Other Company in Houston, Texas - Ripp Off Bank

I opened my account with this bank back in January. The more money that I deposit into this bank the more my account is overdrawn.

So I open a second account recently on June 19, 2008. I have approximately 10 to 20 transactions with a total of 3 deposit. Over this past week end there was a transaction in the amount of $134.00, it deducted the money from my account but did not itemize the charge on the automotive service. Needless to say they are deducting the amount again tonight which will bring my account overdrawn once again.

This should be considered a crime what this bank is doing. If I stole from this bank I would be convicted.

Well this bank should be investigated for fraud and theft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Orlando, Florida - Traumatized cat and charged for exam

I took a stray male cat in to have his front foot looked at. It was swollen and he was limping. I asked to have a FELV test done also and advised them that I was wanting to get all off the need shots as well as fixing the foot.

The technician and a vet student held him to take his temp. I told them that they could give him a sedative if needed. He was not happy, but it went ok. They said they were taking him to the back to do the blood test. After about 20 minutes they brought him back in his cage. They told me he had gotten loose and that they had been trying to catch him all that time. They said that they could not sedate him because they did not have the drug to do so. That I could bring him back the next day, they would have the drug.

Basically they did nothing to this cat except traumatize him and send him home. But not of course before charging me for an exam that he was never given. I can only hope this stray is forgiving and allows me to catch him again so he can be taken to a competent medical facility for treatment.

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BuyVogue.com rip off

I ordered a Gucci Belt from BuyVogue.com. I got it within a week.

I tried it on and it was two sizes too small. So I returned for an exchange. I had to wait six weeks to get my order back, and when I finally got it back they sent me the same belt on the same size. During the six weeks that I had to wait to get my order back, I tried to contact them about my order many times.

And since they don't provide any phone numbers, costumers are left with only two choices. Email or live chat. I tried the live chat at least 20 times and I always got the same answer. "No operator available, try again later".

I also emailed them several times an I never got an answer back. This people simply don't care about their costumer. They take your money off your credit card 5 minutes after you put your order in, and never inform you about the status of your order; many times they send you the wrong order or simply never send you anything at all. Be smart.

Never order from BuyVogue.com and stop this rip off.

Now that I have realized the mistake that I’ve made by purchasing stuff in BuyVogue.com. I have found complaints about BuyVogue.com selling fake shoes.




highway robbery i knew something was wrong when my prada's smelled musty. why would they smell musty.

its false advertisement and absolutely no way to return/refund any products.

if i could i would sue. waste of money and time!


Youre an *** if you thought they were real for half the price. These things dont go on sale.

Youre shopping at an online Canal Street.

The price shouldve gave it away. Youre buying from China idiots.Slap yourself,lmao


I placed my order on October 31 2010 and never received it orde#529580


you no what i understand where this guys coming from because i ordered sum pradas in is 11.5 they gave me a 9.5 or 10 had to take the tongue out so they can fit. so i wont order from you guys again thanks for the customer service


I've order two pair of sneakers from buyvogue, a pair of pradas and guccis on two seperate occasions. Yes, i received my order fine with no complaints but the sneakers are in deed fake. I've purchased pradas before from legit stores and the quality was way different.

wow! ive been wanting to order something from that site for a while but never got around to it THANK GOD! sorry for the terrible experience guys :sigh

I have had the same exact issue that you had. I ordered a pair of prada sneakers,I did noT receive them until about 2 months later.

I could not reach anyone back. No phone number to call and the live chat was never available.

How do this company continue to sell there fake products with horrible customer service. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THAT WEBSITE AGAIN.


have anyone ever got a contact # for buyvogue????


i order from buyvogue before i order two pair of sneaker and they sent me one of the wrong shoes but da quality was just fine

Winter Garden, Florida, United States #149498

I ordered from Buyvogue in Feb 2010 and havent received my Prada sneakers yet. They took my $ fast I disputed with my bank and received a refund it took about 10days I will never order from them again!


i ordered a pair of gucci shoes

$99 usd and never got them. these ppl are Scammers and should be taking of the internet..I'm sooo pissed i don't have money to give away.


I bought a pair of Prada sneakers from BuyVogue.com in January of 2010. The money came out of my account minutes later $109.00.

2 or 3 days later i receieved an email that said my order was cancelled for a refund. No reason why it was cancelled in the first place. Forget about contacting these people!!! NO phone # and live chat is a waste of time.

I even sent emails and all they sent back was go to live chat. These people are conartist !!!!

I tihnk this is worst than someone getting robbed at gun point. My next step is letting the fraud department at my bank handle it.


