer, Vendor, Provider Business.

Any questions call toll free: (800) 432-7114

Alsip Magistrate


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I guess you get what you pay for. Remember this famous quote: "There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper (including hearing aids & quality of service/follow up care), and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey."

-- John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)

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Other Company in Winter Park, Florida - 6 calls a day.

Courts took care of my debt troubles over 4 years ago. Cease and desist letters were mailed out at that time. Get the message. Loose my phone number NOW. You have no right to continue to call here day after day hour after hour. Is that how you get your kicks? Listening to a phone that rings and rings?

Cheap thrills suckers. In my opinion you are totally harassing me and I'm *** sick of it. Stop now. I'm sure by being on line with you this long you have had time to screw up my computer too.

*** me.

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Other Company in Sheridan, Wyoming - They keep calling my moms house

Someone from this agency keeps calling my moms house harrasing her . my name is Lisa Barber i dont live at the phone number your calling so please stop calling the number you got.

THAT IS A differnt place. you are calling her every day that is illegel. you are discussing my acct with her w h my acct is also illegel. my acct # is10324830594.



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They never send my checks on time.

When i call for my checks and ask why they never send it on time i get the words like '' we are not the post office '' and that is bull since my leg is

aputated and don't have no other income and i depend on those checks since that is all i get right now. The case manager Alicia Cromje never call you

back and they act like you are nothing or why you even trying to get any workers comp from them. I never imagend they just don't care wether you die or not.

I am very pissed off since cant even live of the money they send me,i can sit on a intersection and make more money to help out with my bills but that

will make me a ***.




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i agree with you all the way since i got hurt at my job it was like pulling teeth to get them to let me see a doctor, and calling you back well i leave so many messages and they ignore me i am getting so pissed.and about getting checks i havent recieved one yet, every one seems to be on vacation at the same time.... i have no income coming in at this time,and my bills are coming in.

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Other Company in Maywood, New Jersey - BUY.COM DON’T HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE

I have made couple of purchases with Buy.com in the past, but I never had to contact them at all so never knew that they don't have any customer service. last month I saw their newsletter that they are giving a External Hard Disk with big mail-in-rebate. The price attracted me so I ended up buying one. Mail original packing slip with UPC code was requirement for rebate.

When I got the VOX hard disk the packing slip was for some other person and for some other product. Mistake happens, so I mailed the customer support (as they didn't have any tele contact) to send me a copy of the right one. No response in next two days, so I send a reminder, guess what no response.

I mailed third time to get automated response. Only to hear that mail is not clear. With no way to contact back to clarify, it was like “I don’t get it, GOODBYE”.

I again mailed fourth time on site, making it as clear as possible. NO RESPONSE.

Mailed fifth time, by then part of me knew that I am not going to get any thing from this company. So I wrote full of anger that I am not going to buy any more from them. Its there mistake and they should help me out.

This time I got a response “HURRAY”, they are looking into the matter. 10 day’s past but no more reply, I guess they have to dig seven-feet to get a copy of packing slip from its grave. Which being in business I know that takes one click to Mail / Fax / Email a copy of packing slip.

The company has framed them self as a big corporation, but originally they are a pathetic organization which don’t even have a customer support. I still feel lucky that atleast I got the Hard Disk, otherwise who I would have been crying to.

So everyone buy from BUY.com. BEST OF LUCK…

Maywood, New Jersey
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Hearing Aid Users are starting to accept Behind-The-Ear Models, at a greater rate than ever before.

The Manufacturers are all excited about this because of the tremendous Cost Savings.

The Products being sold, are massed produced, usually in 3rd World Countries, like Vietnam.

The Labor rate there is about 25 cents per hour in American Currency.

The Behind-The-Ear Model, is conducive to be mass produced on a production line basis.

The Cost of the Product has become the least expensive components of bringing the Product to Market.

The Marketing,Administrative,and Sales Costs, by far exceed the Manufacuring Costs.

Custom made Products are more expensive to manufacture.

Each Custom Made Hearing Aid is Hand-Made. One Aid at a time, by an Assembly Employee.

There may be at least 6 different Employees engaged in the Manufacture of each Hearing Aid.

These Custom-Made Products are all manufactured in the United States at much higher labor rates of up to $30 per hour (including benefits) per Employee.

Do the Math.

The only problem I see, and predict, is that as the Non-Custom Product takes over the Industry, such a Product will be sold over the counter in any Drug Store or Mass Merchandiser, such as BESTBUY.

Who needs a Dispenser.

Just buy an Aid, with a Remote Control, with 20 Different Programs, and a volume control feature, and surprise,surprise, you don't need a Hearing Aid Dispenser.

We'll see what happens.

