Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Charged my account without authorization

i want my money back nobody asked to take it from my account i work to hard for my money for it to just be takin away for what i have no idea so someone tell me why you came and took my money i have no idea why have these charges on MY account i did not approve them so this is illegal what u just did yea it may only bo two dollars dut it is my two dollars not yours so give it back to me now you guys r crooks stop whatever it is that you r doing

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Very Rude

They called me and left a nasty message saying I needed to pay my bill as soon as possible. Well I had already paid it off with another company over 2 weeks ago.

I called back and they were very rude on the phone and said they had no proof that I even paid. I told them they needed to call the other company because I paid it off. I told him he was being rude and he said you are unbelievable, you debtors are such a joke when you are saying we are rude. You are the ones who need to pay your bills.

So I called the other company and they said that I was all paid up and done. I told them the situation and they said they would call the company.

I called back to speak with a manager and he was the same way. He said they had sent mail and I should have gotten.

I told him if I had received it then I would have called them to make a payment. He continued to say that I needed to pay my bills and that they sent me the mail.

He too did not believe I had paid the bill and was very rude. Does anyone know of an agency to contact about them?

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Other Company in Dayton, Ohio - Bill me with out notify of any kind

I found this account on my credit card charge me all together about $30. 00, and i cannot find any thing about this company or how i got hook-up with it

if someone is going to take your money they need to

let you that you have the sevices and what kind of sevice it is .

for what I found out is what I found here and i still don't known what they do. or why I have this sevice

or how to get this sevice. there was no e-mail or anyting to notify of them.is there a website to this


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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Folks- ALWAYS use a Virtual Credit Card!!!

I see scams all the time on the internet. So, I ALWAYS use a virtual credit card when I purchase from the net.

I then cancel the card so the most the crooks can get is the onetime charge. Check your credit card's website to use a virtual credit card.

I see scams all the time on the internet. So, I ALWAYS use a virtual credit card when I purchase from the net. I then cancel the card so the most the crooks can get is the onetime charge.

Check your credit card's website to use a virtual credit card.

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Other Company in Buffalo, New York - Plane ticket

I was in the airport last year I I was ask to siup for a their credit card I would get a plane ticket for free anywhere they fly. How ever I never received one .If I would of know I would never sign up.

first they told me i had to make a purchases which I did and still never received my ticket . they kept giving me excuse.

I don't think they should be able to say that and not come through with heir offer. I still would like to know why I never received my one way ticker all I got was a t shirt and a alarm clock which they hand out at the airport

thank you

Sue Hoffman

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If you check the photo's on Hornymatches, you just might find some really beautiful ladies, such as some of the ladies who have modeled for Playboy in the past for some of their secondary publications...I am very suspicious of many of these...ummm, if they are model beautiful, do you really think they need to use this site to find a guy? Ummm...duh!

Too bad Hugh Hefner doesn't come out with a real and trusted website that actually links up local men and women so they can get to know each other in a fair fashion without trying to rip ever one off.


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it's scam site, never join

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - CALLING AT WORK CONSTANTLY

They call me at work constantly and try to get me upset.they offer no valid solutions about my student loan.It was 16.000 and is now 26.000 with collection cost and I have paid more then 10.000 to them and they say too bad because it was in default

Help help help.Who do I call they are going to garnish my wages which they say will all go to nothing if I don't agree to pay them out of my checking account way to much for me I am a single mother Help somebody


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I can help.....call me at 773 847 2600 for a case review at no charge. We sue debt collectors. mkriskasalo@yahoo.com

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Other Company in Gautier, Mississippi - False Credit Report

I filed an insurance claim in the proper manner the company carried me to court-they lost as i told the judge they did not report the claim to the Insurance company as i submitted all paper work the insurance paid the claim now the company has reported the debt to the credit bureau as a charge off in April of 08 - after the courts dismissed it . I contacted the company but they will not correct it nor will they refund my money also the insurance over paid ans they do not show the correct amount that was paid to date

Gautier, Mississippi
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Other Company in Elizabethtown, Kentucky - GET RID OF THE REVENETS

I would like if u guys could please take out the revenets in the wild. i just lost 1.4m because of them..and y did i have 1.4m on me, because of u guys u made me wait 3days to get in my bank just because i forgot the *** code..

So could u get rid of that as well..if we cancel our bank pins have them canceled right away please. And even though i dont like bounty hunter becasue anyone can still attk you. u can keep it just get rid of the bank pin canceling time and the revs please and thank you!

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Other Company in Newport News, Virginia - Pharmacy

your pharmacy need to do better doing call in medicates from doctor call in.they told us awhile back that doctor call in is done fast.our doctor call

in a medication that took over three hour to get .it was call at 12.45pm igot there a 2.35pm to pick it up the girl said it would not be really until 3.30 or 4.00pm .i fill my medication in every month.but now i am moving to a difference pharmacy.you have lost a customer.talk to co manager and act like he could care less.

john carpenter

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