Thanks for the heads up. I'm not even gonna look at their site.


i too bought 2 sneakers, prada and gucci, got the prada only, although the money went out of my CC imediatly. I tried hoplessly, desperatly, misreably getting in contact with them through the email info@buyvogue.com at least 10 times with no answer. i even tried the chat and again no answer, finaly I had to make a despute, and was told that the money was refunded, this site must, must, and must shape up their customer service level or else they will close down soon


Hello Hector,

I didn't recived my products and even an email reply and in one week im going to the police because I waiting for some details from the bank right now to make an official complaint in my country.

:( i bought a pair off prada sneaker fron them and i never got them...so i live chaeted with them an they said thier noting they can do :(

Dont buy anything for BUYVOGUE. They only want your money.

Everything is fake companies like GUCCI, VERSACE and others only sell their products by well know websites. PLEASE don't believe BUYVOGUE.!!!


Hector is a scam artist!!! I have asked him 3 times for the $300 refund i am owed from them and I haven't received it yet!!!

I ordered two pairs of sneakers back in June and I didn't receive the sneakers OR the money.

These people are liars, theives and pigs and my lawyer will track them down soon and treat them like the criminals that they are!!! DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM, THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!

Logumkloster, Syddanmark, Denmark #28770
I also ordered a "Gucci belt" at $109.00 usd from these guys on 7-3-08 and never received anything what so ever. Its been a little over 2 months now.

This company is such a rip off. The fraud dept. of my bank is now hunting thses people down and I hope they are punished to the full extent of the law.

Burn baby burn!!!!!! :( :(

Buyvogue.com sells fake stuff man. I'm from Europe where all of these brands originate from. I also have a personal stylist from Fendi on 5th Ave in NY....trust me, their brands are fake!


Buyvogue.com sells fake stuff man. I'm from Europe where all of these brands originate from. I also have a personal stylist from Fendi on 5th Ave in NY....trust me, their brands are fake!

Moskovskoye, Stavropol, Russian Federation #26748

i'm pissed too.I bought a pair of gucci sandals, wait for two month order was cancelled ,never received my 99usd back!!!!!!!!! fake !somebody must do something about it.

Shirley, Indiana, United States #22779

i was going to buy a pair of prada shoes but after these alligations im not so sure anymore.

Valley, Washington, United States #22713


I am one of buyvogue employee.

If you send e mail info@buyvogue.com with your registration e mail or order number. I will do necessary shippings or refunds.

All of our products are authentic.

Thank you


Valley, Washington, United States #22712


I am one of buyvogue employee.

Of you send e mail info@buyvogue.com with your registration e mail or order number. I will do necessary shippings or refunds.

All of our products are authentic.

Thank you


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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Double debits on my checking account

When using my debit card at some restaurants I get double dipped on my checking account. I have spoken to my bank and they state they are set up to stop a double hit only if the amount is the same for the same date.

So if you put a tip on your debit card, it may show up on your account as the original amt and the amt with the tip. I had a bad experience where I did not notice this and the hold was on my acct for 3 days, and I got hit with a $32 overdraft fee from the back. I feel this is stealing money right from my checking acct by the restaurant.

This needs to stop, what can we do.

Double dipped
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Total harrassment

my mother, whom is a senior citizen,is harrassed by

these people twenty-four-seven,she is on an affixed

income. I've asked numerous times to speak with the supervisor and these so called bill collectors will not provide me with any other explanations or let me speak with higher authority.This harassment must stop! IF this continues I will be forced to make this known all over the internet!

Something must be done.The elderly worked all ther lives And I believe they should have automatic grace periods!Hopefully Superiority shall be warned of these kind of actions.

Concerned Citizen


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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #831993

They are legally not allowed to talk to you without written permission.

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - FAKE FREE HD DVD CONVERTERS!

Wednesday, 7/02/08, the support I received from a condescending associate was admonishion. He said, the HD up converter included as a promotional item to the plasma TV I ordered was shipped expected to be delivered with the other items (wall mount, HDMI cable and power surge).

Well today is already the 4th of July, and I am still waiting for the HD up converter. I am reluctant to call your customer associate, for fear of being adminished again.

So, please e-mail to me the tracking information for the HD up converter and advise via e-mail when I expect to receive it.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Never authorized this

Last month in May I called this company because it showed up on my statement. I called spoke w/ a man named Matt and he said he would cancel this account I told him I never authorized it and how did they get my numbers no answer expect i will cancel it.

well this month comes and it is still on there. i am disabled and live on a fixed income this 19.95 hurts me really bad it is the cost of 1 of my rx's.

i want something done abou this. I have a daughter at home and this takes away from her too.

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Other Company in Sheffield, England - Unordered goods

Ref No: 010210018-7





MK12 5GQ

Email: lalllupa2000@yahoo.co.in

I have received yesterday unsolicited goods which I have not ordered stating the payment due of 13.36£. They are:

1. Free Sample of Silkies trouser socks.

2. 3 pairs of Silkies

Under the Unsolicited Goods Act 1971, you have one month (until 2/08/08) to recover these goods. Please telephone me at home on 01908227989 so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time for you to recover the goods.