Alsip Magistrate




Anyone purchasing hearing aids at a price club is both cheap and foolish. And there's no fool like a cheap fool.

Every area has reputable dispensers and audiologists.

Don't screw around with something as important as this. Go to a professional, not a retail appliance salesman.


I recently had 2 patients with brand name hearing aids that were purchased at Costco. They were bought in another state and these people were passing through and needed adjustments.

I couldn't adjust the hearing aids even though I had an account with the hearing aid manufacturer.

They said the hearing aids bought at Costco require a certain software that I can't get. So, beware of paying less...it may come back to *** you.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #932190

costco will not service or repair the hearing aids if you were not the purchaser like buying a pair of slightly used rexton aids online from e-bay-- since they,er dedicated costco hearing aids

no one else can repair them


Hearing aids cost a lot for several reasons. First, people don't want them....supply and demand.

It's as simple as that. Also, the research and development of technology as well as into how the ear processes sound is great. There is overpriced hearing aids out there....but most of us are reasonable considering what we pay. The markup is surprisingly low considering the time involved (most have one price and people return when needed at no extra cost).

I know I treat my patients well and that's why they keep coming back. I will do everything I can to adjust the hearing aids to the best of their ability.

So, it would behoove anyone out there who thinks they know about hearing aids to do a bit of research. It's not as simple as it sounds.


I purchased a set of Burnafon HA, a Swiss co, from Costco. I was very pleased with the service. However, after 3 weeks the left one got intermittent and I took it back. They sent it to the factory, which said that there was corrosion. Since I used the dryer every night, I think that this is a problem. So I took them back and ordered a set of ReSound Future, which I believe is the same as the Alera 9.

There is a world of difference in these two company's HAs. The ReSound is so much more like my "Past Hearing" that they seem not even to be there. I find them comfortable, and adjustable with an extra control. They even have Blue-tooth to my phone, for an extra priced control device.

Overall, I like them so far, now time will tell with getting them completely adjusted with 4 programs.

Service at Costco was very good. 2 of the folks are former Miracle Ear audiologists.


Ok listen up people. To dispense hearing aids you need a state license. You must pass the exam regardless if your an Audiologist or a Specialist.

An Audiologist is qualified to have a much broad scope of practive vs a Specialist. If you hold a license to dispense hearing aids you are qualified regardless of whatever else you can do.

By far the hearing aids cost a lot! It is not research and development. It is simple overhead of an office dedicated to fitting hearing aids. Simple as that.

Costco has found a way to reduce that overhead cost. They can offer a system for $2599.98 (2 top line hearing aids) that sell in a dedicated office for $6,000.00. That is a fact, and the main reason that Costco is the second largest dispensder of hearing aids in the US. Just behind the VA that gives them away.


Are two HA always necessary? One Audi says it prevents further loss in the better ear, another says it is required because of a lawsuit in Mass that proved the sound direction improvement with two HA.


To CSM: Thanks, as a long time wearer, I fully appreciate the huge jumps in tech that have made HA's what they are today. No longer getting strange looks because I answered the question I "thought" was asked, hearing my soft-spoken and truly lovable grandson talk, hearing a quail call, all things that were lost as my hearing slowly faded, one can't put a price on those.

BTE's permit those of us with moderately severe to severe loss adjustment not possible with ITE models, simply because there's more space for the electronics. If you don't have a good, caring Audi, FIND ONE, you'll never regret it, the HA does the work, but the Audi gets the most out of it for you.


You are incorrect on just about every point. As the person above mentioned, most valid hearing aids are developed and built in the US or scandanavia.

Hearing aids are extremly sophisticated computers.

You may have gotten lucky with your technique, and that's good for you, but it's irresponsible and wrong to advise the public on something you don't understand.

Audiologists (AuD) must go to school for 8 years total for a degree, pass many certification exams, and then continue to educate themselves (and be tested) for at least 10 hours of classes a year after obtaining certification.

Audiology programs are no joke. They are tough to get in to and are a lot of work. And a good program will stress ethics


Has anyone used a Starkey, if so how was your experience and do you still use it.



These new aids are obviously based on integrated chips. This means that they can be mass produced by a specialty chip maker company like Texas Instruments by the millions for just $50 bucks each.

The other parts are going to be very easy to fit. The cost will eventually, therefore, come down to a fixed low commodity price.

Once the commodity gets down to where it does not really cost anything in real dollars, the audiologist and licensed hearing aid dealers will have to make money offering service. That will be a challenge as I don't know that the market has enough profit to sustain them.


CSM is the one who is uninformed about hearing aids. Many including Siemens, ReSound etc. are indeed made in mainland China and they are very cheap there.