Otherwise I have to make some other complaint,

Many thanks for replying and closing the account. and I dont want any other free or unwanted orders or any junk or spam emails, many thanks for doing that and closing my account.

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Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - Stop calling me


Man using above name called me today demanding payment. Indian accent, called several times even after I told him to *** off.

Whether he works for you or not I will file complaint against you in NC State Attorney General office.

I am trying to find the number who called me.

He was not professional and I hope he does not work for you, the call came around 6:45 PM on Wednesday 2-2008.

I suggest to investigate this crook and let him know not to call me ever again.

I will not tolerate Culcutta based Indian disturbing my dinner.

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You need to do some research!

Okay yes maybe it doesn't cost the maufacturer of hearing aids that much to make their products but they put a *** of a lot of money into reseach and developement to creat the amazing things that hearing aids can do now-a-days!

There are so many things that hearinf aids can do it's unbelieveable... I bet you didn't know that they have bluetooth build right in, they can block out background noise, they can hear sounds from a certian direction and many other things.

The reason they are so expencive is because there are sooo many people who are a part of those hearing aids... they are researched, created, tested, advertised, shipped, programmed to the patients needs... and all of those people who do something have to get paid!!!!

So next time you would like to run your mouth and act like you know what your talking about I suggest you do some research.




hearing aids cost 150 -300 to make. 300 is what they charge the VA.

It is a total scam.

they charge what teh market will bear in this country. it's scam.

York, Pennsylvania, United States #664175

It cost about $300.00 to make a good hearing aid and that includes R&D, I read this on the Internet about a guy doing some research on hearing aids in Germany


I'm 47 and have had aids for 23 years, most services offered by a 'office' are not required. It would be nice in australia to have a no frills option.

@DavidM Good luck testing, programming, and fitting your own hearing aids. Within a week you'll have a nice pair of ITD aids - In The Drawer :)

Yes, do your research. If you are here blogging and in need of hearing aids you have the capability to purchase them form an internet supplier.

Check out HearSource.com

Hearing aid for a fraction of the cost of buying hearing aids thru traditional distribution channels.

And you are able to adjust them yourself. If you can't adjust them yourself they (HearSource) will adjust them for you via your own internet connected computer.

Good luck.


I agree! I think that people don't understand what a hearing aid really does, and what the provider can make it do!


A hearing aid is not something you just put in your ear. An amplifier is... You can't just throw something into your ear and expect good results. Taken into consideration are acoustics, physics, listening environments, comfort, lifestyle, wide dynamic range multi-band compression, limiting, gain, real ear measurements, the type, nature, and degree of loss, among countless other factors.

Much of a good dispenser's time is spent after the hearing aids are fitted with counseling, aftercare, and programming. Hearing is subjective and can be measured, but the true answer is the patient, which is why it's so important to find an office you trust. To sell a hearing aid is one thing; to develop a working relationship with a patient is another.

Acknowledging a hearing loss can be difficult and being taken for a ride by a shady outfit is the last thing someone wants when coming out of denial. Hearing aid research continues to please the market's consumers and to educate the 35 million americans who choose not to get help. Regardless of who dispenses, (ENT, audiologist or dispenser) a few thousand dollars is inexpensive for the quality of life hearing aids restore on a daily basis. Negotiating a price for a hearing aid is like asking your dentist if his filling's prices are competitive or worth it as he's drilling. I spent over 4000 dollars on braces and took them out in a year. I told the dentist I wanted to leave them in a few more months just to get my money's worth!!! One may think that hearing aids are expensive, but you must consider the one-on-one attention your dispenser gives you every time you come in for a cleaning or adjustment, loss and damage insurance, and the value of someone who listens to your concerns.

You can pay $10,000 for a state of the art hearing system, but the quality of the sound may only be as good as your dispenser's ability. Imagine a singer who goes to the recording studio. A lousy engineer in a multi-million dollar studio could make them sound awful, while a grammy award-winning producer with limited equipment could make htem sound amazing. YOURS IN HEARING. HAPPY LISTENING


Smart girl - learn to spell if you want anyone to take your opinion seriously

Gibsonburg, Ohio, United States #36967

I don't know what you are talking about... there is no ad on this page!

but whatever! Have GREAT day!


Hahahahahha,a too funny you talk about the magic and expense of hearing aids and the worker bees who research and build and sell and fit and what is the ad on this site lol hahahh too *** funny. It is an ad for a toy hearing aid did i say hearing aid sorry i ment toy ***.

It is one of those 20 dollar aids you see advertised in the funny papers. Oh man you really out did your selves on this one.

Talk quality and accept the cheaptes piece of *** "hearing aid" known to man. go get em i am so not impressed.

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