Costco announced in its magazine this month that it has opened hearing aid clinics and sales in its Costco stores/warehouses across the country. However, I called Costco about it and no one there knew anything about hearing aids. Thus it looks like Costco in Indianapolis doesn't sell them, at least not yet.


Here's a more affordable option for those concerned about the cost of hearing aids.


you can get a hearing aid recommendation here.

Tukwila, Washington, United States #684493

advertising site.

avoid it.

elijah lovejoy, ph.d


The bulk of the cost of a hearing aid is from the research and development of such components and options as directonal mics, feedback cancellation, phase cancellation, etc. It costs $X to bring a HA to marked and once it is brought to market, the mfg calculates how many of those aids it will sell and prices them so that they get their money back plus profit.

Profit is NOT a bad thing. What about the milk you buy, or the bread, or golf balls, or name-brand purses. $800 for a PURSE???? Give me a break!

There is profit in all things. I fit top of the line aids from the largest HA mfg and my top cost is $2400. The 'entry level aids start at $1200.

Doing your research re: the various dispensers in your area can save you a lot of headaches. Friends and family can be the best resource for your information and who is good and who is not.


I guess you get what you pay for. Remember this famous quote: "There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper (including hearing aids & quality of service/follow up care), and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey."

-- John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)


You got served a heapin' dose of information!


Another funny thing the industry foist upon us. Natural sounding lol hahaha make me laugh some more.

I am severe/profound what the heck is natural?? I bet i have never heard a "natural" sound in my life. They equate using a hearing aid like it is the holy grail the be all to end all that will make us equal to you???

My ;hearing works that all il care i have no clue what natural is? Nor am i interested in finding out.

Szekesfehervar, Fejer, Hungary #22826

The writer is seriously uninformed. 90% of all hearing aids sold n the world are manufactured and assembled in America, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Some manufacturers have production in Singapore. None have production (yet) in China, Korea, or other far east locations.

Hearing aids have some serious microelectronics that require more skill than the average Vietnamese textile worker.

It is true that behind-the-ear models can be produced in an assembly line process, but please don't think this means a sweatshop in the jungle. Clean rooms, similar to those used in other electronics manufacture, are necessary for a good part of the manufacturing process.

The popularity of behind the ear models has been consumer driven, not manufacturer driven. The new smaller BTE is able to hold more microphones and circuitry than their in-the-ear counter part. Also, the smaller eartip doesn't block the ear canal. As a result, more natural sounds flows into the ear and the hearing aid is able to amplify the deficient (and only the deficient) frequenices. This sounds more natural to the user and is more comfortable.

Until we have hearing aids that can map themselves to your hearing needs you will need a hearing aid dispenser or audiologist. It's not a simple as adjusting your television volume or setting the speaker levels in your home theater. There are many hearing aids sitting in dresser drawers for want of a good audiologist or dispenser - not just a salesman.

Tukwila, Washington, United States #684498

i bought ten used bte aids.

ALL10 worked pretty well without any adjustment.

big surprise!!!

maybe we are mostly similar Deaf Old Guys, and will do fine with aids like the Simplicity aids, made by General Hearing and sold at samsclubs.com.

one size (adjustment) fits many. or most.

what about that!


retired from the univ of Calif, S.B.


also worked for the State Dept, as a diplomat in Barbados.

epliv@me.com need advice?

want to fight back?

good luck, all you DOGs



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Other Company in Salt Lake City, Utah - Low payments

i saw on tv that you could could a get house with low payments. I called the number on tv and got signed up.

when i got online to pick a house in my area i found one and it said that you would have to get the loan for the amount of the house and all of the house are in the hundred thousands and your payments a month would be more the the 199 that the tv ad said.

this is a scam and if any of the peolpe i know ask me about it i will tell them not to do it.

Review #120149 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer120149.





Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #17817

That is exactely what I was going to suggest.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #17760
You need to buy a whistle.Not a cheap plastic one but one of those metal ones that sports coaches use.The next time they call,blow that whistle.They won't call you again,trust me:)
Rantoul, Illinois
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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Outrageous Prices.....BS

$150.00/mo. for T.V.

and Internet.....Highway frickin' robbery and nobody else in the area to even compete with them. What a sucky monopoly. Makes me want to pitch a tent somewhere. A normal working person can't afford *** anymore.

On top of it all.....I didn't meet the 100 word minimum.....LOL! They want me to go on.....! Hmmmm....Let's not get into the pay-per views that none of your well-meaning, but very under educated staff can ever get to work at the proper time, but we are still charged for. Can't dispute, because nobody knows their a** from a hole in the ground when you call.

Love the internet, but am beginning to wonder if all the BS is worth it......

Review #120077 is a subjective opinion of poster.